Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
katsekala chapter 147 . 21h
Great chapter!
Dicloniuslord chapter 79 . 5/28
Nah fuck that. She can be as petty as she wants. Its a CHAKRA CONTROL TEST SEAL and they act like she’s doing human experimentation and talking about her showing she’s “trustworthy”
Felon GT chapter 23 . 5/28
I’ve been reading the recursive “stargazing” on ao3 where canon reacts watching DOs and meets some of DOS who got sucked into the movie theatre. Your stories inspired a lot of recursive. You made a huge branch out of the Naruto fandom for Shikako is a extraordinary person
ivan1992vuja chapter 2 . 5/27
Wait, mc is female?! Why did it take me so long to figure it out?!
Felon GT chapter 98 . 5/21
So I decided to listen to the story audio book first from the guy you recommended on your tumblr. Then I watch the anime episode so I can have better visual of shikako in it. Finally I read the fanfic so I get a better imagery of the whole thing. Sometimes I imagine what if Shikako Nara was a playable character in the ultimate ninja games.
blazingwolffang chapter 79 . 5/19
she's right it was bull shit nobody investigated anything cuz if they did they know its not even really a seal cuz it has no end point also how would she know its illegal if no one told her shit i keep all my future sealing knowledge an absolute secret and you do not want know what lengths i would go to for malicious compliance
blazingwolffang chapter 55 . 5/17
Fuu wasn't silent and stoic she was energetic and loud and constantly asking people to be friends he'll she asked kakuzu to be her friend
True Ouroboros chapter 105 . 5/17
the slice of life sections are definitely my favorite
blazingwolffang chapter 39 . 5/15
I that scenario they were actively controlled by Pedomaru so if he died well they'd regain self control and probably stay till the next hokage then the 2nd would cancel the Edo Tensei. If the fabric either say they stay bad any way pervy sage can seal them
blazingwolffang chapter 32 . 5/15
Oh god I just realized the red head back in the forest was Karin Sasuke wasn't there to save her from the bear poor girl the went the last real Uzumaki
blazingwolffang chapter 7 . 5/14
You know technically night is one big shadow caused by the earth blocking the sun
Guest chapter 140 . 5/11
It was not until this re-read that I realize Tsunade was probably also testing the flexibility of the Konoha medic program by putting Shikako into it- if you’re going to offer a spot in a program for allies, you better check that they can at least handle/accommodate a field shinobi like Shikako. (I wonder if Shikako was supposed to give pushback to the medic program not accommodating her field ninja schedule rather than just silently finding clan workarounds.) excellent fic on the re-read! Thanks again for writing it
Alice Scarlett Knabel chapter 46 . 5/13
and here i thought you'd give her q feild promotion seeing as her leading the team aginst the sand siblings
EmeraldOutcast chapter 151 . 5/6
Just finished it and I know you dtop eriting this beacuse of reason and such, hut i just wanted to say this is art. Its beautiful. ive never read a fangictoon that doesnt really time skip/actually does the guller parts. it was really instresting to read!
f0xfires chapter 151 . 4/30
Hi! Just want to gush about how much I love this
I found myself completely sucked into the story with the amount of amazing world building going on! Because it was my second time reading through, I was able to actually see how much of your own world this fic really is, because you had to make the village and world work in a way that could be expanded and used in plot. I also really enjoyed the “filler arcs” because you made them important to the plot.
I also feel that making something so big and loved puts a lot of pressure on the creator to be perfect or to Mach the last chapter in attention it receives. So I just wanted to put my thoughts out there- you should be writing for yourself primarily, the nice comments and attention is just something to help you stay motivated and reward you.
Anyways, here’s some more of my thoughts on why I loved this.
1: worldbuilding- like I said, I love a good world. I love new perspectives and ways to do things and explanations that make sense.
2: lack of romance/focus on character dynamics. Off the top of my head, Naruto, sasuke, kakashi, Shikamaru, haku, ino, tentan, and even some more odd ones, like ibiki, kankuro, or even that bounty hunter dude are all recurring character who are mention again and again with intreating dynamics. I was able to come up with those little ooc scenarios that run around in my head with side characters! Now in regards to the romance part, I feel that story’s with a focus on romance are exactly that- focused on two people In love. I just happen to be aro/ace and can’t relate/connect with that easily. I can still appreciate a romance story with a focus on surrounding characters too, even if the main focus is the romance.
Also the story not having an end doesn’t bother me. I’m not reading for plot, I’m reading for characters and the possibilities and the community around dos.
Anyways please handle my brain splatter as you see fit. I want this to be a positive thing to make someone’s day better and not something that unintentionally upsets somone.
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