Reviews for Camp TrainALot
bladewielder05 chapter 2 . 8/16/2012
Whoops, forgot his full name. It's Tyson Cannon Gale.
bladewielder05 chapter 1 . 8/16/2012
Eh, might as well try to place an OC here...and I hope he goes through...Good job on your story so far! Me like.

Name: Tyson

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Trainer or Coordinator: Trainer

Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Complexion, height, etc.): messy brown hair, black
eyes, slightly-tanned from the sun, 4' 9", small scar over left eye due to an attack from a wild Pokemon

Normal Clothing: Green T-shirt with yellow caligraphy in the middle, unzipped red jacket with blue stripes, blue jeans, red tennis shoes, green and yellow headband

Swimwear: green trunks with a yellow outline

Winter Clothes (For Field Trips to Snowy Places): Yellow googles on top of a blue cap, blue jacket, dark blue snowpants, yellow scarf, white boots, yellow gloves

Most Attractive Feature: ...

Least Attractive Feature: the scar

Catchphrase: "Ah, crap. My brain just died on me..."

Favorite Color(s): Red, yellow, green, and blue

Favorite Food(s): Chocolate, fruit ice cream

Favorite Drink(s): Coffee, fruit juice

Likes: Pokemon, video games, battles, relaxing, short races, trying new food, teasing, music

Dislikes: Running long distances, bad food, snobs, roller coasters, haunted houses, horror

Personality (Get creative! Not too much sap): He is pretty athletic, but stays inside as much as possible. He is easily scared and covers it up usually with a nasty comment. He easily forgets and loses things, often asking his friends to repeat what they just said and wondering where he put his stuff. He often messes up his things when looking for a certain item, but doesn't clean up afterwards.

History (If you want to PM this, go ahead): He lost a toy in the territory of a hostile Pokemon, hence the scar over his left eye. He erased the Pokemon from his memory. Because of the incident, Tyson tried to stay indoors as much as possible. He found an Emolga as the runt of the litter from the neighbors and took her in. The first few months were a disaster. The months were much better thanks to the trust Current now had in her trainer. His parents sent him to Camp TrainALot to help him get over his fear of the Pokemon that gave him his scar.

Closest Pokémon: Current (Emolga)

Pokémon from Strongest to Weakest: Gallade, Volcarona, Froslass, Emolga, Hydreigon,

Other: N/A

Pokémon (Six Total):

Species: Emolga

Name (If any): Current

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): Electro Ball, Agility, Acrobatics, Double Team

Personality: Jolly, Proud of its power; She often likes to fly around and annoy Tyson but is
immediately around when she senses her trainer is in trouble

Shiny or Not?: Shiny

Species: Hydreigon

Name (If any): Demon

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Zen Headbutt

Personality: Bashful, Loves to eat; He is very protective of his trainer, sometimes even competing with Current to protect him. Very shy around new Pokemon, often hiding
behind one of his Pokefriends.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Gallade

Name (If any): Brave

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Psychic, Leaf Blade, Drain Punch, Swords Dance

Personality: Adamant, Strong willed; He usually stands away from the group, meditating. Occasionally, he'll be with the group, but only to watch and protect them.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Swampert

Name (If any): Boulder

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Sludge

Personality: Careful, Impetuous and silly; Since he just evolved, he's trying to get used to his new form. He loves to play around, often with Current and Demon.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Volcarona

Name (If any): Ray

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): Bug Buzz, Fiery Dance, Giga Drain, Fly

Personality: Lax, Highly persistent; She and Frosty are very best friends, chatting to each other about their interests. Unlike Frosty, she likes to coordinate moves together.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Froslass

Name (If any): Snow

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): Blizzard, Hail, Ominous Wind, Wake-Up Slap

Personality: Sassy, Often lost in thought; She and Volcy are very best friends, chatting
and playing with each other. Unlike Volcy, she likes to hit hard and aggressive.

Shiny or Not?: Not
Hollow Serenade chapter 2 . 1/4/2012
lol OC box, good job as usual
godly345 chapter 2 . 12/15/2011
Eevee on her lap and a prettty brunette? If that was Ava you let on let me just say THANK YOU, THE SUSPENCE WAS KILLING ME! I bow to you oh mightyest of female authors. You madam have made me loched on to see whar happens.
HawkRider chapter 2 . 12/14/2011
This is a wonderful chapter. I'm glad that you've finally updated this. And I'm glad that you've included Kellyn (Yes, I know he is that as-of-yet unnamed boy with the Riolu as the only other boy with a Riolu is the one whose POV is being used when he is mentioned.

If I had to advise you on something, it would be to tell us whose POV you are using. But other than that, absolutely brilliant.
TheGreatSnuffles chapter 2 . 12/13/2011
A good chapter! I can't wait to see what happens when they actually get there!

Elize's personality is great, I loved the way she talks so fast, I also love that protective Nidoking at the start as well, it was thrilling :)

I do hope my OC is able to be on of the main characters! (Alexis)


Ace of Diamonds chapter 1 . 12/12/2011
Okay, here's my OC:

Name: Ayla Evans

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Trainer or Coordinator: Trainer

Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Complexion, height, etc.): Ayla has black hair in a pageboy style with the bangs to the side and a streak of dark purple on the fringe of the bangs. She has dark grey eyes with a pale white complexion and stands at 5'9 with a lean and thin build and weighs 108 pounds.

Normal Clothing: A black t-shirt with a dark purple butterfly in the middle with a black hoodie and black and white striped fingerless gloves and a pair of jeans. Ayla also wears black combat boots and a dark purple chocker with a black butterfly attached to it.

Swimwear: A dark blue tankini with little black butterflies along the sides and black bottoms and black flip-flops.

Winter Clothes (For Field Trips to Snowy Places): A dark blue pea coat with a long-sleeved black shirt with her jeans, boots, gloves, and chocker.

Most Attractive Feature: Her hair and skin.

Least Attractive Feature: Her eyes. (it makes her look sort of intimidating)

Catchphrase: "Whatever" and "Quiet. I'm reading."

Favorite Color(s): Purple, black, and blue.

Favorite Food(s): Pizza and strawberries.

Favorite Drink(s): Coke and lemonade

Likes: Reading, listening to alternative music, alternative music, butterflies, violets, roses, guitars, training, playing guitar, manga, and comic books.

Dislikes: snobs, prevs, crying, giver-uppers, giving up, slobs, being interrupted from her reading, rap, being late, and nosey people.

Personality (Get creative! Not too much sap): Ayla is one cynical and sarcastic girl. She is blunt to the point of being rude and never sugar coats for anyone. She is stubborn to the core and hates to show weakness. She is a major bookworm and reads whenever someone is not talking to her. Ayla is usually pretty calm, but if you insult her, her friends, or Pokémon, you better run. She is loyal to her friends though, and has your back if you're in trouble, Ayla does have a few trust issues, but she'll open up after a while.

History (If you want to PM this, go ahead): Ayla is from Slateport City in Hoenn and she lived with her aunt and older sister. Ayla's parents died in a car crash when she was 9 and she was with them at the time and the only one to make out alive(Her older sister Miranda ,age 11, was at her acting class). Ayla was in the hospital for two weeks and when she got out, she and Miranda were sent to live with their aunt, Leila. Ayla was so guilty that she got to live while her parents didn't, she barely ate and refused to speak at all for 6 months. Both her aunt and sister didn't know what to do with Ayla and tried to get her to see a therapist, but Ayla refused to talk. Finally, Leila got desperate and asked Claire, an old friend of Leila's who is therapist to see Ayla once a week at her house. During the first few sessions, Ayla refused to speak and instead read the book. Claire was patient though and simply sat there, and asked questions about Ayla where she either nod, shook her head, or ignored all together. After a month and half of this, Claire asked Ayla what book she was reading. Ayla was surprised to hear this, and forgot about not talking and answered. Little by little, Ayla began to open up again to her family and Claire and started to talk more each day. When she was fourteen, Ayla decided to start her Pokémon journey to both try and leave her past behind and to get stronger. Ayla has been on the road since, but still talks to her family regularly.

Closest Pokémon: Artemis

Pokémon from Strongest to Weakest: Haxorus, Sceptile, Mienshao, Mawile, Gengar, and Butterfree.

Other: None

Pokémon (Six Total): Emerald, Artemis, Hex, Leon, Raven, Blake

Species: Mienshao

Name (If any): Artemis

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): Fore Palm, Hi Jump Kick, Drain Punch, Bounce

Personality: Very mature and brave. Can be a little reckless and headstrong, but is a good judge of character.

Shiny or Not?: Not.

Species: Sceptile

Name (If any): Emerald

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): Absorb, Leaf Blade, Agility, Leaf Storm

Personality: Motherly and understanding. Can be slightly overprotective of Ayla, and is a strong fighter.

Shiny or Not?: Not.

Species: Butterfree

Name (If any): Blake

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Confusion, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder.

Personality: Shy and timid. Get's nervous around new Pokémon.

Shiny or Not?: Not.

Species: Mawile

Name (If any): Raven

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): FakeTears, Vice Grip, Crunch, Iron Defense

Personality: Bit of a flirt. Tends to act cute in order to get what she wants. Very sneaky and manipulative.

Shiny or Not?: Not.

Species: Haxorus

Name (If any): Leon

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance

Personality: Serious and quiet. Noble and tries to be reasonable.

Shiny or Not?: Not.

Species: Gengar

Name (If any): Hex

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Lick, Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray

Personality: Pretty mischievous. Loves to pull pranks. Very loyal to Ayla.

Shiny or Not?: Not.
Sun and Moon Entity chapter 2 . 12/12/2011
Not bad. I didn't realize that the first part was from Shocky's PoV. Elise talks so fast that I'm surprised that she didn't stop to take a breath. I already submitted Netty under a review, but I'll resubmit her to you again through PM.
AndromedaAI chapter 2 . 12/12/2011
Oh, here's a correction for my...signup sheet:

Lucario is her closets Pokemon.
monkeyclerk chapter 2 . 12/11/2011
Well heres mine.

Name: Zaph Sanders.

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Trainer/coordinater: Trainer

Appearance: He has Midnight blue hair. Red eyes and is 5'7. He isnt really muscualar but still has some muscle to him. He has tan skin.

Clothing: Brown goggles on his forehead. He has a solid red t-shirt under a blue zip up hoodie that has green lines on the sleeves. He has black sneakers and brown shorts that reach just below his knees.

Swim wear: He has his goggles and dark red shorts with a single gold line going on the left side.

Winter cloth: Just his regular cloths (loves the cold)

Attractive feature: His kind smile that he always sports.

Least attractive feature: A jagged scar on his right arm that reaches from his shoulder to his elbow.

Faviorate food: He loves all food for the most part.

Faviorate drink: Tamato berry juice.

Likes: Drills, doing the impossible, food, robots, anime manga, the color green.

Dislikes: drills that spin in reverse, the color purple, giver uppers, complete jerks, mascotts, clowns, onions.

Peronality: He ready to help people right as soon as they need it. A little shy when you first meet when it comes to to finish any thing to the end. A buffoon and cluts around pretty girls for some reason.

Closest pokemon: Sheildon

Other: Irriational fear of mascots and clowns.

Pokemon: Sheildon-Male

Name: Rook

Personality: Care free little guy who loves to eat and is very protective.

Moves: Iron head, iron defense, rock tomb, flamethrower.

Shiny: No

Pokemon: Aerodactyl-Male

Name: Bishop

Personality: Easy to scare and is like the big brother of the team.

Moves: dragon claw, Fly, rockslide, fire fang.


Pokemon: Milotic-Male

Name: King

Personality: Like the father of the group and Over protective.

Shiny: Yes

Pokemon: Poliwrath-Male

Name: Knight

Personality: Loves to battle always up for a challenge.

Moves: Dynamic punch, Hydro pump, circle throw, submission.

Shiny: No

Great story btw.
AndromedaAI chapter 1 . 12/11/2011

Name: Mikaela “Ash” Cody

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Trainer or Coordinator: Trainer

Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Complexion, height, etc.): She has chocolate brown hair, her front bangs are long and light blue and fall over and hide her left eye. Her eyes are hazel, and her complextion is a very pale white.

Personality: Mikaela is a kind girl, but very mysterious. She is very anti-social, and it takes a lot for her to open up to someone. But she loves her pokemon, and if they were hurt or taken from her, she would be very angry.

Normal Clothing: A light blue baggy t-shirt, black cargo pants, black fingerless gloves, and pink converse. Her hats usually consist of baseball caps except for when it was Christmas, then she wears a light blue santa hat with a snowman on it.

Swimwear: A one-piece black bathing suit with periwinkle stripes up the sides.

Winter Clothes (For Field Trips to Snowy Places): A black and purple coat, cargo snow pants, black boots with pink accents, and warm white gloves.

Most Attractive Feature: That she is kind to her pokemon

Least Attractive Feature: that she has ADD and can lose her focus.

Catchphrase: “What. The. Heck.” And “Geronimo”, and “Oh. My. Chaos!”

Favorite Color(s): Blue, light blue, purple, white, black, light shiny pink.

Favorite Food(s): Lasangia, Cheeseburgers, mushrooms, fruit, poutine, waffles, cheese…

Favorite Drink(s): Hot Chocolate, chocolate milk, water, grapefruit juice, and mango smmoothies.

Likes: Her Weavile, Lucario, and other pokemon, books, writing, reading, dreams…

Dislikes: Nightmares, screaming (she gets sad if someone’s screaming at her), misbehaiving pokemon (so her’s don’t misbehave), and cussing.

History (If you want to PM this, go ahead): Mikaela has been travelling all over the place since she was ten. She came to the camp when she came home to visit her parents. Her mother insisted she should go.

Closest Pokémon: Her Lucario, 2 Weavile, Onix, Pikachu, and Zorua.

Pokémon from Strongest to Weakest: Lucario, both Weavile, Onix, then Pikachu, and Zorua.

Other: Both the Pikachu and the Zorua are at the same in strength. I wish to have Zorua evolve into Zoroark sometime in the story. And Lucario can talk to people telepathically (I hope you don’t mind).

Pokémon (Six Total):

Species: Lucario

Name (If any): Lucario

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Heal Pulse, and Force Palm

Personality: Lucario is very loyal to Mikaela. Mikaela grew up with him, and together, they tought each other different things – Lucario teaching Mikaela to control Aura, and Mikaela teaching him manners. He is a gentleman, and is cool and calculated on the battlefield.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Weavile

Name (If any): Sharp

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Icy Wind, Metal Claw, Scratch, and Beat Up

Personality: Sharp is conniving and sneaky. Due to his trainer’s mysteriousness, they’re in sync quite well. He’ll fight for her, but will do anything for a Poké Treat. Hes been trained in his manners, but he sometimes steps out of line.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Weavile

Name (If any): Claw

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Icy Wind, Beat Up, Night Slash, and Fury Swipes.

Personality: Claw is like Sharp, but more curious. He tends to look at books that Mikaela reads or books written for Pokémon. He also is kinda addicted to Poké Treats, and Mikaela has caught him many a time trying to sneak one behind her back.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Pikachu

Name (If any): Pikachu

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): ThunderShock, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Tackle.

Personality: Pikachu has a curious personality, but doesnt really like to get into trouble. He loves his trainer.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Zorua

Name (If any): Zorua

Gender: female

Moves (Four): Pursuit, Shadow Ball, Scratch, and Fury Swipes.

Personality: Zorua is michievious, and giggles whenever she is defeated or discovered in her illusion. Mikaela has a hard time making her behave, but Zorua still loves her.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Onix

Name (If any): Onix

Gender: Male

Moves (Four):

Personality: Onix is menacing, and protective of Mikaela. He has a hard time telling if hes going to run someone over. Great in battle.

Shiny or Not?: Not.

PM me if you need more info. :D
godly345 chapter 1 . 9/27/2011
Here is some you can use. Hope yours doesn't get deleteted by accident like Zexiontwo's.

Name: Ava Fighits

Age: 15

Gender: female

Trainer or Coordinator: Trainer

Appearance(hair color, eye color complextion, height, ect.): Brown hair past, sholders snake like brown eyes, and fair skin tone. 5'4". Very curvy.

Normal clothing: Running shoes with a yellow and black stripped shirt and tan shorts.

Swimwear: Dark red bikini with sunglasses and flip-flops.

Winter clothes: Blue jeans, black gloves, green boots, and blue coat. No hat.

Most atractive feature: Smlie and laugh

Least atractive feature: Her way with grudges

Catchphrases: "The eclipce of your defeat has arrived." "That dificult?"

Favorite color: green

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite drink: lemonade

Likes: Friends, pokemon, pranks, and fun

Disikes: people flirting with her, Kyrox, pink, and mistreatment of pokemon

Personality: Very creative in problems. Always stays calm exept when flirted on then she beats up said person that flirted. She only gets sad when someone very close to her is hurt or in danger. quick in battle inprovising.

History: From a small unknown town in Johto. Well known in that region with her cousin.

Closest pokemon: Eevee

Pokemon from strongest to weakest: Typhlosion, Eevee, Swampert, Serperior, Pikachu, Rotom

Other: none


Species: Eevee

Name: none

Gender: female

Moves: Bite, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Trump Card

Personality: Ava's partner for many years. Never shows weakness or anger.

Shiny: yes

Species: Typhlision

Name: none

Gender: Male

Moves: Dynamic Punch, Cut, Flamethrower, Flame Wheel

Personality: Very protective of Ava. Keeps full power under raps unless needed. Given by her cousin when Ava started her jorney.

Shiny: no

Species: Pikachu

Name: none

Moves: Iorn Tail, Electro Ball, Surf, Fly(yes Pikachu can learn Surf and Fly)

Personality: Energenic. Likes to be a look out.

Shiny: no

Species: Swampert

Name: none

Gender: male

Moves: Water Pledge, Dig, Earth Quake, Ice Beam

Personality: Very tempermenal. When Ava gets upset he starts a rampage that Only Eevee can stop.

Shiny: no

Species: Serperior

Name: none

Gender: Male

Moves: Grass Pledge, Leaf Storm, Dragon Tail, Grass Mixer

Personality: Very fatherly to the younger pokemon. Goes out to gather food a lot.

Shiny: no

Species: Rotom

Name: none

Gender; none but refered as she

Moves: Shock Wave, Shadow Ball, Thuderbolt, Hex

Personality: Likes to cause mischife. Knows when to goof off and when to be serious.

Shiny: no
Ace of Spades777 chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
Name: Emit Sloe

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Trainer or Coordinator: Trainer

Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Complexion, height, etc.): Black and white spiked hair. Purple eyes. White. 6 feet, two inches. Some freckles. Fit.

Normal Clothing: Black and white baseball shirt. Dark blue jeans that are rolled up on the bottom. Dirty white converse. Silver poketch on his left-hand. Black Ray bans that he removes to flirt with girls.

Swimwear: Trunks that are black on one side and white on the other.

Winter Clothes (For Field Trips to Snowy Places): Striped Beanie. White snow jacket. Black snow pants. Black boots

Most Attractive Feature: Smile

Least Attractive Feature: His personality

Catchphrase: Do work.

Favorite Color(s): Purple (everything can't be just black and white

Favorite Food(s): Burritos!

Favorite Drink(s): Big Blue

Likes: Women, pranks, just any sport In general. Classic Rock and Techno music.

Dislikes: People who get far too into it. Country music. Being cock-blocked.

Personality (Get creative! Not too much sap): Flirtatious, womanizer, mischievous, ladies-man. City boy. He doesn't really care if he wins or loses, and he almost always flirts during his battles.

History (If you want to PM this, go ahead): Only lived in Kanto because he thinks the girls there are the best. He lived in Celadon city for most of his life and just picked up pokemon battles because he was bored. Mother died in labor and he grew up with only a father. His pokemon help him with decisions that he makes.

Closest Pokémon: Hypno

Pokémon from Strongest to Weakest: Snorlax, Hypno, Gengar, Marowak, Pidgeot, Magikarp

Species: Snorlax

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Rest, Sleep Talk, Hyper Beam, Body Slam

Personality: Lazy, Emit uses him as a bed.

Shiny or Not?: no

Species: Hypno

Name (If any): Freud (pronounced Froyd)

Gender: male

Moves (Four): psychic, confusion, headbutt, attract

Personality: doesn't really show emotions, attempts to give advice to Emit. Emit's first pokemon. Tries to keep Emit in line

Shiny or Not?: no

Species: Gengar

Name (If any): Id (not pronounced like I.D. Or I'd)

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Hypnosis, dream eater, Nightmare, Shadow ball

Personality: Mischievous, convinces Emit to pull his pranks. Often out speaks Hypno.

Shiny or Not?: No

Species: Marowak

Name (If any): Mother

Gender: Female

Moves (Four): Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Bone Club, Iron Tail

Personality: Acts motherly towards Emit because he never really had a mother. Works with Freud to try to keep Emit in line

Shiny or Not?: no

Species: Pidgeot

Name (If any): Freedom

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Agility, Mirror Move, Fly, Aerial Ace

Personality: Upbeat, usually happy, tries to keep the entire group in a good mood.

Shiny or Not?: No

Species: Magikarp

Name (If any): N00B

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Splash, Tackle, Flail, Surf

Personality: ... Doesn't really have one, but is often used in hopes of one day becoming a Gyarados

Shiny or Not?: Yes
HawkRider chapter 1 . 9/4/2011
I hope my OC still gets in.

Name: Kellyn

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Trainer or Coordinator: Coordinator

Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Complexion, height, etc.): Mid-length, sandy blonde hair. Dark blue eyes. Slight tan. Tall. Slim. Lanky build.

Normal Clothing: Cobalt blue T-shirt. Dark blue jeans. White trainers and trainer socks. Black and silver watch. Black framed glasses. Necklace with runic symbol for wisdom. Black, fingerless gloves.

Swimwear: Dark blue shorts.

Winter Clothes (For Field Trips to Snowy Places): The same as normal but the gloves have fingers, a grey, hooded jacket and black scarf.

Most Attractive Feature: Hair.

Least Attractive Feature: Spot on nose and chin.

Catchphrase: When sending out a pokemon. "Now, (Pokemon), shine!"

Favorite Color(s): Cobalt blue.

Favorite Food(s): Pasta.

Favorite Drink(s): Water.

Likes: Playing with his pokemon, reading, being with his friends, listening to classical music.

Dislikes: Rap music, bullies, stereotypes.

Personality: Quiet. Likes his own company. Prefers to blend into the background when not on stage. Seems to draw people to him. Easily annoyed.

History: Competed in a previous contest tournament. Came in the top 16. Parents divorced. Started his journey at fourteen. First pokemon was an Eevee, which he caught by accident on a walk through a forest near his home in Twinleaf Town. Evolved into Espeon.

Closest Pokémon: Espeon.

Pokémon from Strongest to Weakest: Dragonaire, Espeon, Lapras, Riolu, Butterfree, Cyderquil.


Pokémon (Six Total):

Species: Espeon.

Gender: Male

Moves (Four): Future Sight, Psychic, Morning Sun, Swift.

Personality: Hasty. Loyal. Friendly.

Shiny or Not?: No.

Species: Riolu.

Gender: Male.

Moves (Four): Force Palm, Feint, Reversal, Endure.

Personality: Quiet. Calm. Focused.

Shiny or Not?: No.

Species: Butterfree.

Gender: Female.

Moves (Four): Psybeam, Gust, Supersonic, Safeguard

Personality: Happy. Shy. Show-off.

Shiny or Not?: No.

Species: Lapras

Gender: Female.

Moves (Four): Perish Song, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Sing.

Personality: Funny. Excitable. Impish.

Shiny or Not?: No.

Species: Dragonaire

Gender: Female.

Moves (Four): Twister, Slam, Hyper Beam, Thunder Wave.

Personality: Brave. Relaxed. Careful.

Shiny or Not?: No.

Species: Cyndaquil

Gender: Male.

Moves (Four): Quick Attack, Flame Wheel, Swift, Flamethrower

Personality: Impish (teams up with Lapras.) Hardy. Bold.

Shiny or Not?: No.
TheGreatSnuffles chapter 1 . 9/4/2011
I posted this as a review as well as sending this to you, because I feel you deserve it cause' I like the plot of the story about a camp for trainers and coordinators that can become friends. Cause really that's what everyone needs.


Name: Alexis Harper

Nickname: Alex

Age: 16 years

Birthday: April 2nd.

Hometown: Lavaridge Town

Gender: Female

Trainer or Coordinator: Coordinator

Appearance (Hair Color, Eye Color, Complexion, height, etc.): Black curled hair displayed in ringlets, Hazel eyes, not very tanned, about 4'9".

Normal Clothing: A black strapless t-shirt, covered by a gray zip up jacket, mid length sleeves. A small black skirt with a pair of black mid-length boots.

Coordinator Costume: 1) She wears a pair of blue ballet flats, and a small blue ballet Tu-Tu. She has two small blue baubles attached to the top of her head, on either side.

2) A black dress, (similar to Marley's from Pearl, Diamond and Platinum, just the black is red and the white is blue.) With a pair of red flat boots.

3) Only for the grand festival. A gray cardie with a black mid-length dress, and fingerless gloves, with a pair of red sneakers and white leggings.

Swimwear: A blue one-piece with a showy tail skirt. (for contests that looks like a bit like a Seaking. (the pattern only. (Sort of like what misty wears sometimes.)

Winter Clothes (For Field Trips to Snowy Places): A pair of white snow boots, with small pink ribbons on the sides, A pair of brown jeans (the brown on a Mamoswine.) A long, thin white coat, with pink ribbons on, to match the boots.

Most Attractive Feature: Her hair and eyes.

Least Attractive Feature: Her personality.

Catchphrase: Doesn't really have one, but If I could choose it would be "Are you ready? Lets go!" (Usually to her Pokemon) or "Come on!" (In a whining way)

Favorite Color(s): A range of blues and red's.

Favorite Food(s): her mother's cooked roast

Favorite Drink(s): A warm mug of Coffee or Hot chocolate.

Likes: -Being with her Pokemon, no matter what.

-Ice Skating

Dislikes: Losing. Especially to her friends, Sapphire (nicknamed Saph.) and Dylan. (Who is sometimes called Dilz.)

Personality (Get creative! Not too much sap): She tends to get very angry when something bad happens. She feels for her Pokemon and depends on them to help her in the situations she gets herself in. Her friends tend to call her a ditz because she trips over a lot of things, and sometimes her Pokemon. She deep down loves her Pokemon and likes the snow and the cold, although it can get too much if she is in a bad mood. Loves to skate on ice, it picks her up when she is down.

History (If you want to PM this, go ahead): I already Pm'd this to you.

Closest Pokémon: Rosa, (An Espeon who loves to chase all the other pokemon, and read her trainer's mind.)

Pokémon from Strongest to Weakest: Blastoise-Emolga

Other: Dragonite, Espeon, Houndoom, Froslass

Pokémon (Six Total):

Species: Espeon

Name (If any): Rosa

Gender: Female

Ability(I added this, (Blas)): Synchronize

Moves (Four):

-Future Sight

-Morning Sun


-Light Screen

Personality: She likes to peer around a lot, as though cautious of her surroundings. She loves to read her trainer's mind, and from that determines whether she feels happy or sad, angry or jumpy. She consoles Alexis whenever she needs it.

Shiny or Not?: Not shiny, though the jewel on its head is blue instead of red.

Species: Dragonite

Name (If any): Kairyu

Gender: Male


Inner Focus

Moves (Four):

Hone Claws



Dragon Claw

Personality: Loves to fly around in the skies and hop on clouds, as they pass by. He loves to play with Molga in the sky, and delivers Mail to wherever it needs to go. He also fly's Alex wherever she needs to go.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Emolga

Name (If any): Molga is it's nickname, but it has no name.

Gender: Female


Motor Drive

Moves (Four):

Electro Ball



Double Team

Personality: Gets angry easily, just like Alexis, she gets teased by Houndoom for being slow and sluggish, but she doesn't care as most of the time she is with Kairyu soaring through the skies, and hopping on clouds.

Shiny or Not?: Shiny

Species: Houndoom

Name (If any): Flash

Gender: Male


Flash Fire

Moves (Four):


Foul Play

Fire Fang


Personality: Is very quick and loves to race the other Pokemon, otherwise it has a very calm temperament, often found dozing in the sun, soaking up the rays or melting the snow, in the winter. It loves red things, it loves to eat fresh meat. It sometimes likes to pick on Molga, because it is quicker.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Froslass

Name (If any): Yuki

Gender: Female


Snow Cloak

Moves (Four):



Shadow Ball

Confuse Ray

Personality: Very Quiet and doesn't really join in on games, although when happy it will follow along like a tag-along. It is very relaxed and it loves to float and doze of to places. It is at it's happiest when entering dreams of it's friends.

Shiny or Not?: Not

Species: Blastoise

Name (If any): River

Gender: Female


Rain Dish

Moves (Four):

Rain Dance

Flash Cannon

Hydro Pump

Ice Beam

Personality: River likes to flex her cannons around a lot, She has a high attack and blasts lily pads on the water for training and loves to splash around. She loves to freeze the water, to allow her owner to skate around when she is feeling down.

Shiny or Not?: Not
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