Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
RaszAlex chapter 151 . 5/14
I love every part of it. It's AMAZING!

I've just found this fanfic and read the description with suspicion. A SI/OC? Those usually doesn't end well. Man, I'm glad to be wrong.

Just in the first chapters, you realize that you want more. And it delivers.
Shikako might just be the most interesting character I've ever read. And this fanfic has become my favorite.
The pain, the struggle, the harsh emotions, the feelings of belonging, friends and family. It's superb. It feels REAL.

The ninja path in Naruto, is full of struggle. She doesn't deceive herself into thinking "Cool ninja superpowers". No, she is completely aware of the stakes, and the risks she has to take in order to protect everything she has gained, her precious ones.

Now I'm sad, that there are no more chapters, but hopeful. Hoppeful that Silver Queen takes a look at what she has accomplished here. And love it once more.

Love to Shikako ;)
Druto chapter 9 . 5/11
Such a smooth beginning I am hooked.
Jaymezians chapter 151 . 5/11
As is a nasty habit of mine, I picked up a fanfiction and read through the whole thing in four days.

Still not sorry. This is one of very few OC SI fanfics that I actually enjoyed reading. Not only that, your character actually feels like she BELONGS in the story. Very impressive bit of writing.

I don't know what caused the sudden drop in updates, but I hope you resolve it because this shit is great. Best of luck and thank you for the story.
PurpleKetloom chapter 151 . 5/11
So I know this story is in "indefinite hiatus," or forever incomplete, but I feel I still gotta share the HUGE amount of appreciation for this story (without revealing spoilers, 'cause fuck ppl who do that in reviews).

Shikako is incredibly relatable- the dry quips of "Ah, yes, that is A Thing," while shit is going down. The politics and deep-diving of techniques. I can't recall how many times I've re-read DOS, and I have yet to share that amount of devotion to another fanfic, especially an Incomplete one at that!

So whether you still read these reviews, whether you're teetering on writing more or have completely stepped away from this universe, I still want to say THANK YOU. You've inspired so many other fanfics. You've opened up a world of possibility and a whole new perception.
Sushlum chapter 5 . 5/1
Rip the naruto canon
Sushlum chapter 3 . 5/1
Now that Naruto has some friends. I’m a bit worried that when he fights Gara he’s gonna be like “Sucky life and everyone hates you? Lol can’t relate”.
Guest chapter 151 . 4/30
a masterpiece, thank you for this
Rabcor chapter 5 . 4/30
Well I kinda feel sorry for sakura, but not really, she was kinda useless most of the time anyways
Rabcor chapter 1 . 4/29
I really like the more realistic reincarnation, yeah being a baby would be messy as fuck, it would be hard to stay sane through that ordeal.
TranquilClaws chapter 151 . 4/26
About halfway through this story, I realized it was a masterpiece.
CapriciousFan chapter 151 . 4/24
I made some fanart of your fic! You can find it here:

sandro540 chapter 151 . 4/23
Author where are you (﹏), we miss you. UWU
Hime-Kagura chapter 104 . 4/23
rereading this and ohhh... the foreshadowing...
Ryan B93 chapter 151 . 4/19
This story was something else! Brilliant, really.
Guest chapter 112 . 4/18
Low-key ship shikako and Kankuro
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