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fmcmahon4 chapter 17 . 5/4/2014
I have to say I was laughing the entire time I read Girl Talk. It was very bizarre but still very awesome. I am looking forward to the talk with Harry and Scott about everything, especially the scar link. I guess I was kind of like Harry and didn't notice his scar wasn't hurting at all throughout this story and That Terrifying Momentum. Keep up the good work.
AragornII chapter 17 . 5/2/2014
The Girl Talk is certainly "different"…and I was planning to mention it before reading your AN (presuming I'd remembered to this point)…and I did like it. Partly, because as a male I believe the Bechdel Test matters.

As far as the story itself goes, I liked it because it feels real: two adolescent women thrust into an utterly insane reality…with a host of brand-new freedoms, threats, and intimidating options.

So, yes, giving each other a nurturing hand for comfort, closeness and stress-relief seems emblematic of possible successes for them as they navigate the challenges before them. This is something that is within their power and will augment the bonding that can only serve them in the long-run.

Thanks for the gift...
Inoeth chapter 17 . 5/2/2014
I did quite enjoy this chapter. I liked the 'Girl Talk' quite a lot because it made Hermione and Ginny far more 'real' and less the 'PG' rated characters from the books. They're horny teenagers. Of course they want and are going to talk about sex. It makes perfect sense that they'd be at least going to second and third base at that age and at that stage in their respective relationships.

I also quite liked Harry's little talk with Ron about his glasses, scar and later Harry's little 'talk' with Sophie. Given Harry's constant moody angst and anger, a BJ is just what he needs.

I look forward to the next chapter to seeing just how their relationships will evolve and more importantly, just how the Horcrux problem will play out.

*i'm also hoping your going to have them end up in a situation where they have to kill; it'll bring Harry more into the reality of war and that he will have to kill Voldimort and even if he does, there are plenty of nonredeemable Death Eaters who need to die- the Ministry can't/won't hold them and that society as a whole needs to change, by force if necessary or else they'll have a repeat of Voldimort in a decade or two.
ihatesnakes chapter 17 . 4/29/2014
Again, a great chapter. I must admit, as creepy as this sounds, you make my day when I see an update. The girl talk was good, as was the Remus visit. I found the end scene a little intense, maybe too strong. Why is HP so upset? Anyway, great job & keep writing. ihs
TimeShifter chapter 17 . 4/28/2014
Sorry, I am definitely terrible at writing reviews!

I did like the Remus portion of this, but not so much the Girl Talk. Admittedly, part of it was because I've been waiting to see this really pass the Bechdel Test and this was the opposite (as we discussed in another chapter, and you noted here). I understand that sometimes girl talk happens the same way guy talk happens, but I was really hoping their conversation would have some non-boy related content to it.

It also read odd to me. I'm not a girl and so I can't judge to harshly, but it didn't feel real to me; it felt like it was written without an inside perspective. I actually don't hate that there was a need for some girl talk in this chapter, and it makes sense when they're cooped up for weeks at a time with nothing but books, anger and hormones, but it for some reason Ginny and Hermione didn't feel right in that scene. It did get better towards the second half though.

I did like the Sophie bit at the end, and the idea that as much as Harry can fight with Ginny, Hermione, Ron or Scott, Sophie won't take his shit if it comes to defending Scott.
sylvelle chapter 17 . 4/28/2014
Always good to see Remus. I still don't know if I want him with them or not.. I am very much afraid that Remus might make life a little difficult for the 'kids'. Girl Talk was wonderful, I am a girl but don't think I've ever had a friend I'd go that far discussing my love life with. Pity me..
Great chapter, except could do without the angst I really hope you haven't gone behind Harry's back about the whole cursed scar thing.. Is it possible that I've forgotten something; is the soul bit gone? Did it react to the proximity of Nagini? hmmmm
As always wanting more
sylvelle chapter 16 . 4/28/2014
I would like a glimpse into the Scott/Sophie relationship. Glad to have Scott back, you had me worried probably more than I needed to be.
I like Sophie's involvement in this chapter, we can see her worth to the team.
Thanks for the excellent chapter, thought I had read 17 before I read 16, I think I missed the update notice for this story. Anyway all caught up, good job as usual.
Nifty Niffler chapter 17 . 4/28/2014
Remus was nice, but you had me howling with laughter over the Girl Talk. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love your humor in this story. It really couldn't be more perfect. So now the next question is Will we get to "see" any results from the girl talk? I think Harry could use a little 'playtime'.
strangeways chapter 17 . 4/28/2014
I did enjoy both Remus's visit and the girl-talk.

I do think Ginny might have a greater understanding of Harry's reticence in advancing their physical relationship if she stopped to consider that while her pool of options for people to speak with for advice on the matter is somewhat restricted, his pool of options (even at the best of times) has a rather significant overlap with the list of people who'd be quite happy to hear that she'd taken a vow of chastity and that the furthest she'd ever gone with a boy was holding hands. The only easily available alternative he has is Scott ... who she probably would rather Harry didn't take advice from (just in general, never mind specifically when it comes to women). That, or the awkwardness of him discussing their physical relationship with her former Defence professor (who happens to be friends with her parents). Or (if he could being himself to do it), placing Hermione in the awkward position of being the one that both of them are asking for advice.

I tend to review most often when I feel I have a relevant comment, or a question that I think the author might answer about why they took a certain approach. If a given chapter is solid, containing no obvious gaffes or plot holes, and doesn't really raise any questions to which the answers would not be spoilers, there's not much left to say. If a particular section stands out in some way, I might be driven to praise it, highlighting what I thought was especially good. But if the whole thing was good, with nothing standing out from the rest in either a positive or negative manner, I find myself giving rather shallow and empty comments like 'good chapter' or 'well done' ... which gets repetitive for both myself and the author (some still want to hear it, others do not).

I used to fill my reviews with various proofreading corrections, but have moved away from that as being both too labour-intensive and falling to address the content in favor of addressing the presentation. Now, if needs be, I might suggest that something needs additional proofreading (without subsequently performing the task). Your writing doesn't struggle with spelling, punctuation, or grammar, so there's not much to say on that front either (except, again, ' good work').

Where you depart from canon always seems intentional and with clear purpose (and, to the best of my recollection, pretty much every departure has been contingent on the original element of change that resulted from introducing Scott and his mission), so there's no more call for me to play Canon Cop questioning the whys and wherefores of such things than there is for me to be the Punctuation Police.

Anyways, I've rambled on enough for now, so in closing: Good work, keep it up! ;)
Opaque-Cavalier chapter 17 . 4/28/2014
Remus was about as expected, a useful scene to let Harry et al know what was going on outside, but not much else. Since I'm not a girl, the girl talk was an interesting window into what those talks could/would be. However, the readers already know that Ginny basically wants Harry, but Harry is too broken/noble to follow through - although proximity and hormones should pretty much have taken over by now...

From a plot perspective, I think the story really needs to move out of Gimmauld Place. Nothing really seems to be going on/characters developing unless you count Harry's brooding factor going up to 11.

As always, looking forward to more!
Natalia chapter 16 . 4/14/2014
I love this so far — it really is amazing! I can't wait until you update again. I've been obsessed with this story lately:) kutgw! Natalia Zwickle
n1ginnyfan chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
Just picked up this story after TTM. I'm really happy the way the story is progressing :)

Like the last reviewer said, I think it would be more important to build on Scott and Sophie's relationship as of now,

Also, I read a few of your AN's about Neville and Luna and how you were seemingly abandoning their side of the story. I, for one, would love to see their relationship and story brought up again, they had a good thing going.

Hoping to see the next chapter soon!
Nom de Cle chapter 16 . 4/10/2014
Long time listener, first time caller.

I'm dying for more Remus and have just been agonized to realize he doesn't arrive yet in this chapter. I'm constantly hoping for more of a role for Remus in Harry's life... and in a Remus way (and maybe a little in a Tonks way), not in a pseudo-Sirius way.

With respect to Scott & Sophie - love the dynamic, but I'll have to agree with the last reviewer that their relationship seems oddly undeveloped, given how forward Scott seems to be. It makes me feel that Sophie has rebuffed him, whether intentionally or not, for them to still be friends and not more, already. That being said, I'm not interested in hearing too much about their history - I'd rather read more about their present/future.
Yami Umi chapter 16 . 4/7/2014
To be quite honest with you, I'm in so deep in this story that it's quite hard for me to dislike almost anything you can possibly do (I trust your writing THAT much), and a little more insight on the characters it's not a bad thing at all. And anyway, your character development is what got me hooked on the story in the first place, so a little more of it wouldn't hurt, specially with a character like Sophie, who's like breath of fresh hair when compared to Scott and Lila. Not to say I don't like them, because I really do (specially Scott), but sometimes they are way too intense and military and efficient (and let's not forget vulgar). Sophie, even though she IS a soldier and acts like one, has a different role in the team AND in the story, and has more of a sensitive and quiet personality, so it's refreshing.

Aaaaand there's something that has been bothering me for a while, though it's such a minor thing that I didn't even pay any attention to it at all, in the beggining. Don't get me wrong, but that thing with Sophie and Scott is a little... hm, better say it bluntly, right? It's a little virginal. At least, it's virginal for THEM.

I mean, it just doesn't add up: he is attracted to her, she is attracted to him, Scott does harbor some feelings of deeper affection for her. The latter DOES seems reciprocal, or at least she has some interest. Adding the fact that Scott is NOT the type to beat around the bush on things like this, and putting into that bowl that they have been friends for a very bloody long time, AND that hey HAVE had proper time between missions to develop things further... so, improper offers notwithstanding, WHY the hell aren't the two of them together? I mean, Scott doesn't seem like the person who would be shy and hesitant to take things further, AND Sophie doesn't look like she'd mind. Also, Scott wouldn't be daft enough to not do things properly if it was required of him, so... yeah, it has been bothering me. So, I'm curious to see the story behind that beating around the bush; well, if you want to give more insight on Sophie, who am I to complain?
RedEuthyphro chapter 16 . 4/5/2014
Enjoyed this chapter very much. Re: Scott/Sophie history, would certainly enjoy that. I think it would definitely help frame and provide insight into where they're both coming from and how they relate to each other.
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