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Guest chapter 39 . 23h
Please update
Guest chapter 39 . 11/19
Your updates are so slow, but worth it.
Guest chapter 39 . 11/17
Don't make me wait another month for a update.
Random chapter 39 . 11/17
Next chapter please.
listohain chapter 39 . 11/15
Hello, its ine of the greats fanfics! Keep writing, and someday, maybe, you will write some bestseller! :)
QuentinTNT chapter 39 . 11/14
Wonderful Story PLS don't stop now
guest chapter 39 . 11/13
update soon
reader chapter 39 . 11/12
that lemon was a dream, classic.
khannarie chapter 39 . 11/11
Now before I go ahead with my usual bitching regarding the other girls seeking to steal Hinata's boyfriend, lemme point out some of the good stuff that keep me stuck in this story despite those annoyance...
First is Hinata's match, I thought I've seen most of it in her match with her father but her match with Gaara is just as epic as well..more bad ass than sasuke-naruto match. It somehow made up for some of the resentment I feel because it seems that I'm reading more hanabitch-naruto time alone together than naruto-hinata.
Second is Naruto's used of Edo Tensei and his choice to use his father to revive. It was really surprising but I didn't find it weird that he has the balls to do such thing, and tbh, it really benefitted him alot. Aside from Minato's assistance, he was also able to questioned his father regarding the night he was born. He also got the chance to spend time with his father. I also like the fact that he was able to save Minato's soul from shinigami's belly and now Minato can rest in peace in the afterlife. I shouldn't really be surprised though, of Naruto resorting to dark jutsu, the moment I read what he made hinata do to that rabbit as part of his training, I know Naruto will have no problem resorting to dark jutsus in order to protect all his precious people.
I also enjoyed the encounter with the akatsuki's and Sasuke's continuous show of maturity. I would also love to see some mention of the other Konoha 12's improvement rather than read the continuous ploy of those many girls in stealing Hinata's boyfriend.
Tbh I almost quit at chapter 38 upon reading shion's proposal and how Naruto was even considering it. but I realized that since there was only two more chaps at this point, why not finish those first before giving this up.. I'm glad that Naruto is finally showing more devotion and consideration to Hinata... True that the proposal has great benefits but its worth more trouble in the long run. Just like the CRA, not only because I'm a Naruhina shipper. I think that CRA though have some benefits, in the end it can cause greater division within the clan. No matter how much Naruto try to equally divide his time and love to multiple families there will always a chance that one of his family will receive more while the others will feel neglected. His future kids may end up warring among themselves trying to prove the others that they're more worthy of Naruto's time and love. That could mean the second downfall of the uzumaki clan. I fully agreed with Naruto's thoughts in the early part of chapter 39 regarding of the possible problem his agreement to Shion will cause. Her proposal can go straight to the trashcan. It's just wasn't worth it. Even CRA is pointless at this time, because Naruto is not a one man clan. He has honoka, Karin arashi and kansui to help him rebuild his clan and there's still so many uzumakis out there waiting for him to be found. Hinata is strong, Naruto made sure of that, she should be more than enough for him! Ugh..
Then there's still the issue of hanabitch continuous ploy of using her training to steal Naruto. When is someone going to do something to slap some reality to hanabitch?! Although I'm relieved that Naruto eventually decided not to give her the seal, im still pissed but can live with that especially after you made her witness that hot make out session that Naruto and hinata did at the top of hokage monument.. Teeheehee...
I'm also starting to believe that Naruto's pervyness doesn't only came from Jiraiya but its also in uzumaki blood o.O
And loookie, a cliff hanger just when Naruto and hinata is about to have some quality time together! You sure know how to make me look forward for the next.. So wether they do the horizontal tango or not, I don't care just as long as they get to spend private time together... I'm glayd I kept reading..
khannarie chapter 34 . 11/11
Wow, that was unexpected end for Naruto and Sasuke match but still had shown a lot of improvement and maturity. The fact that he had chosen to save his strength for the coming invasion as well as hide his new skills instead of showing off too prove Uchiha's supremacy only showed that he was not that hopeless.. I'm not sure about his pairing about Tayuya but I don't really care about that...
I can't wait to see hinata kick another ass!
khannarie chapter 31 . 11/11
Neji was not the only Hyuuga that needs to be put in place. Hanabi's silly crush on Naruto is really annoying. She knows her sister needs all the training Naruto can give to survive the finals and yet hanabi still selfishly demand Naruto to divide his time and train her too. Can't she wait?! Shes obviously not trying hard enough to forget her silly crush with Naruto despite her promise to hinata... No respect whatsoever in her sister's relationship with Naruto and as well as for their relationship as siblings... Then theres also Karin and temari. They should go attend slutfest and find their own bf.
/Naruhina shipper end of rant! Lols.
Btw, I truly appreciate the last two chaps. I finally understand this mysterious Legacy Jutsu which I'd been dying to know how it really worked and the reasons why it Naruto was chosen.
Guest chapter 39 . 11/10
I'm glad about the OC character. They give me hope that it will just be Hinata and Naruto, and not a harem story
khannarie chapter 25 . 11/10
The chapters about Hinata's and Naruto's match is very satisfying that I can't decide which is better! I like that it was Hinata who finally put Neji in his rightful place and kick his ass Naruto's pervy and sexual innuendos while fighting tenten was equally epic as well xD two thumbs up! Now I can't wait to read the match between hinata and Gaara.
Random dude chapter 39 . 11/9
please no more hiatus
Gentlemen chapter 39 . 11/8
Glad that you didn't forget about Konohamaru. make me wonder if you are going to ship him with Hanabi
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