Reviews for Protection From Nargles chapter 9 . 4/22/2012
This has begone one of my favorite Harry/Luna stories I've read, almost up there with Contemplating Clouds, the story that converted me to this pairing. Off to read it's sequel!
MaxRide05 chapter 9 . 4/21/2012
Rlly loved it. Goin in my favs..
North Star Puppet chapter 9 . 4/19/2012
When I first read the THE END I almost cried. I loooove the Luna and Harry pairing, and this story was amazing! But then I saw the rest of the author's note and then I'm all,


XD. Yeah, I loved it. You are a fantastic writer, and you detailed everything beautifully. I'm glad Ron and Hermione (or Herman) managed to work things out with Luna. .

Keep writing!

~Anthea Triton~
lordamnesia chapter 9 . 4/16/2012
Fantastic story, well written and with an obviousness of what's going on, with just the right flair of believability! Keep up the fantastic work!
Rexnos chapter 9 . 4/3/2012
Mostly just fluff, but I liked it. I've always felt Harry/Luna works better than Harry/Ginny, particularly when it comes to the movies. Luna has a knack for telling Harry just what he needs to hear in them.

I'm interested to see where you'll take the story once it has a more serious conflict, as I assume the sequel will. Umbridge is a wonderful villain since she's unrepentantly horrible. Hardly very realistic, but very easy to hate.


Alpecca Ankaa Black chapter 9 . 3/31/2012
I Love this story. It's lovely and well-written.
squidbert chapter 9 . 3/21/2012
Wonderful story!
almanera chapter 9 . 3/20/2012
Just finished the story. You know, it's a pity that it's impossible to hear Hermione speak Bulgarian...not that I speak the language myself, but I'm fluent speaker of Russian and I can quite imagine the "atrocious accent" :)

By the way, I like your Hermione. She's kind, bright, supportive, but slightly annoying - perfectly in character for her. It's the thing with Harry's friends in canon - Ron and Hermione are both great but faulty. Ron is often like a weather friend - sure he's been there for Harry, but I can see him easily replaced by Dean or Seamus - it's just like a normal friendship between guys, not a "very, very best and loyal" friendship that never weavers...And Hermione - well, bright and loyal...but sometimes it's as though somebody needs to say it to her: "girl, you're not his mother, stop bossing him around!"

It's not to criticize your writing in any way, it's just the way they seemed to me as JKR portrayed them. Luna is cool in that sense - she's unique and has mind of her own without influencing Harry or bossing him around. At the same time Harry's good for her too with the confidence boost he gives her without influencing her much either...So, yes, I think this is the appeal of the very idea of them together and you're portraying it just fabulously.

almanera chapter 8 . 3/20/2012
Pansy and Draco are finally showing their true nature. Well, that was expected.

Nice chapter. I liked it a lot. Harry's attention to the detail is very well emphasized. He has always been observant (in canon as well), of course he'd notice such things as Luna's rainbow colours when it comes to her outfit (well, except for the violet, but he quickly amended that).

Lots of kisses in this chapter - I'm thinking whether they're not too shy for it (well, normally they would be), especially in the village where everybody's gawking at them...but then again you perfectly described two people in love.

Skating was brilliant.

Can Ron stop teasing? But then again he wouldn't be Ron if he did.

Well done!

Oh, and I've noticed that you brought in some Canadian elements :) Very clever

JlovesGaara chapter 9 . 3/20/2012
Great story. Very fluffy and adorable. I loved it! There is seriously a lack of amazing luna and harry stories out there longer than a one-shot. Keep up the good work in the future!
almanera chapter 4 . 3/19/2012
Hey Arpad Hrunta,

Thank you for appreciating my last review, but I really wasn't flattering you. You're amazing! Catching tender moments like that...I simply can't get enough of your Harry/Luna...

Bringing Pansy and Draco in like that was a very good twist too. I like it when the authors realize that there are many sides to the characters. We usually see Pansy and Draco sneering and insulting the others, but it doesn't mean that they can't behave differently when there's no-one else around.

I had a huge discussion about the perception of some characters by the majority of fans. HP universe has been around so long that people seem to have developed certain stereotypes when it comes to their favourite and least favourite characters.

Take Hermione, for instance, the majority of fans love her - she's pretty, loyal and bright - I agree - but how many fans notice that she's also narrow-minded and extremely bossy? In fact, she's often hindering Harry's progress in learning as much as Ron does. Ron corrupts him with his laziness while Hermione gets awfully jealous when he exceeds her results. Yet, it's very often Ron who gets bashed should it come down to bashing. I'm not trying to judge Harry's best friends here. They're not the only ones. I'm merely pointing out that while people select their favourite characters they will usually go any lengths to ignore negative characteristics of these characters. It's important to keep an open mind and therefore I'm glad that you included this tender moment between Draco and Pansy as well (even if they're not so endearing characters).

almanera chapter 2 . 3/18/2012
Simply expressing my gratitude for wonderfully written Harry/Luna. These two really do connect on a level that is beyond reach for others. Very glad that someone else sees it as well :)

So much pudding! It was very Harry kind of thing to do, very sweet and Luna with her insights on ministry corruption was simply spot-on...although it did seem that there was enough pudding to feed the whole D.A. (Just some friendly teasing) Beautifully written. Thank you!
sparky40sw chapter 9 . 3/3/2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, which I read through this morning. You did a great job of creating a lovable, eccentric but quite clearly sane Luna, and a Harry who is significantly better than the canon version.

I am hoping that a little righteous vengeance happens in the sequel, there are a few slytherins and the umbitch who need tripping hexes at the top of 5 flights of stairs.

thanks for sharing
Katzztar chapter 4 . 3/2/2012
Luna's lizard people from the stars ... it reminds me of the tale of the tribe in Africa called the Dogon, that knew info about Astonomy for centuries when it took modern science tech to know, it was told to them by the Monmo, who were from a planet in the Sirius Star system.

Here is an exceprt from /siriusb (this site also has a tap for cryptozoology ... for some reason I see Luna impressed by muggles that investigates the cryptids)

"According to their traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius and is extremely heavy. It also rotates on its axis.

This legend might be of little interest to anybody but the two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded it from four Dogon priests in the 1930's. Of little interest except that it is exactly true. How did a people who lacked any kind of astronomical devices know so much about an invisible star? The star, which scientists call Sirius B, wasn't even photographed until it was done by a large telescope in 1970.

The Dogon stories explain that also. According to their oral traditions, a race people from the Sirius system called the Nommos visited Earth thousands of years ago."
Dean Pagliaro chapter 9 . 2/28/2012
Thank you for writing a very enjoyable fic.
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