Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
Fire chapter 110 . 2h
I want Shikako to be paired up with Sasuke so badly!
Please update soon!.
irezel chapter 110 . 3h
loved reading this, i'm looking forward to the rest!
Innieminnie chapter 110 . 4h
Ahahahaha, Shikako, using sneaky!
Zombie Reine chapter 110 . 5h
I devoured this story in no time at all it seems, and now I must wait like everyone else. But wow is it worth it, this is wonderful. I am curious though if Shikako will ever change her mind about children, or a family. If sheet grow old, or go crazy, or die, or find love. Whatever happens I'm with you, but poker try not to break my heart.
Yula chapter 110 . 6h
*crosses fingers for possible Sasuke romance in the future* Well he's practically part of the family already. Might as well make it official.
Guest chapter 110 . 11h
soooooo good. I cant wait!
kellyshl chapter 110 . 21h
SanglanteAlouette chapter 110 . 11/29
It's an excellent story and I had a great time reading it. I'll wait for new chapter with quite some excitement.
The Eclectic Manga-Lover chapter 110 . 11/28
If shikako gets the notes for edo tensei I can only imagine her finding a way to make the undead explode, her unique way of 'sealing' them. Maybe IMLPODE them, they are made of like, paper after all.
Guest chapter 110 . 11/28
I think this nice all freinds hanging together...
but please dont pair Sasuke with Sakura
Kishimoto did not think things through with that pairing
seriously not one oounch of romance between them until
the whole Borato thing and I bet he did that on purpose to
make people think there was romance inbetween
which is not cool
heck this is like saying be a freaking fangirl and you get the guy you want
frankly that pairing was totally bullshit
EvanescentWriter chapter 110 . 11/28
Just caught up with everyone...Stopped reading over twenty chapters ago and finally sat down to catch up. Once again, it's a pretty awesome story. I wonder if Shikako will have romance smack her upside the head...
DandelionBandit chapter 109 . 11/28
I just want to start off by saying you're amazing and fighting the good fight right now. I have went through countless pages of fics and can genuinely say I only love two; Dreaming of Sunshine and The unsung story of the inconspicuous . there are so many terrible fanfictions and every time I find one of good quality I believe in the world a little bit more. Not only do you write well and have an interesting story and character but you also update frequently , you are literally the best I have ever known, please continue to fight the good fight against vomit inducing fics.
Illuminated chapter 93 . 11/28
These exams are very clever!
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 110 . 11/28
Well, I am now slightly sad. I'm already caught up... Can't wait for more, good job getting this far on such an amazing story!
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 100 . 11/27
isnt the chackra sabre someting from kakashi's father? Sorry, i cant remember. And congrats!
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