Reviews for Alpha or Beta? Born as an Alpha
21hugs chapter 1 . 9/24/2011
Name: Ceridwen Isis Pedrosa

Age: 15

Homecountry: Ireland

Appearance (image or description will work fine): Tall, curvy, C-cups, porcelain skin, long, raven black hair in Sailor Moon pigtails, with cat shaped purple eyes.

Alpha Talent: Creative writing. She helped write Night World, and Sweep.

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.): Silent, thoughtful, hard working. She reads as often as she writes, which is a lot. I'm a great kisser, if that's what you want to know.

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D): I am a pretty quiet person. I only ever party if I have written at least a page of the book I am working on, A New Moon. I like to learn as much as I can, which, of course, inspired many people around me. I am a born leader, and will strive to be the best at your school.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, and playing the harp.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA?: I am smart, confident, and a hard worker.

Alpha Motto: If it's not working, you're not trying hard enough.

Interests: Creative writing, singing, playing the harp and piano, and swimming.

Likes: Writing, Reading, quiet, sushi, and manga/anime.

Dislikes: lots of noise, unhealthy foods, going a week without exercise.

Can't leave the house without: her black choker.

Usually would wear…?: A black lolita style dress.

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi): The Quiet, Observant One

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): Any one is good.

Boyfriend: Well, she wants one.

Additional Info? Nothing to add?: Nothing, really. I just hope I make it.
Little-Luna229 chapter 1 . 9/21/2011
Name: Courtney Walsh

Age: 15

Home country: Florida

Appearance (image or description will work fine): Auburn curls to my armpits with blunt bangs, and I have brown eyes with gold flecks in them. I have a perfect ski slope nose, and plump (enough) lips. I have semi-pale skin and I have a couple freckles on my cheeks. I'm curvy, but skinny.

Alpha Talent: Surfer

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.): I'm the most competitive person you'll ever meet. I make rude, and sarcastic remarks, and I'll do ANYTHING to be on top.

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D): Rude. Bossy. I have a BIG attitude, but I'm outgoing, and nice, kind and caring to my best friends. I'm the girl everyone envies: I have the looks, the smarts, the personality, and the money. You only wish you could be me.

Hobbies: Surfing. I love riding the waves, and the salty breeze that hits my face. I also love shopping, dancing, and I do gymnastics.


Alpha Motto: Regret is life's fuel. Love is life's electric car.

Interests:Surfing, gymnastics, ice skating, and hanging out with my BFFs.

Likes:French, Drama, (some) sports, boys, and competing.

Dislikes: SCHOOL, reading, LBRs, running, and adults

Can't leave the house without:my mother's ruby ring, and my bathing suit-you never know when a great wave will come!

Usually would wear…?: a puffy skirt, a loose shirt tucked in, and pumps.

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi):prissy rich girl

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): Bethany hamilton. Calliope Cherenzia seems like a cool roommate to have!

Boyfriend: Uh-v course!

Additional Info? Nothing to add?:
AlphaWriter1 chapter 1 . 9/8/2011
Name:Calliope McKenna Cherenzia

Age:14 3/4

Homecountry:USA-california to be exact...Hollywood California

Appearance (image or description will work fine):Long,curly hair to her her breasts with wide,innocent navy blue eys and tanned skin. I have a baby face with a rosebud mouth and a ski slope nose. My skin is tanned year round and i have freckles across my nose from being in the sun all day. Im strong and muscular with a four pack on my flat stomach and is im tall,stanginf at five foot ten.

Alpha Talent:Skateboarding and Snowboarding competively as well as surfing

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.):I always has to win. Im super competive and never gives up. im obsessie when it comes to training and loud and always laughing

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D)Im in it to win you seen those cheerleading captains in Bring It On? well, give them a tougher attitude and youve got im super outgoing and i loe to have fun and hang with my my group of friends I come up with the wild plans that get us all into trouble and then I manage to weasel our way out of one of the guys so Im loud and can be obnoxious at times and I cant really get along with girls that well-too much when it comes to a guy I Like...welll Im an idiot.

Hobbies:Skateboarding snowboarding and surfing. i love to run track and play basketball,volleyball,soccer,and football. I was a cheerleader as well but I dont do that competively.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA?:My consatnt drive to win...all the time.

Alpha Motto:Give it all or nothing


Likes:English,Competing,Funny people who dont start drama,Winning

Dislikes:Losing,Girls and their stupid drama(girls without it is fine),Math

Can't leave the house without:the shark tooth necklace(a real shark tooth necklace)of my my way of keeping him close to me...

Usually would wear…?:My necklace of coursr with anything from Aero,juicy,Roxy,Pac Sun,and Forever 21

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi):tom boy

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ):Bethany Hamilton since she is like the female surfer to live up my idol

no time in my schedule but like an 14 year old girl...Id love one

Additional Info? Nothing to add?:my brother was four years older than he was sixteen he died in a surfing accident...shark was when I tlok up surfing-two years ago. And ive come in first for any Girls Surfing competition ive entered since place against the boys but occasionally been snowboarding and skateboarding longer and skateboarding is my favorite.
scott mccalles chapter 2 . 9/3/2011
Love-love-love-love! I like how she doesn't actually consider Tessa yet! It's not like the other stories.

Boys? This is going to awesome!


Muse of Storytelling chapter 2 . 9/3/2011
BOYS. This should be intresting.
forgetfulmuch chapter 1 . 9/2/2011
This is miyame- chan! since i reviewed in both chapters... i had to go anonymous. :)

i was reading my character's info in Word (i usually type my gonna- be- submitted OCs in Word), when i realized i missed two things. One is her dorm, and two are her accomlishments.

For her dorm, you decide where. and you can place her with any type of girls.

As for her accomplishments, she has been in a few sports magazines, since she won awards in competitons that are national and international.

that's all! sorry for this!
miyame-chan chapter 2 . 9/2/2011
a few grammar mistakes, but other than that, it was good. :)
miyame-chan chapter 1 . 9/2/2011
hola! i just wanted to try this out. :)

Name: Katarina Hale. I'm called "Kat- Kat" but my nickname is Kara

Age: 14

Homecountry: I come from Madrid, Spain. But my family moved to the States (San Diego) when I was four.

Appearance: I have layered wavy dark brown hair that reaches my breast, it sometimes becomes reddish- brown under the right lighting and angle. I have chinky (but not super) dark brown eyes that I usually squint when I’m thinking very hard or when I’m reading something that's far away. I’m slim, my height is 5'6 and I have a natural tan. I also have a sliver clip on earring on my right ear (nothing at the left).

Alpha Talent: I do sports. Specifically, arnis, badminton, and soccer.

Traits: I’m confident, determined, loyal, sometimes crazy, and energetic. But I can also be quiet.

Personality: I am a lot of things. When it comes in what I do, I’m confident, determined, and dedicated. With my friends and family, I am sweet, loyal, and a girl who goofs off. But when people do something I really don’t like, I become a fire- breathing dragon that either gives you a warning or scares the heck out of you. (I’m not gonna pay your hospital bills- but don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t coast much. ;D).

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, and running.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA? : I'm confident and serious in what I do, and I know what I'm doing. And importantly, I keep on trying until I win. Which means that I'll keep coming back until I reach my goal.

Alpha Motto: "You wouldn't know if you will win or lose, if you're too scared to try."

Interests: The guitar or piano (even if I don't know how to play those instruments... But I am SO totally buying them and learn how to use them), awards, and math.

Likes: Getting high grades in school, awards, and my family.

Dislikes: Sickness, people who say that it's gonna be okay if the team loses, as long as they have fun; but in the end, they secretly blame their teammates, anything that's loud before seven (except my alarm clock), and being disorganized.

Can't leave the house without: I have this ice- white colored whistle I always wear around my neck. Then, there's also my black scrunchie ponytail I have around my wrist, just in case I need to tie my hear.

Usually would wear: I wear Juicy Couture, Nike, Adidas, Diesel and Lacoste. But you can also see me wearing something from Gap or Converse.

Stereotype: I'm Little Miss- I've- Gotta- Win- This- Thing.

Boyfriend: None.

Additional Info: I'm ok with gymnastics and dancing, but I only do those activities when I'm free. I'm not interested in boys, but I can consider them as friends. And just so you know, my mom's Spanish and daddy's American.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/2/2011
Name: Joshua Gregory Adams. Prefers being called Josh.

Age: he turned 15 last week

Homecountry: Canada. Toronto, Ontario to be more specific.

Appearance (image or description will work fine): tall, lean, pale skin. Shaggy dark brown hair that falls in his face. Grey eyes that can get mistaken for silver in the right lighting. He has a great smile, which he usually only shows to Marie, who he calls Mara.

Alpha Talent: drawing/painting/sketching and basketball

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.): pretty quiet aroun people he doesn't know or like, crazy when he's with friends, sentimental.

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D): Josh is really quiet around most people. Around his friends, though, he's loud, wild, crazy, and the most likely to wake up in jail. He's sarcastic, and likes sports. To Marie he's really sweet, kind, and sentimental.

Hobbies: playing video games, playing basketball, playing soccer, social networking, hanging out with his friends, hanging out with Marie.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA?: he's the captain of the varsity basketball team, he already has a scholarship to the Arts University of Toronto. He's successful, charismatic (when he comes out of his shell), and has great ideas.

Alpha Motto: "Impossible is Nothing"

Interests: all his hobbies and Egyptian myths and history.

Likes: all his hobbies, trashy TV, action movies, biking, success, the environment, and music.

Dislikes: hate, failure, ignorance, sexism, racism, mainstream.

Can't leave the house without: a cup of coffee, his sketchpad, and his cellphone.

Usually would wear…?: either Converse or hi-top skate shoes, colored skinny jeans, either a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up or a Hot Topic shirt, and either a hoodie or leather jacket.

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi): quiet guy.

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): any dorm's good.

Girlfriend: Marie

Additional Info? Nothing to add?: nope, nothing. He's kinda only applying to see Mara everyday.
iWriteStuff202 chapter 1 . 9/1/2011
Name: Marie Elizabeth Simms

Age: 14 and 1/2

Homecountry: born in France, recently moved to Canada. I consider my homecountry France though.

Appearance (image or description will work fine): I have silky blonde-brown hair that reaches the small of my back, with lots of blue and green streaks everywhere. My eyes are a rare greeny-turquoise. I'm thin, slightly above-average height, and my skin is a light tan. The kind of tan you get after summer vacation. I have a scar on my right (other peoples' left) arm that's kinda REALLY obvious. My face is heart-shaped.

Alpha Talent: I sing, act, write, and paint/draw. My main talent is definitely writing though.

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.): music-obsessed, creative, tomboyish, friendly, and lazy unless it involves partying or mayhem.

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D): I'm that really loud, crazy, funny partygirl who always hangs out with guys. If you piss me off, be prepared for a punch though. And a kick. And a concussion. I was joking about the last two. I'm pretty laidback when there's nothing to do. I get along with most people. Especially ones with hearts and personalities. All in all, I'm a people person.

Hobbies: being an idiot with my friends, playing video-games, horseback riding, social networking, having fun, partying, and of course practicing all my talents so I don't get rusty.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA?: I'm really talented, I get along with everyone, I know what people want and like, basically everything about me screams Alfa.

Alpha Motto: "shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land on a star."

Interests: all her hobbies, plus music and art histories, cultures, the environment, and horror movies.

Likes: horror movies, music, art, drama, writing, parties, her friends, social networking, pop and world cultures, uniqueness.

Dislikes: skirts, dresses, when my parents make me act sweet and girly, people who are part of the crowd, ignorance, sexism, racism.

Can't leave the house without: watermelon flavored gum, notebook and pencil-case, and of course I need my cellphone.

Usually would wear…?: Converse, denim bottoms (either jeans or shorts depending on the weather), a graphic tee from Hot Topic, and a hoodie (when I need it).

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi): umm, I don't think I have one? I'm not really popular or anything like that. I guess I'm the artsy stereotype.

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): it's up to you. I'd like to be able to get along with my dormmates, though :)

Boyfriend: I'm actually dating my bestfriend Josh. I wouldn't dare cheat on him!

Additional Info? Nothing to add?: I suck at dancing! Oh yeah, and I'd probably treat the Brazille Boys like brothers. Also, I'm not the smartest. I'm not stupid, but I'm don't count as smart either.
SmileyGurl chapter 1 . 9/1/2011
Name: Violet Rose Hudson - Vee for short

Age: 15

Homecountry: Australia

Appearance (image or description will work fine): I have long honey blond hair that's straight, but still full and thick. I got a pink streak put in for my fourteenth birthday and have never gotten rid of it. My eyes are a deep green, sometimes appearing brown. I have a pale complexion that is rarely tainted by a blemish. I consider my self tall and skinny, which I should be for my alpha track! (Height: 5'8", weight 110)

Alpha Talent: Acting with a side of modeling.

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.): a devil in disguise, silent I get a chance to shine, smart, manipulative.

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D):

I'm usually quite nice, but when someone gets in my way or hurts me in any way, things get personal and I never hesitate to unleash my wrath. Im extremely competitive and I refuse to take no for an answer. I actually come from quite humble backgrounds, having grown up on the streets, only getting into acting to make the rent. When I realized my love for it, I became hooked and I've never looked back.

Hobbies: Cooking, sewing and playing guitar.


I am an alpha because my résumé includes an Oscar nomination. I am an alpha because I've made my life better all by my self. I'm an alpha because I'm number one.

Alpha Motto: if you don't try, you'll never succeed.

Interests: Modeling (occasionally), playing guitar and mainly acting. I have been in six movies, four of which I was called 'brilliant' and two of which I was called 'controversial'. I take those both as compliments because they mean that I evoked real emotion.

Likes: animals, fashion, music, Disney, and family.

Dislikes: Snow, cliques, dancing, and mean girls.

Can't leave the house without: lipgloss and a notebook - you never known when a great emotion will hit you and it's always important to write down exactly what you feel right then.

Usually would wear…?: Something boho-preppy. Think H&M meets Ralph Lauren meets charlotte russe.

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi): good girl gone bad

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): ummm... Angelina Jolie would be cool... She's a great actress and seems like a cool person.

Boyfriend: Never get committed. Ever.

Additional Info? Nothing to add?: nothing to add!

scott mccalles chapter 1 . 9/1/2011
That was me with Tessa O'Wull! Sorry! I forgot to sign my name!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/1/2011
Name: Tessa O'Wull

Age: 14

Homecountry: Ireland

Appearance (image or description will work fine):

Alpha Talent: Iceskating.

Traits (Snotty? Silent? Materialistic? Etc.): Very prideful, fairly sarcastic. I have a very short attention span. Athletic and active.

Personality?(How are you USUALLY? Tell the truth ;D): I'm usually very kind and nice, though push my buttons too much, and a red hot ball of Ireland comes on you. I seem to be hooked on revenge and won't stop until someone leaves me alone. Very defensive of my friends, and I'm loyal to mostly everyone I trust. I trust way too easily, and that's one of my major flaws. Once I've set my mind to something, there's no stopping me. Being me, I am very determinded and full-headed. A bit full of myself, but not much. I have a high self-esteem and push myself to be the best. I'm casually whiny and demanding, but also cheerful and kind. People say I'm too uptight and should have more fun in life, but that's not exactly me. Iceskating is my life. Nice and interesting. Dreame.

Hobbies: IXCESKATING, getting A's, dancing, hanging out with friends, smiling, revenge.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA?: Well, I'm very determinded and skilled, if I do say myself. I don't second guess myself, but I'm not exactly all sure of myself yet. I think Alpha Academy would change that.

Alpha Motto: "I'm not just a girl. I'm a girl with a dream."

Interests: Dancing, iceskating, eating, gardening... And like soccer too.

Likes: Music, figure skating, watching tv, friends, people, flowers, shopping, the sun, school, A's.

Dislikes: Darkness, death, doing nothing, writing, snotty people, cares, weeds, kites, dogs, and plastic...

Can't leave the house without: My skates.

Usually would wear…?: tessa_clothes/collection?id1102066

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi): Miss. I-have-to-be-perfect

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): Michelle Kwan, def!

Boyfriend: No.

Additional Info? Nothing to add?: I speak five different languages.
LuvLife113 chapter 1 . 9/1/2011
Name: Rosalie Maryanne Perry. Call me Rosalie ;)

Age: 14. Just like every other girl applying to this thing.

Homecountry: United States. I was born in Dallas, Texas.

Appearance: Well...I have super blonde (Like almost white) colored hair that is very thin and reaches to about my shoulders. My skin is tanned and I am 5'3 and weigh around 107 pounds. I have a toned body from my conditioning work-outs and I have an oddly placed freckle on my right earlobe. I have super light eyelashes and eyebrows and my eyelashes are really short which sucks because mascara looks so bad against all my other light blonde features. I have light green eyes and my teeth are straght because I had braces when I was eleven. Overall, I think I'm a pretty girl; not the prettiest on the planet but a pretty girl.

Alpha Talent: Cheerleading. (Competition and competitive and such.)

Traits: I'm pretty outgoing. Super determined. Athletic. Pretty stubborn.

Personality?: I can be described as a lot of things. I am really outgoing and I love to have fun and hang out with my friends. I am also really dedicated and determined to win when it comes to cheerleading. If you get on my good side I could easily be to you the nicest person in the world and I would never let you down. If you get on my bad side, well, good luck. A past boyfriend of mine has called me an "Egotistical b*tch who doesn't care about anything." yet some of my bestfriends have called me "A super amazing girl who just wants to have fun but is also REALLY dedicated to her cheering!" I'm just a fourteen year old girl who loves to have fun with her friends and who adores cheer! I can be a bee with an itch (If ya get what I'm saying) but I can also be super sweet and loyal. I'm a girl with a million diffrent personalities and you'll have to really know me to figure them out.

Hobbies: Cheerleading, obviousleah. Gymastics. Running (To stay in shape). And I also love to sing.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN ALPHA?: I'm a girl who is SUPER dedicated to her cheering. I'm also a girl who knows when to have fun and when to get down to work. I love to hang out with my friends and party but I also love to cheer. I'm an alpha because I've been able to balance those two major things in my life and I haven't let one down and I don't intend on doing so.

Alpha Motto: "If cheerleading was easy they'd call if football."

Interests: I really like Science, believe it or not. I love to plan things. I also am very intrested by dancing and I love to watch it.

Likes: Running, hanging with friends, CHEER, gymnastics, down-to-earth kind of people, and cooking. Oh, and my family.

Dislikes: People who look down on me. People who have called me names or have done things to get on my bad side. Being wrong.

Can't leave the house without: My cellphone.

Usually would wear…?: Jean or athletic shorts with bright colored tank-tops.

Stereotype(Spell this right, god.. -grammar nazi): The outgoing and popular head cheerleader who loves to have fun!

Dorm you'd like to be in(I'll determine this :) ): Hmmmm, I'd love to be in a dorm names after Bethany Hamilton. She really inspires me with her surfing story.

Boyfriend: Nope.

Additional Info? Nothing to add?: Nothing much. PM me for any needed info. Also, if cheerleading doesn't work gymnastics could be her track.

Good luck with the story :)