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Please send me messages chapter 87 . 4h ago
It feels like you're holding Shikako back.

I hate when authors undermine their own OCs just because they're OCs.
At least you hold others back so that your OC doesn't die.

But that ruins the excitement of the story.

And I don't mean this strength wise alone, I'm talking about the story as well.

I hope you bring in the Akatsuki and have them live longer, unless this whole time it's been a rehash of canon with OK changes like Sasuke being held back to Konoha.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/29
Dying...not dieing.
:) Lovely story, so far.
Osprey Eamon chapter 87 . 3/29
Well this should definitely be an interesting conversation.

The 'mercy is the province of the strong' thing which Shikako appears to work off is interesting in that she doesn't even seem convinced in her mind. I suppose it's the kind of thing which could lead to an uncomfortable slippery slope if you thought of it as being right rather than just a pragmatic necessity.
kurobook chapter 87 . 3/28
*slowly lays down* *stairs at the dark sky outside* *feels the universe* You have a new fan. Definitely. Yes. Yeah. Holy shit. Am I dead?

Thank you for your amazingness, you are so great.
Nonsensical Username chapter 87 . 3/28
Ahhhhhh UPDATE POR FAVOR. What is Sai going to tell Shikako?
Hawk chapter 87 . 3/27
This is excellent.
And SAI! *ponders*

(I Love Sai.)
skywiseskychan chapter 86 . 3/26
This was a splendid chapter. I also love her solution to the exploding and reforming man problem. He might even have survived despite what she says. If he really is effectively sapient rock at the moment. I guess we will just have to see what happens when he get's unsealed. But he and his friend are going to be a tough loss for their clan. I can't imagine that they realyl have a lot of wandering samurai to spare on lost or failed missions and goals.
Petius chapter 79 . 3/26
Again nice chapters. The Feelings. Shikako should have warned her about the content of the Scroll. What does Sai want to tell her? .
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sofyen aeris chapter 87 . 3/26
Erm, someone's about to get a surprise when they open the scroll containing Nagare, like possibly a ton of ground to the face. Unless Shikako's taken the time to verify the results of her experimental jutsu, which would be logical and meticulous but also quite a bit disturbing.
Guest chapter 27 . 3/25
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
Great story. I love Shikako and the others development.
However I feel as if sasuke is pushed to the sidelines. You probably have something in your sleeves for him but as for now I miss sasuke in team 7. I was recently watching reruns of naruto and in one episode jirayia told naruto that sasuke leaving the village was inevitable. I don't know if this information would be helpful but I just wanted to let you know( if you didn't know already). I can't wait what you have in store for us when the you start the time skip
Your Biggest Fan chapter 87 . 3/25
You writing is amazing. you have a original plot and a riveting writing style. Thankyou for the amazing story.:)
Lala chapter 87 . 3/25
How far from time skip?
reviewer chapter 87 . 3/24
your story is amazing! I have never enjoyed a fanfic as much as yours! shikako is such a loveable character I can happily hug her to death (or sth like that)
Although "getting sloppy" it's perfectly understandable for she comes from a world where fighting and killing is severely looked down upon. Thus for her to continue doing such actions... No wonder she is struggling with almost everything life throws at her! ( this thought that I have to too complex for my small English vocabulary...)

Also The cliffhanger that isn't really a cliffhanger... Wow. I'm pretty sure my hairs gonna turn white from thinking about what Sai is gonna tell her .
Please keep up the good work, but also keep up your personal health as well. :))) thank you for sharing such an amazing story!
chibi-Clar chapter 87 . 3/23
He's going to tell them about root? Oooh! This is sos good! Thanks for updating!
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