Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
Warrior of Aces chapter 151 . 21h
Every time I reread this it’s just as amazing. There’s so much more I pick up each time.

Truly a masterpiece, one of the best fanfictions I’ve ever read; if not the best.
Stachelbeere chapter 151 . 8/1
Thanks for all the time and passion you put into this gem;)
Stachelbeere chapter 96 . 7/28
This fight was beautiful!
TheCatalystx chapter 151 . 7/27
Okay... I’ve been reading this almost constantly over a period of three days. Last night I literally pulled an all-nighter because I Just Couldn’t Put It Down. It’s been over a year since you updated, and some of your author notes (several, in fact) have pointed out some pretty demanding reviewers who are commanding you to update. From a reverent fan, I am So Sorry. I’m worried that ultimately it led to you losing motivation for this masterpiece.
I’ve only recently ventured into the naruto verse. This story blew me away. It’s almost 18 years old. You probably have a life, a career. responsibilities. I’m sure those play a massive role in focusing your attention away from this story, and honestly? After almost over 700k words, you might - at least inwardly - have made peace with the place you’ve left shikako. A jounin. Against all odds.
All of this is to say, I understand if you leave it here.

I feel so sad at the state of shikamaru and shikakos relationship. It resonates with me. I feel so envious of their bond because I am not as close as I wish I was with my own brother. It makes me so sad to see such a huge rift torn between them when communication could fix so much of it. More of it than I think they realize. Naruto is an unwitting master at inspiring people and endearing them, and I think most of that is thanks to his no-holds-barred style of communication and shockingly deep range of empathy. I believe if they communicated, if they called a ceasefire long enough to hear each other out... Shikako is so willing to take others pain onto herself, to protect her precious people in ways that she probably never would have predicted possible in the beginning, and yet... attempting to bridge the gap for her brother seems to be too much, and I’m not sure why. If it was anyone else (naruto, sasuke, etc) she would have already made the attempt. At least pulled herself together enough to stage the conversation and then forced her own hand instead of chickening out at the last second. There’s different facets to shikamaru and shikakos relationship, true, and he is not necessarily an integral part to canon naruto in the way that naruto/sasuke are, so maybe she deems it as safer to leave it this way... but allowing shikamaru to believe she did what he thinks she did...

I think I’m also very sad that we haven’t been able to see narutos reaction at all in the massive span of time since he’s left. Shikako has DIED. Literally FOUR TIMES. And he has no idea, except for the galel incident. She has superseded so many expectations, grown almost into an entirely different ninja, she fought GAARA for gods sake... i was devouring most of this with the hope that she would at least be reunited with naruto, that she would get the chance to hear him tell her stories and to tell him hers. To have naruto soothe her guilt for her actions in the way that only naruto can. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see it.

I know shikako is also completely uninterested in romantic relationships, but it would be lovely to see that added depth to all of this. There was certainly groundwork laid with a number of characters and I’ve been waiting to see if we would catch even a glimpse of flirting or blushing at any point. I understand why it didn’t happen at the beginning, but I would think by the age of 13 (wouldn’t she almost be 14) there would have been Something, even if it is just some other side-character crushing on her and it went unreciprocated. For what it’s worth, at any given time I’ve speculated possible romantic interests for her as: Gaara, sasuke, neji, kiba, shino, and sai. I think at her level, and with their maturity through the years, a budding, if extremely understated romance could add some much needed levity and fluff to her life and to this story. And anyone who’s been in love can tell you the way it opens up the world in ways that nothing else can. Shikako could use a little grounding, someone to call her back from the shadows of herself.

I’m in awe of your ability to write fight scenes, but I confess my love of reading centers around interpersonal relationships, and you do those even more masterfully than you do violence and suspense.

Also, I don’t think I’m likely ever to forget the line “You would fight a god? .. yes! give me back my sister!” *collapses from emotional exhaustion* now... to sleep. To dream of what might come next for shikako...
TruRebellion chapter 95 . 7/26
I wonder if it was intentional that one of the people Shikako didn’t want to fight in her first Chunin Exam ended up being exactly who she fought against in this one
TruRebellion chapter 82 . 7/26
Naruto praying for the people his dad killed... a bit ironic
Yeetyeetbeepbeep chapter 151 . 7/26
Dude, this is the all time best fanfic! Sooooooooo much better than the actual show and Manga imo
arshew chapter 151 . 7/26
Brilliant! Thank you for this story :)
Guest chapter 151 . 7/25
holy hell—that’s literally all I have to say,
but seriously, this fic is absolutely amazing. the character development was a thing of itself, and i truly loved reading how Shikako had progressed along the other characters. kudos to you for writing this legend of a fanfic. and while you might’ve lost motivation(?), you inspired a ton of people to start their own si-fics. so thank you for that! have a good day.

Blanky-Chan chapter 17 . 7/23
Im rereading this and fucking hell i love it
Guest chapter 10 . 7/23
I’m dying to know what kakashi makes of her. And I also love how she’s almost a mentor to naruto. I feel that her presence already makes a massive difference
Maelstrom Potter chapter 151 . 7/20
It's brilliant. I love it. Would love to see more.
Treott chapter 1 . 7/14
cringy but nice
CMdkelley chapter 24 . 7/13
You killed Karin Uzimaki! Poor Naruto.
marujiafable chapter 5 . 7/11
Fcking step back or nudge those toes forward.. gods how irritating
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