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lucife56 chapter 73 . 5h ago
Well! It seems that Sasuke was treading in dangerous waters but I don't think that he made certain connection, no? In any case, great chapter as always! Please update soon!
Ergoemos chapter 70 . 4/18
That was an enjoyable read. I honestly hadn't expected to enjoy the story, given that there is generally a very strong stigmata against Self-Insert fanfiction for a very good reason. Given that the recommendation for your story came from a relatively reliable source, I gave your story a shot anyway.

I had relatively low expectations to start with. When I think of a self-insert, I think of three things occurring: 1) The new character finds themselves as capable or much more than any of the established Protagonists. 2) The new character is quickly attached to their lover of choice. 3) The new character neatly tidies up any plot friction of the established canon.

I am supremely pleased that none of these things have happened. If they had, I would have probably not finished the story as a whole. You have done an amazing job of replacing a main-side character (Not sure how Sakura actually fit into the over all canon as far as importance) with someone else, without co-opting the established status quo.

I think I see very vague hints of Sasuke connecting with Shikako, which is just fine. Hints are okay. They aren't even faintly in any sort of close relationship, and Shikako herself has made absolutely no hints as to her interest in the male characters (or female characters, for that matter). The concept of a self-insert that isn't a device for the writer to "hook up" with their beau of choice should not be a foreign concept, but it is, as stereotypes and tropes exist for a reason. You haven't quite subverted the absolute paradigm of fanfiction serving the purpose of "shipping", as seen with the subtle nudges of Naruto and Hinata, but you also haven't broken any rules of the show or made any of the characters less than they are. I had a humorous personal tangent wondering how Gaara and Shikako would work together. They have had about as much chemistry as any of her other potential matches. That said, I am personally grateful that you haven't written any romance of the sort into the story. Makes it much easier to read a fanfiction that doesn't have romance shoved into the plot.

I think it is actually very interesting that you have inserted Shikako into the Naruto-verse, but yet have written the story with only minor changes to Canon (According to Shikako, at least. A majority of my understanding of Naruto canon comes from your story itself, Team 8 by S'TarKan, and the first three or so episodes of the first show.). The idea of a character that has foreknowledge of events to come, but yet has little ability to actually affect the outcome is extremely likable. An absolute subversion of the Butterfly Effect, which can be easily overdone. I personally like to imagine that the universe is actually pushing against Shikako's foreign influence, almost actively trying to subvert the effect she has on the story. Many times it works, such as her relatively little influence on the events of the Invasion. By contrast, she did happen to change Sasuke's defection (Once again, according to Shikako herself, I don't know much about the canon beyond Shikako's comments on the matter), a small but important victory. It is interesting that the only major canon disruption occurred to someone close to her. Just reinforces my personal view that the Naruto-verse is actively trying to quell or diminish her influence on the world.

I think, however, Shikako is most interesting as a case study in self-inserts in that she is not placed on a pedestal. She is not the best at anything in particular, except, arguably, sealing and killing. She cannot take on Sasuke or Naruto or most of the villains in a one-on-one fight without extreme trickery and rarely that works. She commonly gets wounded and tends to be in the hospital more often any anyone else. Sasuke might have more time locked away, but that is for precaution, not wounds. And every time she ends up in the hospital, she suffers for it, getting behind on training or other events. Even her brother, who has been put into far fewer life-threatening engagements, overshadows her (pun intended, I suppose). The only reason she can keep up is because she just happens to be far more brutal than the other Rookie Nine. She's got a kill count above a couple dozen by now, while the only other person I can think of that has killed someone is Kiba (One sound-nin in the stands, and Kidomaru, whom I cannot remember the name of). Even the kill of Kimimaro was split between Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara, with distributed guilt. Her brother was actively disturbed when Shikako ripped out the Galel of Fugai, which was a good moment. This distinction between her clear lacking in raw ability and her willingness to slay her foes makes for an interesting contrast to the others. I wonder what her first Bingo Book entry will look like. "Versatile, with keen senses, and specialty in explosives. Of the Nara clan and proficient in Shadow-jutsu. Brutal and not above killing, with no confirmed kills but has over a dozen unconfirmed kills, some are suspected of being missing-nin at B-rank or higher."

That said, there are a few times I was figuratively screaming at the plot to throw some sort of wrench into her plans to remain incognito as a person with foreknowledge of events. One of the most interesting side plots I'd love see develop is that someone suspects that she is more in-the-know than she appears to be. There are a few times, such as coming up with the name "Golem" or her triple encryption being temporarily revealed to the Toad Sage or a couple other instances, where I want people to pause and suddenly go, "Uh huh, and how did you come up with that information? How could you even make the connection between Itsuki and the Red Dawn?" or something. The sudden tension in the air as Shikako tries to desperately explain how she knew about molecular bonds because of a non-existent book in the Nara library, rather than her half-remembered chemistry classes. Something. Its just a moment I want to see happen, just because it would be fun. I suppose if Kakashi, the Toad Sage, and Tsunade got together and compared notes in some sort of Konoha secret dossier for Shikako, they might come up with a conclusion from "Shikako is scary intuitive about the inner workings of everything" to "There is no way she could know X, Y, and Z, what is going on?" but that would be a hard jump to make. I just want that sudden moment where she realizes she made reference to something she couldn't know, but does, and someone calls her out.

I am okay with her decision to not reveal her knowledge because she thinks no one would believe her, though I have doubts about that if she told Kakashi or even the Hokage "Hey, you won't believe me, but I know for a fact that the bridge builder is being hunted by four missing-nin, hired by Gatou, a local business manager who runs a monopoly of shipping companies. I will tell you more that I know, but first, please, let's see how this all turns out. If I am wrong, I can be called crazy. If I am right... promise to listen to my next crazy story?"

I don't think I really got drawn into the story because of the nature of Shikako's "reincarnation". Its a conscious breaking of the fourth wall, and it can get a little jarring even as a central plot point for the story. It, in some way, detracts from both the danger she faces and the success she heralds. Even when she is experiencing plots to stories she doesn't have foreknowledge about (Like the latest Galel arc), its all rendered less... gripping, because we know and she knows that down the line who and what is the most dangerous foes in the story, and these side stories are relatively inconsequential to, say, Naruto or Sasuke's growth. The side stories are only for Shikako's benefit in terms of growth. Naruto might gain or lose some small portion as a result of the influence of Shikako on the side stories, but it only matters in terms of the cumulative effect during those upcoming Known Dangers which are far and few in between. Not sure if there is a way to really mitigate the effect, as it is built into the concept of the story.

I think the first time that Shikako runs into an event that she remembers and everything goes completely different and badly will be really telling, as the audience will finally know that things aren't going to stick to canon.

The story was good, well written and I enjoyed it. Not the most amazing story ever, but well worth the time to read it. Thank you for creating the story, and have a great day!
evilballoon chapter 73 . 4/18
Hehe protective/socially awkward Kakashi is hilarious, I love it!

I really like how your developing your OC and even using filler arc and movie material in new ways. Hopeful we'll see more development about the Gelel/Shadow-form. Also a though occurred to me while re-reading earlier chapters specifically about "touch blast". Would Shikako be able to create/apply seals through her shadow? That would be an incredible way to apply seals from a distance and make seal use in combat a lot easier. Looking forwards to more!
Sincerely from Anonymous chapter 73 . 4/17
I have to say, normally I hate self-inserts as a general rule of thumb. But man, you managed to make me love this one! You slipped her pretty seamlessly into the story. When authors do stories like this they tend to make the character amazingly-important and the total focus of the story, giving them special abilities or attention. You, I think, found a perfect balance. Your character just seems so...normal, but still important. They are not magically the center of the story, but the are a part of it. You made her seem so much more realistic, especially with the desire to be special - because honestly, if anyone ever found themselves in a situation like this they would probably want the same thing. Then you showed character development and flaws, you didn't drastically change the story line and I liked how you handled Sasuke's situation. I commend you on a wonderful story that left me disappointed when there weren't more chapters out. You self-insert character felt realistic and human, with a good balancing affect on the story as a whole.
immortal chord chapter 72 . 4/17
so wait...can shikako BECOME shadow?! dudddde that's soooo badass!
Guest chapter 73 . 4/17
Another great chapter! I also love the quotes you have for each chapter. They really set the tone, or maybe I'm reading too much into them haha )
chibichibi98 chapter 73 . 4/17
Shikako is probably my most favourite Naruto OC ever. Seriously this story is amazing. Please update soon!
illyches chapter 73 . 4/17
Thanks for yet another chapter.

It is good to see that she doesn't magically get better and leave the hospital at the beginning of the chapter, she is not Naruto after all.

Aaaah we don't know if Danzo heard anything or not... he doesnt have a reason to have anyone follow the last Uchiha every day. Sadly the same can not be said about our lovely kunoichi... since she clearly didn't say everything she knew about what happened and then survived something she shouldn't... yea danzo wouldn't leave that unknown alone...

Also seems I have to check up on fillers again. Since I have seen the Kurama clan in a few fics already I assume she is not an OC, but an anime only character.

I love reading your story and hope you will continue them!
Mei31 chapter 73 . 4/17
Aww Kakashi was so worried!:)
Gladoo89 chapter 73 . 4/16
Great chapter! :) But I'm a little confused with the ending, I think she's becoming paranoid :S
Jbthoughtful chapter 73 . 4/16
Keep going this is the first self insert I have ever liked
skewedchoice chapter 73 . 4/16
Poor Shikako. She sounds like she's on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I really hope Shikaku or Inochi can help, her peer group seems a little out of their depth here (and Kakashi is freaking out). And Shikaku, what is her father going to do when her brother tells him she died -twice- on the last mission? Man.

Love for the author!
SadisticAvocado chapter 73 . 4/15
Brilliant story, right here. It's surprising, considering that self inserts are as close to heresy as one can go in terms of fan fiction, just how many of my favourite stories are actually self inserts. One of them is the Massed Up series by DelvarO, set in the Mass Effect universe, and now another is yours! I'm certain that knowing that your humble story was graced by me reading it and that it passed my exacting specifications has just made your month, hasn't it? [/s] In all seriousness, though, this story is very good, it has good action and well written interaction between characters, both of which I consider very important in stories. I hope Shikako gets training soon, maybe going to bother Tenten for some kenjutsu pointers so she can use Raijin as more than just a very sharp pole and wield it with some sophistication. How are you going to be handling the time skip? Are you going to come up with some original missions and arcs or will you just skip through, maybe with a couple of training marathon chapters? But yeah, can't wait for the next chapter, although considering that this chapter was posted a few days ago I shouldn't be impatient. See you later!
Alathon chapter 43 . 4/15
Man, I love reading this but, this chapter.. when Shikako has the names of the Akatsuki run through her mind, with Kakashi and Jiraiya in the room, and doesn't just spit them out, I can't help but wince. Sure it'd be expensive in all sorts of ways, but timeliness counts for so much in intel, and there's gotta be so much going on in the shadows that the main characters can't know that would inform Leaf's decision-making in light of a credible "bullshit-but-it-seems-bulltrue" story.

It's Leaf, they've bet on crazy before!
sonyat chapter 73 . 4/14
What else is there to say that hasn't already been said about this incredibly epic story? You have inspired thousands upon thousands of writers to try their hand at a genre you pioneered. Truly amazing!

Your writing style really hooks the reader in. I read the entirety of your story nonstop, I was that entranced with it! You've crafted absolutely intriguing theories/practices when it comes to fuuinjutsu.

Your SI herself is literally the best out there. Her character is believable and the actions she takes are realistic. I cried at the end of chapter 71/70 for Shikako and Shikamaru and that's a damn difficult thing to accomplish! I'm invested in the world you've created within Kishimoto's. It's breathtaking.

Hat's off to you Silver Queen, for writing such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Looking forward to the next chapter!

(If you should ever publish a book, please post somewhere! I would love to read any original writing of yours!)
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