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skywiseskychan chapter 93 . 1h
Heh, there is something mildly wrong with your poker set up, unless a wager of a minimum of one chip is required every round, and winning only nets you those chips that you have bet.

Also, you figured the numbers as if every possible team had managed to show up, 5 tables, 5 spots per table, 25 teams. Now while 50 teams could have passed, even having a perfect 25 teams pass seems odd. I would suggest that you explicitly mention that some tables had more or less than 5 teams at them.

Also, a table could even with a minimum of 1 chip buy in contribute 4321 members or 10 ninja, so that your 32 slots have 50 participants. ;0 oh no! But by the same token you could have only 4 pass from a table if every team goes all in on the first hand, and end up with only 20.

It just seems like they should have done a slightly better job. Perhaps something along the lines of, there are 100 chips in total, with 32 spots it requires 3 chips per person to enter the final tournament. However speed also matters so that only the first 32 ninja to provide 3 chips is allowed in. etc etc.
runthroughthestars chapter 94 . 4h
1. I laughed out loud when I read Sasuke grousing about how Shikako had developed an anti-Sharigan technique. It was too perfect.

2. I'm sad to see Naruto go, and I'm worried about Said, but I'm glad to see more interactions between Shikako and Shikamaru/Sasuke. They're my two favorite relationships in your entire story.

3. I'm so excited for this arc! You have no idea. I think I've said this before (a long time ago; sorry, I tend to binge read), but what I love most about this story is how well you capture all of the characters' personalities, and that shows in how realistic their interactions are. Even with relatively minor characters like Asuma. The scene where Ino and Shikako plot his early death and his response... I can't really describe it. The fact that you can keep the characters so true to canon in an arc like this where you have to worry about 10 characters is amazing.

4. Other things that made me laugh out loud: the Mist twins' mnemonic devices, Sasuke's comment that Shikako would get disowned if she wishes for a difficult fight, Lee encouraging Shiku and then giving her a piggy-back ride, and Kiba's string of luck with opponents.

I love reading DOS, and eagerly await the next chapter. :)
Guest chapter 94 . 16h
My oh my ~ hina channnnnn
LadyGrimR chapter 94 . 20h
I'm all caught up!
Xxser3ndipityxX chapter 94 . 8/2
I think it's no wonder at all that DOS has landed itself within the Top 10 most reviewed stories in the entire Naruto category. It's an outward testament to the sheer magnitude that is this story's greatness. It seems only natural that tons of people recognize a one-of-a-kind fantastically well-written, unique story such as Dreaming of Sunshine. And when you consider the fact that Naruto is already the most popular category within the Anime fanfiction section and DOS managed to land itself a spot within its most popular fics, it really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

It really seems that the Genin from all the surrounding competing nations are very wary of the skill of the Leaf ninja. Who could blame them? It's as Shikako stated, the amount of Leaf Shinobi to make it through to the tournament round is more than that of any two of the other villages combined. At this point the others have gotta be realizing that absolutely NONE of those many leaf Shinobi they've been cutting their eyes at this entire time have failed anything so far. These other competitors might have been hostile to them right from the beginning, but now it should be no secret to any one of them how much of a threat this large group of ninja is. And I am loving every minute of it.

I just love how you made reference to the particulars of the Nadeshiko village here. That may have been just a filler episode in canon, but I for one found the rules and rituals of the village to be unique and interesting so it was a good watch for me. And no one can deny that the kiss Tamashii planted on Gaara wasn't worthy of the cat-calls it received. Knowing Gaara, though, his reaction to that was probably no reaction at all. lol

I also really love Ino's divergence from canon and how it is on full display for all to see in this chapter. Her skill and success here in her fight against Oboro draw an important departure from her canonical presence. She was able to persevere through and succeed at the Chuunin Exams in canon, but (if we are to give weight to the fillers) the anime's Chuunin exam arc implied that it was a team effort the entire way through, thus Chouji, Ino, and Sakura could play on each others strengths to make their way through the exams. However, the extent of Ino's performance and skills during Shippuden lead me to believe that, if the Chuunin Exams had taken a different format at one point, one such as one-on-one matches-where the talents of the individual, not teamwork, are most important-I hesitate to believe that Ino, with her support based skill set, would have fared very well at all. In this chapter and in the world of DOS, that is hopelessly far from the case. *SPOILERS FOR NEW AND/OR POTENTIAL READERS* Her newly acquired summons contract give her the edge needed, thanks to some clever maneuvering on her part, to practically run circles around her opponent. *END SPOILERS* Although we are probably close, we have not even yet reached the time of Shippuden and already Ino is leagues better than her canonical counterpart. If she continues to improve, just imagine her prowess come the time skip arcs. Really amazing. And my amazement lies not even so much with Ino as it does with what her deviation from canon means for not only herself, but the universe of DOS as a whole: the presence of a prominent element of uncertainty. Because despite what we know of the events and/or characters of canon, important instances of deviation from canon such as Ino fully assert to us that just because the DOS world is modeled after canon, by no means is DOS bound by its fixed path of events and occurences. Put simply, in the world of DOS, you never know what will happen.

And of course Shikako...I have to confess that I got a real kick out of the trash talk the other kunooichi threw at her. But it wasn't for the way it made Shikako react or feel or because I thought she was right. No, it was because of how satisfying a feeling it gave me to see Shikako give this girl, a person who dared come at Shikako the way she did while not seeming to actually know a single thing about her (and yet seemed so convinced of her opinions), a taste of her own medicine then proceeding to best her while practically hardly lifting a finger. It was glorious. But on the other hand, it's as I predicted. Shikako's insecurity in her abilities, as evidenced by her unusual reaction to the trash talk of an enemy, her avoidance of the subject and feelings when brought up by Sasuke, and her seeming need to minimize the gravity and effects of the situation by making a joke of it to Neji, seems to be becoming only worse with time. In fact, much of the chapter was riddled with such results of her insecurities. And when, despite the truth of the matter being that she performed very well in her bout, Shikako at the end becomes only able to reflect on her
fight with utter annoyance, hoping that the next will go better for her, I think it is now clear as day that Shikako is being shaken by another problem that has now become real. Really intrigued to see where things head from here.

And I'd like to end this off with a mention of how much the sense of camaraderie between the Leaf, Sand and Mist really tickles my little heart~~ :)

Awesome chapter. Eager for the next one.
Mindmaze chapter 94 . 8/2
Haha I loved this chapter for all it's little moments, seriously some lines/scenes in this were simply divine to read like I just wanted to savor them and let them linger in y head so that I could build up a mental image and enjoy it further.

Ino and Shikako's interaction at the beginning. It's a small moment, not really worth noting (Ino placing her head on Shikako's shoulder/their playful bantering) however to me the fact it was so subtle in fact emphasizes and makes more meaningful the interaction. You can really believe that these to are more than just comrades, that they actually grew up together and Ino isn't just a character to Shikako (although to be fair that's been established for ages)

"And here I thought you would want to know who you would be fighting." "Not at five am I didn't" haha spoken like a true Nara also her disgruntlement amuses me to no end, Lee being disgustingly cheerful indeed.

Yeah I bet the other villages regret the first round rules. Shikako is going to have to e careful. Not only might there be sour participants after her but she already has that very personal vendetta against her from the hidden rain team. Even if she doesn't face them they might try ambush her and Sasuke outside exams. (Hey their ninja, rules mean shit as long as their not caught.)

Ino's match out of all of them stood out most tome not because of the detail but rather how much you can tell she has diverged from cannon. Also I may be imagining this but her move set/fighting styles does strike me as eerily reminisces of Orochimaru.

Hinata was major cool in this she did have him at a disadvantage so I wasn't as hyped about her match as say Ino's. That said it allowed you to portray Kankuro as a major sweety pie so props on that, especially when you consider this is the second time Hina has beat him. Overall I loved their match because of the consequences of it. Neji standing protectively, Shikako once again showing off her leadership role within the group, all he genin forming a protective circle around Hinata. It was perfect.

Also while were on that scene I just loved this bit "princess carry for the conquering princess" just superb and her nonchalance with the action to. I also like Neji's reaction to her claim of hiding behind men folk. I actually didn't think any one saw her as a threat despite knowing he'd been there but it makes sense. I guess I got used to how Shika see's her and others (Tsnade's whole bingo book comment didn't help either lol) that also underestimated that anyone would see through he (there's a Byakugan joke in here somewhere), least of all some one around her age.

Which nicely brings us up to my view on Shikao's fight. I actually love how you almost teased us readers by making her own whining on her fight resmble ou rown on previous ones. (the fact no one see's her when she shows off) It's to th point of a running joke but I do hope it doesn't stay that way. That said I actually prefer the fight you gave us. A good ninja on missions doesn't have time for flashy jutsu's, a ninja strikes fast and hard and that's what Shikako showed she has the ability to do, monologue aside. She is the most dangerous in my opinion not because of moves but because she has the intent and the control. She knows when to strike and when not to.

"What if I killed you?" enough said, she showed full control. Yes she beat around the bush a little but if you take into account that in this part the exam your supposed to show off in oder to prove you have the skill tobe chunin I think she was right to do so and be upset when her fight was to easy.

That said I love Sasuke's quip, "Don't complain because it was to easy. You'll get disowned." Once again it is these sort of lines in the midst of all the drama which really emphasize how things have changed and highlight the bonds between them.

Overall a very enjoyable chapter, you show great understanding of each of the characters even the ones mentioned only in passing. Out of all the lines I have referred to it was "And then he gave her a piggyback ride away from the arena, because he was Lee." that really made me understand just how well you write them.

I look forward to more as well as her fight with Gaara since fighting against/with allies is basically the ninja equivalent to bonding so yey either way I don't care who wins I just love her and Gaara friendship or what ever it is they have going on.
MaoIsSleepy chapter 94 . 8/2
Gah! I can't wait for Skikako vs Gaara!
Sparxthehdgehog chapter 94 . 8/2
He I've been deeply enjoying your fic, the writing is solid, the story is origanal, and there are very few waisted plot points. The flow of the story is also at a great pace. I am also glad you didn't chose to pass over the three year time skip, there is a lot of potential untold story there.
TheKitsuneClan chapter 94 . 8/1
You have a good story going here! To be completely honest when i first started i kept thinking "No this isn't my cup of tea" but im glad i kept reading because i really liked it. I have a few questions though. What exactly id wrong with Shikako's jutsu? It would be nice if you could PM me a detailed description of what's wrong because im just not getting it... Also What did she mean by Shikamaru fighting off a god? Was the Gelel thingy a god and how did he fight it? That's all for now as i have forgotten questions ive had earlier in the story... Oh wait, is there going to be any romance at all involving Shikako? If so have you decided who?
Guest chapter 42 . 8/1
itachi wanted her to hate him huh?
Guest chapter 39 . 8/1
awesome and funkadelic
Guest chapter 36 . 8/1
i let ya get away with almost everything except nonnarutoish ifya catch ma drift
Guest chapter 30 . 8/1
the cookies on the dark side are not worth it if you cant enjoy them
EmLights chapter 94 . 7/31
Yay love it!
Gundum M chapter 94 . 7/31
Great chapter.
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