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jennyBloom chapter 48 . 6/19
Please update more chapters
LordHatredX chapter 48 . 6/16
good story

! ! ! !
thegrison chapter 16 . 6/14
As great of a story it is. It has a flaws and errors. Kushina was 8 when taken to the leaf then within a few years lets say 7, the village was wiped out. Kushina was in her early 20s when Naruto was born then naruto found her at 12-13. Lets do the math. 17-18 years to the uzumaki was wiped out so add 2-3 for born so the uzumaki girl needs to be at least 20. But that is saying kushina gave birth to naruto at 20. She was mostly 23 and instead if the uzumaki being wiped out after 7 years, which would be more like 3. So she is more likelt 25-30. Yea she would be more likely an Aunt than a sister to Naruto.
Johnmau chapter 18 . 6/6
Yeah, sasuke dead. Such dangerous thoughts, are only worthy of the dead.
Johnmau chapter 17 . 6/6
Awhh, shiiii! This Sasuke bashing is getting so out of hand, it's almost like he's the protagonist of a "Weak to Strong" light novel, in which he seeks "Revenge" in the form of "Face-Smacking"! XDHAHAHA!

Haah, such a sad little boy. This is just too funny to seize reading despite it already being so late into my night.
Johnmau chapter 17 . 6/6
Henge no Jutsu.
Johnmau chapter 16 . 6/6
Half way through this chapter, I feel like, kicking the two uzumakis would just be simpler. Yeah, I know, they won't want to lose the Kyuubi. But, I feel like these two are asking for too much, to completely revert an S-Rank law of secrecy. I mean, why should they? There doesn't seem to be a chance for the council to willingly right their wrong, as uzumaki naruto doesn't really seem to have much sway in the council! I don't know...
Johnmau chapter 14 . 6/6
Urgh... I don't like the Teme, but I feel sad for the Teme... Not only has he found out his clan isn't comparable to Naruto's, beating his ego up some more, now he has to watch Naruto and Honoka reunite. So sad...
Johnmau chapter 7 . 6/6
Scottkuduo chapter 48 . 5/31
Love all your stories!. Look forward to your next chapter.
JumpuStart chapter 48 . 5/29
Next chapter please.
cyn1nic123 chapter 47 . 5/23
To preface this, I do like the story and the storyline but here are some criticism I have. Although introducing tons of charactor and having parallel storyline are nice in terms of world building and adding depth to the story, at some point it becomes excessive, i find myself fast reading through alot of the content in the later chapters because they add little value to the story, either because there are about charactor that I couldn't really care less about, or constantly repeated ideologies and feeling, i know some of it is about emphasis but it gets really annoying after awhile. To sum it up, it just feels like the story at this point is like 60 percent filler and there isn't really any progress made. Think about it, the entire harry potter series is around a million words and this story is already at 600k, but the ending is really no where near, not to mention the Harry Potter series actually had to establish an entire universe whereas this story is using an already established universe and the harry potter series isn't exactly a short series by any means either. Then also there are some fallacies that doesn't make sense, like why naruto is so quick to trust and forgive Sasuke, especially when naruto is established to be a extremely cautious person, considering sasukevs past deeds, he took like less then a couple weeks to trust him? Also sasuke's redemption arc is so luck luster that I'd rather you have him left as a disliked charactor then changing it, i mean his redemption arc was the training period between stage 2 and 3 of the chunnin exam, and it wasn't very convincing either, even now I'm still doubting his charactor. And it show's that you are trying to add way too many parallel storyline and a lot of it doesn't work, just focus more on the main storyline.

Btw maybe it's just me, if which case I do apologize, but do you really have to over use the word brethren so much, it's not really even a colloquial word to begin with, can't you use clan mates, or family more often, i mean how often do you see people calling their cousins or uncles brethren.
Fanfic9000 chapter 7 . 5/13
That genin exam was Comedy Gold.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25
Will you please finish your stories for Naruto? We are all waiting for new content to be updated. Thank you.
Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa chapter 48 . 4/18
I think this is droped right?
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