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hoigui chapter 6 . 3/1/2014
Fun story
Zammy chapter 6 . 11/20/2011
Loved this fiction, do not see many pertaining to Oropher and Thranduil. You did well :)
The Pearl Maiden chapter 6 . 10/25/2011
*Claps hands madly* Brava! Brava! LOVED this story! Can't wait for "Riptide"!

Just as a side note, if you're taking any requests, a interesting onshot would be one where either Calanon, Erynion and Thranduil get injured in a skirmish of some sort and Helinniel has to tend to one or more of them. You know, to develop that subplot I *know* you're thinking of. ;)
Doreen doreenthatshot chapter 6 . 10/25/2011
Great epilogue, girl! And am I sensing some romantic tension between Thranduil and that girl? I hope this is addressed in the sequel. Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to "Riptide" a lot. Should be good!
Gwedhiel chapter 6 . 10/24/2011
To start, hannon le for the shout-out, mellon nín! I greatly appreciate that! :) Now you can take that deep sigh of relief. And of course you *had* to publish this after I went to bed. :P

Now, onto what this chapter’s all about… :P This was marvelous! Very smooth epilogue and way to wrap up the first story. Haha, I tell you, it was rather interesting seeing the new perspective of Thranduil telling the haunting tale of Amon Sereg. It’s amusing and ironic at the same time. It’s like you just want to give a patient shake of your head at just how ironic it is. I’m sure that Oropher gets a good kick out his son telling that story. Lesson learned, I’d say! And I particularly liked the small detail of how Thranduil was still not accustomed to wearing a sword at his hip; shows his age and growing experience, I think.

The flashback was great. I certainly loved Oropher’s lack of denial and little to no confession. I still think it’s funny that Oropher managed to pull the wool over his eyes for two years. And that is hilarious that Thranduil had still been thinking about it! Man, I’m so glad you decided to include that flashback; it’s not everyday you get to see Oropher having a lighthearted moment of fooling his son. I can just picture him turning his head the other way when his name is called while saying, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Haha, playing dumb worked very well here. :)

Ahh, what a sad yet proud moment; Thranduil’s becoming the prince he was destined to be. I also caught how you said that he had been wearing his circlet most of the time. It may not be important, but I feel I must express my appreciation for that. It seems like most authors believe that the crown severs or at least taints the friendship between king and subject (or in this case, prince and subject). I always hated that, how authors would have their OCs or canon characters say, “don’t call me that/milady/my lord/prince/etc”. Yes, one’s closest friends, like Aearion, will be able to bypass the formality of course (except in public), but addressing your liege as such is a signal of respect, not mindless subservience. And Thranduil constantly wearing his circlet is a undeniable sign of his respect, not only towards his father, but to the crown his father wears and his acceptance and willingness to be the prince the Silvan Elves asked him to be. So THANK YOU a million times over for not saying something stupid like “he didn’t wear his circlet because it made him feel uncomfortable and no one felt they could befriend him as such”. You really did Thranduil a service by saying what you did. Thranduil wearing his circlet all the time doesn’t signify his lack of love for the people, as so many authors believe (since they think he’s declaring his higher status), but rather the opposite since he’s wearing at his people’s request. Okay, I’m starting to rant again for no reason. Sorry! *sheepish smile* But I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that detail, as small at it was! Those few words said so much. So thank you! :)

Oh boy, it looks like the start of chemistry between Thranduil and Helinniel! Lol. Am I right? I just thought it was so cute. :) My first thought to her brother’s thoughts about his hoping that they wouldn’t be separated as friends was that maybe she’ll be the bridge to that separation. :P Ahh, but maybe I’m thinking ahead. But it looks like you were hinting at something. ;) And they are finally saying goodbye to childhood innocence. That was a nice lesson to include since we all have to say goodbye to our childhood innocence as well. Sad, but necessary.

Uh-oh, Oropher’s becoming a sentimental old wreck! Lol. Better toughing up you grim rogue of a king! :P I kid, but his reflection on how his son was growing up was so endearing. I’m telling you, I now can’t *wait* for when Oropher places the plaits in his sons hair! That’s gotten me giddy with excitement. Aww, Oropher wants his little Elfling back. Looks like Oropher had better grab a tissue; it’s not going to get easier! Haha, I can just see him now; when Thranduil is fully recognized as an adult (and prince in his own right) tears will start to prick his eyes. Aearion will look at him in disbelief and ask, “Are you crying?” and then he will vehemently deny it! Ahh, what a miserable old wreck he’s becoming. :P It’s funny, I now feel like I’m in your predicament; I’m getting excited now at seeing Aearion’s name. :) But his friendship really shines through.

Yes, thank goodness you’re not one of those evil authors who don’t answer all the questions! I think I’d beat you if you were! :P But it makes sense that you were keeping this within Thranduil’s perspective through the third person narrative. It helps keep the reader in that perspective too. And of course, it provided a great way for the set up.

The sneak peek was still an excellent choice. :) It kind of leads us to that sense of doom and gloom of the future, like, “oh crap, now what’s going to happen?” It was a nice way to pique my interest enough to read the sequel, but not drive me to the brink of insanity (thanks for that, :P). I certainly can’t wait! But I’m sure you already know that. ;)

*looks over review* Wow, it looks like I outdid myself again. Oops. :) But this was a marvelous ending! It was a very nice wrap-up with that whole mix of emotions all over again. I particularly loved Oropher’s part in here. Thanks for writing this! And again, thanks for the shout-out. :) I now can’t wait even more for “Riptide” and see how insane that’s going to get! Best of luck…looks like you’re going to need it. :P

Elven Warrior Princess chapter 6 . 10/24/2011
A perfect ending to a masterpiece! I love how you sort of capture everyone's point of view in this final one and how they felt about the event with the dwarves. Your portrayal of Oropher is breathtaking, you've made him into an excellent father and that moment with him, I can imagine how bittersweet he must've been feeling, that pride and sadness that his little boy is all grown up and getting ready to fight. It was a very touching moment. And to mention that moment between Thranduil and Helinniel, I can easily see that something's going to happen between the two of them :). Your little preview has now got me itching to read your next fic! I just know it's going to be as good as this one, if not even better!

I must say it's refreshing to come across a story like this and to stumble across a Thranduil-appreciating author, I just fell in love with your work and I appreciate the effort you put into it.

Till next time :D
Doreen doreenthatshot chapter 5 . 10/7/2011
Yay, so there is another update left to this! I was hoping there would be. And lol at Oropher making Thranduil think that the mysterious figure on the ledge wasn't him. You actually had me going there for a minute myself. Then, I read the end and I was like, "oh, okay." Lol! Great chapter, as always. Until next time... :)
Gwedhiel chapter 5 . 10/6/2011
Haha, yes indeed I have been waiting for this one! :) And you’re ever welcome! :P

Ahh, I loved this. :) I really did. I think one thing that captured me the most was the communication that came through on how Thranduil felt. And concerning that, I have to commend you. I don’t think I’m able to pinpoint it (only because it was leisurely shown throughout the writing), but I loved the knowledge of Thranduil that you inputted. He’s young of course, but with most stories involving children around that age it’s usually implied that the child is sorry for what he/she did and that’s that. But I really appreciated that you showed us Thranduil’s thought process through all of this. Yes, he loves his ada. Yes, he feels so sorry. Yes, he could be killed with the guilt he’s feeling. But you showed that he has intelligence. And it was *so* endearing. I think my eyes misted when Thranduil really laid the guilt on his shoulders concerning his father’s injury. All in all, it sort of solidified that “feeling” you get while reading a certain story with a certain genre…know what I mean? But I loved it! I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen.

Another thing I positively *adored* was the imagery. It was subtle and simple, yet powerful and introspective. The certain expression Oropher obtained while trying to care for his son, Thranduil lying down next to him like he did when he was a little child, running (as well as he could in that state) over to him, holding his hand, the expressions Thranduil let through…as it continued to pile on each other over and over, it really produced this “impact” that every story needs, and this chapter did it successfully. :) And I think my heart melted when Thranduil lay down next to him!

I absolutely *loved* the strength that Oropher portrayed in this chapter. I know you’ve been trying to bring out the fatherly side of Oropher in this story and you certainly have, but this chapter, I think, accomplished that the best. Oropher was in his most vulnerable moment, yet the strength he showed was admirable. It was *so* heartwarming and made you just want to keep reading! :)

And Aearion…ah, how I absolutely, positively, undeniably *love* Aearion. :P I so loved him in this chapter! His reaction certainly put a smile on my face and I certainly liked the touch of the patient smile gradually creeping on Oropher’s face. :) That was a nice (and funny) scene that really brought out the close knit unit that they are. Ah man…*shakes head* I love Aearion. :P

I can *definitely* see how this is leading up to the sequel. And finally! All questions are answered! Lol. Well, most of them anyway. :) I’m certainly looking forward to what “delayed” Oropher from going to their help. That was an excellent setup! And I liked the explanation with the Dwarves and everything. And Galin’s actions actually weren’t foreign in the First Age. Some people have certainly sought his type of revenge, so that added a great taste of realism. And the parallelism was a nice touch too. ;)

I’m definitely adding this to my favs. I never do that until I’ve read the story from beginning to end, but I certainly know that this is going in my favs. :) I can’t wait for the last chapter! (I’m glad you told us that because otherwise I would have thought it the end. :P) Keep on typing! :) Best of luck to ya.

gginsc chapter 5 . 10/6/2011
I love these young elf stories! Great job with Thranduil.
Elven Warrior Princess chapter 5 . 10/6/2011
All's well, it ends well. There are some very sweet and touching moments, I was glad to see that Thranduil wasn't left entirely off the hook, I'm certain he learnt his lesson in the end. Are you going to tell us what delayed Oropher in the next chapter? You have my curiosity piqued! It's also good to see lightheatedness after so much pain and angst.

I'll be waiting in anticipation for the next chapter, I know it's going to be a perfect ending to a well-written masterpiece :D!
The Pearl Maiden chapter 5 . 10/5/2011
Yay! Thranduil rescued! Woot! Woot! :)
Elven Warrior Princess chapter 4 . 9/26/2011
Terrific chapter! Very gripping and intense! One minute Oropher is being swept away by a tide then it's Thranduil! What makes it worse is that they're both injured and freezing. I'm not too worried about Thranduil though, I have a feeling he's going to be alright. I just hope he won't feel guilty about Galin for the rest of his life or that the dwarves will be wanting revenge, but knowing them they just might, well, that's all depending on the author ;).

I really enjoyed the chapter, I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for the next installment :D!
DreamingIn2Eternity chapter 4 . 9/25/2011
No, no, no, nononononono! Thranduil!

Please update soon, that is a very, very cruel cliffhanger.

Nice job on the chapter though. Very well written.
Doreen doreenthatshot chapter 4 . 9/25/2011
Even though I already know what happens (yup, I'm an insider - be jealous! :p), it's obvious you're not gonna kill off one of the stories' main stars. Thranduil will survive and live happily ever after with his pops. The End, lol. Still, gotta love a good cliffhanger!
thecheshyrcat chapter 4 . 9/25/2011
WHAT? That's how you're going to leave it? I need to know what happens, now! My obsession for this story grows with each chapter. You've got a really professional writing style, it's so fluent and thought out. Can't wait for the next chapter - thanks for updating!
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