Reviews for The Killing Jar
yannn chapter 2 . 11/24/2015
This is one of the most interesting dn fics I've read... do yoy have any plans to continue it? I especially like the conversation bits between B and L
Guest chapter 2 . 3/27/2013
I wish only to hear more words from your mouth. Please write! And share, of course.
AreYouReady chapter 2 . 7/29/2012
Please write more of this. It's quite enjoyable, and for a fandom which has a number of ghostlike creatures, (and ghost too, if the anime's ending is anything to go by), there is very little "haunting." This fic has a wonderful niche, it fits right in.
pumpkinspice-unicorn chapter 2 . 1/8/2012
I don't know why it took me this long to find out you'd posted this fic, but it sadly did. The thing that hit me the most throughout was that very eerie feeling ever since Light's dream and maybe before, like when you're alone and you keep thinking you see something out of the corner of your eyes. L flits through, or perhaps more accurately shades of L (B, even?), like those unnerving images in Light's peripherals and I'm wondering how much more he'll come into focus? And might I say that scene where a very L-like figure appeared during the night when Light was fiddling with his laptop you scared the pants off of me. Slow movements, things from under the bed... *shudder*

Aside from the general creepiness that lurks around the story thus far, I'm really interested in what Light will find, what things he'll piece together. I'm desperate for the big picture. The dialogue between L and B is excellent, but maddening in the sense that from time to time B really does say some useful things though L for the most part dismisses them.

This entire thing is slightly reminiscent of a novel I read once, "I Am the Cheese." I can't recall the author, but it was a really frustrating but fascinating story in the sense that you were fed information that wouldn't go together at once, forcing you to try to make sense of it all, and only until the end did it all fit nicely and you could see the "big picture."

Anyway, I am very much interested in the Killing Jar so far (ooh, and what really is this killing jar?). Though I'm also frequently checking for more of A Cure for Love. :)
wordbombs chapter 2 . 1/2/2012
Helllooo friend. I was so excited to finally sit down and read this- you have no idea. Seriously, as you might have noticed of late I have had no interwebs time to myself at all- at best I get to browse a few shop sites while France talks at me, which isn't what I wanted to be doing when I read this. So I'm sorry that I am literally the worst person ever in your life (including all drunk 5am callers) and took so damn long doing this- but here it is! Huzzah!

So magnificent. It's getting scary, I like it! I'm a fan of you style, you know that. But seriously- all of the background details that slip in Light's quiet disdainment of his's so brilliant and so *you*. Your voice is so strong and I can just feel you and also Light. It's weird, but sometimes reading it I was like...awww halfpromise! Beta said she does the same with me, so this is a good thing methinks. Your writing is true to yourself. And yourself is tops, so that makes it tops.

Now, my loves...I like that your B is a bit...lesser. Lesser in that he's not this amazing brilliant mastermind thats ZOMG totes smarter than L and Kira and just...he's kind of a mad idiot. Which he is canonically speaking, so I love it. Also L is a bit different here than Cure? I'm not sure of it- but it seems like your L here is more cut off and closed- at least to Light. Which again, I think he is in a way since in Cure they're doing it ten ways from Sunday...BTW I'm not loving the lack of porn...;)

"thankful that no one could see him wrapped up like a infant inuit." Ohhhh I love that. Light is snarky, even to himself.

Also every scary bit got me, Like hand under the bed what the crap what the crap what the crap.

I loved the conversation Light passed by- the one about life seeming so pointless and God's way etc. It's moments like that when I connect with Light the most and it shows that you're a damn good writer who doesn't need to tell us how Light's feeling because we're feeling it with him. We've taken his side, even if we don't like it (I do, but I'm a dirty girl).

The man on the beach was another classic horror element that I really enjoyed, Just the description and slowly getting closer to him, it was all really well done.

Light's trips through the beachtown make me worry about you m'dear. How's ol' England treating ya? Enough shops and such? Just kidding, but it was funny because you're obviously drawing from experience here. That makes the scenery so believable. I know you've been to this place your talking about. It's real.

Oh hello thar Doctorrrr. Might you tell us some sekkrits to advance the plot?

I am so excited for this the next chappy chap. Thank you for my lovely present! I only wish it had lasted as long as my cough.
Randomstuff4all chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
Interesting story... :3

I do hope you update soon. :)
Withershins chapter 1 . 9/8/2011
Are you sensing a pattern? I'm sensing a pattern. Apparently, I should put you on AUTHOR ALERT so you don't do sneaky things like post new stories without me knowing. Novel idea.

Right, on to the review. This chapter was, quite honestly, spectacular - spectacular in that you did an amazing job finding the perfect balance between engaging the interest of the reader and setting up the scene. God, the setting, I'm so impressed with how smoothly and how vividly you introduced us to the setting. Every word of it was interesting, and you described it in the sort of way that a reader can't help but feel they're right there alongside Light, seeing and feeling and smelling everything he is. Of course, were I in the story, I'd probably be lurking behind Light and watching him in an embarrassingly obsessive fangirlish manner, but you get the idea. I actually wriggled my toes at the end because I felt I had sand lodged between them.

Anyway, this was a wonderful beginning, and I'm already hooked - very eager to see what you do with his. Now, I'm going to go read this again and pretend I'm at the sea.

ALSO. Glad to hear you've found your info again, and of course don't stress about that. ALSO. I believe you've impregnated me solely through virtue of this chapter's amazingness, so it looks like we've already passed that particular hurdle. I'll let you know in nine months what your literary genius baby looks like. ALSO. I'm sending you a preemptive giant-sized hat, larger than the last, because by all rights your head (and ego) should just continue to grow. ALSO. Please tell wordbombs, if you don't mind temporarily serving as a messaging service, that there's no need to play dead, as I'm actually a very patient person however much I like to play at threatening to hunt her down and force her to update at gunpoint, or possibly knifepoint if I can't get my hands on a gun, and am quite content to allow her as much time she needs, and though I may figuratively lurk over her menacingly once in a while and glare in a meaningful way I don't mean anything by it, and even if she never updates again I am very happy with the wonderful things she has provided the fandom with already. Unless, of course, you baulk at having anything to do with such a horrible and long run-on-ish sentence, then just tell her I'm quite aware she's not dead and am happy she's not.

And to end on a final random note, let me parrot back at you one of my favorite bits from this chapter:

"At six the sky lit up like flames but pink and cyan broke through. It was a shame that people missed this while under their duvets and with closed eyes. So it was just for him." - it was hard picking what favorite to throw back at you, because honestly this chapter was just THAT well-done, but this bit stood out simply because it succinctly and beautifully described that feeling of waking up before the dawn and watching the sun rise in solitude. One thing I love about literature is when it triggers a flash of a memory or impression or imagination, something that engages me and draws me in to the story beyond just good plot and characterizations, and your stories not only have plenty of wonderful plot and characterizations but also have a lot of those tiny little details that make a story complete and vivid and helps the reader more easily connect to and picture the story.

Anyway, excellent job with this; I can't wait to see more of it. Thank you for writing it!
Paint Me Violent chapter 1 . 9/3/2011
So interesting! Update, please, as soon as you can. But had Beyond not been killed by Light?
wordbombs chapter 1 . 9/3/2011
AUGHHHHHH It's up! It's up! It's uppppppppppppp!

This was so good even on the millionth read. I love the feeling of the place. The sea, the loneliness, the sense of living more in memories than the present- it's all so purrrrrrttyy and I turn into a drooling fangirl over it. And B, lovely B. You do him well, ya nutter. I already went through this in depth with you, but my favorites were the Rome line, and the inn keeper, and B. That inn keeper cracks me up with his tales of dead people. Lo, what a monstrous sea!

k, I'm typing this on my ipad, so it's going to have to be short but yayyyyyy half promise is risen! Just leave me out of your glory, I don't want people to know I'm still alive. We're pretending I'm buried and dead and it's all very tragic, but I'm trying hard to update from the grave. Ya here that Withershins?

Anyways, all of the genius is yours and I live for your writing and PLEASE SEND ME MORE! UPDATE MOAR PLEASE I NEED IT.

Love you!