Reviews for The Battle of Hogwarts
Macey4xox chapter 1 . 10/12/2011
Oh my gosh, you had me in tears! This story is wonderful! Poor Finn and Santana :( I can't even imagine how Carole would feel if she lost Finn. I'm completely in awe at your writing! I don't know how to express my love!
bobrabbit100 chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
Vale... I really liked this story. Towards the end I almost cried and that just shows what a great writer you are. I read this in 2 days (sorry 10,000 is a lot of words to read in one night especially after the several chapters of the story I was telling you about yesterday I read tonight). Pues, I disagree with you on some things. In my opinion, Kurt would have been in Ravenclaw. He is definitely not evil enough to be in Slytherin. Santana, Rachel, and Jesse yes, but Kurt no. Blaine as a Gryffindor- duh! I was a little upset that there were no AVPM or AVPS references in here, but it was good nonetheless. Also, I hate to be a prick, but you did one of my pet-peeves: you plurarlized the word "Weasley" with an apostrophe-s. But it's ok, I forgive you. You only did it once. Lastly, the dates of the letters at the end should have been written 27 June 1998 and 30 June 1998, but I liked your use of 15:00! ;) I miss you a lot and hope you're having fun in England -bobrabbit100

P.S. Sorry for the "vale" and "pues" but Spanish is currently taking over my brain and I can't help but think/write in Spanglish. ("Vale" means "Ok" and "Pues" means "So," btw)

P.P.S. I hope you know who this is or it could be kinda awkward... o.O
TexasTurtleFan chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
TWIN! I squealed so hard seeing that this was published. And I do not squeal. You make me cry and you make me squeal. I wish I could make you understand how high that praise is.

AWWW! A special thanks. I feel special. :D You are more than welcome. And your stuff is mega awesome. Siriusly, other people seeing this review, go to her homepage and read her stuff. She's supermegafoxyawesomehot.

Oh this fic. Just so god damn gorgeous.

I really liked seeing the inside of Hogwarts, seeing the terrors that went on inside while the holy trinity (Harry, Ron, Hermione) were out hunting horcruxes. I mean, we know what happened but it's different first hand. You captured the terror and hopelessness incredibly well.

The Glee characters are very well sorted, as I've told you before. But it's true. I like that you didn't just categorize good guys, bad guys, smart guys, everybody else. You gave it some honest thought and it shows.

And you are right. Jesse St. James is such a little bitch.

Let me reiterate how much I love the Furt brotherhood. As is obvious, I have a real soft spot for them together and I love it when someone gets them right. Which you have. ;)

It's a small thing but I think it's so crucial. Every time Kurt and Blaine have to part before a fight, the last thing they say to each other/show each other is a declaration of love. They know that the end could come all too quickly and I like that they won't leave each other without the other knowing that he loves him.

Santana and Brittany make me so sad. I love Britt with Artie and really, that would be the couple I would root for because Santana is so manipulative and cruel at times. She's just too hard to be with Brittany. But Santana does love Brittany and I think that redeems her in a way. it's kind of like what J.K. Rowling said about Snape. He does have faults, is not even a very likeable man, but he has acted out of love and that is the greatest thing you can do (I'm paraphrasing of course so please no one yell at me because I'm misquoting. I read that interview a very long time ago and those are not the exact words but I think it is the gist)

Oh Blaine. Will you ever stop serenading people in inappropriate places? What do you think McGonagall's reaction was to When I Get You Alone (or the Wizard version of that song)? I would pay to see that reaction. I'm ashamed to say just how much I would be willing to pay.

Thank you for including the greatest Mrs. Weasley line of them all. ;)

And again, Kurt and Blaine are just so beautiful together. Them clinging to each other, just needing to know that the other is alive, so relieved that he is, is just so amazing. I re-read that bit many times.

Poor Kurt and his panic about telling Carole about Finn. It's never easy to hear that you've lost a loved one but to be the one who delivers the news, to have to destroy a person like that? It's devastating. Look at how difficult it was for Blaine to tell Kurt that he'd lost his brother.

You really nailed Burt and Kurt, AKA the best father-son relationship on or off screen. I've always been too intimidated to try a lot of Burt-Kurt stuff. But you came, you saw, you conquered. Well done. ;)

And thank you for taking a look into Kurt and Carole's relationship, which seems kind of nonexistent on the show.

The confrontation between Blaine and his parents was perfect. It was real both because there was real pain that doesn't get fixed with a quick apology but Blaine still accepts their efforts to fix what they've broken.

Oh Blaine. You're just so dorkily adorable and filled with such cheesy goodness. I want that owl. Where can I get one?

And Blaine working with the Nimbus company is cute. Making the most awesome kinds of broomsticks. He would be a huge Quidditch dork.

"We love Quidditch. Well... Blaine loves Quidditch. I love scarves."

I love that we get to see how he's doing and that his parents really are trying. And that his mom likes Kurt. ;)

"I understand we can't do anything scandalous with both sets of parents around..." Baby penguin? Where? I don't see one.

I hope you know now that the image of Kurt and Blaine sneaking out to a garden hand in hand than glancing around before stealing a little kiss is forever burned into my brain. And the only bad thing about that is that I can't make it exist in real life.

Siriusly, I love this so much Twin. I don't know if there are any other Battle of Hogwarts crossovers but I can guarantee that this will be my favorite. You blended the characters into this universe beautifully. If you've got any backstory to these guys, I'd kind of like to see more of your Hogwarts. Heck, I'd even like to see what you would do with a purely HP story.

Anyway, before I ramble on much longer, superb job Twinsie. I love this and you. Can't wait to read more from you.