Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
Vaughn Tyler chapter 98 . 8/26
Eliana34 chapter 98 . 8/26
Chapitre génial et intrigue inattendue!
skidney chapter 98 . 8/26
Awesome chapter!
chicaalterego chapter 98 . 8/26
It was unexpected. I liked it, though.
nanigirl15 chapter 98 . 8/26
Well... One of my favorites things ended rather fast... But another of my favorite things is when people get all protective! So I guess I can't be too dissatisfied. :P
Plus if Shikamaru finds out and gets all... I'm still happy with this story no matter what you seem to throw at me. :)
Treant Balewood chapter 98 . 8/26
Sleepy Shikako is adorable, I'm relieved ending of last chapter wasn't the kindest but looking back after this chapter... very good at driving up suspense, so long as you can jump to the next chapter anyway. You do a very good job representing first person confusion and the like. I had been hoping to see Gaara vs. Haku but it's fine this way. Very fun exam, and Thanks for Writing!
Sorlian chapter 98 . 8/26
Nicely done, but man that was a hell of a cliffhanger from the previous chapter! Wonder how much of the time skip has passed with the chunin exams (More adventures? Thumbs up on this one, as Gai would do it!).
Amanda Pixie chapter 98 . 8/26
This chapter. THIS CHAPTER. Oh my god. Disappointed? How could I be disappointed? She blew up his head! Is it normal that I'm so happy about it? Kankuro better shut up otherwise he will be the next. Kiba and Ino being protective of Shikako is amazing and Hinata crying because even if Shikako was injured she still worried that something had happened to her because she didn't see her ( did I get this right? ) omg. And Kakashi. Kakashi was so fucking furious that I think it's a miracle that the grass ninja he was talking to didn't die of self-combustion. And he was so worried too! He asked his dogs to look after her ( he EVEN asked Gai to leave one of his turtles! Oh my feels... ) and she woke up sourrended by dogs and Pakkun was so cute and omg Shikako being cuddled by Kakashi's dogs is a thing I didn't know I needed please more of this. The turtle being used as a piece of furniture LOL poor thing. And Sasuke being furious that someone dared to hurt Shikako and saying that if they were still alive he would kill them himself oh my heart. They just love each other so much. And not just Team 7 but all the rookies. Akamaru too. I want more of Shikako being cuddled by animals seriously it's so sweet and cute. It makes me smile that Sasuke immediately thought that the explosion was caused by Shikako LOL like the thought that it could have been someone else didn't even cross his mind. Oh Shikako. Haku too worried about her and my heart is melting. Seriuosly. I don't think Shikako knows the effect she has on others and how much she is important to them. I think that in that she is not that much different from Naruto, the only difference is just that she is quiter. Gai carrying her omg, and we have Shikako-Gai interaction, if even brief. And now I'm curious what would they have said if they had talked more. And Kakashi-sensei, you really are a dweeb. He probably had to gather the courage to give her the earrings because he is so awkard or something like that. And yes, he always worries. The poor man probably will have to dye his hair because they will start becoming grey. And all the heart problems that he is gonna have because of his team ( but I bet that he wouldn't change a thing even if he could ). I am absolutely not disappointed of this chapter, actually, I think that is impossible for you to ever disappoint me. Thanksw for writing this amazing story and chapter!
Qi Okami chapter 98 . 8/26
You have your ups and downs, but the Grass Chunin Exams is a definite up. Before that I was a little bored by all the non-canon stuff you had going on, but this was a very interesting arc overall and I enjoy the world-building you did, as well as how you conducted the exams and the relationships between the Suna, Kiri and Konoha ninja. Well done, and keep it up! (congratulations for almost hitting one hundred chapters)
isadorator chapter 98 . 8/26
I'm so glad Shikako's going to be ok! Phew, that worried me. Anyway, looking forward to the political ramifications of Grass' little stunt and the Nara Clan's reactions. Thanks for another great chapter!
Furionknight chapter 98 . 8/26
I look forward to more :)
blackhawk68 chapter 98 . 8/26
Personally, I thought this was a pretty good direction to go in. There are always people who can do crazy shit when otherwise inhibited in some way (see Leealcoholcombat) and, of all people, it makes sense that shinobi would be able to defend and react when in a less than stellar situation.
LilyVampire chapter 98 . 8/26
Well, I usually don't read SI stories, but this one is really good. I like it because you focus do much on people and thoughts and emotions, but I do wonder what changes will come with Sasuke not leaving. All in all, I'm looking forward to read more :)
Brokenteeth chapter 98 . 8/26
Thanks for the amazing update!
Seven Deadly chapter 98 . 8/26
Nicely done :) I loved how you wrote Kakashi, "murder the fuck out of people" *swoon*. I love seeing that side of Kakashi, because it's so rare and and contrasting with his "I give zero fucks - lazy sensei" persona.
I just really like how much he worries and cares for Shikako.

The rest, well I thought it was pretty good. I'm glad she didn't end up damsel in distress... well, she was in distress but usually the princess who needs rescusing doesn't blow of the villian's fucking head first :D Loved it !

I like she's sp capable, how she doesn't give up but pushes that little bit harder and gives everything she has to save herself.
Sharp contrast to Sakura of Part I in canon, that. Which is... y'know, one of the foundations that bares my utter hatred for Sakura's character.

So. They're all Chunin. I'm curious of (if at all) that will change things for them all.
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