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Western-Otaku chapter 6 . 1/23
I guess Gavin is the main character then? Might as well tell Ash to hand over his title of chosen one too.
Western-Otaku chapter 5 . 1/23
I hope Gavin isn't going to be a Gary Stu (OP, self-insert character) I really can't stand those... If I hadn't known, I'd have thought Ash and Gavin were childhood friends since they don't share much with each other other than appetite and love for their Pokémon, maybe more will be revealed in time. I wonder if you're going to bring aura into this? (if you do, I bet Gavin will have it too because of the cousin thing). Also I would have thought 2 members of the gang would have been better suited for tagging Team Rocket since Gavin probably has never met them before (excluding when he first showed up) but oh well, they called in backup anyway.
TigerVolcano5000 chapter 53 . 11/28/2017
I have a lot to say. So buckle up, this is gonna beva long review.
*I liked the premise of a brand new region and Ash traveling through it with ALL of his old friends. Haven't seen much of that, probably because I don't commonly check the Pokemon archives but still.
*Gavin skyrocketed on the list of my favorite fanfic OCs (not counting mine, though there aren't TOO many). It's also funny how there are times that make you wonder if he and Ash are related, and others where they act like twins. His secret also adds a good layer of mystery to the character, that we don't really know everything there is to know about him. Basically, I think he's a pretty cool character.
*On the subject of mystery, I love all of it in the story. Gavin's (and Walker's) background, the character of Jeremiah, Team Umbra, all of it. It's makes you wonder. Frustrating to not know all of the answers to all of the questions, but still making for a good story.
*The ships are something that makes the story good. In the actual anime, these are rare if existing at all. YOU might ship characters in the anime, but they're probably not together. The pairings of Ash and May, Gavin and Dawn, and Cilan and Iris help make the story a bit better to read. A little bit of a difference from the anime, but a positive one none the less.
*You really pulled out all of the stops with the rivals, didn't you? Harrison, Drew, Kelly, Harley, Ursula, Zoey, Kenny, Paul, Barry, Bianca, Stephan, Burgundy, Georgia, and I'm sure there's someone I missed. I'm surprised you didn't bring in people like Ritchie, Virgil, Cameron, Nando, Conway, and others to bring in every rival.
*Wow. That Kafue Town Battle Tournament arc was AMAZING. I'm impressed that you went into it with such detail, including the "miscellaneous" contestants and their pokemon. Showing us every battle instead of just ones that feature our main characters. I especially liked the full battles at the end, but that's probably because I've always liked full six-on-six Pokemon battles.
*The inclusion of Leaf was a pleasant surprise. Wasn't expecting it, but definitely didn't hate it. She makes cool addition to the group.
*On to the big one: I'm pretty dissapointed that you're no longer writing this story. But, I'm not gonna react in any anger. With all of the time and work you've put into this story, I'm sure that you have a good reason for no longer working on it. Am I angry? Honestly, yes. But, I trust that you a good reason for doing so.
Huh, maybe not as long as I thought.
Guest chapter 53 . 10/27/2017
FUCKING SHIT! Another awesome story that got abandoned! Great! Just great! Thank you, you stupid disresponsible writer! I HATE YOU!
Daniel Kazami chapter 53 . 9/17/2017
Honestly, I don't know what you have against same-sex couples, because I am bi-sexual, my cousin is transgender, was lesbian before he transitioned from a female, and is now gay, my neighbor's middle child is transgender. I don't understand what you have against people like me or like them. I don't know what your problem is on that note.
pika pika chapter 28 . 6/11/2017
Lucy girl Pokemon blastoise Persian staraptor raichu flareon tyranotar looks brown hair in bun pink dress wilts floral coat and rainbow shoes skin color white
Killme605 chapter 9 . 6/3/2017
Plz more m parts
Roktoof chapter 28 . 4/13/2017
Looks like this chapter ended in a wild goose chase. I bet for Glaceon cause she's more prettier than Buneary.
Hate12234 chapter 40 . 2/10/2017
Why did you make ash lose. He should have used his pikachu. I really think this chapter would be better if he won. Ash is better then that girl leaf
Unanimous chapter 28 . 12/2/2016
My OC Quinn has 8 badges and his team, Musharna, Luxray, Altaria, an OP Hoppip, Starmie and his ace Emboar would like to participate in the league
Phoenix chapter 18 . 9/27/2016
"Yes, but I should probably tell you that this contest is a couple's contest," The man said, causing May and Dawn's eyes to widen.
Aw shieeeeeeeeeeeetttttt
Phoenix chapter 4 . 9/20/2016
Dawn still had on her gold hair clips, but now she wore her hair in a ponytail that they had seen in her contests, a white cap with a pink lid and a pink Pokéball symbol on the front, a sleeveless black vest with a sleeveless white shirt, light blue shorts, and black-and-pink hi-tops. She now had a small, pink bag.
Why the bloody hell did you make dawn dress up as Hilda White from Pokémon Black
Phoenix chapter 3 . 9/16/2016
Pokemon fan
Please add manaphy to the story I love it when manaphy ash and may are together it makes them look like a married couple who are rasing a child there so cute together this fanfic is amazing please continue this fanfic and update soon we really want this story to continue forward
Hey you're talking my language about having the Royal Sea Family(something I made a month ago that involves Manaphy, May and Ash family fanfic) in this story
Pokemon fan chapter 6 . 9/12/2016
Please add manaphy to the story I love it when manaphy ash and may are together it makes them look like a married couple who are rasing a child there so cute together this fanfic is amazing please continue this fanfic and update soon we really want this story to continue forward
Phoenix chapter 8 . 9/1/2016
"Max and I were just talking on the phone to Mom and Dad," May started to explain, "when MAX here (She said this with a quick look of anger at her brother, who responded, "I said I was sorry!") accidently let it slip the fact that we're dating. Now, my dad wants to have a word with you."

"Oh, boy," Ash said with a look of extreme panic on his face.
Hehehehe oh Ash is so funny when it comes to dating another man's daughter
Will Manaphy be in this story
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