Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
sukondis chapter 30 . 1h
i couldnt stop laughing when shikamaru froze up hearin his mum go off, making no movements like a small animal in the wilderness being the prey trying not to attract the predator lolll
FindingWarmth chapter 121 . 21h
"It wasn't like it was going to be dangerous." No, no. Of course not. A Lucky Seven getting a dangerous mission? Pshaw, that's crazy talk.

I wonder if she'll learn an awesome, crazy skill? Maybe she and Sora-kid will bond. Actually, that's probably a given.
Vongola Princessa chapter 65 . 7/24
I'm so proud of Ini :""") I love the way you develop each character and include them in the narrative no matter how minor of major the characters are!
FindingWarmth chapter 116 . 7/23
Lol, love how he just ambles in and confiscates it. That quality damage control right there.
FindingWarmth chapter 115 . 7/23
O.o ... I'm extremely worried and impressed at the same time. This... Emotional issue of her's, it's going to show up in a bad way one chapter and she'll probably hate herself for it.
FindingWarmth chapter 106 . 7/23
Man, I just love it when Shikako is passive-aggressive. It's so satisfying.
FindingWarmth chapter 98 . 7/23
Oh thank goodness. I don't know if I could have handled Shikako getting kidnapped. On one hand, I'm sure you'd be able to make it worthwhile. On another, she has roughly 3 years til the main plotline starts. Getting kidnapped seems really cliche at this moment in time...
FindingWarmth chapter 96 . 7/23
That. Was. EPIC. Fantastic. Magnificent. It was so... Shikako. A full 100/10. Amazing work. Best fight scene. Ever.
FindingWarmth chapter 95 . 7/23
*Cough cough* GaaraXShikako. *Clears throat* Oh, um, did you hear something?

But seriously, I hope the TemariXShikamaru thing is going to sink my ship any. Like, it's totally acceptable for two siblings to marry another set of siblings... Uh, anywhom... I am so pumped for the upcoming fight!
FindingWarmth chapter 94 . 7/23
Ok, so 32 people, right? Meaning 16 matches? Each taking a time of 30 minutes, meaning 16 matches would be equal to 8 hours. Yet, they're making it so there are two matches happening at once. This would cut the time in half again. So, 4 hours instead of 8.

The decided and used time length of 8 hours is incorrect...

Sorry. I'm a bit of a technicality geek. Still, awesome chapter and plan.
FindingWarmth chapter 91 . 7/23
That... is borderline mortifying. I feel embarrassed just reading about the "secret friendship handshake".

FindingWarmth chapter 89 . 7/23
Is it bad that I'm not really expecting her to live through her teens? I want her to. I reeeally want her to. But, it's like you're setting the plot up for a dramatic death. I really, reeeeally hope I'm wrong. Shikako deserves a happy ending. She's working so hard for everyone else's.
FindingWarmth chapter 88 . 7/23
W-What?! Who wanted Naruto gone?! Tha-that's awful! I (personally) love Naruto!
char custom chapter 41 . 7/23
I'm guilty of rarely going to temple, but the envelope you mention in this funeral chapter is probably the deceased's post mortem name (idk what its called, "nembutsu" name or something).

Our Reverend always gives the envelope in private, but for most Japanese Buddhists (I am of Jodo Shinshu) the general belief goes that death purifies you from the physical, or impure, world, so everyone gets a free pass at death and goes onto the Pure Land as a buddha. Ties in heavily to pre Buddhist Shintoism.

So, as a buddha, you receive a new name. Because reasons. We always stash ours somewhere in the family altar (they hold an unbelievable amount of shit, candles, incense, extra bells, offering trays, great grandma somebody's gold fillings not even kidding).
hophop216 chapter 121 . 7/23
hey Silver Queen, really great story so far. I love the way that your character insert just so naturally fits in to the story, and how detailed their life is. you can really see that you have put a lot of thought and hard work into this amazing novel. This isn't really important, but do you have a love interest in mind for Shikako? it doesn't really matter if you haven't thought about it yet. My other question is how the changes that you are making to the story will effect shippuden, like will shikamaru still have a shadow hand or will shikako find a way to get his hand back to normal? etc...
I bet you hear this a lot from everyone else, and I know that it takes a lot of time to write such long chapters so well, but I am going to be selfish and ask you in the nicest possible way to update as soon as you can. But take your time if you want, you can't rush greatness :) I have only been reading this for the past 3 days and I am so into it! you have got an amazing talent, great job.
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