Reviews for Fighting Gravity
Carottal chapter 62 . 9/17
Usually, when I read a story that was published and completed years ago, I write this long and crazy and as thorough as possible review for the last chapter. Sometimes, I'd have already left some reviews on previous chapters because I couldn't help not to. But today, right after finishing this long, long story, I just don't feel I'll be able to sum up everything I'd want to tell you within the too short 10 000 characters limit I have for my review.

This story is the result of an incredible work. It echoed with me on many levels, left me with questions, feelings, heart bumping... And I must say it also made me very curious about you and your views on writing.

So now that I'm on the review part, I feel completely helpless. Because I don't want to lay to the cyber world those parts of my history, of my small struggles that I'd just love for you to read about. It's funny because I usually have no qualms about it, those things are not even that personal to begin with. It's not like I've been in a war, in a near death experience or anything... This fic appealed to my core as a reader and occasional writer, not that much to my personal "real life" story (but maybe this Carottal identity can help me figure out who I am within better than my true identity?). This fic made me think about many things, or at least it felt like this.

You took your time with this story, and it makes me want to take my time with this review. So instead of trying to fit in everything I thought about in this fic, I'd simply like to use it for an invitation.

I'd feel honoured to exchange PMs with you so we could discuss this story and writing.

I'd love to talk about the title for this story, and the different parts of this story (how many meanings to them? How did you come up with them? Did you hesitate between 3 or 4 parts? I actually thought about the other meanings "Fighting Gravity" could hold while wondering why you kept the aftermath of the battle in the same part as the battle). The title you gave the characters too, for every new chapter.
I'd love to talk about the way you characterised your characters, the way you helped me find more words to define why, even though you see one of their character for a few lines, some authors manage to give me the illusion I've seen a deep character when other authors make me cringe at the shallowness of their protagonist. How some manage to have such a wide range of human characters.
I'd love to talk about the impact of your characters and their relationship.
I'd love to talk about the idea of what a protagonist is. Have you watched the anime Baccano! ? Was there a protagonist in this story in your opinion?
I'd love to talk about the romance in this story too. To me, the spotlight was completely taken by Midna and Dark (but Dark was such a shining character). The other romances developed in the background, smoothly.
I'd like to understand how Spirit and Courage work in this fic, did you plan from the moment you got her involved that Nabooru's role would be so close to taking some of the Hero's burden? (give courage, bring Sages together)
I'd love to know more about what was planned and what was accidental in this story too. How you decided who would play which role, how the plot became so complex...
I'd have fun comparing this with Only in Hyrule. The other story I read from you, that was fun, strangely addictive, but way less mindblowing than this one.

I'd love to be sure that all the respect and gratefulness I have for you because you wrote this gets to you.

So yeah, I'd just be beyond happy to discuss writing and this fic with you. Thank you for this awesome story! I wish I could be more eloquent but yeah, just thank you.
Carottal chapter 51 . 9/17
Emotional chapter. I'm still holding on to this crazy hope that somehow, Midna will survive, Dark will be revived,...

As I read this chapter, I had many thoughts in mind. Such as :

"Is it possible that while Midna fights, Nabooru gets to Impa, awakens her, and that gives more strength to Midna's shadow magic?" as I reckon that's how to explain the discrepancy between different types of magic. I know Impa is supposed to be fighting up in the air but still... And with or without Midna, I'm curious about what happens once the last sage is awakened.

"Will we have a Notre Dame de Paris ending?" spoiler alert and explanation : at the end of Victor Hugo's novel, unlike Disney's movie, Esmeralda dies from the smoke of fire. The hunchback is too late but takes the body with him. Then, the narrator goes to years and years later, when two skeletons are found. The first one is young, feminine. And the second one is distorted and holding on to the first one so much it seems they fused. As if the second one had let themselves die there, not doing anything but hold on to the other until death claimed them.
So basically, when she felt Dark touching her and saw him, I imagined him in a pose as if inviting her in a hug. You know, arms open and all... Nearly cried because of that (sorry to tell you though that that's half due to Victor Hugo. This ending is one of the most beautiful I ever read)

"Will we have a Dead queen end?"
explanation : this comes from a Portuguese story. The crown prince was in love with a woman but his father the king and his counsellors disapproved. To prevent the prince from marrying her, she was killed. However, the prince still married the dead woman and named her his queen.
I've been imagining this since Dark died. Loved that you mentioned the smell by the way and how you used it. I don't think the Portuguese story talks about it. Must be quite ominous to go to the throne room and be assaulted by decaying corpse fragrance. Well, maybe he didn't keep her body there, just held a ceremony then buried her?

So yeah, I thought about Ashei when Celestia saved the day and I'll stop here because this story is addictive and I may be talking to the cyber wind anyway. Thank you for the story till now
Celestia's Paladin chapter 62 . 8/24
I remember when this first came out, I skipped over it. So yeah it took me a while.

Some how with the talk of cycles, magic,and the shift towards democracy I can't help to think this was a prequel to Only in Hyrule. Thousands of years pass, magic is lost, yet the cycle continues.
WargishBoromirFan chapter 62 . 8/2
Okay, I have to admit that I'm disappointed with the guy who recommended this fic to me.

We'd both been away from the fandom for a while - I personally hadn't gotten my hands on a LoZ game outside Smash Bros and Soul Calibur since Majora's Mask, despite liking the visuals for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess as my younger brother played them; the guy who recc'ed this got rabidly into Shadow of the Colossus and let the fandom rivalry go to his head. But even a guy who weighs ridiculously in favor of pretty visuals and extended actions scenes over character interaction and contextual plot developments that make sense even in a purely text medium offhandedly mentioned that this fic did some pretty nice PoV juggling.

I was not prepared for all the feels.

Just to start out with, can I just say thank skies, sands, and seas for a video game-based fanfic that doesn't try to cram all the mechanics in there but creates its own world and plot and makes the characters feel new again, while still definitely bringing back the feeling of those trees and homesteads and stately crumbling castles and isles and hidden booby-trapped dungeons I remember running around in all their 64-bit glory? And Zelda's wisdom beyond her experience, Link's courage, the sheer lovable pluckiness of the Waker gang, Impa just being her unflappably practical self, Dark's roguish go-with-the-flow attitude finding something worth fighting for, Saria's feral ageless power, Nabooru just trying so hard to understand everyone and everything, Kidd holding his cards as close as a young boy could ever be expected to, Midna totally failing at hiding the edges she's been pushed to and SO MUCH DELICIOUS SNARK from like nearly everybody and it's just gah I loved this. And that's not even getting into plot developments surrounding realistic fallouts from the powerfully busy empress or hauling around the dead or yes, taking over the floating city has a few drawbacks. And those hints of the timestream and past and future cycles just allow all the worlds to come together as one and it is equal parts SNES high adventure and the unexpected catharsis of MC Lars's "Triforce."

The guy who told me about this fic did not make it sound nearly as awesome as it is.

It's dangerous to go alone. Take these feels.
SwanDestiny chapter 62 . 7/30
This one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. The romance and the war are weaved together beautifully in a way that they both fit each other, unlike when the action and romance in a story feels very choppy. I loved the plot, and the amount. Of thought you eventually put into this! The golems were very creative, and I love how you brought in the Seven Sages into this. I hope you can publish another one-shot, because I've read your stories so many times over and I want moreeeeeeeee
quadjot chapter 62 . 6/22
I just finished this and I'm reviewing on the FFN app, so I apologize in advance for any strange spaces or misspelled words. I kept meaning to stop and review but this story sucked me in, man. I kept saying, just one more chapter then I'll stop. I can stop anytime and sleep, really I can.
There are so many things I wanted to comment on but I don't think I can even remember a tenth of them.
I wasn't a super big fan of Link or Dark in the beginning, but they grew on me. I liked Dark's transformation the most, as he was so uninterested in fighting the love once he realized it. He gave himself over to it completely. Link just had to stop being an ass. Your characterizations were complex and I loved them! Nabooru was freaking awesome and Midna was a hardline (and somewhat creepy, at the end) bitch, even if she went crazy from losing her man. Kind of understandable if you see it as the last straw, since Zant had killed 41 of her other friends. Her fight with Ganon was fantastic and I loved seeing her be so ruthless, since she'd previously kept missing opportunities to kill Zant.
If I could have seen more of anyone, it would be Saria and Shad. In fact, Shad and Zelda's friendship was the saddest part of the story, that they separated the way they did and we didn't get to see their reconciliation. And their friendship had started out so strong and interesting. I'd have loved to see Shad and his relationships with Zelda, Malon, Celestia (the city), and his future responsibilites more thoroughly explored (though I don't need more on his father, that was pretty well-covered in the short time he had). Anyway, Shad was the saddest part for me. But on to more good things! You did an amazing job crafting a believable and expansive AU that incorporates so much of the games. I adored everything about the Sages and the Great Deku Tree and the military organizations and the cycles and the way the whole world interacted and the mix of fantasy with technology (very prescient, considering when you started this). I had to keep getting up from my seat to punch-dance around my apartment to expend some energy, especially when Nabooru started awakening the Sages and then most especially once you started gearing up foe the final battle. All the pieces came together so well, I can't even imagine the planning that took. The pacing and moving all the pieces to be where they needed to be at the right times? Masterful. Also happy to see how victory depending on so many people. Link may be the Hero but it took everyone.
So many other things I wanted to say but I can't remember! It stuck with me since I started, so I'll say that in the first chapter, you kept calling everyone by their whole names, and that was a little distracting. You got way better at introducing characters naturally without stilted exposition. I'll end by saying thank you for a wonderful, entertaining story that I couldn't put down!
Captain Toon chapter 62 . 6/6
I just finished this, and man, I've never seen such a book on FanFiction before. I've seen great grammar, but you are a cut above the rest! You actually used words I haven't seen before, and that is a challenge if you want to do so to me. You've inspired me to write some of my own, and I hope you could read it, but in the near future.
MiaTreya chapter 62 . 3/11
Cette histoire est une des meilleures que j'ai lu sur Zelda ! Ça doit faire 2-3 fois je la lis et donc je voulais juste laisser un petit coms pour dire que c'était super bon et que j'en lirai bien d'autres comme ça ! Bonne continuation :)
Nadri chapter 62 . 3/11
Thank you for writing this wonderful story. I was first a bit reproachful and doubtful since it was so long, but after reading the first chapters I couldn't stop. I started reading this around two weeks ago on my commute to work, and it has been my companion on transportation and on my sofa after work. After starting it I wanted to savour this story so I tried to read just few chapters a day and sometimes took a few days break. And it was so, so worth it. This story made me feel on so many levels. you really got the characters, in a way that I feel I don't have enough words of praise for you. I loved every singe bit, you really transmitted the grief that Midna felt, and the whole "Dark's carcass" thing was so revolting that it made my skin crawl (and as a nurse that's a feat). I loved the chapter "lovers" and the way you described. The whole " I can't find the words" was one of the most beautiful and heart aching sentence ever. And the way you made Nabooru as such a central piece, thank you. I loved her from the start. She's the spirit of the story on so many levels.
I recently got back to playing Zelda games and reading fiction and I gotta hand it to you, this piece is one I'm gonna read again and again (as well as Lyxie's in to the woods). So I'm really happy that you managed to write this one, even if it must have caused you some grief over the years. In a way Zelda was the first real thing that moved me in my pre-teen years and it will always have a place in my heart. Thank you!
Fires of Black Chaos chapter 62 . 2/21
Everytime I read the last A/N of a multi-chaptered story that had already ended when I read it I almost cry that I missed another story I could have been invested in. Also, FG has got to be the most in-depth story (published or otherwise), character-wise I have ever read (not to brag (unless it's about how good this story is) but that's at least over a few thousand. I love how you! Thank you honestly for this amazing work of art. I hope your work touches the minds, hearts, and souls of many more people just as it already has touched many people (including me).
Fires of Black Chaos chapter 58 . 2/21
Darunia had the best line in the entire story. No questions asked.
Fires of Black Chaos chapter 33 . 2/19
Nuuuu Dark x Midna was the dream... whyyyyyy :,(
ChaosIsGolden chapter 62 . 1/11
Took me awhile to finish, but I found each chapter, along with the characters growth throughout the story, lovely. My favorite part though about FG was how steampunk the entire story was with just the right amount of magic thrown in. Excellent job, I'll have to take a look through your other works.
Guest chapter 62 . 12/19/2015
Ok wow this was a awesome story it's been a while since I was so sucked into a fic the characters were greatly depicted the lore incredible absolutely incredible I especially loved the dark and midna chapters dark reminds me of myself...I hope to find more like this
Yours truly, DJMICKEY
Guest chapter 1 . 11/30/2015
Honestly this has to be in the top three Zelda fanfictions I have ever read. My first thought was that it was highly interesting and I loved the setting, but that it would be better suited for its own story rather than a fanfic. Then I kept reading, characters and other elements from multiple games kept appearing and melded very well together in the half-borrowed world you created. It was the addition of the Sages that really sold me that it really did work best as a fanfiction. If you were to make it entirely your own though, it would still be a fantastic story. Either way, I loved the story, I loved your portrayal of the characters, and you are a fantastic writer. You've managed to impress me, which is very rare when it comes to fanfiction lol, I'm incredibly picky.
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