Reviews for Blood Flows Black
Guest chapter 1 . 9/15/2014
Your my new favorite person
Naomi Tachi chapter 41 . 4/6/2014
I like a lot of characters from the overall series. Well, mainly Satoshi and Mion, but my overall favorite is Rika Furude. I love her character. I love how she has seen so much death, felt so much pain, and has struggled for so long. But sill she tries to fight, and though she may fall and give up, she always does stand back up again to fight for her future with her friends. And she's so young too. She's amazing.
My least favorite was Takano. (I dislike Rena and Shion, but mainly only when they're acting crazy) It's a little self explanatory, as Takano has been the cause of death for Rika and other characters several times. She may have had a sad past, but it didn't justify the things she did.
My favorite OC was Kai. Oh my Lordness. I loved him. You don't even know. How he was so cautious as a kid was just adorable. I was always expecting him to be in love with Makoto. I could totally see that. But I started tearing up real bad when he was killed. WHY'D YOU DO THIIIIS? ;-;
Takeru was messed up, yeah, and his past didn't excuse his actions, but my lease favorite OC was Yasuo. Uuurg I knew he was the kidnapper of the demons all along. He was just filled with so much hate. He didn't show love for anyone or do anything good at all, or even have a reason for his actions whatsoever.
My least favorite part would probably be some of the errors I've seen reading this. Like sometime's you'll call a he a she, or vise versa, for example. If you're ever looking for a beta, you can give me a shout ;) My favorite part, though... I dunno. That's a bit hard. There's just so much to this fanfic. I really liked the romance bits with KeiMion And SatoShion. I love SatoShion and wish there was a bit more of them, and more romance in general, actually. And the plot, man. Having Takeru as the villain? Totally didn't see that coming, congrats!
Oh, looks like I already touched upon six. Le plot. There were a lot of twists on the legend from the actual show, I really love how you spun the legend into your own and used it for the base of your story. Also, this story has so many layers to it. There are so many things that happened, that if only one thing had happened differently, the whole outcome would have changed. That, my friend, is a very hard thing to accomplish. (omgpleasedon'tbemadatmeforbeingtoofamiliarandcallingyoumyfriendI'msorry)
Okay, the Epilogue. I thought it was good, really glad to see Asami and Hana! Though you didn't really describe Hana at all. I imagine her with blonde hair and green eyes, almost like a flower. I can't see her with green hair at all. I think blonde hair would suit her perfectly. And I would have liked to see more of Satoko and Rika as adults, or near adults, however old they are. It would have been nice to see more of their life. Aaaag i wanna know what happens even more into the future, lol XD
Hope you enjoy this long review. Even though I've read and am reviewing this like, two years later? I dunno, I haven't mathed in awhile -_-
I read GED like, a long time ago, and it was really good, so i decided to read some more of your work. It always takes forever with all of the other stuff I've got going on, but finally I've finished. Writing so many long stories is truly an accomplishment. I definitely applaud you. Not a whole lot of authors, myself included, are that dedicated. I thank you!
Draugur chapter 41 . 1/11/2014
I know I'm very late with this review and that you have paused your writing. I hope this break won't be forever and you'll come back with new stories or maybe Eyes of Green, which sounds like a huge project. I read GED, WAN and BFB (in that order) and I'm sorry I didn't review GED and WAN (at least I think I didn't), but I think when I read them, I didn't have an account yet. Or maybe I did review but can't remember anymore. Anyway, at least this review might show you that your stories are still being read even if the Higurashi hype seems to be over. Still I think Higurashi is much stronger than Umineko or anything comparable.

Now for the story review.
1. My favourite canon character from your story - it's hard to say but maybe Rena. When she tried to decide whether to reject Takeru's passionate feelings or to pretend to love him back, her struggle was one of the best parts in the story. Rena is also my favorite character from the original story but that hasn't got anything to do with this choice, because the aspects that make her my favourite in the original story don't apply here. I liked her better in BFB than in GED, because she acted rather silly in GED. I'm OK with her being killed in this story because that scene made sense for me, with Takeru's last hope for his future being smashed.
2. My least favourite canon character from your story is maybe Oryou because she was out of character sometimes, being not nearly as stubborn as the original Oryou. I remember a scene near the end when a servant tells Oryou what to do, and she does it. And Keiichi's parents because they're not very well worked out in your story.
3. My favourite OC was Makoto, because her illusion of a world in which demons and humans live together with just a few humans being eaten was naive but comprehensible from her point of view. I also liked the fast pacing in that flashback.
4. My least favourite OC was Takeru because it didn't make sense to me that he decided to kill all people in Onigafuchi, which was one of his most important actions in BFB. From the flashback it became comprehensible that he hated his sisters, but why didn't he just kill them at any point while they were in their cage? As far as the unleashing of the demons is concerned, he just acted like some kind of madman who wanted to become famous in any way whatsoever, which isn't a strong motivation in my opinion.
5. My favourite part was the Makoto story because the pacing was rather fast there and Makoto's descent into madness was really well done.
6. The plot, in my opinion, lacks motivation here and there. For example, the children murders. The reason for those was rather weak. If I understood the story rightly, Yasuo abducted them just to give the demons something to practice. I had thought there were something bigger behind these murders.

Some parts of the story could have been worked out better. For example, when Keiichi confesses the shootings to his parents. In the original story there's quite a family crisis with Ichirou hitting Keiichi and Aiko crying, and Keiichi losing his will to live. In your story, it seems like you wanted to get over it as quickly as possible. The parents' suggestion to go to Onigafuchi comes out of the blue.

I wondered the whole time if the Japanese law tolerates Onigafuchi as a village where public executions are held by the Three Families, or how the Japanese nation acts towards a village where demons exist in public, which is no secret (even if Keiichi's parents don't know about it as the only characters) and acknowledged by the police.

I think a story which contains many people's deaths should also contain mourning. For example, when a 16 year old boy sees the violent death of both his parents, I think the psychic consequences are devastating. In your story, he hardly grieves about their deaths. When Keiichi's friends die, he thinks "They would want us to be happy and have fun, so let's have fun for their sake". But I think it's not very respectful to decide what a dead person would have wanted, and use that as an excuse for going on having fun.

What about Irie, Takano and Rika's parents? Is the Irie clinic just a normal clinic in this story? If yes, why were Rika's parents killed? If no, why isn't the village erased by Takano and the Yamainu after the Watanagashi?
I have a problem with death threats followed by a highly unlikely last minute escape or plot twist, because they always seem fake to me. For example, let's concede that Mion, even if she's ruled by the Orb, doesn't manage to kill Keiichi instantly but only stands around him licking her lips. Why can't/doesn't Yasuo kill him? Keiichi is not a match for him, as we know from Yasuo's fight with Kimiyoshi's demons. I also don't get why Keiichi is able to run away from the orb-influenced Mion. He even has enough time to look back at her. Also, when Masaru has decided to execute all demons, I thought I'd admire you if you had the courage to have them executed in your story. But I was sure there'd be one of these last minute rescues again. From Masaru's point of view I don't understand why he gives in to Keiichi. Because it's important for Masaru as a leader to retain his authority. But that's impossible when a boy who was just given pardon can tell him what to do. It's also unfair towards all other demons and their owners.

Concerning the Orb: I remember that there were remarks about Mion only being able to kill innocent people when she was controlled with the Orb. But when she and Shion killed those children, they were not being controlled with the Orb. The way the Orb was destroyed seemed too easy to me, too "off the bat". I also don't know why the bracelet had a stronger emotional impact on Mion than Keiichi himself.

Last not least, there's a lot of repetitions in your story. Maybe it's just my personal taste, but anyway. I think it wasn't as much in GED and WAN. For example, I think whenever there's an emotional scene with Keiichi and Mion, there are repeats about Keiichi wanting to teach her about emotions, or having taught her about emotions, what 'love' means and so on. Shortly before Mion is meant to be executed, in a long passage Keiichi tells her again what happened between them, which is rather boring to read because we know it all. Keiichi's and Mion's thoughts about "that warm feeling" are mentioned so often that it loses its emotional impact on the reader. I think you can improve your writing by considering what the reader knows already, and whether it's really important to mention it again.

I know there was a lot of criticism, but I don't want to discourage you. You know, I wouldn't have read three stories from you if I didn't like your work. And I admire you for your discipline in writing. I hope it will help you in some way, even if you think I'm wrong with everything. After all it's all just my personal opinion, of course. Maybe you'll like the fact that people keep reading your works and thinking about them I really hope you'll come back here, but whatever you're doing at the moment, good luck with it!
Higurashi fluf 4ever chapter 41 . 6/27/2013
Because this is the final chapter in BFB i want to say a few things
1.I loved BLB from the beginning and i knew that is was going to be a great fanfcic.
favorite character is without doubt is Mion3 and my favorite paring in any anime series is MionxKeiichi.
favorite part in BLB is when Mion gets separated from Shion and comes to Keiichi for comfort.
4.I think that the the plan or plot for BLB is really awesome and i rely dont know how much did it take to plan all this stuff out so very,very,very good job on that.I rely do mean that because i rely did cry mi eyes out when Mion and Shion were going to be executed.
For the end i can only say that this is an fanfic that i rely love and its going on my list of favorites 100% and last, Crimso i love to read your work,still i dont review i hope i can forgive me for that one and i hope to see more of your work in the future
Higurashi fluf 4ever chapter 27 . 6/25/2013
The first thing i want to say is that i love your work Crimso, i read GED and i loved it and i think i am going to love BLB 2.
Second thing i have a few ides for a fanfic but the thing is that i am a awful writer so it if u can Pm me i will be very happy.
cosmopolitankitten chapter 41 . 7/5/2012
After reading WAN I read this and became hooked on it. It's sad that all the other demons were killed but they were never originally humans, I guess. xD Sorry, I'm horrible at writing reviews haha. Uber awesome story. 3
KeyToTheTruth chapter 41 . 1/30/2012
Okay I once review your story on chapter 14 or 15 or something. Then I didn't have time until recently which you finally finished BFB. It's pretty good and fun to read, though not without flaw. I think some parts are really cheesy and pretty hard to read. And many characters are OOC. I know this story is AU but I think sometimes and some points they just too much. And here is some answer for your outline.

favorite in this? Mion obviously. She is one of the most true to her character in this story (and I like her the best in original story, alongside with Keiichi and Rena). I considered Keiichi too but he lacked his trademark baseball bat which make me feel like this is not Keiichi.

least favorite? Now this is hard... Maybe Satoko since you only show her mischief side only which made her character a bit flat.

favorite OC? Takeru. He's jackass and I really want Keiichi to punch him hard when he killed Rena but he carry his role flawlessly. His action though may not be forgivable but the reason behind it is acceptable.

least OC? Don't know... Maybe Chiharu since I didn't know much about her.

5. My favorite part? When Mion and Keiichi acknowledge their feelings and when all demons were going to be killed.

concept, like I said, good but cheesy at some parts and many characters are OOC when they can be in characters.

Overall I enjoyed this though at the same time I feel that this story got a lot more room for improvements. I think your idea for re-write this is good.

Keep up your work, I will also read WAN as well. And I will try to review more often instead of 1 review when I finish the story too.

PS: This is random but when Mion tried to kill Keiichi thanks to that damn orb, I really want to see some Keiichi VS. Mion as well. It would be epic even he is far weaker than her. I imagine the scene when Keiichi try to snap Mion out of the orb control a LITTLE hard way and fight to hold her off (not intend to harm or kill) for a while until Yasuo intervene.

PS2: I want Keiichi with baseball bat!

PS3: Ain't the epilogue a bit flat and boring? I think it's better if you just finished with chapter 39.
Internet Person chapter 41 . 1/26/2012
Huh. This is the second time I'm posting a review on something you've already completed. Oh well, better late than ever I suppose.

Anyway; it's late, I'm tired, you've got a guideline, let's do this.

1: I'd probably have to go with Keiichi on this one. He was quite the hero in the end, and he had some good development.

2: Hmm...this one's kinda tough...I think I'll go with Rika. Not that there was anything wrong with Rika (I liked how you included, but didn't really include, Hanyuu) but, aside from the finale, she didn't really do much, in this reviewer's opinion at least.

3: My favourite OC would have to be Takeru. Not because I liked him; I hated his guts. But he was an effective and pretty well developed character, and served his purpose well.

4: I'd say Chiharu. She just wasn't around long enough for me to care (this is forgivable though, as you didn't want to draw out the flashback for too long).

5: My favourite part would be the chapter (I've forgotten which one it was) where Keiichi was about to be sacrificed and all was revealed. Gotta love them plot twists!

6: The concept was original, and for that I liked it. The plot was well constructed (if slightly predictable in specific places) and there were enough twists and turns to keep it interesting.

Overall, this was a solid read. I took me a helluva long time to read, but that's a good this thing. There are two small things that ground my gears a bit. The first being number fifty-one (I think?). I was just slightly annoyed because I thought his carvings would have some signifigance (although that isn't really fair critism). Secondly, was the epilogue. Now, don't get me wrong, the epilogue wasn't bad, but I felt like there should've been more of a mourning stage for all the people who died, you know? Nothing major, perhaps just a passing mention of a memorial or something would've been nice. Also, maybe it was just me, but Keiichi didn't seem all that effected by his parent's deaths. I understand that you probably wanted to keep the story moving, though, so I'm okay with that. Some bits did seem a bit cliched (parents say their final words before dying in Keiichi's arms, any fighting is stopped so that the lovers can reunite), but major film studios can get away with this kinda stuff, so there's no reason to say that you can't as well.

In summary: this was awesome, keep doin' what y'all are doin' and hopefully I'll be able to post a review *during* the actual fic next time.

Now, it's midnight, I'm tired, my eyes hurt after marathoning the last couple of chapters (like a boss), and I need to be up early in the morning, so I'll leave it at that.

(Incidentally, whoever can list the exact number of times the word 'demon' was used in this fic gets a cookie)
Anal Banana chapter 13 . 1/16/2012
Awsome story. planning to completly read it :3 oh ! i also foud a typo : "If both collars didn't contain their numbers, there would be know way he would know which twin he was talking to." it says "there would be know way'. it shouls be "there would be no way." *watch the "know", and "no"

So where are my collars and brownie ice cream .
Krawling Khaos chapter 41 . 1/8/2012
Once again, I find myself at the end of a KeiiMion story by my favorite KeiiMion author. I am aware that I never did a review of GED... but I was kinda pressed with time, seeing as I am working on a few different stories at once (Including a KeiiMion story, and a completely original story), but seeing as how I'm taking a creative break, and I finally found the time to finish this, I decided to review it.

Alright, so... unlike GED, this one was a complete rewrite/AU story, which is great. The lack of original stories on this site shows a lapse in creativity, and it was quite refreshing to see a new concept. In fact, I much preferred this story to GED, due to the fact that I much prefer the way demons were portrayed in this story. Sure, Mion being a demon in GED was cool, it was a rather lame concept that I feel went WAY to far with the transformation thing, and the whole "coming back from the dead" thing in the last story in regards to Mion was really, REALLY stupid. This story, however, had an interesting use of the demons. In this story, I feel it was less of a useless plot driving device, and more of a real conflict.

This story had a much better use of demons, seeing as how they were a common thing, rather then an almost extinct species. This made the struggles feel more real to me, which is something I like to see in the story. I liked the concept that humans could be turned into demons, but the lack of a way of reversing the transformation really made that feel dry in the end. I get why it was put in, as it explains the origins of Mion and Shion becoming demons despite having a human mother. But still, that particular plot element was vastly underused, even without a means of reversal, if it was implement a bit more, I think it would have been a solid plot device rather then give me the feeling that it was an excuse to add more demons to a story that has plenty of them.

Now, the romantic relationship between Keiichi and Mion this time around felt quite real, at least in comparison to GED's. It showed an internal struggle that one could see in that kind of world. They were two different species', and it showed that human fear that they would not be accepted and, in turn, torn apart. That being said, there was a point in the story (around when Yasuo attacked them for the second time) where I was practically screaming at the screen, since I thought it would be a much more interesting situation if Keiichi cast away his "humanity" to save the girl that he loves. It could have shown a different side of being a demon, as it would show what one would go through in their mind when they realized that they weren't human anymore. There are instances that it would be interesting to find out that Yasuo was secretly a demon, seeing as he possessed a great deal of strength. It would have been pure irony if Keiichi had used the OotDK on Yasuo... sadly, this wasn't the case.

The character of Takeru was alright. It wasn't the best OC ever, but it was a decent one none-the-less. His backstory was what saved him from being this lame lovesick character who wanted attention. There were times when I just couldn't stand reading about him. His relationship with Rena just bugged me to no end, but seeing it end in the death of Rena was interesting. The minute he shot Rena, I knew instantly he would kill himself.

The story of Makoto was interesting, but I was EXTREMELY bored reading it. I hate it when I story takes a break from the main event to tell some backstory. It bugged me in Mawaru-Penguindrum (an anime), it REALLY bugged me in Green-Eyed Demon, and it downright PISSED ME OFF in this story. I know it was key to explaining why demons were enslaved by humans, but it was still really boring. Please, for the love of all that is holy, avoid making them. If you HAVE TO, then don't make them so BLOODY LONG. It's rather infuriating. I'm sure I may be alone on that, but still.

alright, onto you're "guideline" or whatever...

1. Mion, why... honestly, do I have to explain this? she is just pure awesome. I mean, in the original series, it was her interactions with K1 that just made me smile from ear to ear. Her interactions with him in this story were great, need I say more?

2. My least favorite character... that's extremely tough for me... seeing as how I love them all... If I HAD to choose though, it would be Rika. *gasp* Didn't see that coming, did you? It just bugged me when she was shoved into the spotlight after being a rather minor character in the question arcs. I really don't dislike her, but i like her the least, if that makes any sense at all.

3 & 4. I'll be frank, I dislike OCs. There, I said it. I don't like Takeru at all, I dislike Makoto, due to her boring story, I disliked Kai, Kenji, and all the other OCs. Hell, the only OCs that are tolerable are the kids, seeing as how, you know, it's impossible to make a kid for a character that isn't an OC if no such character exists in the normal confines of a story. I dislike OCs, I don't HATE them, seeing as how I tend to use them, and have to have some tolerance for them to do so. Still, I hope that answers that.

5. My favorite part, eh? Well, I don't have one xxxxD. I never focus on that aspect. I can say without a doubt that my least favorite part was the Makoto backstory. It was too long, boring, and it cut away from the action to tell the story of a character I honestly didn't give two shits about. I know that's blunt, but it's the truth.

6. If it wasn't evident, I rather liked the concept. But I honestly have to say this. After this and GED, I've had quite enough stories with demons in them for quite a while. I am indeed looking forward to WAN, but please refrain from the use of demons... please. I could do without a story involving demons. I know you love using them since it "makes the story interesting", in which it did in this story, but in GED, it just served as a stupid plot device. I like both this an GED a great deal, but demons could sit the next story out and it wouldn't bug me at all. It would make me appreciate it more, as it would be a true test of you're writing ability, writing a story with no demons in it at all.

With that, this review is over. Thanks for reading it, if you bothered to get this far. I am looking forward to you're next story, which I may or may not review chapter by chapter. We'll see then, now won't we.
Uryuu-Nipaa chapter 41 . 1/3/2012
One: Who was your favorite character from the original Higurashi series, and why? Hmm...I think Keiichi, because he had such a huge development from shooting at kids in the beginning to jelling at the leader of the village not to kill the girl you love. I also really like Mion, Rena, Shion and Satoshi.

Two: Who was your least favorite from the original Higurashi series, and why? Oryou I think, because I thought her actions were rather random and she let herself be guided by Takeru too easily and because she sort of lost the onii-baba thing a bit.

Three: Who was your favorite OC and why? Both Makoto and Takeru, because they both had a great background story and I loved the way their personalities turned out to be completely different from what you'd expect at first.

Four: Who was your least favorite OC and why? Uhm...Hikaru? I don't really have one actually.

Five: What was your favorite part, and what was your least favorite? I liked all of Watanagashi the best, especially the part with Rena and Takeru's death, and Makoto's tale and Takeru's flashbacks.

Six: What did you think of the plot/concept of BFB? I really liked the general idea and the way you worked it out. There were a lot of hints for later events, which made making theories very interesting. Now that I think about it, didn't that new Kimeyoshi demon draw some drawings on the wall of his cell? I thought it was going to be important, but I guess not.

Nice to know that my reviews were helpful. I really liked the epilogue. The part with Hana and the flowers was very cute and Mion's way of accepting defeat(read:cheating)was very funny and I liked Hana's name and the way the village in general had moved on from everything. I didn't really like that both Satoko and Rika didn't seem to have grown up in any way. The rest was already 16 when everything happened so it wouldn't be too weird for them to stay sort of the same, but Rika and Satoko were just little girls and I think it would be pretty natural for especially Satoko to have matured at least a bit. It's not something really bad or anything, it just bugs me a bit.

I really loved this story. It isn't the best story I've read and GED isn't any more either, since I've read some other really good fanfictions, but I really really really enjoyed reading this and I'll certainly read WAN.
Michael S. Repton chapter 41 . 1/3/2012
Thanks for the mention. I've really enjoyed this story and it's been a great pleasure to review, as knowing that I would be reviewing each chapter certainly helped me to take it more slowly and concentrate more intensely on the writing, so I enjoyed it all the more.

Favourite canon character - hmm. All the main trio were great. I loved Mion and Shion as demons, the way you conveyed their sense of awe on being introduced to the world and the way their true personalities gradually shone through. Shion's scenes with the flowers were especially touching, of course. But overall I must vote for Keiichi. I particularly liked the way you got into his feelings in his previous escapades and then coming into Onigafuchi; and at the end he grew into an awesome and inspiring hero, especially when saving Mion from the Orb's control, talking to Takeru, and saving the twins at the end.

Least favourite canon character - even trickier. All the club members were well written, and the canon minor characters didn't contribute much but their part sufficed for their purpose in the story. Okay, I'm going to say the twins' father (he is canon, since he's present in Kai 10 and I *think* he speaks). He was a real dick about letting Takeru get away, and with so much emphasis on how Takeru's slide to darkness was helped by Akane's lack of love for him, I'm left wondering what role the father had. I can't even remember whether he knew about the twins being alive, he's that much in the background.

Favourite OC - that's easy. Kaede was a brilliant character from the outset, she was given considerable depth by her backstory in the Makoto chapters, and if you remember, I *knew* she would have a role in the climax because it was unthinkable such a great character would be wasted. And I was right. She grew into a great leader, and the way she accepted her fate and thought only of encouraging the others was really heroic.

Least favourite OC - Chiharu. I really wanted to like her after Makoto I, but Makoto II broke that into tiny little bits. What kind of person brings a demon into their home and then treats them like *that*? Of course, this isn't a structural problem, she just didn't understand what she was doing and didn't have the imagination to treat a demon as a person, which is perfectly reasonable. I'm just disappointed because she didn't turn out anything like what the first chapter had led me to believe :)

Favourite part - Chapter 30/31 where the mood of despair was brilliantly created and we really got into how the characters were feeling. I don't have any specific least favourite part; you already know from my reviews what things I'd suggest fixing, and apart from those I don't think any major fixes are needed.

Concept - I really liked it; the whole "village of demons" idea was very imaginative, and created a lovely mood of mystery and tension that kept me guessing as to what you were going to do with it. My only criticism is that from the very first chapters, with the corpse and the children going missing and everything, I was expecting a *much* darker story than the one that emerged.

Epilogue - It was fun :) Glad to know that the couples are still together and they have their happy-but-not-perfect ending. I liked the way you concentrated on Asami; it makes the epilogue more like a short sequel than an ending to the main story, which is fine because you made Asami an interesting enough character for this to work - also because there isn't much point in rounding off exactly what happens to everyone else (Satoshi's job, whether Satoko gets married etc.) when it's only a fanfic and they'll be back to being children in the next story.

Time to say goodbye, but I know I'll see you again soon :)

Fate Scarlet chapter 41 . 1/3/2012
Hello there!

Though i never reviewed BFB before(since everyday i would read 5-6 different fanfics so i don't review often), i liked this one very much,(Also i just read GED before starting this one - like two days before) and decided to make at least one since it's over (too bad).

First of all: Thank You for those awesome two FanFics!

Now to the order:

One: My favorite from the original series is Hanyuu(She's so funny and cute!).

Two: My least favorite in the original series is Takano(Not about beign the villain or anything...i just don't like her...most about her voice though).

Three: My favorite OC was Makoto and the Head Demons (Don't exactly know why, but Makoto was pretty cool, also Kai was pretty interesting and i found Kaede pretty lovely - Beign loyal to Makoto and then the Furudes).

Four: My least favorite OC...i don't know...maybe first he seemed kinda "off" from the group...and at the end he seemed to me pretty stupid himself(my point of view).

Five: My favorite part...there were Keichii beign fooled by Mion/Shion(as always)..but probably i liked the most the part when Kaede was talking about Makoto's least favorite(no, really, i hated you for that) was when they decided to kill all demons (YOU JUST HAD TO KILL KAEDE!)...The idea of them just leaving the village and don't going near it anymore seemed so good...

Six: Really interesting...focusing on the idea of "Onigafuchi" having Demons, and after everything becoming Hinamizawa...

About the Epilogue: Well i just HATE epilogues because they're proof that something ended...but that aside...pretty interesting they having to wear hats, the rumors, and it was funny to see they're still playing(though i'm sure Keichii will lose again).

Well, that's all. Good Job, Thanks for those Two awesome fanfics, and if you're planning on making another one, just say!

(After all, when it comes to higurashi, i just love all the blood, fun, and of course, Love and Hanyuu! Hau Hau)
triple baka chapter 41 . 1/2/2012
One: Who was your favorite character from the original Higurashi series, and why? This is tricky. I'm not going to ask you for how similar they were to the original because their circumstances make it hard, but instead, just who was your favorite and why in general.

My favorite from the original higurashi was Mion. I loved how she kept that competitave nature through these new struggles you threw into her life. I thought she was very well written and was kept very in character. I liked that a lot.

Two: Who was your least favorite from the original Higurashi series, and why? Self-Explanatory. Once again, I'm not talking about how close I was to the original character. Just in general, due to the AUness.

My least favorite from the original was Satoshi. I didn't see much of him in the original but he was a major role in this. That made it hard for me to picture his actions throughout the story.

Three: Who was your favorite OC and why? Self-explanatory. I'm talking about structure this time, and not their actions. If you thought Makoto was a pretty cool girl for being king and all (just an example), that's cool, but I want to know which one was designed the best.

I really liked Makoto. She was presented as being evil in the begining but was slowly revealed she was good at heart. Her backstory shaped her actions really well, but it showed her growing personality too. I liked how she was shown to grow and change with her experiences. That's what made me find her my favorite.

Four: Who was your least favorite OC and why? Self-Explanatory. Again, structure. Takeru was a pretty terrible guy for the things he did but that's not what I'm talking about. Of course, you can say him if you think that.

My least favorite OC was Takeru. I really liked him, but structure wise I found him lacking slightly. It was as if his past was the only reason for his actions. He was a sterotypical villian in my eyes. But his character was amazing. If I didn't find his actions so reliant on his past I think I would have liked him much better.

Five: What was your favorite part, and what was your least favorite?Self-Explanatory. Please tell me what I should fix. And I know, Chapter twenty-one. Don't mention that because I am already aware of it.

My favorite part was when the twins were about to be executed. I found it moving how they were able to walk up to death hanging on to something they held dear. It was beautiful to picture those moments that they found to be their last. I cried through that whole chapter!

My least favorite part was the black blood. I really didn't see a significance to that detail and it bothered me that you didt elaborate on it more. It was just introducing the orb of demon kings, not standing alone. I just found it kinda lacking.

Six: What did you think of the plot/concept of BFB? I didn't ask this for GED, but since BFB is pretty original and I may rewrite it someday I want to know what level of interest you had in plot/concept and if you like it or not.

I really liked the idea more than the plot. The idea was beautiful, but I felt like the plot was almost predictable at times, espically with shion and satoshi getting together and mion and keiihi ending together. It wasn't really a build up, it was more prior knowladge that they would be together. The concept, though, was amazing. I found it really believable, as if it could happen to me.I related to each character in some way, some more than others. I also liked hoe you made the characters grow and change over time. That's something a lot of authors leave out and you managed to pull it off.

I loved this entire story Crimso, and I hope to read more writing from you in the future!
Himewolf398 chapter 41 . 1/2/2012
This epilogue just made my day. I wasn't feeling to good before but now I'm happy. Now let's get started with this review. *cracks knuckles*

Part One: My favorite is Mion because her character in general was always very interesting to me and the fact that you kept her in character in BFB is very good. Wait scratch's excellent.

Part Two: My least favorite character...hmmm. That's very difficult because this is one of those rare anime series' and fanfics where I love every one of the characters from the main cast. You also kept them so well in character for this special situation. In fact, you made Rena even better so I really don't have a least favorite.

Part Three: I'm conflicted between Kaede and Kai as my favorite OC. They're both really great and how they were able to handle their situations made me really enjoy them.

Part Four: My least favorite would be Takeru but him being a terrible person for what he did would be the only reason. Other than that his character as a villain was very well done.

Part Five: My favorite part of BFB would be the final fight between Mion and Keiichi against Yasuo because it was very well done. My least favorite part was during the same chapter where all the injuries Keiichi got from Mion were brushed off like most of them didn't happen after they defeated Yasuo.

Part Six: I think the plot in general was very well thought out and did a good job keeping me in suspense.

Now that that's out of the way, I really enjoyed the epilogue and the concern about Asami growing her horns was very realistic. It was a nice way to end the story and can't wait for WAN.
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