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docfrodo2 chapter 90 . 6/19
This was a grand chapter
Lelouch4705 chapter 90 . 6/19
Considering how much fun I've had with this fic, I wanted to give a somewhat detailed opinion.

Probably one of the best strengths of this story is that it is just fun to read. Much of this is because Shikako is simply a fun character and her analysis on things is very fun to read through. Some of this is because overall, it is a relatively realistic fic that is both serious and yet never takes itself too seriously. It's quite a blast.

Now, probably the worst thing about it is the sheer number of filler that we have to trod through. Now, this is by no means your fault, whoever made those episodes in the first place didn't know what the hell they were doing. Your writing makes reading them tolerable, if barely. You might have been better served just creating your own.

Overall, an entertaining read start to finish.
for luck chapter 90 . 6/19
I keep coming back to this story and every chapter update is amazing. I really like how you are developing her shadow powers. They aren't all powerful even though they do give her some interesting advantages while also being really cool. Also I love that last little bit where they all talk about rigging the matches, its really funny.
To hell with this chapter 90 . 6/19
Surprising thing to note, but Hinata would theoretically have difficulty fighting Chouji. It's strange to think about, since most imagine Chouji as that chubby kid in gym class whereas Hinata can be said to be athletic, but grappling actually tends to hold out over striking - you can't strike when you can't move. That said, jyuken may bring in different variables, but it's fun food for thought.

"...compared to the others I sealed." What do you mean, "others?!" And Shikako better have a catchphrase when using pillars, like "mine is bigger than yours," or, "rock and roll, bitch." cueguitarriff:3

Huh, in retrospect you do notice that at the start of the fight, Chouji and Ino really wait around before realizing that they aren't going to be issued orders. Which makes me wonder, is Shikako qualified to be chuunin? Skill-wise she's been there for a while now, but she prefers not being a leader, which is a huge part of the promotion. Eh, whatever she's thirteen, so what if she isn't perfect yet.

Ahaha Hinata saving them all from Dynamic Marking - it might have pissed a few people off I'llbeleavingnowI'msosorry
haha21 chapter 90 . 6/18
Question: wouldn't using the Shadow Sight on someone else affect his/her depth perception and fighting ability?
Storylover2036 chapter 10 . 6/18
What about 'Are you hurt? Cry Baby!' Or something like that... from sasuke?
Dreaming while awake chapter 90 . 6/18
Aws, are Shikamaru and her ever going to talk about it all? Or at least fix their relationship? I kind of miss it. Nice chapter by the way. Can't wait to read more.
Anon-45 chapter 90 . 6/18
Didja know your story has a boatload of AMV's on youtube? Dude, you're fantabulous! Amazing! Stupendous! Beautiful! And a whole bunch of other synonyms that I can't think of right now!
Anyway, for some reason I thought of Plants vs. Zombies when the giant pillar popped out.
"What the fuck?" Indeed.
Your story is definitely different from the rest, and one of the very best! ;)
ThEdOdGyOnE chapter 90 . 6/18
As always your story is a joy to read! I always get excited when I see you've updated! I'm looking forward to see how these exams go and what you will do for each phase. I wonder who will be fighting who in the 3rd stage...
Storylover2036 chapter 1 . 6/17
Okay I will read this then thoughs XD thanks I was running out of storys XD and how is she 30 minutes difference that's... impossible... Good Story! XD
Bonnie chapter 90 . 6/17
Aww bonding with daddy and kicking butt, how nice!

In actual live combat I think Shikako would have the advantage she AoE girl, and I think the one who embodies the it gets easier school of thought when it comes to killing people, tho she isn't crazy enough yet to start bombing people indiscriminately ie Deidara, I can't wait for them to meet he'll either propose or try to kill her for ripping off his art or both

I like the way the rookies are fleshed out, they're skilled and not just background besides the new generation surpasses the old yeah? And Asuma is so going to have his hands full with Kako! Will he talk to her about the Shikamaru situation? I can't see him rousing himself but Shika is his favorite so who knows? Apart from you

I miss Sai, that poor pale baby sloth hopefully we'll see him again!

Anti sharingan jutsu? Fun the Uchiha boys I'm counting Madara and obito as boys cause those two are permanently adolescent, aren't going to have fun if they can't just hax eyes out of messes but who knows maybe it will develop a new new power! Also will she use it on Danzo he does use sharingan genjutsu to get people to see things his way, I'm sorry I couldn't resist that pun

Awesome chapter I'm looking forward to seeing the trouble the lucky sevens can get up to in a new chuunin exam!
StarTrail chapter 90 . 6/17
Sasuke gets best line with that great little reaction to Shikako summoning a rock pillar :) I laughed for a minute straight after reading that XD
juniperlei chapter 90 . 6/16
Hey is Shikako going to take the jounin exams during the time skip? What about Sasuke I bet he could make jounin during the time skip. Wouldn't it be funny if Naruto came back and both his team mates where jounin lol. I really like the idea of Shikako joining anbu though. I really loved the chapter btw and the part with the pillar was hilarious! Well it's been fun thanks for the chapter.
Guest chapter 90 . 6/16
Love this chapter. Seriously. And Sasuke yelling " What the fuck " is the best thing ever LOL He was probably thinking something like " Shikako for fuck's sake! " and " OMG I should have known I know you why am I still surprised " XD Love how immediately Sasuke checked for an explosive seal and decided to attack her first ( he knows how much dangerous she can be and tried to take her by surprise - epically failing by the way lol ) Pity Kakashi wasn't there ( is Asuma ever gonna tell him about this? His reaction would be epic ) I especially appreciated how Shikako and Sasuke after the fight talked about it, like they always do. It's something that clearly the others teams aren't used to do considering that Asuma kind of sounded surprised that they knew what they did wrong ( I bet Kakashi is so proud of them - I have this headcanon in which he sometimes-not-even-so-subtly brags about his team ). The poor training field will never recover from the fight. The anti-sharingan jutsu! What a great idea! Sasuke pouting lol Shikamaru, why are you so surprised? What, you thought that your sister didn't know how to fight? Let me tell you about all the enemies that she faced alone and about those that she killed, let me tell you about how she saved her team' ass more than one time. Shikako said that she is not used at being the one calling the shots and that for me is really ironic since the boys always follow her plans and trust her opinion completely. She is basically team 7's leader and she doesn't even know that. The last part was cute and yes Asuma, they are going to be trouble. Thank you for writing this chapter, you have no idea of how happy I was while reading it, you are brilliant!
Guest chapter 90 . 6/16
Now that's Sasuke and Shikako became temporary members, will the 'Lucky Seven curse' spread to the other teams?
I said it before, and I'll say it again : The next sannin are the three girls. Sakura with her full apprenticeship to Tsunade, Shikako who somewhat learned from Jiraiya, and Ino with her issues with Orochimaru. Even her technique inspired from him.
I wonder what will you do about pairing? Since the recent chapters about Sarada (I wonder if she were exist at all in this universe). Well, it's probably isn't going to matter until after the war, but I am just curious.
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