Reviews for Hot Commodity
Lyndseyxx chapter 35 . 11/27/2021
Great story, thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed it!
Itzrenaynay chapter 35 . 11/1/2021
I haven’t even finished reading this but I had to say who taught their son that boys can’t marry boys because kids do not just assume things they’re taught things so it’s just kind of interesting that Bella has a best friend who happens to be a gay man and her son is already a bigot like what the fuck
Itzrenaynay chapter 29 . 10/24/2021
Bro he’s lucky she doesn’t just dump him… relationships count on trust the most, I could say even more than love. You break that trust it never usually lasts
Itzrenaynay chapter 27 . 10/24/2021
Haha maybe they should’ve have been talking about it so open… also I was wondering when shit was finna hit the fan
Itzrenaynay chapter 24 . 10/24/2021
Damn how you gonna pussy out like that
Itzrenaynay chapter 22 . 10/24/2021
I’m dying with the ending of this chapter… that’s why you don’t be nosy lol
Itzrenaynay chapter 18 . 10/22/2021
The thing about it is you can’t have it both ways you can’t be like I’m gonna have sex and not care about the consequences and then get so upset that you’re having an unplanned pregnancy like bitch get the fuck over yourself get an abortion or put the kid up for adoption like don’t be a fucking stupid bitch when your friend is trying to help you what
Itzrenaynay chapter 12 . 10/18/2021
What’s w Embry?
Itzrenaynay chapter 8 . 10/18/2021
I was confused about the text not gonna lie I had to reread to see if I missed something
Flora Mile chapter 29 . 7/20/2020
Okay, I get it’s a big deal the bet, but it happened and was called off way before Bella and Edward were ever official.

Saying that, I’d be pissed more than sad!
Flora Mile chapter 28 . 7/20/2020
You know Jasper and Emmett are their own worse enemy’s if they just not talked about it, no one would know! But no, they needed to constantly bring it up. They knew Edward was not that person anymore so why keep talking about it and secondly in public where anyone could here.

Dumb asses!
Guest chapter 3 . 8/4/2019
Edward is a complete douch ok, but frankly Bella isn't really any better. She knows nothing of him but immediately act condescending toward the idea that he could have anything to write that could be worth reading. She really is full of prejudices.
Nyasa chapter 8 . 7/1/2019
Very well
Nyasa chapter 1 . 7/1/2019
It's really beautiful story I like it very much
ChristyWIX chapter 35 . 2/27/2019
I really liked how this all played out. You really did a great job in getting Edward to see what Jessica did to him was not the end of his love life, just the end of his with her. He found a whole new love, and much better than ever before, with Bella. Jasper's proposal to Alice in that rose garden in France was phenomenal. Rose finally seeing what she had done was not the right way to handle what she did to one of her best friends. That she was the one that caused the damage. The very damage she was trying to protect Bella from, she dumped, rather horribly, in her lap. I loved that Bella immediately knew that it was all in the past and that it all happened before they got fully started. It was good that she took the time to process what it meant for the both of them. I did feel she took too long though. That is why I absolutely loved when Mike came over and knocked sense back into Bella's head. The friendships that they all had by either growing up together, or formed later in their lives, were all so strong and wonderful. I loved that they all stayed, all eight of them, so close through all the years. That they all married and have stayed so very happy. Getting happier and happier through the years. This was a good journey and I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~ChristyWIX
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