Reviews for Taken in the Night
Guest chapter 11 . 12/24/2013
Please continue I wanna see what happens with edward and bella in the ! CONTINUE
crazycats7 chapter 11 . 12/15/2013
that was so sad, I hope she will see him again. Please bring them back together.
crazycats7 chapter 10 . 12/15/2013
I like it, I feel sorry for Edward. What he did was wrong, but I can see he was traumatized. I hope Bella falls in love with him.
crazycats7 chapter 6 . 12/14/2013
I feel bad for him. he sounds abused and so scared.
crazycats7 chapter 5 . 12/14/2013
the story is good, but it would be better if he was a vampire and not human. But, I like to see where you are taking this.
crazycats7 chapter 4 . 12/14/2013
It's a good story, but I don't get why he kidnapped her.
SexyBelle chapter 11 . 12/11/2013
will you ever complete this story? I loved every word of it! I think I never had so many tears drenching my clothes while reading another story before... it's so beautiful, so heart-breakingly beautiful, my God, he has a beautiful heart but a troubled mind, poor boy. She has a beautiful soul! I would loooooove to read the complete story! xoxo
Penopoly chapter 11 . 12/5/2013
You've started writing about which is brilliant! Just wondering if this story is finished or not- you've written that its not here, but it's been on hiatus for so long, just wondering if you plan to write more or if that's the end? It would work either way, but I guess I hoped Edward would get a happy ending
EdwardsKitten chapter 11 . 12/5/2013
Why, oh why is Edward so broken?
Cina's chapter 11 . 12/4/2013
Wow did see that coming.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/1/2013
nerdyyglasses chapter 1 . 11/25/2013
Love this story! Can't wait.. Need update right about now :O
TwilightWrite chapter 2 . 11/21/2013
Are you gonna end this story? Just asking
almondgirl3 chapter 9 . 11/20/2013
I really don't understand guys like Mike who can be so...normal about planning to rape someone. It's fucking scary because his character isn't even an anomaly.
almondgirl3 chapter 8 . 11/20/2013
I like that you've made this more real than what would normally have been done on here. Sometimes I can enjoy those fics, but having more of a battle between Bella and Edward is satisfying and offers great conflict and chances to grow.
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