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Guest chapter 37 . 18h
I love your story, as I have been reading it for a long time. I'm also a huge naruhina fan. I like how naruto is mature and powerful. But I truly despise hanabi and her crush/interest in naruto. This is a naruhina fanfiction, not naruto/hinata/habana fanfiction. I hope in your next update you can make hanabi get over her little crush. It just sickens me how hananbi has an interest in her sister's boyfriend.
fan chapter 37 . 5/28
Naruto vs Itachi, this should be good.
kanata chapter 37 . 5/28
So... does the pairing change to narutoxhinataxhanabi at one point of the storie?
I mean it would be rather simple, you put hanabi in an arranged marriage and hinata would then accept to share naruto for the sake of saving hanabi.
Uzamaki Naruto chapter 37 . 5/28
Please publish the next chapter BTW I loved this chapter but try and make it shorter
G1 chapter 37 . 5/27
I really enjoyed reading your story. However I must say that I completely disagree with Naruto's decision to give Hanabi the seals. He isn't stupid, he's a great spy, he should know that Hanabi likes him. His actions are just encouraging her growing feelings. Even with the great age difference, he should take her feelings seriously and try to put a stop to it and not encourage her (like Hinata did with Sasuke). He should also realize how it makes Hinata feel and put the feelings of his future matriarch into consideration. At least that's how I feel. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.

I look forward to your next posting.
Guest chapter 11 . 5/27
Is this confirmation that there will be blond/indigo haired whiskered face byakugan wielding uzumaki seal master babies in the future.
Guest chapter 37 . 5/27
Wouldn't the hyūga elders be concerned that their heiress, and future clan leader, would be the matriarch of the uzumaki clan. Unless she can be both the clan head of the hyūga and matriarch of the uzumaki I don't see a solution to this.
trafalgarlaw10 chapter 37 . 5/27
This is definitely one of my favorite Naruto fics. Can't wait for the next update
Roxie.88 chapter 37 . 5/26
Awesome chapter! Love that naruto won take crap from the hyuga! But seriously giving the seals to hanabi that's just pushing it. It's obvious that hanabi is trying to win naruto with anything but how wil hinata take it when she finds out that naruto have her sister the seals. He shoul just say that they belong to the uzumakis and the only reason he g e them to hinata was because she will eventually become the matriarch of his clan. I mean really hanabi is just being annoying as fuck. Hope naruto decides not to give her the seals really but what will happen with the akatski? Will people get there in time to help naruto and honoka?
zisqal chapter 1 . 5/25
this my most favorite story
reader chapter 37 . 5/24
Did I mention I love this story.
Minato James Kirito chapter 37 . 5/24
This is a great fiction I started reading when it consisted of about 200k words, A great effort and marvelous story which I hope you keep updating. I have one question though, How long do you intend it to be? I would like a good 800k read, I hope you intend that high. (y) All in all 'I LOVE YOUR WORK'
reader chapter 37 . 5/24
love this story
ZirconK chapter 37 . 5/23
wow a great story must say. Loving it and can't wait for update. Please do it soon.
slythian chapter 37 . 5/23
Great story all the way so far cant wait for another chapter
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