Reviews for Fighting Gravity
ClosetRomanticSockpuppet chapter 62 . 7/17've basically been eating up the best of my last three days. And what wonderful days it has been.

I love this story. I love how you've switched between each character and mantained the same "feel" of the story even though the perspection changes. The character feel very much in character as well, which is a feat considering they're hardly fleshed out in the game.

It's also given me a little bit of hope, this story. I've noticed how you've finished it even though there was a hiatus of three years. Giving me hope for my own monster of a story (the Gift) which I hope to finish one day. I also like how you returned Dark to life. I struggle, sometimes, with what I feel is expected of me to make proper "literature" and what I find -fun- to write. I'm glad to see that you've chosen to write what you enjoy writing. I really feel that that is what it's all about, certainly fanfiction but original writing as well, in the end. I mean, if you change the way your story goes because you feel it's the literal choice, who are you really writing it for..? But perhaps an argument can be made for wanting to set a certain standart of sorts...anyway!

I love your Dark. It very much feels like a very original snarky character, despite you borrowing him from the game. I really, really, really enjoy your Midna as well and well, unsurprisingly their intereaction is one of the things I enjoyed most in your writing.

Also Griham made me feel icky. Very much like how he did in the game. Well done.

I really enjoy your writing! I really hope you'll follow your dream of writing an original story one day and I hope you'll find it to be a succes. I'll make sure to try and read it, if it's available in my country.

Thanks for writing!
nic923 chapter 57 . 7/10
I just have to add that this is a masterpiece. From the plot, to the characters, I ended up loving it all and the fact that it took you so long (six years!) to write it, makes it even more incredible. So, thank you for such an incredible story.
nic923 chapter 57 . 7/10
Incredible. The plot was very well structure, there were no meaningless chapters, each of them contributed in some way or another to the story.
I absolutley loved the character development. They felt real, human and not just a fictional character. And the way wrote the story is just perfect. The descriptions, and the character' feelings and struggles made me feel lile I wasn't just reading the story, but actually living it. I have to admit, I was first disapointed beacause there were so few Link or Zelda chapters, specially at the begining. But then, without realising it, I fell love with Dark and Midna's realationship and I wished with all my heart, cause could see the direction the story was taking, that they could have a happy ending. And when Dark died... I was so sad and so mad
Molgera chapter 36 . 6/9
Thank you for clearing up that Kidd was Child Link! I thought he was Skull Kid or an OC. (I know, I'm stupid lol)
Molgera chapter 62 . 5/29
Oh boy. I seriously don't think I can describe how I feel about this story. All good things, of course. Your writing is so amazing- characters have depth, grammar mistakes are minimal, changing POVs are clear and easy to understand, and everything is paced perfectly. I think this surpasses Only in Hyrule as my favorite fanfiction.

Never stop writing, you wonderful person!
Molgera chapter 32 . 5/29
THANK YOU! In most fanfictions, it takes forever for Link and Zelda to get together. In other fics, they get together too fast and unrealistic. But you wrote it so wonderfully it seems perfectly realistic and natural. I'm enjoying your story so much!
Ruby-C-Took chapter 62 . 2/14
I'm terrible at writing reviews, but I wanted to let you know that I really loved this story. Started it when you began it and just now finished it, and it made me happy inside, even though it also made me cry :)
Guest chapter 62 . 1/30
This is probably the best Zelda AU I've ever read. No, the best Zelda fanfic EVER. I'm not really a huge fan of war stories, but this one dragged me in and wouldn't let me go. I loved how descriptive and emersive the world you created was, as well as the characterization of all the characters. And I have to say, though Zelink is my favorite pairing; for this story, I have to give it to Midnark. I didn't even know such a thing existed until this story. I just thought "Midna and Dark Link... Why the heck not?" But I eventually fell in love with these two characters, especially as a ship. For that reason, I was so upset when Dark died, even though I kinda saw it coming. And thank you for bringing him back at the end, because as much as I like realism... I wanted so bad for them to have a happy ending. This story made me experience so many emotions, and I enjoyed every hour, every day I spent reading it. I hope you continue to pursue your passion for writing.

I've also read a few other of your works, but I can't wait to read the rest. I could never write something like this. I also appreciate your devotion to this story, because I have read ones that are incomplete, and it's sad that they might never be. But finishing a story is definitely worth it, no?

Also I initially thought Kidd's brother was Dark (I kinda wanted it to be) but then with the eye color... Also, I didn't really connect who Damon was at all (Fierce Diety?) I mean, when he was introduced, all I could think is "Why are there so many characters that look like Link?" Lol. But I liked the inclusion of other characters from separate games, I think you managed to hit all bases.

So, in conclusion, BEST STORY EVER!
Rain-and-Roses chapter 62 . 1/18
It has been a wonderful journey these past few weeks I've spent spectating the hardships, triumphs, and simple moments shared between the lives of these characters. It was a beautiful tale, one that I shall not soon forget and leaves me eager to see more of your works, both fanfiction and original. In fact, I have yet to touch a book I just purchased by my favorite author simply because I couldn't find it in me to pause my reading of this story! Then again, I've always found it hard to put down a good book.

Thanks for the ride.
princess-shmelda chapter 62 . 1/3
I AM SHOOK. BRUH. how could you do this to me? Okay this deserves a LONG review:

First, the way you portray characters is the stuff of legends. Like so much freaking depth and clarity and they are just SO REAL! You had so many too and you handled them all soooo well! Like this Link and Zelda might be my favorite incarnation. Ever.

Second, um way to tell a story? Like first off I loved the switching point of views. It made the story feel a lot grander in a way. Not to mention the plot was freaking cray cray. Like I was genuinely interested in what was going to go down and I'm not even disappointed that there was way less Zelink than I expected.

Now that I'm talking about that Zelink, third, daMN GIRL! How the HECK did you construct such a genuine love between them? With MINIMAL scenes too. I love the idea of Link just feeling protective of her for no apparent reason like that is my SHIT and you worked it so well. And when they freaking did it in Waker I was screaming internally so much like what A BUILD UP. damn.

Fourth, THANK YOU for a complete HAPPY ending. You are right, and I am so grateful you blessed me with happiness. Like this was so needed.

Overall I am moved by how great this is. Truly. You are one of my favorite fanfic authors and even though you're not active anymore, I hope you see this. You've given me a great story about love and hope and LOVE and it made me all warm and fuzzy and since normal media seems to have forgotten that it's okay for people to be happy this was really a breath of fresh air. I love this story so much. I'm so glad I took the time to read it.

Anyway, I hope you're out there kicking butt in the adult world! Thank you!
XxTopazxX chapter 62 . 11/14/2016
When they kissed I was like YASSSS MOTHER FUCKER THEY FUCKING DID IT WAVE THE ZELINK FLAG EVERYONE!*sings*(sung into tune to "Proud to be an American"AND IM PROUD TO READ THIS STORY WITH ITS FUCKTASTIC PLOTTTT AND IM PROUD TO BE A ZELINK FAN NOW LETS NOT STAND APART! SO LETS STAND UP IN VICTORY FOR THIS AMAZING ENDINGGG!- To lazy to finish Srry- Also this is a wonderful story with all the detail and character development and all that jazz it's just sooooo good and I finished on my birthday Nov.14 YAY!
Guest chapter 46 . 11/13/2016
Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy! I want him to remember so badly ughhhhhhhh! Then Link would have the same bond Zelda would have with Link. ;;
Atradis chapter 62 . 11/5/2016
I'm a really hard person to make cry... and all I'm saying I got all leaky eyed and choked up with the Dark dying. I love you're writing skills, amazing that you mashed up all the games and made this amazing story.
Carottal chapter 62 . 9/17/2016
Usually, when I read a story that was published and completed years ago, I write this long and crazy and as thorough as possible review for the last chapter. Sometimes, I'd have already left some reviews on previous chapters because I couldn't help not to. But today, right after finishing this long, long story, I just don't feel I'll be able to sum up everything I'd want to tell you within the too short 10 000 characters limit I have for my review.

This story is the result of an incredible work. It echoed with me on many levels, left me with questions, feelings, heart bumping... And I must say it also made me very curious about you and your views on writing.

So now that I'm on the review part, I feel completely helpless. Because I don't want to lay to the cyber world those parts of my history, of my small struggles that I'd just love for you to read about. It's funny because I usually have no qualms about it, those things are not even that personal to begin with. It's not like I've been in a war, in a near death experience or anything... This fic appealed to my core as a reader and occasional writer, not that much to my personal "real life" story (but maybe this Carottal identity can help me figure out who I am within better than my true identity?). This fic made me think about many things, or at least it felt like this.

You took your time with this story, and it makes me want to take my time with this review. So instead of trying to fit in everything I thought about in this fic, I'd simply like to use it for an invitation.

I'd feel honoured to exchange PMs with you so we could discuss this story and writing.

I'd love to talk about the title for this story, and the different parts of this story (how many meanings to them? How did you come up with them? Did you hesitate between 3 or 4 parts? I actually thought about the other meanings "Fighting Gravity" could hold while wondering why you kept the aftermath of the battle in the same part as the battle). The title you gave the characters too, for every new chapter.
I'd love to talk about the way you characterised your characters, the way you helped me find more words to define why, even though you see one of their character for a few lines, some authors manage to give me the illusion I've seen a deep character when other authors make me cringe at the shallowness of their protagonist. How some manage to have such a wide range of human characters.
I'd love to talk about the impact of your characters and their relationship.
I'd love to talk about the idea of what a protagonist is. Have you watched the anime Baccano! ? Was there a protagonist in this story in your opinion?
I'd love to talk about the romance in this story too. To me, the spotlight was completely taken by Midna and Dark (but Dark was such a shining character). The other romances developed in the background, smoothly.
I'd like to understand how Spirit and Courage work in this fic, did you plan from the moment you got her involved that Nabooru's role would be so close to taking some of the Hero's burden? (give courage, bring Sages together)
I'd love to know more about what was planned and what was accidental in this story too. How you decided who would play which role, how the plot became so complex...
I'd have fun comparing this with Only in Hyrule. The other story I read from you, that was fun, strangely addictive, but way less mindblowing than this one.

I'd love to be sure that all the respect and gratefulness I have for you because you wrote this gets to you.

So yeah, I'd just be beyond happy to discuss writing and this fic with you. Thank you for this awesome story! I wish I could be more eloquent but yeah, just thank you.
Carottal chapter 51 . 9/17/2016
Emotional chapter. I'm still holding on to this crazy hope that somehow, Midna will survive, Dark will be revived,...

As I read this chapter, I had many thoughts in mind. Such as :

"Is it possible that while Midna fights, Nabooru gets to Impa, awakens her, and that gives more strength to Midna's shadow magic?" as I reckon that's how to explain the discrepancy between different types of magic. I know Impa is supposed to be fighting up in the air but still... And with or without Midna, I'm curious about what happens once the last sage is awakened.

"Will we have a Notre Dame de Paris ending?" spoiler alert and explanation : at the end of Victor Hugo's novel, unlike Disney's movie, Esmeralda dies from the smoke of fire. The hunchback is too late but takes the body with him. Then, the narrator goes to years and years later, when two skeletons are found. The first one is young, feminine. And the second one is distorted and holding on to the first one so much it seems they fused. As if the second one had let themselves die there, not doing anything but hold on to the other until death claimed them.
So basically, when she felt Dark touching her and saw him, I imagined him in a pose as if inviting her in a hug. You know, arms open and all... Nearly cried because of that (sorry to tell you though that that's half due to Victor Hugo. This ending is one of the most beautiful I ever read)

"Will we have a Dead queen end?"
explanation : this comes from a Portuguese story. The crown prince was in love with a woman but his father the king and his counsellors disapproved. To prevent the prince from marrying her, she was killed. However, the prince still married the dead woman and named her his queen.
I've been imagining this since Dark died. Loved that you mentioned the smell by the way and how you used it. I don't think the Portuguese story talks about it. Must be quite ominous to go to the throne room and be assaulted by decaying corpse fragrance. Well, maybe he didn't keep her body there, just held a ceremony then buried her?

So yeah, I thought about Ashei when Celestia saved the day and I'll stop here because this story is addictive and I may be talking to the cyber wind anyway. Thank you for the story till now
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