Reviews for Dreaming of Sunshine
nighlett chapter 151 . 5/27
soy fan de tus obras
nighlett chapter 151 . 5/27
exelente capítulo espero puedas sacar más pronto
Gatorgoose chapter 21 . 5/23
*shrugs philosophically*
snowgem chapter 62 . 5/22
I've read this countless times, yet I still tear up *every single time* I come to the part when Hinata stands in front of them, protecting them. You write BEAUTIFULLY.

This part - CHILLS.

("She was shining with it. The utter, burning determination to never give up. The heat that forged the steel of our backbone, the light that blazed from our eyes. It was the motivation that drove you that extra mile, extra ten miles, hundred miles when it mattered. When everything was on the line, your family behind you, an army in front of you and you just planted your feet and refused to move-

"That was the Will of Fire.")
TsukuyoGintoki chapter 151 . 5/22
this story is so good. I hope there will be more soon.
snowgem chapter 14 . 5/22
Aaah, I love this chapter. Showing how the villagers went from depressed and defeated to taking up arms and fighting against their oppressors! Epic!
NomMaleficent chapter 151 . 5/21
This has to be the fifth time I’ve completely reread Dreaming of Sunshine. You have a gift with words, and I real talent for putting them together just so.

Thank you so much, for putting so much effort into this story. You’ve made one of the most memorable stories on this website. And as someone who’s been lurking for well over a decade, I’ve greatly greatly enjoyed every single update that you’ve done.

I hope you still enjoy writing, because I very much enjoy reading your stories. I also hope that you are doing well in these tumultuous times.
Lanky Nathan chapter 151 . 5/16
It's a real shame to see it's been 3 years since this was updated. I smashed through this in a matter of days. It has been an incredible read up until now, there's been so much interplay between every single character, it's just delicious. I really hope one day you'll be able to come back, but even with this cliffy, I still feel satisfied for all I've been able to read up until now. Thanks for all your incredible, hard work.
jingerr chapter 107 . 5/12
I have a question. I know face sealed the book of gellogg (wow I know that spelled wrong but oh well) into her body. but what would happen if she got cut or stabbed in the seal... I know the paper one ones its ripped it dosen't work. but what about the skin... I know in later chapters she inscribes seals into her mouth. what of she bites the inside of her mouth when in a fight... let me know... miss you so much. hope your doing well and will be back one day!
jingerr chapter 106 . 5/12
the ff calledon thin ice) does have a copy seal in there story. just a side thought
jingerr chapter 85 . 5/11
oh question answered lol. trick blades are out now. I hope one of them will use them in fighting!
jingerr chapter 65 . 5/7
I needed this today! thank you
bankleo305 chapter 26 . 5/6
i know i'm like...uhh...151-26...math isn't easy at 2 in the morning...125 chapters...anyway, i'm late to this, but is her hypersensitivity going to translate into being able to siphon chakra easily? It'd be pretty dope if Shikako infused her shadows' pure yin chakra with Kurama's pure yang chakra to create a tailed beast shadow cloak, maybe something without the skin tone change.
fukme2472 chapter 151 . 5/6
It's 2022 are you dead? Is the story dead? Have you moved platforms? What's going on? Even if you decide to make it like pater on exclusive you should at least update the status of the story. Post a not a chapter notice or something. Yes, I do know you are doing it for free and you have a life outside of fan fiction and it's totally up to you to continue or abandon the story but it's 3 years time to make up you mind pardon my French but either shit or get off the pot.
realfan16 chapter 16 . 5/4
some other pov would be much appreciated
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