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WingedEagle chapter 125 . 1/11
I love this story. I occasionally just go back to read the Shikako v Gaara fight, which was absolutely amazing. Please continue!
GeminiK chapter 125 . 1/11
SOMEBODY HUG THESE CHILDREN PLEASE none of them know how to take care of their own mental well being Please give them shock blankets? Tea? For real though Shikako's gotta be proactive and hit up Tsunade in establishing a mental health awareness program. I really loved how you've interpreted Kakashi's sharingan evolution though!(Even though it hurts me haha). I never really gave it much though but Kakashi's extreme guilt and self loathing being a trigger for his eye is fascinating (and again holy shit sad I'm not crying you are). VERY CONCERNED FOR SAUSKE DEAR CHILD PLEASE DON'T SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL BECAUSE OF THE NEW SIBLING EYE SWAPPING MUSICAL CHAIRS INFO

I am delighted to patiently wait for how you will have Tsunade respond to three small children quickly finding a solution while throwing in a side dish of emotional trauma

isadorator chapter 125 . 1/11
That last part of the chapter gave me shivers from delight and anticipation, especially since you decided to keep Itachi a bad guy in this fic. Fantastic work, as usual! :D
MathIsMagic chapter 125 . 1/10
(Haha, this review is super late because I literally got out of bed in the middle of the night to read this chapter when I saw it was posted (so soon! Thank you for this new year's gift!) and wanted to, like, let this chapter percolate a bit before I reviewed because I rushed and forgot so many things last time, and now here we are, like, half a week later. Anyways.)

First of all: CALLED IT. Mwahahah. We freaking guessed it! I mean, time will tell if I got all the detail rights (i.e. the emotional stress of watching his students keep almost dying as a possible trigger vs. it just being form Kakashi's general misery) but I'm still pretty pleased that I guessed the gist of it. :D

Okay, so I was just re-reading DoS, starting from the grass chunin exams, last week, and I have to say, I didn't notice/remember how long you've been setting up the 'Kakashi is dying' thing. It was, like, at LEAST 25 chapters ago - more than a year! (Heck, according to your autho Like. Damn. It's very impressive that you're able to plot so far in advance. Like, I know you're able to do that, obviously, but I think this might be one of the first big ones (threaded through multiple arcs) I've seen payoff in real time/since I've been reading. What a satisfying conclusion for it, too! Bring on the angst and team bonding! Woo! Does it feel good

Also, I love the continued team bonding in this chapter. Just. All three of them are so in sync, and trusting of each other, and Kakashi remembering to have faith in his kids and kinda taking initiative to look stuff up (even if that Gate thing was really just his own way of bein pessimistic/trying to hope it's not the sharingan), but Shikako knowing what to say, and all three of them lying to Gai but 100% committing and covering for each other. Like. It's super cute. (Also, Gai is either really happy for Kakashi is bonding with his kids or reeeeeeally annoyed that his Eternal Rival has taught his students to do the 'dead pan ridiculous lie' thing too.))

And holy cow. Sasuke! Like, him braving his family's archives/his brother's instructions to go find the information Kakashi needed, and him being brave enough to trust Shikako with the whole 'kill your closest person' thing. How relieved he must have been that Shikako took it in stride (and happy that it helped Kakashi. And smug that he'll get ot say 'I told you so' about how it turned into a fiasco.). Of course you had to rip the rug out from under him with that last line. Man. I hope this turns into an attitude of, "We must work to protect Sasuke, and to prepare to help him take down his brother so Itachi can't come for him first." as opposed to canon's "Revenge! Kill him with fire!" I wonder if this will all come to a head that Shikako knows what Itachi (in canon) was up to.

I'm suuuper excited for Kakashi to work with them on Jutsu creation. Did he not help Sasuke with the fire chidori, then?

Also. This line is amazing an it's stuck with me for four days:
"You think we need a medic ninja?"
"To look at a wall? It's us, so probably."

Sakura's "You're late!" was pretty good too though. I hope she slowly gets folded in as an honorary Team Seven member (and that proximity tones down her fangirl tendencies. Though, I think going on her first mission with them, and all the entails, would probably do that too.). Sai too, honestly. Poor boy. He can join and they can be a 5 man Anbu team, deployed by Team Dads Tenzou and Kakashi, and everyone will be happy and love each other and nothing with hurt... Yeah. I'm sure that's going to happen soon.
katsekala chapter 118 . 1/10
Great chapter! Many kisses!
kabs9000 chapter 3 . 1/10
Very nice
kabs9000 chapter 2 . 1/10
This is very good
intata chapter 125 . 1/9
Thanks for the chapter!
BlackWishBone chapter 125 . 1/9
So...would obitos eye be technically considered kakashis brother? And damm Sasuke is heading for a freak out
Illuminated chapter 125 . 1/9
This chapter was better than usual.
macdjord chapter 125 . 1/9
Well, Sakura, now you know /just/ what sort of crazyness you missed out on.
sionnachsSkulk chapter 125 . 1/9
oh geeze
poor Sharingan babbus, with weird ass instructions like that, no wonder they're all messed up.
Sakura in the corner being the sole voice of reason is The Best
Princess Peach chapter 125 . 1/9
Aww I'm so glad that got resolved fairly quickly. I was really worried for Kakashi back there.
I really like the dynamics between Kakashi, Shikako, and Sasuke. I think they make a really good team because they are all thinkers. Its times like these when I really miss Naruto's presence. He's the heart of the group and really lightens up every situation.
Kakashi should treat the three kids to dinner or something at least. LOL. They basically saved his life.
Anyway, thanks for the update and have a great day! Love your story!
Grizzmon chapter 125 . 1/9
Fun fact, you can skip the whole killing your brother by just swaping eyes with your brother.
Guest chapter 125 . 1/9
Omg, I was getting shivers reading this. Another brilliant chapter for DOS. I can't wait to see Tsunade's response to this turn of events as well as Sasuke's to the eternal mangekeo.
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