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Guest chapter 1 . 5/13/2016
Season 3 GS HCs
Since the Atlatnyca Press states that season 3 will feature the co will venture on some of he most iconic landmarks on earth, I think they'll be off to these places:
Paris(Eiffel Tower), Stonehenge and London(Big Ben), Egypt(the Pyramids), Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon Forest, The Great Wall of China(to solve the kung fu mystery), NYC(Statue of Liberty-for the singing competition) and Hollywood Hills, Taj Mahal(jewellry theft mystery),the Northern Lights(to preserve the Artic ecosystem), the Himalayan Mountains(either the yeti mystery or climbing the Mount Everest-or both).
Easter Island, the Australian Plains,St Petersburg palace and even the Great Barrier Reef
The series will have EVEN more whisker-licking adventures, two new friends on their team(ie Hercule Poirat and Patty Springs) and some portrayals of Benjy's social circle and his youth column staff
Benjy will be 14 years old, and he and Pandora will officially become a couple by midseason at season 3.
Most of the episodes are based on-or inspired from the books. All about going to the most iconic places and searching for adventures.
In one episode, G and the gang took all 96 of the 8th graders(yes, all 96of them) to go on a graduation trip to the Niagara Falls. Not only that, they are CAMPING OUTDOORS!This shows how wild and rambunctious Benjy and his friends can be. Will G survive from the teenagers' antics and solve the puzzle of the Falls?
In one episode, G and Patty KISSED.
Benjy and Pandora will have more grown up appearances in general, all taller and have more grown up voices.
Benjamin's birthday will be revealed in season 3-on his 14th birthday bash in 18th August!
In season 3,it is revealed that Benjamin is the most popular kid at Little tails' Junior High, and now he's working on his way to become the Ultimate Monarch of the NHC social scheme, after a certain student from his high school graduates.
Some of Benjamin's friends will be appear in SOME episodes. And in one episode, all of Benjy's youth column staff were there.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/9/2016
Season 3 highlights sand locations(some)
Los Angeles,CA: One of G's old friends ACTUALLY signed him up for a Mouse Idol contest, and it's up to his family to b uild him into shape. But with a new mystery occurs,they'll do WAHTEVER it takes to solve it.
Venice, Italy: Well, actually, G's been CHASED by some crazy actress whilst the co tried to solve the granola mystery in venice-under the masks of spies and mysteries!
Athens, Greece: The co are now at the olympics. This time some crazy seems to be in EVERY sport. But why? Will they EVER find out what villainous plans he's been using?
London, UK: Now at UK, they are going to find out who steals the missing Stilton cheese!
Paris,France: YIKES! G's been in the Blue Ribbon cooking comeptiton. Can trap help him to make the most SAMZING dish...or bring shame to the Rodent's Gazette?
Rio de Janeiro, brazi;:Ben' and his guy friends(plus the girls, whom they DRAGGED along) BEGGED uncle G to send them to Rio to watch their favourite soccer star. but with him missing. can they find him before the World Cup starts?
Arizona, US: In the Grand canyon, Grandpa Shortpaw sent the co to find his long lost friend. WHO KNEW WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT?
Transylvania, Romania: It's halloween,and during ben's mid term break, the co were WHISKED off to a brand new mystery adventure...IN DRACULA'S G overcome his childhood fear of vampires?
NYC,US:After Ben's 15th birthday bash,EVERYONE in NMS seemed to be caught with ALL types of diesese-originated by G,the co,along with ten teen mice who won the detective comeptiton(incljuding Ben and Pandora)ton solve the case and save all of mouse island!
Eagleshine chapter 1 . 9/20/2015
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Bob chapter 4 . 10/13/2014
black chapter 3 . 10/12/2014
bat chapter 2 . 10/12/2014
good job
b chapter 1 . 10/12/2014
trap stilton chapter 1 . 10/9/2014
Really liked it keep it up
Guest chapter 4 . 7/29/2014
Why are Ben and Pandora LAUGHING at Geronimo and Patricia in love when they're in love themselves?! ( They held hands and I bet both Geronimo and Benjamin slept with their girlfriends) Geronimo must've dated her for 2 or 3 years, so that shouldn't be new to them!
It should be like this:
Ben and Pandora watched as his uncle held hands with Patricia and aigonored them and went on to their video game.
Guest chapter 42 . 7/9/2014
Here's my interpretation of their dates:
Geronimo and Patricia are going to the cinema for asci fi film(Avatar, because Pat loves nature )after a bite to eat at the Mouse House Resturant. Then they go to his mansion for stargazing.

Benjamin and Pandora(who was wearing some Moschino dress)streamed in to the Curlyfur theme park to have some fun after munching on some burgers, then took her home with smooches and hugs.

Hercule took her on a SURPRISE date to the Space Danny's pub(romance and fun all in one) with firework display in the bay and had fun there.

Bratfur took her on a motorbike ride all around the streets of New Mouse City to show her around after a romantic date in the Le Squeakery's, then ended it in kisses at the entrance of the hotel

Jason Liu took Samantha on a public dabce ball in fabtastic clothes and danced all sorts of ballroom dance for quite a long time.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2014
Honestly, I think Ben and Pandora are MEANT for each other. And they may be secretly in love with each other(well, in the books it was only mentioned but very subtle,while in the TV show it's pretty obvious)
Here are some proofs:
1. In the first scene of the episode Ravenrat, Benjamin tries not to be embarassed when he tries to look hot when he's ready only to be laughed by Pandora for wearing his jeans wrong way round.
2. Also in the latter episode, Pandora's way of encouraging Bewnjamin back on track is SUPer similiar to the way Isabella trying to encourage Phineas in Phineas and Ferb when their plane crashed on some island far away from France(and Pandora almost confesed his feelings for him)
3. Now I don't mean any offense, but have you noticed in most of the scenes when Ben is bragging Pandora how great she was( I think he almost said she's beautiful), there is lust gleaming in his eyes while Pandora blushes like mad and acts all shy.
4. In most of the episodes when Pandora was in danger, Benjamin seemed to freak out even more than Trap always does( he can only be calmed down by Geronimo and Thea).
5. Pandora seemed to be taken in by Benjamin's swaggery charm( he is the most popular and handsome in the grade, leader of the St. Nick Elves, heir to his uncle's lofty status and has a whole bunch of cool gadgets a boy teenager at his age can only dream of).
6. In the episode Ravenrat, some girls blushed when he swagged in the classroom and Pandora controlled hard not to look jealous.
7. Benjamin seemed to be impressed with her tough atitdue when they're in danger.
8. and finally, the biggest proof of all is this:
Benjamin jumps in the freezing pool in one episode without thinking only ending up shivering.
(script inmy intepritation, since i never really watched the episode)
P: Cold arent' you?
B: (caught an eyeful of P and acts the same" I-can-do-this-and you-gotta-believe-it"attitude, though still shivering) Aww, c'mon, it's not THAT cold...
P:(leaning foward, dips her finger in the water for a second, then smirks challengingly) Are you SURE the Tempo is really fine?
B:(still swaggering,but EVEN MORE) No,I'm sure this has a GREAT tempo and you'll have your fur sooth down onece your'e in.
Thea(now in the water, and really doesn't feel cold) Yeah,c'mon, Pan,jump on. It's just SO good.
Then when she fianlly got the omph to jump in she screamed...
"Are you kidding me?! the watrer is hectic freezing!"
...And we'll haver Ben being so scared that he jumps off the pooln to where either Trap of his uncle Geronimo were before Pandora could get back at him...harmlessly,that is.
P.S. Doeas it make sense to you? Pls reply...
Guest chapter 1 . 6/27/2014
Awwww I'd LOVE to see Benjamin and Pandora dating in the show's third season( they'll be 14 in that,I think).
And also, there are some hints that they may be in love with each other, because Benjamin always tried to look hot in front of her( see the episode Ravenrat) and slightly blushes in front of her, and Pandora almost always go along with EVERYTHING he says.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6/2014
Wow! Two pairs of teenage mice going out!( I wonder where were Bratfur and Delilah going on their first date)

And also, if Benjamin and Pandora are reallly going out, it would be a really romantic affair( They have fires in their hearts, remember?)
P.S. HOGHLY LIKELY they danced either samba or tango on their first dance( Benjamin may think waltz is boring... and sissy)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/5/2014
Here's what I thought of some pairings:
Benjamin and Pandora: EXTREMELY COMPAITIBLE. They were made for each other!(They were childhood sweethearts, remember?)
Issac and Mizoram: I love these two, such a sweet( and star-crossed) pairing(They fell in love at first sight at the Halloween adventure, but how are they gonna meet up when Benjamin's secondary school, in my conception, is holding a Valentine's Day Dance?)
Bratfur and Delilah: What a perfect Ron and Hermione( from the Harry Potter series) inspired pairing! ( And I bet their relationship will be like, uh, Ron and Hermione in love with each other.)
Malcolm and Liza: SUPER ADORABLE PAIRING. They love ezch other( even though they were polar oposites, that is.)
Jazzy Amythest chapter 4 . 3/29/2013
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