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Amixa chapter 4 . 5/30

Sorry for the spoiler, I just need to get this message of my chest.
dannielovessora chapter 62 . 5/13
This was beautiful.

At first, I was a bit steered away by its length, since I'm not used to stories extending past 20-something chapters. You blew any doubt I had away. This was a gorgeous thing to read and I'm happy I took a chance to read it.

Thank you so much for writing this! :)
euroteres chapter 62 . 2/27
dat title drop
Mysterious Prophetess chapter 62 . 2/27
Nicely done
RandomButLoved chapter 62 . 1/20
Well, here we go, there's my emotions for today. Get ready for a long review.
I never cared much for AU stories in this area, honestly. I liked a few, but I could never get into them as much because it almost felt weird to have these characters outside of the games that they originate. However, to have a war setting (something that relates to a lot of the games) and then to have it rather futuristic and fancy has honestly changed my mind completely about these AU stories that I have really been missing.
The bonding between people really came out to me, especially with Link and Zelda as they are the main sort of characters. I found that, at the end, it was Link's right to know how he recovered so "well", and then to find out that he pretty much knew was a twist that was good for his character. Zelda's ties with her duties as a royal have split them apart, though to see them so happy in the Epilogue was just beautiful! And, if I may add, the "you must fight gravity" reference is great!
I know that it seems like I am "bigging it up", but I'm really not. I honestly love it. I, as bad as it may sound, enjoy war stories like this; especially ones in the future. I was genuinely concerned for a lot of the characters, and I just had to marathon this story to the end (and I would have, if it weren't for school and sleep, even if I pushed the latter off for this story). Also, the basis of the characters for people like Damon and Kidd (not just Fierce Deity Link and Child Link) sets it apart from a lot of the stories that I have read thus far.
Your writing, one that I have marched through in the past few days, has really inspired me. I really hope that I can get this through, because I want you to know that your writing is better than any gemstone money could buy or a person could mine. I really am honoured to show other people that I have read this, because I want them to see it too, so... just thank you. I hope this review wasn't overbearing, and so I'll end it off with this: you are simply amazing. You have distracted me for at least a full nine hours of my day, but I don't care. It was totally worth it! :3
P.S. Happy 400 reviews. It's my gift to you!
RandomButLoved chapter 61 . 1/20
They are far too sweet! I really enjoy how you pair people together that aren't usually done, or unless I am far too underdone with AU stories (another reason why I have latched onto your work; which hopefully isn't me just sucking up). There's Midna and Dark, as I've said, and also the slight connection between Malon and Sheik. I find it so sweet, but now, after staying up for an extra for hours to read this story last night, the epilogue is finally here. I have been hooked from the beginning, and I may just read it all over again! ;3
RandomButLoved chapter 60 . 1/20
I wanted to keep this util the end, but it's rather fitting with the chapter in particular. We saw Nabooru again, which was amazing to see, and I think that you're right with Link and Zelda's relationship. They haven't known each other for long (even before the battle in Waker with Damon, one of my favourite parts), and their statuses wouldn't allow them to be how they could be in Skyward Sword, for example, so I understand why they haven't been as they could be. Still, you really struck a nerve, though, mainly because of how they both believe to have done something wrong when they haven't, and my heart goes out to them. I hope things get better soon for them, physically and emotionally, even just a bit.
RandomButLoved chapter 59 . 1/20
Nabooru has really shined in this story, to me, because we never heaf as much about her in Ocarina of Time until the end because she is Gerudo. Her memory recollections, especially since she had everyone's at the start, were beautiful as they were tragic to read. Nonetheless, she has grown from that, ironically being Spirit after all, and I just hope that we get to see her before this wonderous story is over. Just once :3
RandomButLoved chapter 58 . 1/19
I thought that it would be nice to push this up to 400, since it is so damn amazing! Anyway, I love Midna and Dark's story. It blossomed into a true romance, and I have been left in shock so many times because of it. To think that he is alive and well makes me want to cry! They can be together! I can't wait to get to the end now, even if school is beckoning me! ;3
GO ZeldaXLink chapter 62 . 11/29/2014
Seriously, this story is great. Perfectly articulated. Great description. There's so much time put into this story that I cannot describe in words. Simply breathtaking. I hope to see another story in the future.
Celeborn00 chapter 62 . 11/3/2014
After having left the Fanfiction community for a while in an attempt to limit myself to 'adult' literature (whatever that it is) I succumbed again this weekend during an unusually virulent bout of the flu. I started reading several stories that turned out to be disasters, then found yours and never looked back.

It's a wonderful, beautiful piece, full of passion and joy and struggle. It made me happy about life (despite having the flu), and that is a gift in itself. I am deeply impressed by the number and individuality of characters, the novelty of the world, and the nuance of a plot that requires significant military knowledge to ground what is otherwise a very romantic narrative.

Obviously your knowledge of Zelda canon is also very impressive, and I doubt I caught more than half of the references you built into this piece. It took me a while just to remember what the heck subrosians were, and that was one of the more obvious allusions.

Thanks for sticking with this story and finishing it. You're wonderfully gifted as a writer, and I'm glad you're on our side rather than jumping ship to that damn Harry Potter rabble. :-)

The only thing that really rocked me was the consistently incorrect use of "hovercraft" in the first 20 chapters or so. Undoubtedly others have commented upon this as well, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. A 'hovercraft' is a complete vehicle which (at least currently) is not capable of floating more than a few feet off the ground. As an alternative title, I supposed Shad's father would have patented the design under a certain name, which you could replace 'hovercraft' with in those chapters.

I realize that "Fighting Gravity" is fantasy, not science fiction, but basic accuracies tend to support the reader's suspension of disbelief so they can swallow the larger deviations.
Guest chapter 62 . 10/19/2014
Hey, so this is the same person from earlier who was wishing all sorts of destruction on your head for removing one of my favorites from the picture. Not that I want to spoil any future readers (but seriously, who reads the reviews before the story and doesn't expect spoilers of a great and terrible nature? Idiots, that's who) but DIN, NAYRU, AND FARORE BLESS YOU FOR THAT BLESSED DEUS EX MACHINA, YOU ABHORRENT, WONDERFUL SADIST. I'll sign in and leave a full, in-depth review of the whole thing later (skies know I've lost enough hours, sleep, and tears over this story) but for now I'd just like to say thanks for not going the more literary route, which frankly would have left me bitterly disappointed in the whole thing. Cheers.
Anonymous chapter 36 . 10/17/2014
well dagnabit anD A FLUFFY VANILLA CUPCAKE, I WAS CERTAIN KIDD WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SKULL KID I mean he stole the wallet and all and his behavior just reminded me of Skull Kid NOW I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS, DANG YOU
Guest chapter 33 . 10/17/2014
Dark had better not actually be dead.

...I hate you. _
Harry Dinius chapter 62 . 6/14/2014
Just finished reading the whole thing, and all I can say is WOW. I loved it, and it left me with that satisfied and yet sad feeling that it is finally over. Great job. I would say more, but typing with a phone sucks, so hopefully this will do. :)
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