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dai sennin kurosaki d naruto chapter 39 . 11h
I'll be deeply disappointed if Arashi doesn't have some sort of link to monks and keeps one of his hands wrapped up at all times. I've got all kinds of ideas in my head of how that could play out for your story.
Rictor Yagami chapter 46 . 10/15
I read this chapter a couple days ago and now I get to review it. First thing I want to say is this chapter was just awesome and there were so many funny moments in this chapter that I enjoyed, one of them being Sai calling out Sakura on how she is such a hypocritic bitch. LOL! Plus I liked how Shino kept her in place when she tried to hit Kiba just for giving his opinion and that really bugged me in the origianl series which Sakura always got away with her hitting Naruto when he didn't deserve it. Hell she reminded me of Akane Tendo with her bratty behavior and violent temper and both of them needed a series ass kicking and Sakura was just a shallow bitch.

When I saw the scene were it looked like Hanabi was drunk and challenging Hinata to a match I was like what the fuck? And the way she was acting I had to laugh but got worried with how Hinata responded to her but in the end it turned out to be a dream in the end and I'm glad it was.

Hanabi then had her talk with Hinata about how she confessed that she was in love with Naruto. I honestly don't know if I want this to be a harem or just a singel paring. A part of me say's Shion should chose one of the other Uzumaki's to pass on her legacy but that might seem disrespectful to her. I hope you find a way to settle this situation soon.

Now we come to the plan for Sasuke to betray Konoha and man this is a real risk with how it will go considering the way it might go for everyone. Hopefully the will be succesfully without anyone dying and I can imaging that Guren will form a team to retrive Sasuke and I would like to suggest adding the Shinobazu to the mix to make things exciting. Have it were Orochimaru hires them as he would consider them expendable to achive his goal.

Another thing I enjoyed about this chapter was the flashback of Danzo getting his ass kicked by Ashina Uzumaki after the remark he made concerning Kushina to try to make her a emotionless weapon and man did he get his ass kicked! I wouldn't be surprised if he was responsible for Uzushigakure's demise.

Plus I found it funny how Konohanasakuya read her father's work and made a book club for it and that Princess Koyuki Kazahana is a fan of the series is but I shouldn't be surprised. Before I forget there were a lot of words miss spelled words which needed to be fixed.

This is getting really good and I hope to see the next chapter soon.

Good Luck Psycho G.
XzavierUmbra chapter 46 . 10/15
I’ve been reading FanFiction for a very, very long time and this is the first time I’ve ever commented on a story and I just wanted to say that your concept of soul union is the most beautiful and wholesome thing I’ve ever read that it makes me depressed that I can’t experience it... so good fucking job man.
Ayotunde Shabz chapter 46 . 10/14
Dude Sorry For Your Loss And Thanks For The Update,real Nice And I Await More
dai sennin kurosaki d naruto chapter 20 . 10/13
the record of missions for lee's team is way too short. even if the numbers came from the manga or anime i would've upped it. 20 D-ranks & 11 C? more like 200 D & anywhere from 2-4 dozen C within a years time.
fanficreader71 chapter 46 . 10/13
Great chapter I enjoyed reading it.
tanithlipsky chapter 46 . 10/12
very good
Yohnos chapter 11 . 10/11
For now i'm only un chapter 11 but i must say that Naruto should slash Sasuke throat in his sleep, it would prevent futur trouble
Hyzanoru chapter 46 . 10/11
Great chapter I hope you keep updating this story it great and I like how different from others stories of Naruto.
ZyiareHellsing chapter 46 . 10/10
Thanks for the awesome update! I'm glad that you're back and sorry for life's challenges.
SlyFox9 chapter 46 . 10/9
After for so long thank you so much. I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope things will get better for you.

The whole S-class mission for Sasuke is indeed quite elaborate. Infiltrating into Oto and being taught by Orochimaru is great way to get stronger and betray him later on. Like how Sai is now a double agent.
I don't know what to think about Hanabi wanting Hinata to share Naruto with her. But whatever you decide I'm sure you'll make it work, whoever disagree of how it'll turn out later on will just have to live it.
Best wishes also Happy birthday to Naruto, October 10.
salad chapter 46 . 10/9
Here review your type nokia.
diegoossorio1 chapter 46 . 10/9
Just please naruhina only no harem or sharing with hanabi
Vallavarayan chapter 46 . 10/9
we always hear about how Danzō cannot be taken out because there is no proof...
why cannot they kill him without leaving proof and have someone impersonate him and take over root?
mlaluciano96 chapter 22 . 10/9
So I'm breaking my rule by writing this review, I usually wait until I've caught up completely with a story before I leave one. But HOLY SHIT! To say this fight scene between Naruto and Orochimaru had me on the edge of my seat would be an understatement, I caught myself squirming in place as my eyes hungrily sought out each new word. I have never in my life felt such intensity from reading anything and for that I highly commend you and your skill as a writer. This fight is truely a work of art and I hope you feel the upmost pride at having written this glorious encounter. I'll make a small note to say that I'm loving this story so far but I'll go into that in the review I plan to leave when I've read your latest update :)
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