Reviews for Hot Commodity
ClaceLover08 chapter 35 . 9/2
i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & i am happy that Bella & Edward are Married & i am happy that Rose & Em are Married & i am happy that Ali & Jazz are Married & I am happy that Everyone has Beautiful Children's
QueenGB chapter 35 . 5/21
Oh my god a great outtake. A fantastic story. Even when some characters pissed me off I loved it. Thank you thank you!
QueenGB chapter 32 . 5/21
I liked closing it out over a meal and laughter. Made me miss my friends. Now I just need an Edward. ;-)
QueenGB chapter 30 . 5/21
Renee and Mike are the rock stars of this chappy. And Edward at the beginning talking to Bella on her stoop was raw, sweet and sincere. Also I would have thanked Jasper for his Hamptons house if I were Bella. That would bring the pain. ;-)
QueenGB chapter 29 . 5/21
Oh that Michael Newton is worth his weight in gold!
QueenGB chapter 27 . 5/21
Bella and Edward are happy and so sweet but, Jasper and Emmett are two old ladies gossiping. Now Rosalie can get her bitchy’i told you so moment’ fantastic! :-(
QueenGB chapter 26 . 5/21
They are cute! It’s so nice Edward isn’t gross anymore. Yay!
QueenGB chapter 24 . 5/21
My gawd Jasper and Emmett are such whinny cry bitches. As I remember it Jasper set the bet and ended it. Edward agreed to end it way back when. I also remember Emmett’s nosy ass prying it out of big mouth Jasper over beers and now he doesn’t want to know or feel the guilt. More Edward and Bella please. Oh and Mike and Laurent and the moms Esme and Charlotte. ;-)
QueenGB chapter 22 . 5/21
Can we have much more of Mike and Laurent (love them)and much much less Rosalie and Emmett? Alice was right to call out Jasper on calling Edward. He’s not acting like a best friend. JS
QueenGB chapter 20 . 5/21
“He thinks we should keep it and see how things go." Haha it’s a baby kids not a late model suv.
QueenGB chapter 18 . 5/21
What’s the what on Jessica already? Riley is a douche I get that but...

And that dinner, could they be any more annoying? Right they could when they’re gossiping about Bella and Edward. If everyone left them alone they would be alright. Emmett is not thrilled with Edward? Well I’m not feeling him either. Nuff Said! The last bit with Alice and Rose was good. It had real emotion. Well done. Oh and by the way I love your Mike. ;-)
QueenGB chapter 15 . 5/21
Um I think Emmett should mind his own business and stop bringing up the dead bet. Oh yeah and the lame threats on Bella ‘s behalf too. Sheesh he’s irritating.
QueenGB chapter 11 . 5/21
“I don't care what Emmett thinks!" I yelled, throwing my hands up in the air. "It's been years since Emmett played an active role in my life. Do you get that? Years!—-Agreed Edward I don’t know why Emmett insinuated his nosy ass in this in the first place. Like I said all the guys need to clean it up and we all know secrets always come out. Also what’s the deal with Jessica are we going to find out soon.
QueenGB chapter 10 . 5/20
All the guys at this point in the story are pretty gross with this bet and all for different reasons. I have faith but yeah...yuck!
Atwiggs chapter 5 . 4/23
Well they are obviously falling for each other, sexually but they have a long way to go before start to really care...
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