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jcampbellohten chapter 5 . 9/17
Oh, this is on FFnet, too? Cool, that solves the problem I might be having on PhoenixSong. I'm "The Pharaoh" over there, and within the past week or two I left several reviews that haven't shown up yet, so I don't know whether they actually got through or not. Please let me know if you got them.

In the meantime, I posted this over there but am also posting here just in case, now that I know I can:

How do kharadjai control their aging? Scott said at some point that he's never been physically sixty and can't just make himself so until he gets there naturally, which implies they age naturally at some rate. It also implies he [italic]can[/italic] reach that physical age, which means they don't stop aging at the human body's physical prime. It's implied if not explicitly stated that Scott is [italic]very[/italic] old, so either they age slowly enough that Scott's body is naturally that of a man in his twenties (thirties?) after all these years, or that they can learn to halt their aging.

Do they keep aging down every year or so when they want to retain their physical age? I guess not, because Scott mused in TTM that aging down feels like compressing oneself and aging up feels like decompressing, so if kharadjai kept layering on more regressions, then I imagine the pressure would get worse over time. That is, unless the sensation is only a symptom of the technique and not something that stays with them as long as they stay regressed. So, maybe they do that. Is that it, or is it something else (if you deign to reveal that)?

A couple corollaries, based on Scott's musing that he and Lila were already adults when they met:
1. How much older is Scott than Lila? A year, a few years, several centuries? Well, I guess those measurements of time are relative to the universe and solar system they're in and if their physical aging is slowed, then going by that wouldn't necessarily be very helpful, either. So, I guess my question is: Given the kharadjai's ability to halt their aging or else their extremely slow aging, are Scott's and Lila's ages different within a conventional margin or separated by a very long time? It's not really important, but I'm curious. Scott's ruminations on "kid sisters" in this chapter got me thinking about this, and from there the general question of their aging.
2. If kharadjai age slowly, what makes them considered as adults? Do they mentally and emotionally develop proportionally to their physical age, or will physical children be legal adults?

Corollary number two makes me suspect they have some method to halt their aging rather than naturally aging extremely slowly, if only because that seems much simpler.
Hou5eMou5e chapter 39 . 9/15
So, uhm..
I read all of "That Terrifying Momentum" and Vis in a day.
Am I crazy? Yes. Yes, I am.
Did I love every letter of both stories? You can bet all of Scott's arsenal, I did.
Which brings me to the following conclusion:
You, my friend, are fucking amazing.
I love your writing, your humor and most importantly, Scott, because fuck me sideways with a cactus, the man (although a fictional character) is fucking amazing. I'm not going to lie, I probably wouldn't be the only one wanting to throw as much money as possible at you, if you ever decide to write anything original about him. I'd also bet a lot of money on the possibility that maybe you've already done that. Please prove me right. I'd buy as many copies as possible, I swear.
Anyway, this is the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed it.
P.s. Am also following your GF fic and absolutely bloody love it. Sending greetings and salutations and such from Germany.
TimeShifter chapter 39 . 8/6
Ginny drives a "hard burger?" I'm not sure if that was a typo or a scout joke. Barring that, I mostly Ernie's this chapter though admittedly Kylie and Trevor don't really interest me on their own. I like the Kharans and Sophie a lot, and read this for the Golden Foursome and their interactions with the extraterrestrial squad, but the IC lugs aren't my focus. They're fun to read around Scott though.

No worries at all about not having more ready, you've been writing this for a long time. I just want to see what conclusion you have in store for us. I trust we're nearing the end now with 4 Horcrux destroyed, another acquired and just Nagini and the scar to go. And I'm excited to see how your plan to deal with the scar, Snape and a final battle with a group that can actually plan tactically. This may have been my favorite arc to read. I know not all of their plans can go smoothly, but I liked reading a heist gone mostly right. The good guys don't need a near death struggle every time, and it makes it more meaningful when they do.

When you do get around to working on the next big, I'll be ready!
Yami Umi chapter 39 . 8/3
Shit. Weather maps. I knew the ammount of research you did for that chapter was absurd, I just didn't know how much that was true. You ARE crazy.

But oh well, I like crazy. With the very important fact that you are crazy, but ALSO a very good writer, with intelligence and depth to spare. That alone merits the wait for the next chapter.

You said reviews are like work sometimes; I don't know about you, but work, or at least my work, isn't what I would do for fun (sad, I know, but true for 90% of the world). And writing reviews is fun for me!

Really, I write reviews with two specific points in mind: one, to show gratitude towards the work of an amateur writer, who entertains me for free, and in turn to give back a little of what I'm given. Secondly, to make said writer motivated enough to keep entertaining me for free.

Which now that I think about it, sounds pretty selfish. Like everything human, I guess. Oh well.

Aaaaaanyway, Vis Insita for me is basically a breath of fresh air and an stimulating experience at the same time. I know it takes you a lot of time to come up with the chapters, so I always reread it to get all the details. This particular chapter was more fun then most, because as I said in my other reviews, I really enjoy in between chapters, and I really enjoy the characters interplay in a relaxing and somewhat normal enviroment.

I specially liked the first steps on Kylie's mind, as I don't remember it ever happening in neither stories; to actually know she isn't a depressed or particuarly sad girl, just a really quiet one, is confirming a few suspicions. I don't even know if we can call her timid, exactly; she speaks her minds when she feels it's inevitable, know what to say and what you just cannot say, and speaking it doesn't seem to cost her like it does for really honest-to-god-timid people. She is just... a really, really quiet girl. I also like how it doesn't affect her perception in the least.

Harry and Ginny, Scott and Sophie indeed.

Also, I want to see Harry thrashed. And Hermione too, if you will. But mostly Harry. Ginny and Ron (and probably Scott) will have a laugh.
RRS777 chapter 39 . 8/3
I really love your stories. Sorry I haven't reviewed before now, but I'd like to say these are some of the best fics I've read. I'm usually really picky about grammar and spelling and stuff, but you've managed to pull it off perfectly. So thanks for writing this, and I hope you update soon!

Oh yeah, and I really like the Latin in the story. I'm a fan of the language myself.

Acta est fabula.


Guest chapter 39 . 7/30
Just want to be brutally honest: You're doing this for the heck of it; so, I know I shouldn't be picky since you have giving me great reading for years; but I was waiting for this chapter to show up while seeing notificacions about your other story (Canceled author subscription, now only have one for this story) and now you write this Seinfeld (Yes, the US show about nothing) chapter that it's just lousy. Feels like even a chapter with just an Author's note would have being less insulting to me as a reader. I do understand that your attention is in another world; but this chapter was just quite frankly not only boring and about nothing (Sometimes you do either of that with chapters, but this was the first one with both) but a slap to the face like you couldn't care more what you put up and that's terrifying because you have always take a lot of effort to present quality even when (In my not at all important opinion) you have failed at it. Just some thought for you.
Guest chapter 39 . 7/27
I've been reading this story since TTM and find your work to be far and away the best on this site. You should write an actual novel, I'd certainly buy it. I hope you find your way through the next part, because reading the end of this story would be wholly fulfilling for you and for those of us who have spent years with you.


Opaque-Cavalier chapter 39 . 7/26
Thanks for the update and another outstanding job by the way. As always an excellent read and I am impressed and awed by your attention to detail!

Update as soon as you can, good things are worth waiting for.

If your muse totally deserts you (something I fervently hope will NOT happen) would you mind terribly just posting your outline of what was going to happen? You've created some really interesting characters that I think a lot of readers are invested in and would like to know what happens to them in whatever detail is available.

InfiniteDragon chapter 39 . 7/26
There's far WORSE reasons to take a while, believe me. ;)
Research also isn't crazy. It's fun!
... Even if it sends several red flags a day to the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and so on.
... Every. Single. Day.
Liked the chapter quite a lot. Good bit of humor and small tensions built in, in a good sprinkling mix, seasoned with some straight up 'wtf' moments. Especially the poo-sock. Really.
Also, pursuant to previous discussions on the subject (which, if you don't remember given the gap, involve Kharadjai physiology and similar things): "Then, could a human and a Kharadjai breed? If so, would the result be one or the other or somewhere between? Or something else entirely? If not, why? They seem to be (and from what you've said essentially are) human, so... what would prevent them from doing so, aside from the Shape itself, and if so, why that effect?
Finally, if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, let me know. I'm not the only person I know that reads this fic. ;)
TimeShifter chapter 38 . 5/9
That was a nerve-tracking chapter, and Scott's still not out of the woods yet. I'm guessing this mercenary is going to become his main antagonist, someone who thinks of combat the same way. I am loving how the group is using Muggle tactics to constantly surpassed and out-maneuver the Death Eaters, but I get that your want to add some challenge for the Kharans.
IHateSnakes chapter 38 . 5/4
Great update & action...I watched the shootout & loved the civs calmly walking down the street while the battle raged!
Yami Umi chapter 38 . 5/3
I have no idea if you really enjoyed writing this shoot out, or if it was a bloody nightmare. I recon it was a bit of both, to be honest, because it has no small amounts of details and it was very nicely thought out, to the locations of the buildings. So yeah, good work, man. You dig military shit though, that's for sure.

On the downside, I apologise for not reviewing the last... I don't know, 6 chapters? More? Life is really hectic right now, and sometimes I have to remember to search for this in particular amidst my everyday problems so I can read two, even three chapters in a row. This one I was lucky to get on the fron page, but almost didn't. Time to follow this, I guess, and stop being stupid.

And I have a question: why didn't Scott use an aperture when he was hidden enough? Or whatever it is he calls those little wormholes? If he got the time to hole himself up in snow, then he surely has time to get out? And it is less risky, because well, no risk of hypothermia.
sylvelle chapter 38 . 5/2
Excellent. Balls to the wall and had me chewing nails, worrying about Harry doing something stupid.. Well mor stupid and getting caught. Still all's well that ends well.. for now.
Quick Question chapter 37 . 4/5
Well written chapter as always. This is one of my favourite stories.

Quick question though - how did they figure out Bellatrix's vault number? I apologize if I skipped that part but I can't remember where or how that happened.
BB chapter 37 . 3/19
I really enjoyed the scene at the very beginning with Sophie and Hermione, and how much more organized the break in to Gringotts was in general. I can't wait to see how Scott and Lila manage to get out of there, as well as the aftermath of the break in and the destruction of the horcrux.
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