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al b chapter 85 . 2h ago
It seems to me that the last 20 or so chapters have been just fillers, you've introduced plenty of villains for the main characters but the story doesn't seem to be moving forward. Nothing is happening, and it is frustrating.
Lena Bean chapter 85 . 5h ago
Awwww, compassion is the watch word for Team 7 well at least the Shikako and Naruto part of Team 7 well probably Sasuke too but he would never admit it, Sai is such a nugget

So Sakura got Tsunade's attention good for her she's probably the most able successor for Tsunade and the only one with chakra control good enough to learn the Strength of 100 Seal! Hopefully she still teaches Shikako super strength the team ShikaSaku goes around being relatively small teenage girls and punching craters into things!

I know Kishi likes his parallels between generation and Team 7 from canon were the Sannin but I think DoS!Team Seven are most like the Ame Orphans seriously Shikako and Konan, Naruto and Yahiko, and Sasuke and Nagato (tho those two aren't direct parallels), we even have the Jiraiya connection for all three, hopefully tho nothing bad happens to Naruto that adorable (maturing! I love his character developement) ball of sunshine

the villain (as far as villain really goes) in this filler arc is the twin sister who wants revenge for her brother's death? and oh I'm foreseeing feels for Kako (and Sai!) there which will hopefully lead to a reconciliation with her brother cause the Nara twins are breaking my heart, they're both too stubborn and too not used to being wrong (a pitfall of being a teen genius) to admit that the other had legitimate points

Great chapter I'm looking forward to the next one!
AutoCerebralStar chapter 62 . 20h ago
Holy fricking shit, man... I know you say fight scenes are hard for you to write, but this one was FUGGIN AWESOME. And I'm glad even cursed-seal-level-2!Sasuke knew better than to go to Snakeface...
Rapey Lemons chapter 85 . 3/3
Haven't read a single Naruto fanfic before. Recently found out Naruto ended. Started reading this Naruto fanfic I saw someone mention on SB.

This is freaking amazing. Thank you for writing this.
Goldspark1 chapter 79 . 3/3
I hope that she gets back at the village for treating her like that. That was unfair to punish someone for thinking of a new jutsu. Ninja do it all the time and now she suffered a whole night for it and now she lost it. I hope that she has at least one revenge bone in her body and put those ignorant idiots in their place.
hilde chapter 85 . 3/3
This story is amazing
JoshRand1982 chapter 66 . 3/2
Swallowed whole huh. I would like to see that. LOL.
Battlesny chapter 29 . 3/2
this is the first before chapter quote I don't understand :(
pink floyd that sounds familiar, isn't he a musician or something like that?
Ventusblade chapter 15 . 3/1
I was a few years too late to review this chapter (I was probably only 13 when it was uploaded) but it's bynfar my favorite chapter in your masterpiece. The interaction between Shikako and Kakashi really shows how much the seemingly impassive sensei cares for his students and his understanding for their fears. I guess I had been hoping for a slightly more obvious show of affection from Kakashi, but that probably would've gone against every part of his personality. So, yeah. In summary, you're awesome.

Anyway, in the more recent chapters are the characters still 12? I never reached the episodes where Sai showed up, so I don't really have a point of reference. The other issue is that Shikako says things have been happing too soon, before they're supposed to, so even having that aforementioned point of reference probably wouldn't do me much good. Thank you in advance.

Toraffles chapter 84 . 3/1
Sakura's apprenticed with Tsunade again! C:
Sakura is a character I'm rather fond of, so I love how, despite her role in Team Seven having been taken up by Shikako, you haven't forgotten to give her a role and you haven't just dismissed her as out of hand. And am I the only one who ships ShikaSaku in this? Yes? Oh well... I'm pretty sure he's gonna end up with Temari anyway, if any pairings do make an appearance. ;-;
Shikako is a well balanced blend between frighteningly sharp and rather oblivious. I like that too. C:
Goldspark1 chapter 58 . 2/28
I hope you know what you are doing with not having Sasuke go to Orochimaru. It was very important in the manga that he followed his revenge path to kill Itachi and to have him not go sounds...different.
Goldspark1 chapter 35 . 2/28
Great story. Really love her American-like cussing. I am curious why Naruto is cussing as well though. Did it rub off on him?
EmLights chapter 85 . 2/27
Yay! I love seeing an update from this story!
Nonsensical Username chapter 85 . 2/24
I have spent more time reading this than I have spent on my homework for the past week. Whoops? This is a great chapter and a great story! I wish we could see more of Shikako's seal attempts now, but I get that she's busy. Sigh.
Shaydrall chapter 85 . 2/24
Alright, so I finally made it. It's entertaining, certainly from the not-naruto view, but it's not without its issues. I think the biggest one is how day to day it's become. Dozens of chapters devoted to missions where not a lot happens overall. Reading through the movies became very uninteresting. There's a lot of little pokes at interesting things, like her clan jutsu or sealing. Every now and then some meaningful interactions with Sasuke or Naruto (who are the two side characters I'm most interested in in your story at present). But apart from that it's like living with her day to day life, and I find it difficult to stick to episodic writing.

I definitely think you should kick things up. I would love to see them older and I think is would be more than awesome to see some small romance. I know sasuke is catching some feelings. :D
But most importantly I'd just like to exit this void that exists between the Sound 4 incident and the three year skip, whatever you decide to do with that span of time.

Ah, don't get me wrong though. I really like this story. Your first person voice is really strong, and a nice change from most naruto fics I've read. Besides, while 400k words isn't exactly the shortest thing I've read, it's also not something I'd finish if I wasn't enjoying myself. Cheers and keep up the good work
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