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tati1 chapter 131 . 1h
Holy shit. What did you do? (I'm impressed)
Wow that happened fast.
MaoIsSleepy chapter 131 . 3h
Girl. Girl. Like hot damn. I really appreciate the quick updates in such a time of peril, like you're really saving me some stress here. Honestly could (and practically do) could read DOS every day.
Guest chapter 1 . 6h
I think that at this point you should update the Author's note in your prologue. This is a much better fic than the two that inspired it.
Future Thorn chapter 131 . 8h
You, my dear Silver Queen, are devious, torturous, and have made your point.

Be careful what you wish for, am I right?

I read the two most recent chapters together and holy smokes! They were crazy powerful. I was super happy with them though. I love how intense and REAL you make Shikako feel. It's amazing. I sometimes forget that Shikako isn't a canon character. I'm with the fans of DOS who say it's the new canon or that they like DOS better than canon. You show so many facets of Shikako's life and I love it. Thank you for this amazing story.
TotallyNotHitler chapter 131 . 8h
Damn that was a hell of a chapter.
limiculous chapter 131 . 9h
shikabane-hime tbh
Guest chapter 112 . 11h
Bloody hell. Bloody hell. In all the stories I've read, all the fics I've been though...

Seriously contact kishi and ask if this can be a knock-off. Give a large percentage of profit from sellin' this as a manga, and all the credit to the guy. With permission.

It Might Just Make The Cut. I am not kidding. This is easily the Besy Fic I Have Seen.

Also, do you mind me trying a One Piece-Dosverse crossover?

Type "o/" in your next/and future chapter if you are okay with this.

~A fan who you saved from depression and suicide
Guest chapter 131 . 14h
I definitely love shikako and explosions.

This took me 3 days to reread and catch-up in all the updates that I missed, but wow. I'm so thankful that there are people like you who are willing to write amazing stories like this with our favourite characters and share them with us. Thank you

Can't wait for the next chapter!
SunshineBubbles chapter 131 . 15h
OMG, HOLY SHIT, I need more.
Midnight Hound chapter 131 . 15h
okay so I have like a question that NO BODY SEEMS TO BE ASKING OR CONSIDERING?! So in the sideline stories of this fic we get the different POV's on this situation and how certain people felt something bad happen and how Naruto was told it was Shikako by Kurama. But like if Shikako blew up a god, Jashin no less..

wouldn't Hidan be affected. Like is he gonna be fucked up, mad that someone messes with his god. like wat. pls stahp this madness.
konatachan603 chapter 131 . 20h
Oh my gosh
How have i forgotten to read this until now?!
I only realized I missed this latest chapter after reading the newest chapter to Sunshine Sidestories.
God damn you need to be nicer to Shikako
as always the level of suspense is too damn high
all i want is to just read the next 10 chapters or so
Bloodless Recital chapter 131 . 21h
oh no.
oh, poor people. poor shikako. poor aoba.

Someone give that girl a hug, stat. Get together Kakashi and Sasuke and Shikamaru and all the Kunoichi Club girls and have them snuggle her. Bring Naruto back from who-knows-where, she needs her whole team present for hug time. And Sai.
I really hope that this isn't a case of the cure being worse than the problem. It's hard to imagine something worse than Jashin, God of Evilness coming into the world to wreak havoc until suddenly you realize you've committed mass manslaughter. I can't even imagine. Poor Shikako. Damn.
Please let someone hug her.
Guest chapter 131 . 21h
Yes, yes I do
Cream and Sugar chapter 131 . 21h
Wow the devastation was even worse than I was imagining... This is a pretty horrible situation for Shikako. She's dealt with shit hitting the fan before but never to this extent. This is seriously something else. Last time she battled a god she was the only casualty; this time it was everyone else.

I hope she can be helped in Konoha, I'm very concerned about this "her spirit sickens" business. Sounds pretty serious. Can't wait for your update!
arapyanime chapter 131 . 23h
This fic is really really good! Shikako is always in problems
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