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Millenium Ring chapter 39 . 2/17
Okay, so I've finally got to the end of your fic, after months of leaving it in my bookmarks at chapter 35. I'm gutted it ends here, at the moment, but real life can definitely get in the way of writing and I would never want you to force out an ending just to please people.

I love what's here and I can see each and every moment that occurs in your story. It reads like a brilliant Kung Fu Panda novel, with everyone true to their characters and the action scenes perfectly choreographed.

I never gave the rhinos much thought after Tai Lung escaped prison, but you gave them all life and depth and you make me want to go back to the film and pretend that these characters did more after Chor Ghom. Heck, you make me want to watch the film again just because this story is fabulous!

I so badly want to believe that Tai Lung will survive and get to live his life after the events in this story, so that will be my ending if you never finish this. I'm a sucker for redemption fics and friend fics for Po and Tai. I'd even have Tai helping Ping for the rest of his days, because that Goose just loves the kitty cat. I love your Ping, by the way! He is completely true to his character, in every way.

Whatever you do with this story, I'd like to thank you for writing what you have of it. I think that this is the best Kung Fu Panda story on this site, with only two others coming close behind it.
seema chapter 39 . 9/30/2017
I am waiting for new chapter. update soon. suspense killing me.
nievelion chapter 39 . 7/30/2017
Love the description of the mist and the night, the slow build-up and suspense for what is to come. Very much reminds me of what you told me once before, about the quiet first movement of a symphony before it builds up to its full strength. Also love Shifu's thoughts about Oogway and memories of Tai.

That charge of the Anvil was incredibly, amazingly awesome! I could just see it and hear it, very cinematic, very exciting, had me cheering and whooping. And how great that it was Tai's night vision which let them see the bad guys coming so they could leap into action. Already the snow leopard's proving why he's needed. But LOL at Vachir's little arrow taunt...oh man...

What a surprise, Ushi is such a weaselly traitor he's already planning to turn on Akshatha just because he might not get the reward he wants. And because he's actually smart enough to realize the tiger likely doesn't trust him in turn, and rightly so! No matter how this goes, this night isn't going to end well for him...and I loved his reaction when he realized who was attacking!

I *love* that Tai broke the bar for the gate essentially the same way he broke the doors of the Jade Palace twenty years ago. If I could have found a way to use that move in ADL, I would have, it's so fitting and awesome here.

Great detail that the explosives which blew up the dam came from Shen. And hah, Akshatha confuses Tai breaking the gate open with explosives! That's our snow leopard.

"He had no idea how he'd managed to raise a son who simply growled and hit things, but sometimes he truly wished he could do the same." LOL! And man is Shifu once more proving why he's master of the Jade Palace.

I was pretty sure the treachery we all knew was coming would be from the Imperial guards in some manner or other-let's just say I know my history, the Praetorian Guard of Rome was always the key to whether an emperor stayed on the throne or was toppled, and of course I also ran across a number of examples where the Chinese army and/or Imperial guards were involved in coups as well. But it's still pretty shocking seeing them actually turning like this, attacking the Anvil and the Furious Five. And of course this means Kuang was the one Ushi bought off. Wonder what he promised him to get his loyalty? But this means I guessed right, you misled me in your reply to my review (very sneaky, clever author)...and I reiterate, good job in making me like him as the set-up for this gut punch.

Hah, I knew all that training of the Anvil with Tai was going to pay off. Such irony, Tai's own captors now using his techniques to bring down traitors after he himself was considered a traitor for so long. And I love the way Anguo and Qiru are just madly laughing while fighting, it's the sort of thing that can happen in combat and it fits them.

Nice touch with the courtiers having distrusted the guardsmen all along-in a court like Imperial China's, they'd know better than anyone who was trustworthy and who was not, because so many nobles were themselves treacherous that the rest of them would have to be constantly watching everyone. I can only assume Kuang shut them in because he knew some of them could fight? Or did he want to spare them so there would be courtiers to serve and praise Ushi and Akshatha after they won?

Wow...I love how you used Ushi's snide nastiness and demeaning abuse to make Vachir realize how he had appeared to Tai, why he hated and wanted to kill him. He's obviously already changed how he views the snow leopard, but I think that realization was needed if he's going to treat him better in the future. Not that they'd ever have a non-confrontational relationship-LOL, that bit with Tai using him for a stepping stone, after the fakeout attack, was priceless! Please tell me this was something you've had planned all along. And speaking of planning, I love love love how you used Look Behind You, and that it was Tai and Vachir working together who finally killed that arrogant blowhard. Fist-pump! He really *didn't* have a good night...nor does he have to worry about Akshatha anymore. ;)

Loved the authentic battle cry (and I can only imagine what you didn't include, and how it would certainly fit Vachir at least), and I love how the chapter really revolved around the Anvil proving Ushi wrong, which made the fact it was named after them even more fitting. So much awesome fighting, and still so much to go. Though I have to agree with North Hayward, not showing Akshatha's fight with Monkey, only the lead-up and aftermath, was both a very unexpected subversion and a great way of showing how truly dangerous that tiger is. Not to mention putting another of the Five so close to death. You really have me worried for Monkey. (But I think I missed/forgot something-who was that macaque?)

I can see a lot of ways this could go, especially based on the unfinished talk Po had with Tai, and it would all be awesome, but also deadly and suspenseful. I know they will stop Akshatha, but aside from wondering who all will be involved and how it will go down, I can't help fearing what the price will be, who might be lost... God, I can't wait for what's next...and whether any of the stuff you told me about way back when is still going to happen. (I am guessing a specific exchange you mentioned between Tai and Vachir won't happen now, unless it was what we just saw with Ushi, but what about that bit where you said they needed to be quiet?)

More, more!
Say This Pen Name Is Available chapter 39 . 7/13/2017
Lovely work!
Karlina101 chapter 39 . 7/11/2017
WHOOOP LETS DO THIS! Very well done, the descriptions are very clean.
North Hayward chapter 39 . 7/9/2017

Man I've been waiting for a whole year now and don't disappoint (Except for the dang cliffhanger… But we'll get to that later). I wasn't wrong when I wrote in my last review that Vachir was gonna wreck somebody in that fortress for leaving the doors open, I just didn't think that there would be any treachery among those guarding the Emperor. The battle was good, although it felt a bit spread out and more like skirmishes instead of a full fledged conflict. I hope there's more to come in the next chapter, a battle showing the anvil's return and vengeance from the exhausting, heartbreaking, and desperate retreat. Basically I'm asking for an epic battle worthy of this tales climax. I felt like this chapter only began the blood shed. (Nice way too end Ushi tho! Man I hated that guy).

MONKEY! Dude he's my man! Trying to take on that Tiger all by himself. I gotta say, bold move not showing any of the fight, just the encounter from Akshatha's perspective and then Po finding Monkey all laid up. I knew all along that Akshatha was a competent and powerful opponent, but I never consider him good enough to take on any of the furious five and win. It really sets up a sense of unease for the inevitable conflict. I guess the only unseen thing is between whom will the conflict take place? Will people killed his first enemy? Or will Tai Lung swoop the last minute, killing the tiger, or die in the process? Or will tigress just still be pissed about being taken captive way back in 2013 and go ham! So many unknowns!

One question, why did the emperor not simply order his entourage to head out earlier? I know his bodyguard is compromised of course, but without the support of the invading army how could I they have stopped them from leaving the fortress and joining up with the army? So basically, besides the guards treachery, what caused the incredible delay in leaving The old fortress? (Which was way bigger in this chapter than I had imagined from the previous chapters descriptions)

I truly hope the next installment comes faster, but in any event I guess I am destined to wait until you are ready. Keep up the good work, this chapter really made my week! I want you to know your hard work is greatly appreciated and noticed.

- North Hayward, out
RobinLost chapter 39 . 7/7/2017
You updated! I was so happy and excited to see this update, and you didn't disappoint. I loved the action, I loved how the messiness of bouncing from view to view worked so well from the feeling of battle, and how no one is entirely sure where exactly anyone is.

Excellent chap, I really enjoyed it.
Gustauve-Drakenhime chapter 39 . 7/6/2017
My face actually lit up in joy upon seeing this update.
After so long, I had feared that you might have abandoned this story altogether.
I'm so very glad to see that is not the case.
Thank you for your effort, and keep up the good work!
And may the next chapter come soon.
Raichu Obscur chapter 39 . 7/6/2017
Can't describe how happy I was when I received that alert in my inbox (at 4AM for me) and immediately went out of bed to read it !
Zekrom1010101010 chapter 39 . 7/6/2017
I looked it up and the second part, as far as I can tell means "fuck (?)'s mom." I wish you had included it, it's pretty funny.

I think my favorite line this whole story is Tai Lung's "'Mind the...'"

Love your stories! When I checked my favorites I hyperventilated for an embarrassingly long time when I saw BoC at the top of the list.
Say This Pen Name Is Available chapter 38 . 2/15/2017
Wonderful writing, gorgeous attention to detail, and amazing in-character arcs of development. The best thing I've read for these movies. The sheer love for the Anvil of Heaven, and the richness of the plot is amazing. Tigress's stuff was my favorite, but I enjoyed the relationship between Chuluun and Vachir.
Mighty ANT chapter 38 . 11/29/2016
This has got to be by far the best Kung fu panda fanfiction I have ever read :D Honestly, it's so wonderfully in-character and creative, I can't get enough of it. I hope you update soon! I can't wait to see where this story takes us
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 9 . 9/30/2016
"So you're asking me," Tai Lung wanted to be clear on this, "to teach you techniques that Shifu doesn't think you're ready for yet."
Po hadn't thought of it in quite those terms. "Uhh… yeah?"
There was a long moment of silence while Tai Lung simply stared at him. Rain pattered softly on the roof. Then the snow leopard shrugged. "Alright."

I don't know why, but that was one of the funniest things I've ever read.
MistyFeline chapter 38 . 8/2/2016
There are so many different versions of Tai Lung on this site, but I think I like this one best. He knows what he's done, and is trying to make up for it, but not in a way that rushes with a sudden good deed and everyone takes him back. He's got to work for it and control every emotion that would make him snap, and even then it doesn't always work. You make the characters have so much more depth than some expect, and show what many would overlook. This has got to be one of the best fics that I've read here.

I'm not sure what kind of relationship Vachir has with Tai, but it is very fun and enjoyable - most of the time. Maybe a kind of hate\hate that creates something that makes Vachir care enough about him to be willing to end his suffering before it begins. I'm going to say right now that I will end up on the floor crying if Tai dies in any way, which is probably inevitable. So many are trying to stop it, but there's really nothing they can do. IT'S SO SAD! *Cries in a corner*

Hey, where would Yuan be at this time? On a completely different note, do you think I could be able to borrow one of the Anvil's hammers?
nievelion chapter 38 . 7/29/2016
First, one detail I forgot to comment on last time (I re-read to remind myself where you left off): that it was the dismissal of Po that finally got Tai wanting to attack Yuan. Love the snow leopard's loyalty to his friend.

Akshatha complaining about his having to sleep like the peasants, and not having a tent flap-such a drama queen! But Ushi meanwhile made one of the classic blunders-not getting involved in a land war in Asia (though he did!) but inassuming information not evidence! Because he obviously didn't know the crocs or think about the river. Although with the traitor I'm afraid that the Anvil, the Five, and the rest being there may not be enough to make a difference...

Tigress's reaction to Po having a plan-priceless! Although apparently it's a bit more clever, or at least more layered, than we expected. And it makes the part where Tigress agrees to help him so much more heartwarming. I teared up a bit myself...and poor Po, knowing Tai is going to die and there's nothing he can do.

I loved Tai and Vachir's exchange when he wakes him, even if Po couldn't stomach their bantering. So in-character, so sad yet brave, such history between them...all expressed so simply through your dialogue.

Brief side note: was you mentioning that food could be cooked yang or yin something you got from one of those Taoist books you mentioned, or was it a shout-out to me, and Dalang teaching Tai to cook? ;) Anyway, I like Wei a lot, even if I am suspicious of him too-you continuing to hold back on us as to who the traitor is is really disconcerting, because it makes us suspect every character we meet. Of course that's the point, and how we feel mirrors the way Vachir and the Five feel, so well done there.

Chongde is such a typical fussbudget bureaucrat, cut from the same cloth as Chi Fu if not as annoying and arrogant. And Wei is absolutely right how the most noble, honorable, pious and good can fall when harmony is out of balance. I also loved the bit with Shifu's training...Wei thinks it's Akshatha he's planning to take out, but we know it's Tai... *sob*

So many great bits of much-needed humor as we keep building, rising up to that last crest before we take the deep plunge (I am totally reminded of Helm's Deep, but then I have been watching "The Two Towers" recently). Anguo and Qiru "fighting" Po for the food (and the reference to food giving Po an edge); the "melee" with Tai, and Viper joining to help the Anvil, hah!; Vachir ironically using his tactics against Shifu on the pig messenger, and using Exact Words regarding Tai's location...

The scene where everything keeps going wrong, nothing is happening, bad news coming in-the way you ratchet up the tension and suspense is incredible! It's such a relief when Vachir gives the order-the only one he could, and the one we know is needed if the emperor is to be saved, let alone Tai get to live and be a hero. Though Yuan wasn't going to allow them to fight, I have to worry that Ushi's men will crush Yuan's while they're gone so that even if the Anvil and the Five can save the Emperor, Ushi's army will be free to take Chang'an before they can make it back. Great bit with Vachir though, finally giving that pig what for!

Also, you and your constant hints about Tigress's past and ancestry from Vachir, gah! Damn you and your literary manipulation!

Very amusing that this time Po left the scroll back in the Valley. Just more proof he doesn't need it-either it's just an object lesson, or its power already went into him, so either way it doesn't have to be on him any more. And the lesson...he did explain it to Tai at the time, but that was two years ago and the snow leopard was enraged and in despair then, so of course he wouldn't remember or understand. Just a few seconds more (darn Po for having to babble about his dad beforehand)... But of course, gotta keep that dramatic tension going!

The comedy of errors with Mantis on Crane's hat was great, and them not hearing each other (hope that isn't foreshadowing for danger ahead)...

As for the ending-I knew it! And so did Vachir of course. I am getting vibes of something else, something famous from history where traitors left some place undefended and seemingly cheery and bright when really it had become a bloodbath...can't remember what the reference is though, assuming I'm not imagining it. Anyway, all that's left now (other than getting in to fight) is who the traitor was (still have several possibilities), and whether Shifu (and any others still loyal) can save the Emperor or at least defend him from Ushi until Vachir and the others get in there. I just hope they can before it's too late...though I do have a few ideas how the story can still turn out all right if they can't.

Gah, what a great cliffhanger! You talk about me and mine. :P Wonderful chapter, so much fear and tension, worry and uncertainty, all of it just building and building. You've had calms before the storm before, but this is the biggest so far (appropriate, considering the biggest storm lies just ahead), and it is absolutely effective. Totally biting my nails here for what's coming next!
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