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Cyblade Silver chapter 18 . 20h
"His surprise was palatable."

I think you meant "palpable" here. Palpable means you can almost feel it, palatable means you'd like to eat it. Unless you were trying to say that you wanted to eat Iruka's surprise. In which case that's... certainly new.
Ikkiiss chapter 91 . 7/1
Ahem, on that note. I started this story last week and now I'm caught up. I honestly didn't think I'd ever catch up, let alone catch up so fast! But I've done it, because I'm addicted and sad because now I'M CAUGHT UP. Sigh. Anyway, I have a feeling this arc is gonna be Fun. With a capital F. On another tangent I got ridiculously happy when you mentioned awhile back about romance being a thing later on. Because if there's one thing that's as fun to read as a ninja knife party it's ridiculously funny/awkward teenage romance.
Lok chapter 91 . 7/1
Don't take this the wrong way but I hope your still writing chapters of this for years to come, though hopefully we will be several hundred chapters in.
Your story is amazing.
I am hopeful that we will see some of the Naruto movies like we did with stone of gelel but since Naruto is on his training trip, Sasuke and maybe sometimes Sai, And maybe even introduction of team anko which I really think is my fourth favorite thing in dreaming of sunshine.
xxxrae97xxx chapter 91 . 7/1
Fockin' gr8 chapter m8. Gudshit.
Guest chapter 91 . 7/1
Oh my god, this chapter was suprisingly funny all the way through! Fist bump with sixteen people, I don't even know where to begin.
Quite a light chapter, can't wait to see the adventures on this chunin exam! Haku was a pleasant surprise!
Nonsensical Username chapter 91 . 6/30
I love the secret handshake bit. Thanks for the chapter!
InfinityMars chapter 91 . 6/30
Omg…this is just amazing. You never fail to write a thrilling and well thought out chapter. You write Naruto so intricately and with so much detail that I am always in awe and entertained. I love how you approached SI characters. For some reason I hate when the characters in the story know that someone is from another "world", and you write with enough forethought that the information brought from our universe is helpful but not hindering. I literally can't compliment your ability to write an amazing OC enough. I find it really hard to find any good OC characters and gosh darn it they are my absolute weakness on this website. Bravo, I can't wait for your next chapter!:)
Ikabi chapter 91 . 6/30
Punny twin names for the win! I just about laughed out loud when I read that section.

And I was so excited about what happened in this chapter! (In hindsight, that seems weird since my excitement was in anticipation for what was coming next, and not because of any specific action-filled events. So far.)

And Ino's reaction to Haku was fantastic. As was Shikako's response.
WhiteDragonWarrior chapter 91 . 6/30
Such a cute ending! Honestly, I have zero memory of Hidden Mist politics. Should probably retread that...
Yorozuya chapter 91 . 6/29
aaaaaaaaaah, your chapters are getting shorter and shorter but they're stilling coming regularly and faster than most so I can't complaaaaaaaaaaain.

I love seeing Haku back! Like some other reviewers said, it's very nice to see the results from the changes Shikako caused, like the close friendship between the Sand, Leaf and Mist genin.

Also very interesting to see what political effects not only this friendly table will have, but from all of the genin doing stuff during the exam and their stay. Shikako and team 7 especially, since Gaara specified team 7 as to being the reason why Sand is being open to Mist in that open room.

And of course, LOL. Wonder what the leaf jounin were thinking when they saw this. You already hinted at us at they gossip with each other about their kids, since most likely Asuma has been warned that Sasuke and Shikako are trouble magnets. I wonder what Kakashi's reaction will be... especially since he would have seen Zabuza. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if in team 7 fashion, he went all friendly with Zabuza just to freak everyone, including Zabuza, out.

ooooooooooh, I REALLY want to see epic "holy sheet, those punks became that strong already?!" from zabuza/haku (and really, everyone) to Shikako. Seriously, Shikako is in need of having "Ah yea, I'm awesome bitches" moment.

It's also interesting how you're fleshing out Shikako. Since it's in her POV, and she's being a somewhat unreliable narrator in terms of herself... It's somewhat hard to 'see' her, but it's done well. But she really does need to be thoroughly broken into soon. I know you're building up to it, with all the signs of her breaking down, but uuuuurgh, she needs it so bad...

Curious about your pacing and general plot. Since we weren't given out much about those three years, and it's already taken you almost 4 years just to get here. TBH, I am kinda impatient, sorry. I do love these heartwarming moments, they make this fic so fun. Still, I kinda wanna see a time skip, or at least, a speed up of the years after this chuunin exam, since you have A LOT to cover, especially since you like to include some filler.

I look forward to seeing what else you may worldbuild and what you may eck out in the plot. Also, I have no idea if you already have some ideas on what to DO with shippuden with all the crap in canon and the changes you made, but I wish you good luck. Seriously, good luck. You need it BADLY.
random guy chapter 91 . 6/29
You're turning the girls into the sannin aren't you? Sakura is tsunade, shikako is jiraiya, ino is orochimaru... Nice
nala lala chapter 91 . 6/29
Team Friendship FTW!

Is Shikako still thinking she needs to master the sword of the Thunder God? Cuz' I'd love to see Chojuro or Zabuza give her a few tips or a trick or two!
Gladoo89 chapter 91 . 6/29
Lovely chapter! And it's nice to see Haku again!
The friendship handshake was so cute! :D
JackOfAllTraitsMasterOfNone chapter 91 . 6/29
That last part was cute. I want to learn that friendship handshake now too :)
Raj8 chapter 91 . 6/29
A good chapter as usual, I really enjoyed how Haku explained everything knowing everyone was listening in and planning on distributing the information. I also enjoyed Ino's little friendship handshake it's easily something I could see Naruto and or Ino doing.

Although I have to admit that one thing bothers me, why did Tsunade come along so early. None of the other Kage's do so, as far as I know the Kage's are only supposed to come to watch the finals to ensure that nothing is sabotaged. Generally as you address in the Garra segment they stay inside the village. The Kage's would also be hard to keep track of for an entire month so they could spy on the village, they want to try to minimize the time they spent there after all.

Additionally I'm a bit bothered that the Minor villages are also hosting the Chunin exam rather than another of the Big Five, it would have been easier if they just went to Suna for example. The major villages let the minor one's participate but hosting one is a fair bit different, also if creating your own small town just for a Chunin exams is feasible for a minor village than why don't the Major one's do the same thing?
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