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Starry chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
I might suggest boy characters
Starry chapter 2 . 6/4/2013
Name-Allysa Jay. Nicknames: Al,Ally,Jay or jay-jay. Gender-female. Year-freshman. Age-14. Pokemon- Eevee but wants to be a jolteon (until a friend of hers reaches his final evolution). Appearance- eyes:a mix of dark brown and yellow. Hair:long thick & wavy black hair with dark brown streaks. Height: short? 5'4. Weight: 100.2 pounds. Body build:short but slender with a developing body that won't be fully developed until evolution. Outfit:as an Eevee a brown t-shirt covered by a dark blue aviator jacket with a hood (a gift). If they are aloud to have pokemon parts she has the giant cream colored collar covered by a dark blue,bright yellow and whith scarf if not then she's just wearing a scarf she has darker brown shorts on with a triangle design around the edges (do they have tails? If so the giantfluffy eevee tail is there too) she usuallykeeps her hairtucked in her hood in apony tail or in her navy or cream coloredbaret (tha french hat thing? her held back with a pair of goggles a headband headphones. And cream converse or sneakers No make-up Accessories- likeshats,head bands (wears a different coloreveryday) scarves and - reaction- Like:would at hi & bye every morning would eat/sit with them on neutral :nice and encouraging,talks openly and is very funny likes getting people to work together mostly for pranking purposes but gets worried if someone gets hurt easily. Crush:would try to become friends and blush and grin a little every now and then. Falls in love:will laugh and smile more might wear her hair down if she falls hard a nice medium blush would cover her cheeks if she sees/touches or thinks of him in any way gets annoyed at how he's always on her mind and rethinks scene when they were together that could've went cry and grow mushrooms if rejected or caught him with another girl. Relationship/love: would be comfortable and happier than a fashion police winning designer heels would add spice and surprises every now and then and would play her intruments better than before ( trumpet,violin & guitar). Indifferent:would act the same as they treat her and would copy them. Annoyed:woul speak harshly and would be one second from hitting them with rocks. Hate:would be scary happy/have a dark aura/dark fire behind her would glare and would have to be held back by multiple :would stand strong and try to face it might tremble but will ignore general: a smart sarcastic hot tempered enthusiastic tomboy music genius that is not afraid to fight or stand up to herself and others who might be innocent is very funny and tricky and is very good at gambling acts like abmother if someone is hurt(unless she fighting) Fears-espeon ,bugs and ? History- Family background : Her actual family left her was beaten by an espeon saved by a vaporeon and was taken in by a grovyle (older bro?or is it more) and now they took in a quilava (best friend crush). They traveled everywhere before going to school. Reason why:in history. Love intrest:her dad/bro/guardian Garret or her best friend quil. Class(1) world (2) criminal justice. Class(3)astronomy class(4)healthscience. Class(5) statistics class(6)algebra elective(1)orchestra elective(2) choir (3) music production (4) band. Woo finished it's hard doing this on an iPod
quillquate chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
Name: Shinsen Yuki (literally means fresh snow when translated from Japenese)

Nickname: Shin

Gender: Female
Year: Sophomore

Age: 15
Pokemon: Glaceon


Eyes: Dark blue

Hair: Has long dark turquoise hair, reaches to her hip. It is slightly wavy, but not too much.

Height: 6"1 A bit on the tall side

Weight: 90 lb Pretty light...

Body Build: Skinny, but a little more fat than a stick. Some muscle, has a Glaceon ears and tail. Her cheeks has a very faint blush at all times. Has medium breasts of a average Sophomore. Is petite.

Outfit-Shirt/dress/shoes/skirts/pants/socks ect: Wears a very light blue tank top with a air force blue jacket with non photo blue fluff on the rims. Wears jeans.
Accessories: Wears a light blue headband and a white bead necklace.



To People they like: Somewhat kind, with an occasional touch of sarcasm.

Friends: Somewhat motherly, and likes to tease them. She likes to sneak up on them sometimes and chill them to bone with her icy breath.

Crush: Treats them like every other person. However, there is a slightly more blush than the natural one
Falls in Love: Same as above.

(Relationship)Love: Treats him like a friend.

Indifferent: Doesn't bother talking to them. When she does, she tries her best to be polite, but sometimes she can get sarcastic.

Annoyed: Ignores them COMPLETELY.

Hate: Ignores them, and a occasional cold stare. She is an Ice type, you know.

Fear: Tries to calmly walk away, but when that doesn't work, she runs as fast as she can. And let me tell you, she runs FAST.

In General: She's a girl who minds her own business, but gets involved if it includes bullying. She treats people equally (if they're not jerks.) She isn't the emotional type. She LOVES to make comments that shut people up. She hardly cries, and when she does, it only lasts about 3 seconds. She is usually poker faced. Shin loves to go outside when it is cold, but summer? Forget it. She gets good grades in almost everything, except world history. She doesn't bother to listen.

Fears: Fire

History: (family background: She is the older twin of a girl named Midori, (she is currently at home, insisting she doesn't want to go to school) and her parents are usually busy with work. Her favorite person, Aunt Baburu (is a Vaporeon) died from an airplane crash. From that, Shin is deeply scarred, but never shows it to anybody.

Reason why they have that Fear: It's natural for ice types.

Love interest: None

1 World History
2 Psychology
3 Environmental science
4 Chemistry
5 Pre-Calculus
6 Geometry


I hope I get picked! :D
potentialauthor18 chapter 1 . 3/10/2013
I love your bio sheet. It's so descriptive and I'm honestly a bit jealous. I will need to think more when I create a new sheet. The first part is pretty cheeky. Can't believe I forgot to fill out so much, sorry! I'll read the next chapter before asking if I can submit one(and get accepted).
DianaoftheAmazons chapter 1 . 7/10/2012
name:pricilla ray miller
nicknames: perci, thunder , geeky
appearance.: short spiky yellow(not blonde) hair. two ponted yellow ears come off the top of her head. she has medium sized purple eyes. her lips are average size. she is 5'5" and has naturally tanned skin.
she weighs 125 lb
perci is not extremly skinny, only mildly
outfit; perci ususally wears a yellow tunic with choppy edges, and a white scarf on her neck. she has a slightly darker yellow kpree lenght leggings underneath. perci wears rubber bands on her wrists to help control her electricity powers. she wears brown hightops on her feet
personality. perci is upbeat and fun, when you get to know her. otherwise she is shy. her parents put her in a circus side show, forcefully, when she was younger to make money for themselves, so she doesnt trust people easily beacuse of that. perci is a tomboy, but can be girly at times. if you mess with her or her friends, watch out for a major shocking. depending on the situation, she is quiet or loud. perci is extremly smart.
reactions to people they like: perci is a loyal friend, and will always be there for you. she is a shoulder to cry on, or a happy dance. she will drop everything if extreme situations arise.
friends: perci prefers to hang out with boys more than reactions
crush: perci does not flirt or date, and give an electric slap to boys trying to seduce her.
falls in love;
annoyed;stalks off or slaps a person to get rid of anger. will swing and tightrope on power lines to calm down.
hate; perci will give said person silent treatment, or electric slap them.
fear;runs and hides, hyperventilates and if bad enough, faints.
in general;appears a tough, yet nerdy girl. she is a teacher pet, but doesnt want to be.
fears; bad grades, water, and spiders
history: she grew up as a circus side show act'the human conductor' where she learned to tightrope and ride horses. her parents abandoned her and took all the money she earned from the circus for themselves. the circus adopted her, promoted her and since she earned more, they sent the same amount as her old paycheck and kept the rest for perci. she has been sent to school because a new law states she has to complete highschool to be in the circus now.
family background.; all perci knows about her birth family is that they are greedy gamblers.
reason for fears:badgrades:she needs to graduate to be in circus, and failing is not aan option.
water: she is an electric gijinka. need i say more?
spiders: her circus family pulled a prank once, making it so she woke up and was surrounded by nice non-biting spiderts, she freaked out and has been afraid since.
love intrest: see crush
4algebra II
5health science
1graphic design
4automobile repair
extra notes: perci is taking the electives she is for circus needs, and she is a major gamer. from legend of zelda to world of warcraft, she knows it all!
codegirl96 chapter 2 . 6/15/2012
Hey! Great story so far, can't wait for more!

Also I wanted to add something to my oc Abby;

She sparks when she's excited, spooked, or angry.

That's all I wanted to add. Please update soon!
codegirl96 chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
Okay weird, I looked at your oc's profile after making mine and a lot of the reactions are pretty much the same. I guess great minds think alike or whatever the saying is.

Name: Abby Sparkson

Nickname: Sparky

Gender: Female

Year: Freshmen

Age : 14

Pokemon: Pichu


Eyes: Big, chocolate brown

Hair: Yellowish Blonde, short (stops an inch or two above her shoulders), curls slightly at the end.

Height: 5"0. Wants to be taller but is happy with her height.

Weight: 105 lbs. She never seems to gain any weight.

Body Build: Skinny (though she can eat like a Munchlax), just developing curves, little muscle, petite, a 32B cup chest. She has Pichu ears and a tail, her cheeks are a rosy pink Colorado that makes it look like she always blushing.

Outfit: She usually wears a brown and yellow plaid dress shirt that is completely unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up half way between her wrists and her elbows, and a brown tank top underneath that has floral lace around the bottom and the front of the top and thin straps. She wears a short, flowy (?) yellow skirt with brown leggings that have floral lace around the ends, and brown flats.

Accessories: She wears a lightning bolt pendant that hangs on a thin leather string and sits just below the hollow of her neck, it's her prizefighter possession given to her by her deceased father and she never takes it off. She also wears brown bows on her left ear and the base of her tail, a thin gold chain anklets on her right foot that was given to her by her mother as a congratulatory gift for being excepted into the school.



To people the like: Kind and friendly towards them, somewhat open, likes talking to them, is playful around them.

Friends: Loves talking and hanging out with them, very open, trusting, loyal, protective, only gets mad when fighting with them but becomes very sad afterwards and quickly apologizes, easily forgives them, is devastated when one betrays her.

Crush: Her normal blush goes bright red, avoids looking them in the eyes, becomes very shy and quiet but still tries to hold a conversation, is always looking down, if they're some distance away she will usually stare at them but quickly looks away and blushes in embarressment if they or someone else notices.

Falls in love: Her entire face turns bright red, stutters, becomes incredibly clumsy, tries to be around them as much as possible, will deny any feelings, melts ( not literally) if they so muchas gives her a passing glance.

(Relationship) Love: Is all around happy, smiles all the time, easily embarressed, is always with them but hesitates on romance.

Indifferent: Is nice to them, talks politely to them.

Annoyed: She only gets annoyed with people when they drag out conversations past finality (?), or continually bug her. When she is annoyed you can tell because she'll; sigh heavily, stop whatever she's doing, sit her elbow on the table/desk/whatever and her head on her hand, and gives the person a raised eyebrow expression that says 'Really? You're still talking/doing that?', and rolls her eyes and sighs if they continue.

Hate: Will usually ignore them, but if she doesn't she'll growl softly at them, gives them a cold stare/glare, and mutters sarcastic or hateful comments to herself. She'll roll her eyes sometimes too.

Fear: She'll try to get away from them as soon as possible, but if she can't she'll whimper, tremble, and start to tear up/cry depending on the situation.

In General: She's a sweet girl who likes to think of everyone as her friend. She's very emotional; quick to anger, quick to scare, easynto make happy (though it's harder when she's depressed), and easy to make cry. But she doesn't think of herself that way. She sometimes makes sarcastic/smart ass comments on a conversation or event without realizing it. She's very talkative and loves being around other people, but she also loves being alone and will sometimes not talk to anyone for long periods of time. She's generally happy and she smiles a lot, but she's the last person you want to be around when she's angry because she doesn't just get mad, she gets furious but calms down quickly. She's overly protective of people she cares about because she's afraid of losing them. She also get bored easily. She loves reading, writing, drawing, and learning new things (school in general).

Fears: The dark, thunderstorms (ironic), flying, losing loved ones.


Family History: She's an only child from an average family lifestyle. Her mother owns a flower shop that takes up the entire first floor of their house. Her father's job had him travelling a lot, when she was six he was in a plane crash while flying home, he died in the hospital the next day. The lightning bolt necklace she always wears was found in his jacket pocket afternthe crash, wrapper in a plastic bag labelled 'For Abby', she has never tooken it off.

Reason why they have that Fear: Read above description. No reason for the dark or thunderstorms.

Love interest: None yet, just crushes.


1. World History

2. Psychology

3. Astronomy

4. Forensic Science

5. Algebra II

6. Statistics


1. Drawing

2. Choir

3. Woodworking

4. Graphic Design
Vectorei chapter 2 . 10/12/2011
Whoo, thanks for using my OC. Can't wait for the nexta chapter and see where this goes.
Kurono-Angel chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
Here's my form, hope I'm not too late :)

Name: Raven Sync

Nickname: Ghost

Gender: Female

Year: Sophomore

Age: 15

Pokemon: Mismagius


Eyes: Orange with hints of yellow tints. Because of the cold intimidation, most people won't even go near her, and Raven is fine with that (not really.)

Hair: Waist length deep purple hair with long bangs that cover her eyes. The ends of her hair are a lighter lavender. Her hair is slightly wavy.

Height: 6"2

Weight: 120 lbs

Body Build: Thin but almost athletic. Very pale skin.

Outfit-Shirt/dress/shoes/skirts/pants/socks ect: Raven wears a dark purple long-sleeved shirt with a slight v-neck, and black skinny jeans along with dark purple Converse. She also wears a sleeveless black vest and has fingerless black leather gloves. Her socks are just black(?).

Accessories: A red pearl necklace

Personality: Raven is a silent and nontalkative girl, who oftens sends people running off because of her cold eyes. Only few who have seen her eyes (through her bangs) know what color it is, but barely anyone can talk about it. However, she is quite the prankster and back-talker. She loves funny jokes, and is quite the joker herself. Her pranks are very-well played, and barely anyone knows it's Raven who played the pranks. Rarely smiles, but you can see her smile through jokes and pranks. Oh and she won't go for retarded jokes and pranks, only ones she thinks deserve laughter. She seems emotionless allthe time (rarely shows emotion). Since she is alone most of the time, Raven often plays her cello wherever and whenever. She is quite talented and puts lot of emotion into her songs. Many people can understand how she feels through her music, and more people trust her as they listen to her music.


To People they like: "Oh, hey..." Not really much of any emotion.

Friends: A lot more talkative, but she thinks no one wants to be her friend. Smiles alot more.

Crush: "..." Raven blushes underneath her bangs, and has the teeniest smile on her face.

Falls in Love: Rarely shows it, but she will be blushing more and has more smiles.

(Relationship)Love: Smiles completely and to talk waaay more. Gets flustered quite easily.

Indifferent: No emotion.

Annoyed: Will shoot glares and leave without word.

Hate: She will not be afraid to punch someone and backtalk them. Her punches pack a punch. Very painful.

Fear: Not much emotion, but her eyes are larger and her pale skin becomes even paler.

In General: Emotionless, neutral face.

Fears: (Claustrophobic, Fire, Dark ect.) Fears psychic-based things (telepathy, telekinesis, fortune-telling, etc.) and not much else, also her cello breaking.

History: (family background: Raven grew up in a household with four other older brothers. She had to learn to survive on her own without constant water balloon pranks or paintball stuff. She gained a love for jokes and pranks from her older brothers, and used to be alot more cheerful when she was a Misdreavus gijinka. As she evolved, Raven lost all signs of cheerfulness and happiness. She remained stoic and emotionless, but still has her loves of jokes. Loves her older brothers very much. She may not look like it, but she loves her cello, more than pranks.

Reason why they have that Fear: She's a Ghost type, they hate psychic stuff. Plus she loves her cello very much.

Love interest: Any OC male that is willing to make her laugh and can pull the best pranks and jokes. Also appreciates her music and is willing to listen.

Classes: (the Courses you chose for your OC)

1. World History

2. Criminal Justice

3. Forensics

4. Astronomy

5. Pre-Cal

6. Trig


1. Photography

2. Videogame design

3. Orchestra

4. Music Production
A chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
Name: Charlotte King

Nickname: None

Gender: female

Year: Sophomore

Age: 17

Pokemon: Seadra


Eyes- Grey-blue

Hair- Light brown, straight and barely hits her shoulders and is usually half up half down.

Height- 5'8"

Weight- Doesn't really check.

Body Build- medium.

Outfit- Purple v-necked long-sleeved or short shirt, black tank top underneath, black vip-up hooded sweater depending on the weather, blue jeans, and white socks and shoes.

Accessories- Digital watch, and a purple beautifly pendant, a black belt.



To People they like: Usually stops to say high, more likely to talk to them than strangers.

Friends: Even more likely to talk to, though usually her friends do most of the talking.

Crush: Pretty much the same thing as to people she likes.

Falls in Love: Tries to keep it a secret, and would probably get really embarrassed if somebody found out.

(Relationship)Love: Is more talkative though mostly tries to keep to herself.

Indifferent: Doesn't talk to much unless working in a group with them for school.

Annoyed: Rarely talks to them.

Hate: Tries to ignore them unless they do something over the top than watch out.

Fear: Practically the same for hate.

In General: Mostly tries to keep to herself rather be reading something than talking to people, secretly longs to become a Kingdra.

Fears: Heights and Lightning

History: (family background: Has a long family history of being great battlers, and so far she has met those expectations though she is not willing to fight outside tournaments for no reason.

Reason why they have that Fear: She not really sure why she's a afraid of heights, and lightning since electric types are effective against against water types.

Love interest: Nothing yet, is looking for a nice and mature boy about her age, though she has found anything but that so far.)


1. world history

2. economics (though rather be in a third science or math)

3. biology

4. chemistry

5. calculus

6. statistics


1. Woodworking

2. Spanish

3. Accounting
Can't Log On chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
Hi! This is Kurayami Angel! Are you still accepting? This is the first time I ever saw a gijinka fic, and i'm superr excited! and also hoping openings are available ;)

I'll send mine by PM if there's still room, please tell me if there's room :D

-K. Angel
LiliL-1113 Too lazy to log in chapter 2 . 10/10/2011
WOOHOO! :D Yay! The story's just started and I already know I'm gonna love it! :3 *dances around and checks email every two minutes to check for an update*
Lady Monopolist chapter 2 . 10/10/2011
Wow. I sure feel bad for anyone that submitted an oc(wrong or not). If anyone knew that you were that kind of person, then you probably wouldn't get any ocs at all. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I didn't send one in, even though I actually read the rules, I wouldn't want my oc being written by such a brat. If you're going to explode like that, then maybe you shouldn't write an oc story at all. This just goes to show how immature writers are these days, no one can seem to be mature about anything. They just get upset at the tiniest of things.

If I were you, I'd be ashamed at having such a childish reaction. Seriously, act like an adult and handle the situation without blowing up at everything. Huh, what a waste.
Lol chapter 2 . 10/10/2011
Wow, you make yourself sound like one h*ll of a b*tch. It's actually funny to see your reaction to the ocs. There's a better way to go about this than to sound like a whiny brat. For example, why don't you just pm/make an author's note about things people did wrong, not go psyho a-hole on them. Jeesh, it's people like you that ruin a story( it was already ruined in the first place). I wonder when I'll see a good oc story with a decently nice author, not a b*tch like you.
sailor phoenix black chapter 2 . 10/10/2011
You're welcome, this is gonna be a good story, please update soon, and those people need to pay close attention to the instructions the writter gives for submitting Ocs
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