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ShowTime chapter 89 . 5m
I'm pretty sure by this point, this has become my favorite Naruto story, and I just wanted to say that.

Amazing chapter, character feels real and everything - it's like watching a really good TV show to the point where you feel like you're there observing a real family interacting, rather than people acting, or in this instance, just another story.

So yeah, great job.
pseudotothenym chapter 89 . 9m
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, this chapter (and the last scene) was so good and so fraught and - ! It is a struggle not to just leave a keyboard smash as a review. I love this chapter. I love this story. Every update alert leaves me smiling and excited for when I have a chance to read it. Thank you for sharing all your hard work with us. 3333
Ventusblade chapter 89 . 10m
As always, incredible. I'm particularly impressed that you used the word rejoinder in a natural sounding way (now I owe my friend ten bucks). But the story is moving along at a wondergul pace. I'm particularly excited to see more interaction between the Shika twins, if I'm not misinterpreting the chapter. Keep up the great wtiting and thak you for the chapter!
OrangeLamb chapter 89 . 15m
FANTASTIC! loved it so much great job!

Can't wait like always for your next chapter.
lilyoftheval5 chapter 89 . 36m
Insight into what Dad is thinking after that little bombshell? *_*
Nightraze chapter 89 . 48m
Interesting chapter! Its nice to see Shikaku again, and I liked the interaction between him and Shikako at the end of this chapter. Keep up the great work! :)
Guest chapter 89 . 1h
Does he even *want* to fix it?
liamash3 chapter 89 . 1h
Does she even need to fix it, however? The thing doesn't seem to be causing any issues, from what I can tell, beyond having the SI worry about it. And that's probably moreso from stress and not being sure what to do than anything else.
woofwolf chapter 89 . 1h
Freefan1412 chapter 89 . 2h
A sweet family moment. That is adorable. Things like that are one of the main points that make your story so awesome. You make it so that Shikako's story doesn't only move from one battle to training to the next battle, but you really make her live in this world. With the people, with homes and families, the culture and the problems and little every day things. I don't really get the implications of Shikako's shadow jutsu, though; it's awesome, it's not natural, and being in two places at once is not exactly right, but I don't really see the downside...except maybe the risk factor involved.
On a different note, a second round of Chunin exams are coming. That's interesting. I was half way wondering if you were planing on using the latest filler arc as the next exams...
Keep up the great work!
Cookie Montser chapter 89 . 3h
Once again, a great chapter. I'm looking forward to what you might come up with for the chunin exam. After all, most of them have been through it once already, and the same exact text wouldn't work (except for the actual combat parts).
Sandmiller chapter 89 . 3h
I LOVE your Nara family moments! Especially ones with Shikamaru and Shikako.

What's wrong with Shikako's shadow?
ThEdOdGyOnE chapter 89 . 3h
this story is getting more and more gloomy with each chapter...and I can't wait for the next one.
Vaughn Tyler chapter 89 . 3h
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 89 . 3h
So much Nara in this chapter. I approve far to much for it to be healthy. Was this easier to write without Sai backing the flow up?

I love how Shikamaru is kinda showing that he misses her in the house. The twins are drifting apart! And Shikaku finally gets to know what she has been hiding. I would love his reaction in Sunshine Sidestories. Maybe Tsunade's reaction to learning that Shikako helped Sakura? Or Shikamaru's side of things happening? Anything really.

Ohh look! DOS has over 7,000 reviews! WOW!:D
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