Reviews for Protection From Nargles
GlassGirlCeci chapter 9 . 7/28
I absolutely adored this fic. While I don't often go looking for Harry/Luna, I feel like there aren't that many that do it well. I stumbled upon this one and finished in one go. Your version of Luna is so accurate! And their relationship is absolutely charming. Thank you :)
GlassGirlCeci chapter 4 . 7/28
Oh my god. I'm not really one for fluff. I don't go out of my way to read fluff. I like romance, and fluff is nice in a romance story, but there's usually more going on. This is mostly fluff. I'm not really one for fluff...
Their date around the lake was so tender...
mokona-pyuh chapter 9 . 7/18
It was really cute, and I think you captured Luna's character perfectly ! Thank you for such a nice fic, and thus a very good evening read ! :D
CubsKing chapter 9 . 7/15
Excellent story. I hope you come back and finish the sequel!
Evanlv chapter 8 . 6/27
It feels so wrong to let those mean bullies keep thinking that they don't need to pay anything for their cruel attrack. Think about Luna's situation, the toleration makes her live in hell. Surely Harry doesn't think it's right,right?
Writer's-BlockDP chapter 9 . 6/7
I can't remember the last time I genuinely and suddenly snorted out loud at a line in a story, but this last chapter achieved it with Butter Chicken. This was adorable and fluffy yet believable, and I'm off to read the sequel :)
Kyrial Arthian chapter 9 . 6/3
I cannot tell you how much I love you for this fic. It is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for ever since I read the books, however many years ago. It's so adorable and perfect, and just how I always imagined a relationship between Luna and Harry (I'll admit to having been disappointed a little when he ended up with Ginny in the books, even though I do like that pairing too). You portrayed Luna so perfectly! And Harry pretty much mirrored my thoughts on her, aside from that one bit in the 1st chapter about her not being a legendary beauty; I always thought she was exceedingly beautiful, though maybe that's just the movies spoiling us. :P
Ruairi J.L chapter 5 . 5/20
I hope Ron gets punched and left behind by the end of this story. Just as with his canon counterpart, Harry deserves better by way of 'friends', because Ron is not one. Not even close.
Ruairi J.L chapter 4 . 5/20
As soon as I saw "the centre cannot hold" I knew what was coming and had to laugh. The Second Coming is possibly my favourite poem of all time, from my favourite poet of all time. Bonus points for including it.
generalpaskmust chapter 9 . 4/30
Probably the best H/L fic have ever read, and since I only read H/L, it's the best fic I have ever read so far. Good job, I absolutely loved it!
misspsycho24 chapter 1 . 4/3
This is a lovely chapter to read. I like Luna and loved the dynamic between Harry and Her.
Skye chapter 9 . 3/20
I must not defend crackpots?

Umbridge is getting creative.
On to the sequel! Yay!
Skye chapter 8 . 3/20
Quite the rumours. Love the twins and the hockey references, and I must say, Hermione and her cousin probably made up half the crowd at Greater London hockey games by themselves. Something tells me attendance isn't very good there. Probably close to my local Junior B team. Anyway, love this fic!
Skye chapter 6 . 3/20
"Ministry-approved footwear"? That's... very Umbridge.
Skye chapter 4 . 3/19
I thought the lizard people live in the sewers under the Capitol, not on another planet. Funny. Love this fic! Haruna is so difficult, but this is wonderful.
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