Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
crystalinowl chapter 100 . 19h
shikako finally cracks a bit and talks to her father...she needs to do that to shikamaru. but shikamaru needs to stop trying to control her as well
crystalinowl chapter 99 . 19h
tug of war with shikako...sensor vs r&d... field vs desk... no questions... as much as shikamaru for her to take the desk... and I suspect he had a word with r&d to try and pull her out if the field.
crystalinowl chapter 98 . 20h
poor shikako... it would have been interesting to see an actual kidnapping attempt where they would have had to rescue her... but still
crystalinowl chapter 97 . 20h
I love thinking if kankuro as a theatre nerd it make sooooooo much sense.
chakra exhausted plus chakra pill exhausted... sounds exhausting... and you have the flu but don't and just wanna create a human shishi roll with your blankets...yeah

crystalinowl chapter 96 . 20h
most epic fight ever... shikako having fun showing off and 'teaching' Garaa
.. so much fun
crystalinowl chapter 95 . 20h
now we see Shikako's acts of kindness take effect once again. :I told you something important to help you and my friend and I want nothing in have told me important information just as well now.
crystalinowl chapter 94 . 20h
so many good lines in this chapter the fact that shikako monologues this is hilarious and then you have Hinata royally owning kankuro and then you have awesome lines with shikako and Neji . I love the Lee bit he gives a little girl a piggyback ride
crystalinowl chapter 91 . 21h
16 person fist bump as a spur of the moment secret handshake...well you can't beat it for identify a friend...
crystalinowl chapter 92 . 21h
go ahead find said token... it just happens that they used to be old missions... catch Tora best token out get it you have to hold and keep ahold of Tora for 10min ... consecutively...
crystalinowl chapter 93 . 21h
all beware Garaa the best pokerface the elemental nation's have to offer...he doesn't bluff
crystalinowl chapter 92 . 21h
: somehow we managed to get 16 people around a table and I'll do the fist bump at the same time I call that a victory:
crystalinowl chapter 90 . 21h
ah the best part about sending 9 opponents... match rigging... gonna be FUN
crystalinowl chapter 89 . 21h
you know I really love your little moments.
I love the scenes where shikako and her dad are spending moments.
I'll say it again... shikako and shikamaru need to go to the middle of nowhere and shout it out.
crystalinowl chapter 88 . 21h
I hope Sai will be okay. stupid Jiraiya. taking Naruto NOW right when they have an in with Root.
crystalinowl chapter 87 . 22h
mercy or kill... it's a moral and ethics choice.. show him mercy when you know in your gut they will come back and hurt you or kill them now to spare the pain... hard choice
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