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TheNinjagoPegasister chapter 1 . 7/10/2013
Xiao Yan Zi was always my fav character in HZGG. This is a really nice fanfic of HZGG. I like the first season of HZGG the best.
nuha chapter 16 . 7/4/2013
I really hope you would continue writing this story even though you have not updated it in so long. It's a really captivating story and also you had ended this chapter in a suspenseful way which really make the reader curious on what will occur.
A Drop of Starlight chapter 18 . 10/15/2012
I love your writing style, and your story is GREAT! It reminds me so much of the movie, but sadly, I haven't watched it in years, so I forgot some of the characters. :P But that didn't make me like your story any less! Love your story! :DDD
pam chapter 18 . 9/16/2012
Hi! Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed this story!(: Especially the part about xiao yan zi being zhen zhen. It is a very refreshing and new storyline! And i love how yong qi is so protective of xiao yan zi! Its so good that huan zu gege 3 should be modified and have this included in it with the original actors and actresses! Haha.
JustWannaBeAnonymous chapter 18 . 9/13/2012
Wow.. this is a really good story.. I just finished reading the chapter. I hope you continue soon. I'm so curious about what would happen later.. Please update again.
TrixieNancy124 chapter 18 . 11/18/2011
This has been a great story! Love it! :)
Emily chapter 18 . 10/21/2011
Please update soon?
Ruan Chun Xian chapter 11 . 9/16/2011
I just realised, did you forget Qing Er in this story? She should be in this scene...I guess it doesn't matter that much but I kind of miss Qing Er talking on Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei's behalf.
Ozbridge chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
Honestly, I think yogurtpo should give a warning at the begining of the story: "Don't read this late in the evening, or you will have to stay up till dawn to finish reading it", because there are at least 3 people (Ruan Chun Xian, AndromedaAiken and I) made that mistake.
AndromedaAiken chapter 18 . 9/11/2011
I found this story yesterday night and stayed up all the way in bed till 6am this morning reading it! It was so captivating and you've weaved in all the little plots very well! I really hope you continue this one day too. Well done!
Hi chapter 1 . 9/10/2011
Hang on, I just read the description of this story and some of the other reviews. Ok I get it this, it's not a big mess, it's actually the truth. I was sleepy last night and was excited to find another author rewriting the entire story, then I picked the first story on the list (this one) without reading the description and missing the entire point! Ok, my bad. Well, now that I do know what this story is really about, I'm going to have to say I'm going to skip it. It is most certainly not my type of storyline, sorry. You do write really well though and the beginning was great.
Ruan Chun Xian chapter 2 . 9/9/2011
the reviewer below me: Please read. All the identity crisis is part of the mystery. I swear the main storyline will be resolved, and you will not be left hanging regarding XYZ's identity. It is worth it, really!

I said I'd leave a review when it's not 3am but it's still 3am )) but I'll review anyway. I've just finished translating the bit where Yong Qi finds out XYZ is Zhen Zhen and I have to say I'm in love with the way you portray both YQ/XYZ and QL and XYZ's relationships in this story. It is so unbelievably true to character.

"Ge Ge's…er…"


"Is she still Ge Ge?"

"OF COURSE SHE IS! And if anyone says she's not I'll have them beheaded."

This is such a QL thing to say - the wonderful father AND the Emperor at the same time.

I absolutely adored the flashback scenes between XYZ and YQ - especially the "wedding" and then "where's the baby?" part. And YQ's protective instincts for XYZ kicked in at such an age, it's adorable. They must have both been very cute children!

But what I love most about this is, as blackangel says, you manage to weave both happiness and tears in so well, which is something I have trouble with my fics. Actually I have trouble balancing practically everything in my fics - narrative vs conversation, melodrama vs humour. What But you do it so seamlessly!

I suppose the one thing that stands out to me right now translating this is that it just seems that every second chapter Taiyi is summoned which I guess is the requirement of the plot but it kind of amuses me.

I would have liked the scene when YQ visits XYZ in prison a little everyone would go away and give them time alone and maybe the fact that he would have to be dragged out of there :P but I won't complain, your Zhen Zhen - Yong Qi scenes make up for it!
Hi chapter 8 . 9/9/2011
Hang on, oh it's that Ji Shi Fu. I didn't really get the name last chapter. I'm more used to Chinese characters not just pin yin. This is going really really wierd now. What kind of story is this? There's no way an impostor can pass off as Ji Shi Fu's daughter unless he's in on it too, there's absolutely no way that could happen. Too many people have to had been paid off, and believe me it is definitely hard enough believing Shi Tai could be, but I've seen stories like this. This is getting too many people in on the hoax now. And I can't believe they're actually believing the story? Well like I said it's elaborate hoax. But I think it's definitely getting a little too far-fetched now. Get rid of that girl, NOW. How dare someone start messing with Xiao Yan Zi and Xiao Jian's sibling relationship.

I'll be back to read later though, it's late. Though I am seriously having my doubts on whether I want to continue. You stated that this story is incomplete, and if you never finish writing the end to this MESS it'd kill me if I read too much and not have a satisfied answer.
Hi chapter 7 . 9/9/2011
Wow, who IS that crazy girl. How in the world would Shi Tai be in on this? Did she get paid or something like those three causing trouble with Zi Wei's identity? WOW. And what a really elaborate hoax. The box is really interesting though. But I'm betting they'll 'prove' it by Xiao Yan Zi actually knowing how to open it, and she might remember because it's something having to do with her past living with Shi Tai instead of her actual past. I wonder what would be in it though.
Hi chapter 6 . 9/9/2011
"Jing Hui Shi Tai chose to ignore that comment, and grinning cheerfully before answering, "Yep! Xiao Jian, I would like you to meet Fang Ci, your sister!""

WHAT is this? Some impostor eh? I'd love to see what's going on with this crazy girl! I'd really love to know who's behind this mess, this BIG MESS. Especially on top of this the family's past just got out.
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