Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
dadg12346 chapter 47 . 6/7
I liked the story at first but now its getting boring and tedious with the mc being an slightly stronger sakura and a little changes here or there thanks for the read but im going to go find something with more impact.
Omega-66 chapter 151 . 6/6
I need more! This is literally my favorite story in the world!
Level3Loser chapter 46 . 6/4
i like your story and i have been enjoying it, but at times it becomes boring? i guess i could say. mainly has to do with the fact that our MC has basically replaced sakura and thats about it. the same things have been happening as in canon along with our MC being barely stronger than most of her peers(that's only because they aren't as smart as our MC).

the MC being weak is only a complaint because the story gets boring at times and her being strong would at least spice it up a bit. over all good story though, i could do with out the mental issues but im biased in that i have always hated stories that focus on trauma so take that with a grain of salt.

review is years late, so it'll never get seen but oh well. (_)
professorlight23 chapter 5 . 6/3
sakura got yeeted LOL, Mc should have tricked sakura to being medic nin and got transferred in the hospital, like she should have told sakura that she could heal sasuke every time sasuke got injured or something. tricking sakura using sasuke to learn medic jutsu. BAM no guilt
professorlight23 chapter 4 . 6/3
just figured out that the mc is female, I'm probably used to reading male mc
Kurosaki Shiro chapter 62 . 6/3
Jesus this fight scene was fantastic
Kurosaki Shiro chapter 1 . 5/30
Hi! This story seems fascinating, but I'm also here to give a warning. It seems is going down really soon, I suggest you move your work as soon as possible! Preferably to AO3?
sarah chapter 71 . 5/29
i was rereading this today and just wanted to tell you. the first time i read this chapter, specifically the line "we were stars" i literally teared up. i don't know why but i REALLY felt that. thank you for that.
XenonDark chapter 46 . 5/28
What? In what world shouldn't she be chunin? She LED Naruto and everyone else against Gaara. This actually doesn't make any sense. Like at all.
vokaitlyn7 chapter 1 . 5/15
Made my day!
Fell's Apprentice chapter 151 . 5/11
reread this whole story in three days and it's just a reminder of how awesome this story is and how much I love it and why it deserves the attention and loving fandom that it has. Hope you're having a good one.
RudeSmile chapter 151 . 4/30
This type of story is exactly the reason why I started reading novels/fanfiction
HellFire28 chapter 52 . 4/29
I still want to strangle the princess.
shaynan89 chapter 44 . 4/21
fking L mc
shaynan89 chapter 43 . 4/21
I hate this fan-fic, but its also good at the same time.
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