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Guest chapter 1 . 9/18
I just noticed that this is roughly %95 the size of the Bible. And I've read it four(ish) times.
Great story
JV321 chapter 50 . 9/17
That Titanic song part got me laughing.. .. Anyways, 49 chapters in and i havent done a review yet.. i really like this fic. Never did enjoy stories like this but yours is different from the rest.. keep it up
Igheallnation chapter 148 . 9/16
Wow. Just wow. This hurt my head but was also epic at the same time. Also, yes to DISSING YUUHI SHINKU. The guy's a piece of work and I have /issues/ with him telling Kurenai what to do. Awesome work as always!
YLee Franklin chapter 148 . 9/16
I find myself crossing my fingers in the hope that Manabu Akado is a great person. It’d be a nice surprise. I’ve had a teacher that ... reminds me a bit of a cross between Umbridge and your Yuuhi Shinku. She loved to have the person who hated her the most close by and right under her thumb for anytime she wanted to see if she could grind them down more. All with the phrase “It’s for your own good” on her tongue and a smile on her face. She failed two kids with that phrase and drove another right out of the school. I can see so many reasons that a very wary, defensive, suspicious Genin with a boss like that and no chance of escape would resort to passive aggressive actions. Like being pendantic. Or just hiding that that they’re actually quite clever. Or just really, really tired from dealing with Yuuhi Shinku day after day. In any case, very much enjoying the development of the world you’ve made. Or taken and added depth to. Whichever. Just, thank you for such an enjoyable series..
TacoBrownies chapter 1 . 9/15
Been reading but I cant read anymore. For a story about ninjas all you really seem to care about is the characters feelings. While cgaracter development is important its literally the onky thing you do. The action scenes are quite dull. You dont figure anything out you just say I figured it out. Your writing and grammar are good but the whole point of a story is to tell a story and you missed the mark by quite a bit.
Secluded Tune chapter 24 . 9/15
The red head they found mauled by and animal- holy sh- was that Karin? Why did I miss that little detail?
Justmeesh33 chapter 148 . 9/14
I really can't wait until her family finds out she's joined ANBU. Cuz they will, that's assuming her dad doesn't already know. But I kind of love the rights between her and Shikamaru, because it's the one time where they're both complete idiots like normal people, so the ANBU right is either going to be so so bad or a wake up for both of them. Also, Yoshino should be the head of the new police force because she's scary as hell.
yugewinner chapter 1 . 9/13
woulda been real nice if you didn't go through filler hell
AnAddictedReader chapter 1 . 9/13
Welp, congratulations on being number one in reviews for the entirety of Naruto fanfiction (barring crossovers).
queenfirst chapter 148 . 9/12
This chapter was hilarious. I adore shikako so much, not to mention her rapport with ibiki. Her banter with sasuke is also amazing.
ProTaggingProperly chapter 139 . 9/12
Chapter 138I appreciate how the author used the honorificdono* properly. (ω)
Guest chapter 148 . 9/12
Oh boy. This is going to end up like the storage seals arc, I can feel it.

It makes a story more refreshing to read when characters have petty stuff they tend to over-react to. And the fact that it's the main character who can get downright quotidian at times? More hilarity.
TheYatted chapter 148 . 9/12
O no... I've actually read it all... I'm not gonna lie, I don't really like the naruto verse, and generally can't make it past the first two chapters of any naruto fic. You do a really great job with character building, and I can understand why certain characters make the decisions they do. Also the fight scenes are good no matter how much u still might hate writing them Haha. Also the uterus joke in this chapter got me. Did u know women could be made to get a hysterectomy because they were diagnosed with "hysteria"? If they didn't get better in the insane asylum, they could legally be forced to get their reproductive organs removed lol. This was in the early to mid 1900s too... anyways, good luck with life!
chaosrin chapter 148 . 9/11
Good chapter, hope see her add modern practices from our world even if it have been a long time.
PyrothTenka chapter 148 . 9/10
This is my third time reading through your story. I like to wait for about a dozen or so chapters to accumulate before coming back to read it and usually by that time I need to reread it to remember what was happening. XD

That, and it's a good story to reread, especially since the ffnet app will read story aloud to me while I'm driving or working. And I can listen to it while getting errands done around the house.

I greatly enjoy reading about Shikako and her adventures, and I really like what you've done with keeping Sasuke in Konoha. I'm not usually a fan of OC's going into ANBU. This one is done well, though, so it's fine.

Diverting the river amused me muchly and was a very creative solution. XD As was like... all of the fight between Shikako and Gaara. ... actually just all of the fights in general. I don't usually read fight scenes, but I read yours. They were interesting.

I'm not particularly interested in the Jounin project going on, but I'm loving the character interaction going on around it. I like the filler you do, I never watched the filler in the anime, so getting to see it through your writing has been like having more Naruto to enjoy without it being tainted by terrible anime writing.

I do miss Naruto, though, but I'm sure he'll be awesome when it's time for him to come back.

The Zabuza and Mei marriage was awesome, and Zabuza was just hilarious throughout all of it. Sakura's fight was amazing as well. Isobu's childish personalty was a great addition to that scene, and Haku is now a Jinchuuriki. Everyone wins! (For certain definitions of 'win')

Anyway, I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of things I liked, because there was a lot of it, but this review is already ridiculously long so I'm gonna stop now.

Thank you for writing this story, it's lovely and I enjoyed every word of it. :) I look forward muchly to the next chapter!
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