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Say This Pen Name Is Available chapter 38 . 2/15
Wonderful writing, gorgeous attention to detail, and amazing in-character arcs of development. The best thing I've read for these movies. The sheer love for the Anvil of Heaven, and the richness of the plot is amazing. Tigress's stuff was my favorite, but I enjoyed the relationship between Chuluun and Vachir.
Mighty ANT chapter 38 . 11/29/2016
This has got to be by far the best Kung fu panda fanfiction I have ever read :D Honestly, it's so wonderfully in-character and creative, I can't get enough of it. I hope you update soon! I can't wait to see where this story takes us
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 9 . 9/30/2016
"So you're asking me," Tai Lung wanted to be clear on this, "to teach you techniques that Shifu doesn't think you're ready for yet."
Po hadn't thought of it in quite those terms. "Uhh… yeah?"
There was a long moment of silence while Tai Lung simply stared at him. Rain pattered softly on the roof. Then the snow leopard shrugged. "Alright."

I don't know why, but that was one of the funniest things I've ever read.
MistyFeline chapter 38 . 8/2/2016
There are so many different versions of Tai Lung on this site, but I think I like this one best. He knows what he's done, and is trying to make up for it, but not in a way that rushes with a sudden good deed and everyone takes him back. He's got to work for it and control every emotion that would make him snap, and even then it doesn't always work. You make the characters have so much more depth than some expect, and show what many would overlook. This has got to be one of the best fics that I've read here.

I'm not sure what kind of relationship Vachir has with Tai, but it is very fun and enjoyable - most of the time. Maybe a kind of hate\hate that creates something that makes Vachir care enough about him to be willing to end his suffering before it begins. I'm going to say right now that I will end up on the floor crying if Tai dies in any way, which is probably inevitable. So many are trying to stop it, but there's really nothing they can do. IT'S SO SAD! *Cries in a corner*

Hey, where would Yuan be at this time? On a completely different note, do you think I could be able to borrow one of the Anvil's hammers?
nievelion chapter 38 . 7/29/2016
First, one detail I forgot to comment on last time (I re-read to remind myself where you left off): that it was the dismissal of Po that finally got Tai wanting to attack Yuan. Love the snow leopard's loyalty to his friend.

Akshatha complaining about his having to sleep like the peasants, and not having a tent flap-such a drama queen! But Ushi meanwhile made one of the classic blunders-not getting involved in a land war in Asia (though he did!) but inassuming information not evidence! Because he obviously didn't know the crocs or think about the river. Although with the traitor I'm afraid that the Anvil, the Five, and the rest being there may not be enough to make a difference...

Tigress's reaction to Po having a plan-priceless! Although apparently it's a bit more clever, or at least more layered, than we expected. And it makes the part where Tigress agrees to help him so much more heartwarming. I teared up a bit myself...and poor Po, knowing Tai is going to die and there's nothing he can do.

I loved Tai and Vachir's exchange when he wakes him, even if Po couldn't stomach their bantering. So in-character, so sad yet brave, such history between them...all expressed so simply through your dialogue.

Brief side note: was you mentioning that food could be cooked yang or yin something you got from one of those Taoist books you mentioned, or was it a shout-out to me, and Dalang teaching Tai to cook? ;) Anyway, I like Wei a lot, even if I am suspicious of him too-you continuing to hold back on us as to who the traitor is is really disconcerting, because it makes us suspect every character we meet. Of course that's the point, and how we feel mirrors the way Vachir and the Five feel, so well done there.

Chongde is such a typical fussbudget bureaucrat, cut from the same cloth as Chi Fu if not as annoying and arrogant. And Wei is absolutely right how the most noble, honorable, pious and good can fall when harmony is out of balance. I also loved the bit with Shifu's training...Wei thinks it's Akshatha he's planning to take out, but we know it's Tai... *sob*

So many great bits of much-needed humor as we keep building, rising up to that last crest before we take the deep plunge (I am totally reminded of Helm's Deep, but then I have been watching "The Two Towers" recently). Anguo and Qiru "fighting" Po for the food (and the reference to food giving Po an edge); the "melee" with Tai, and Viper joining to help the Anvil, hah!; Vachir ironically using his tactics against Shifu on the pig messenger, and using Exact Words regarding Tai's location...

The scene where everything keeps going wrong, nothing is happening, bad news coming in-the way you ratchet up the tension and suspense is incredible! It's such a relief when Vachir gives the order-the only one he could, and the one we know is needed if the emperor is to be saved, let alone Tai get to live and be a hero. Though Yuan wasn't going to allow them to fight, I have to worry that Ushi's men will crush Yuan's while they're gone so that even if the Anvil and the Five can save the Emperor, Ushi's army will be free to take Chang'an before they can make it back. Great bit with Vachir though, finally giving that pig what for!

Also, you and your constant hints about Tigress's past and ancestry from Vachir, gah! Damn you and your literary manipulation!

Very amusing that this time Po left the scroll back in the Valley. Just more proof he doesn't need it-either it's just an object lesson, or its power already went into him, so either way it doesn't have to be on him any more. And the lesson...he did explain it to Tai at the time, but that was two years ago and the snow leopard was enraged and in despair then, so of course he wouldn't remember or understand. Just a few seconds more (darn Po for having to babble about his dad beforehand)... But of course, gotta keep that dramatic tension going!

The comedy of errors with Mantis on Crane's hat was great, and them not hearing each other (hope that isn't foreshadowing for danger ahead)...

As for the ending-I knew it! And so did Vachir of course. I am getting vibes of something else, something famous from history where traitors left some place undefended and seemingly cheery and bright when really it had become a bloodbath...can't remember what the reference is though, assuming I'm not imagining it. Anyway, all that's left now (other than getting in to fight) is who the traitor was (still have several possibilities), and whether Shifu (and any others still loyal) can save the Emperor or at least defend him from Ushi until Vachir and the others get in there. I just hope they can before it's too late...though I do have a few ideas how the story can still turn out all right if they can't.

Gah, what a great cliffhanger! You talk about me and mine. :P Wonderful chapter, so much fear and tension, worry and uncertainty, all of it just building and building. You've had calms before the storm before, but this is the biggest so far (appropriate, considering the biggest storm lies just ahead), and it is absolutely effective. Totally biting my nails here for what's coming next!
shreyashi1423 chapter 38 . 7/16/2016
It has been a great plot so far but it lacks a bit of... words from the enemy but it has been great so far a I wish u would post the chapters a bit faster because it has been a long time and I really want to know what becomes of Ti lung. So I guess it would be alot to ask but can u post the next chapter a bit faster please?!
North Hayward chapter 38 . 7/8/2016
Oh hoho man! Someone in that fortress is gonna GET IT from Vachir! Let me just say that I loved him in this chapter, and the way you portrayed how situations and stress just kept building, with messengers and updates increasing with more and more pressing info was great! (You know it's getting real when even crane has raised his voice) I really felt the pressure building. And it all led to Vachirs decision to go when it was revealed that not only was the emperors Entourage not moving but Yaun was wasting his time building and execution scaffolding for Tai Lung (what an idiot! I'm thinking he is on the Tigers side). And when he was just like "We're leaving! Yuan be damned!" I was just like "oh hell yeah Vachir! You da bomb!" And when he threatened the pig (whom I found hilarious) saying "you'd better hide cause Yuan's and idiot", yeah that was great!

And Tigress saying she'd help Po! Wow! Man she is great in this story, practical and realistic but thoughtful, containing a real soft spot for her friends. And why oh why do you keep on making Vachir allude to something about Tigress (probably her dad) but never completing the thought! It's really killing me!

(Oh and the emperor has surrounded himself with idiots)

Please make the next chapter get here faster! (Pretty please!)
rioludoodle chapter 38 . 7/2/2016
So dramatic. XD

I can't express how much I love this story. :) Fantastic chapter!
Berserker88 chapter 38 . 7/2/2016
It's like a holiday every time this thing updates, you know. Rare, but a very special occasion indeed. :)

This continued mistreatment of Tai Lung is just sickening. Glad Vachir at least got him to join in the battle, even if that could have some negative repercussions for him down the road. Nice that Po finally gave Tai the whole secret ingredient speech, or tried to at least. I have a feeling he's probably going to end up learning that lesson on his own.

I also have a feeling that things are really going to get heated up in the next chapter. Can't wait, but I know I'll have to. :P
DOGROCKER12 chapter 38 . 7/1/2016
Yes! Finally you updated! I spent 3 hours reading this but it was worth it! Amazing as usual! Can't wait till the next update.
Tusu1 chapter 37 . 6/22/2016
This is the best fanfic I have read in a long time. The characters motivations are amazingly well developed, better than in much published fiction. I love it! Update soon, please! I need to know what happens next!
MeloDenesa chapter 37 . 4/12/2016
I would like to compliment you Ilien, that this fanfiction, by far, imo, the absolute best Kung Fu Panda fanfic on the entire site. And even though you currently update at such a slow pace of once every year, it still comes in satisfyingly long chapters. I don't want to have to rush you, but just please give us a sign(hopefully every month) that you are still alive. Thank you for writing this fic, i love it, it is so re-readable and i hope you'll not abandon it. Also yea, i agree with that other reviewer, this fic's storyline is way more satisfying than kfp3.
A Reader Person chapter 37 . 3/22/2016

My god. I'm in fanfiction heaven. All those countless hours of scrolling through mediocre to bad fictions that failed to grasp the motivations of characters and the themes in the films just made it more rewarding when I finally found this. I stayed up all night reading this, and I haven't done that for anything in a long long while.

Thank you incredibly much for writing this. It's the sequel to KFP2 I wanted. 3 was a really good movie - I'd honestly rate it as better than the first one, which is impressive for a third instalment in a franchise - but KFP2 was literally the perfect sequel in my mind in that it was better in every way than the original. KFP3 doesn't really measure up to it. Makes a good stab at it, but doesn't manage the near-impossible task of overcoming the success of 2.

In my opinion, however, this fic does just that. Of course it has an advantage in that it can portray so much more detail with no regard for running time like the movie had to, and it can continue to show the more dark elements which I so enjoy that KFP3 couldn't to retain its mainstream appeal, but in spite of all that I just enjoy it far more than I did the movie.

I've gotten sidetracked. Thank you very much for writing this, and I hope that you'll be able to complete it. You've given me the Kung Fu Panda 3 I hoped to see in theatres, and most certainly received an attentive reader.
RobinLost chapter 37 . 3/21/2016
This story is made of awesome. I really hope you intend to continue. You've done a great job with the plot, and having all these loose threads. Part of me really wishes tai lung gets to return to the valley and joins Ping in the noodle shop, but with the set up so far I can't see how that could happen so in my imagination Tai is going to save the day, get pardoned, and retire to the valley.
Velgamidragon chapter 21 . 3/19/2016
Haha! Tai Lung, Po, Viper, Monkey, and Mantis all snuggled together. We just need to add Crane and Tigress to the mix and we'll have the complete set all thrown together into a big cuddle pile.
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