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Lady chapter 12 . 12/14/2016
Some people see the world in black and white.
Taking this to a reader's perspective there are good authors and bad authors. In my humble opinion you qualify as none the above options - you sir/Madame are a great author.
I am sure that by now you have gotten accustomed to being praised about your work. It would appear that you have many fans that admire your writing. Being a loyal fan to the Pokemon fandom since my childhood I had the good fortune of discovering your story, Game of Champions one day as I was browsing the fan fiction archives for a good read. As someone who does not particularly care for poor quality writing usually I do not linger long on but of course your work was an exception - on the surface level I was drawn to the realistic world of Pokemon you portrayed in your story as well as the deep philosophical undertones to each chapter (that which served to render each one with its own flavor and distinction). To cut to the matter I was throughly engrossed in your tale and sat for a full 8 hours or so indulging in the magic of it.
I would like you to know dear author that I appreciate your work so much. It was not an emotional piece by any means but your unfinished story left me with a yearning feeling - a kind of bittersweet sadness and of hope that one day you may update and the magic can continue. I understand that you have a very busy life, you may not even ever see this note that I sent you but by the slim chance that you do I want you to know that I am eternally that you invested so much of your time writing Game of Champions. Finished or not, you created magic: not only by weaving words together prettily but you gave well loved characters (whom I'm sure all wish to actually exist or would like to meet in their fantasies) life.
I think that one of the best compliments a fellow writer can get is that one in which they are told that they have created a portal; a portal to another world where the imagination lives and breathes like an evergreen tree - the same world where Red lives. Thank you for opening up that portal and giving hundreds perhaps thousands of readers a chance to meet him, Pikachu, Green, Blue etcetera. Your writing is like a beautiful encounter, a memory that will forever be cherished by those who've had the opportunity to experience...

On a completely unrelated note please, I beg you to never stop writing. God forbid that you discontinue Game of Champions but should you do so in your best interest I hope that at least you may share your talent to others in a meager way. Why? Because it truly brings joy to people - it certainly made my day when I found your story. It is within my sincere wishes that one day you might find true happiness in this craft if you haven't already done so and have more and more time to write. As your faithful reader if that day should ever come I would certainly be overjoyed - but for now I will support your awesome works and wish you the very best in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

P.S. I hope that your everyday waking life is going well! Hope to read an update soon!
MizukiYumeko chapter 12 . 12/9/2016
I really hope this is continued.
Even if not, I've enjoyed what I read.
Iarkhos chapter 2 . 11/28/2016
One small thing : you say "gyrados" instead of "gyarados"
Iarkhos chapter 12 . 11/28/2016
I have read a lot of fanfictions over the years, but I keep coming back to this one. For me, it is not only the best fanfiction in the Pokemon fandom (because that is not saying much), but at least one of the best fanfictions, or even fictions, I have read.
The world you have portrayed is very well constructed, vivid, alive. I keep wanting more of it.
I sure hope it is not abandoned, but I will wait years for even one chapter.
Good work.
ParisIvashkov chapter 8 . 11/28/2016
This is by far the most impressive pokémon FanFiction I've come across. Great story line, perfect characterisation, and it's actually well written with correct grammar? I'm in love. Please don't give up on this story! I really hope to see an update sometime in the future!

- Paris
Dragonjek chapter 12 . 11/27/2016
It pains me to see this not be updated-particularly due to the lack of Concordia/Helena. Neither heads nor tails of Team Plasma have showed so far, much less N's retinue. And considering that Concordia and Althea are the tiny few of Team Plasma who actually buy into the pro-Pokemon aspect of the group, I'd have a hard time imagining her getting along with this relatively brutal Red. I'd love to see how you make their interactions work out.

I hope the story behind Triton Lead could get explored more fully next chapter.

... who's the girl in the interview, though? Red's just a flat-out abnormal person, but if even Lt. Surge is getting discomfited then she must be something special. I'd love to find out what they are. And Surge... is he not as devoted to Team Rocket as he at first appears? It sounds like he has either a pokeball or a grenade in his pocket. If you've made anything clear about Red, it's that he's a damn fine hand at planning things out in advance, and several steps ahead at that.
t3tsubo chapter 12 . 11/22/2016
Somehow reddit led me here, and I'm glad it did. This story is a 10/10, hits all of the buttons which make fanfiction so enjoyable for me: namely explaining canon/tropes in rational ways, having excellent world building and having believable characters across the board (not just protagonists). I especially loved your characterization of Misty, and all of the little hints of a more fleshed out world through the use of chapter headers and closers. It really reminds me of another great fic, To the Stars (Madoka) in that regard. My one gripe would be the Ninetails chapter being kind of random, as it seems like the Ninetails in question is a legendary pokemon (given its feats and rarity) even though nothing in canon would indicate so. It feels kind of Yudowsky-ish, randomly inserting a malevolent genie into a story.

I hope the muse strikes you again for this story, as it definitely sits among my favorite fics I've ever read.
Rave chapter 12 . 11/17/2016
Started reading this series when someone on reddit recommended it. I knew coming in that it wasn't finished, but decided to give it a shot. I have to say that reading this has been more than anything I ever expected or imagined. Everything about this universe is right up my alley and I've wondered about a more realistic setting for the Pokemon universe for years. I understand that you can't force a caged jigglypuff to sing, but if more of this started coming out again I would be so incredibly happy. Either way, if you're reading this L. Lamora I would like to sincerely thank you for this little adventure and I wish you the best.
Ryan B chapter 1 . 11/10/2016
This fan fiction is just far too amazing. It's a shame there was never more written. 10/10
Rando chapter 1 . 11/8/2016
This is a perfect blend of realisticness in our real world mixed with Pokémon, with bits and pieces of the anime, games, etc. blended in. Excellent! I will keep reading!
Lovely chapter 12 . 11/4/2016
This fic rules all!

Akiha Green is so fucking intrigueing. Just what is she getting herself into?
ShibaInuit chapter 12 . 10/25/2016
Great work. This is the second time I have read this fic. I crave more, soon, and if not, at least a look at your outlines.

-Shiba, who gives you thanks
Guest chapter 12 . 10/23/2016
VERY INTERESTING FANFIC I hope you will update soon
Guest chapter 12 . 10/18/2016
As much as would love to see this story completed in my lifetime, I just can't see it personally. Very rarely do I come on this site and see something so well written that it stands up on its own against the greatest literary works of all time. Even if L. Lamora somehow didn't join the Air Force a while back, it is plainly obvious that something on this scale is simply too ambitious for fanfiction. This will never be properly finished, (and it pains me to say it, but it's the truth). Hell, Red hasn't even gotten halfway through Kanto, and there is still Team Rocket to deal with.

You guys really should not expect L. Lamora to complete this as an unpaid author. Its times like this where I wish copyright and trademark laws were not a thing so that people could actually justify their writing as a hobby (a very time consuming one.)
BigB12 chapter 12 . 10/17/2016
I just wanted to say this is probably the best written fix I've ever read on this site of any genre. You have a true gift, As an eager reader I hope you one day decided to return to this fic and finish it.
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