Reviews for Sealed Legacy
NaruHinaOTP chapter 13 . 10h
Awww I was wishing you'd make a small harem.
Guest chapter 38 . 9/3
Flirty OK...harem not ok
jenuzumaki chapter 1 . 9/3
Please don't accept Shion's proposal, why can't they see her motive? I hate her and I don't think they needed her power, the Uzumakis are just fine on their own...

Now, looking at the story, I think Sasuke would make a better choice for Hinata if ever Naruto accepts the proposal, get lost Shion! Arghh!
Sunrisehime chapter 38 . 9/2
continuee please
guest chapter 38 . 8/31
make your updates more frequent please
Monkeyman666 chapter 38 . 8/31
Mate this book is wicked am loving the read
TehDIGI chapter 38 . 8/30
sweet.. im guesing the CRA doesnt exist in this reality? naruto may not be the last uzumaki but he is the last namikaze :D and from this chapter we can see hinata is ok aslong as shes with naruto.. though sharing is hard for her but thats how it is in reality.. sharing ur husband is never easy to accept :3..
TheRealDeal44 chapter 38 . 8/29
Man this is a awesome story :D
dracohalo117 chapter 38 . 8/29
Well, this was certainly an interesting chapter.

Looking forward to more soon.

Valdimarian chapter 38 . 8/28
I'm guessing that's either Jiraya or Hanabi spying on Naruto and Hinata, but it could be any of a half dozen other less likely people too.

When it comes to Naruto helping Tayuya I think the easiest would be if he used his mysterious Uzumaki finding power and claimed she's one. After all, she's got potent chakra and red hair, that's 1/4 the qualifiers right there.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 38 . 8/28
interesting chapter. also... good stuff. good mix of politics, power and relationships.
YesOrYes chapter 38 . 8/28
Accepting Shion's offer is stupid. Why ghe fuck would you try to fuck another woman when you have a woman and you also have the attitude of Uzumaki Naruto? He is a faithful lad and cheaTing on ugly Shion ruins it, furthermore, on a real life standpoint or even in an anime standpoint, this is frowned upon unless you have the blessing of your main wife, but still, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Onikai Yoko chapter 38 . 8/28
My main issue is currently this: you're having them speak far too properly. It's causing the flow of the story to be lessened and it takes away from the enjoyment of it as it makes the story dull. You need to make it sound natural or else it's unrealistic.
Roxie.88 chapter 38 . 8/27
Okay this chapter was really hard on me for the fact that shook made her stupid proposal. I mean I know hinata is very forgiving but no girl in their right mind will be ok with their boyfriend father someone else's child. I mean there is only do much a girl can take. As far as it will strengthen the uzumaki yes it will but naruto should just do things to gain power. I say naruto says FUCK NO to shions stupid proposal, because we all no know naruto wouldn't just do that if he didn't love the person. So I still say he should say no the proposal even if it will help the village. I mean the village didn't help him much not to mention hiding the uzumaki from their history so why should naruto do that for a village who hated him when he has the perfect girl who always appreciated and loved him. If he truly loves hinata he won't do it. Aside from that great chapter.
Jahvy D. Prince chapter 38 . 8/27
Please continue writing! I love it!
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