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Guest chapter 18 . 8/5
I don’t know if you still read the reviews, but this is amazing. I’ve read Super (3x), this twice, and What You Don’t Know at least 5x. They are all so different, and so well written. I hope one day you come back to finish this one, and I hope that whatever you’re doing, you’re still writing!
Risika Karew chapter 18 . 5/17/2017
Omg I didn't realize this story wasn't complete and I see you haven't updated in awhile! _ please please come back and finish the story! it's really great and i would love to read the rest of it!
Imagi chapter 18 . 5/11/2017
This is such a wonderful story! The steampunk AU is really creative, and I was practically at the edge my seat with the last few chapters. I'm excited to find out what happens next. Well done!
ZeroImagination chapter 18 . 12/13/2016
Oh my god, how could you leave this unfinished? I was so enthralled, I forgot I was reading fan fiction and that that was even a possibility!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/30/2016
I just keep coming back... I've lost count of the number of times I've re-read this story. It's so beautiful. I love Flynn's point of view, in all your stories really. You write so well! Please update :')
malfoy lea chapter 1 . 6/9/2016
I don't exactly know why my brain decided to suddenly get hooked on Tangled - Fanfictions, but here I am. Your work is amazing! I loved innnocent Rapunzel in "What you don't know" and the more fierce, but broken one in "Sunshine". That one was intense, and I am fascinated by your talent to show Rapunzel's distress, and how you made me feel it by sewing several layers of her memories together to a big ugly mess of thoughts and fears. "Super" was weird; I'm not even sure I got all the references, but it was great as well. Also, your visualisation is pretty well. Even if I imagined someone crawling on a hot pipe beneath the ceiling in a tunnel, I wouldn't know how to describe it. I will read this now, because Steampunk Rapunzel also sounds great. live long and prosper.
rational chapter 18 . 2/29/2016
NOOOOOOOO! I got all engaged in this story, and you didn't finish it, and now it's been years, so you never will! At least it didn't end abruptly with one or both of them dying, as I was sort of afraid it would when I realized there was not enough space to have a happy ending.

But thank god, at least you got to the part where the queen realized there was a chance that Rapunzel was her missing daughter, instead of knocking down the tower and killing her. Flynn's sacrifice wasn't for nothing. I loved that moment when the queen looked at him and he thought for a second he was looking at Rapunzel and then he thought he was losing his mind. And he is in fact so worried about her that it wouldn't even be that weird for him to be seeing her everywhere. I also loved the moment where he finally put together that she was the lost princess.

I'm enjoying the way he's fighting the obvious interpretation that what he's doing right now is driven by his feelings for Rapunzel. A third party observer, the guard, thinks his story sounds like he's trying to spin some ridiculous story about the magical transformative powers of love, but he's not consciously trying to do that at all. He doesn't think love has anything to do with it. He just has to save at her, at any cost.

I'm curious what the queen thinks about his behavior. It's clear from the moment he says the deal he wants to make has nothing to do with leniency for him that she knows something odd is going on. And then he shared his information about Gothel once they'd already decided to go save her.

I so wish I could know how things play out. I'm curious about what else Gothel is going to pull, and exactly what's going to happen to cause Rapunzel's hair to get cut. And will she have to save Flynn? How's she going to react to all this when she wakes up? When is the chameleon going to play his recording of Flynn saying goodbye to her? What does the queen think about what's going on? Will we ever meet Max? Man, this sucks.
rational chapter 17 . 2/28/2016
Wait, how the hell does she know Flynn was in her tower? What has she pieced together about what's going on?

Flynn's sarcasm towards her in his head (and out loud) is pretty funny, in a dark way.

Interesting, him noticing that she doesn't look anything like Rapunzel. I assume he's too anxious, scared, and guilt-ridden to make anything of these clues he's gathered yet.

Ooh, big mistake suggesting he knows about Rapunzel's magic.

Wait, why did he stay and fight?

But it did miraculously provide an opportunity for him to finally turn himself in. To someone who still didn't seem to believe that he was really turning himself in. Still, though, it worked, in the sense that this thing that's barely a plan has worked at all so far.
rational chapter 16 . 2/25/2016
I'm curious about this conspiracy. They hired the Stabbingtons for muscle, clearly, because they don't seem to have any particular love for anything but violence. And Flynn says he was threatened into stealing the battery, but whose idea was that?

Flynn's anxiety is palpable. He's ready to die for Rapunzel, but he's not ready to leave her to die because he couldn't get himself taken prisoner by the right people and instead might get killed prematurely. I enjoyed the story he told the brothers, and how he sold it by telling what was nearly the truth-that he had taken down the army single-handed.

I honestly had no idea how Flynn was going to get out of it, but in retrospect his solution was so obvious! The soldiers are basically an unorganized mob right now, plus it's actually kind of true that the Stabbingtons are enemy spies. They certainly are there to steal the battery.

But of course as soon as he makes his escape, he runs into the other person who's just been waiting to cause trouble. Can't wait to see how he gets out of this!
rational chapter 15 . 2/22/2016
It kind of broke my heart when Flynn realized he didn't really have a plan besides "get help at any cost." Also, the moment when it made Flynn sick how easy it was to fall into his usual smirk.

The situation on the ground is really awful. I wonder how Rapunzel would feel about the loss of life if she were thinking about that instead of just problem-solving. But, I guess she does think that basically everyone is a bad person.

I loved how the theme of this chapter was that Flynn can't get arrested no matter what he does. He IS wearing that jacket he stole, but in the dark and chaos it probably doesn't matter anyway. Good job building his frustration and desperation bit by bit, from his initial feeling that everyone was looking at him, to realizing how anonymous he was when he kept being pressed into service here and there, to carrying that injured guy when he nearly snapped (but I notice that he actually never dropped him and kept carrying him until he could pass him off to someone else), to the point where he shouting at the sky in frustration. And then the Stabbingtons found him, and he lost whatever hope he had left that he could save Rapunzel.
rational chapter 14 . 2/20/2016
Hmm, well, it can't be good that the Stabbingtons are hanging around nearby, waiting to kill Flynn. Not to mention Gothel, who doesn't seem to understand what is going in but is nonetheless source of crazy violence on a hair trigger.

Poor Pascal, flipping out because Rapunzel is sick and then thinking that Flynn was abandoning her.

My heart was breaking for Flynn, though, with the way he can't watch her die but still can't really admit why it bothers him so much. He says things about her that are annoyed, he talks like he just owes her, he thinks he's angry with her, yet he'll sacrifice everything for the chance she'll be okay. For some reason, it kind of brought tears to my eyes when he told her his real name.
rational chapter 13 . 2/15/2016
Pascal taunting Flynn with the recording of his own sigh and then taking his picture was beautiful.

Why is she wistful about taking a nap? Is she extra tired for some reason?

My god, Rapunzel is full of good ideas for weapons. And, wow, the destruction they rained down on the army in such a short time was amazing.

And there she is being tired again. And passing out. This is worrisome.
rational chapter 12 . 2/12/2016
Flynn's shock is the best. And then when she went to go open the roof and fought Flynn off, the looks she sent him were just hilarious.

Her excitement about the number of people and the amount of explosives is charming, if insane. And now she's got another crazy idea. Can't wait to see where this one goes!
rational chapter 11 . 2/11/2016
God, I felt for Rapunzel while Flynn was being so angry and silent. That's the worst. I'd much rather fight. It was amusing, though, in a depressing kind of way, to hear Flynn's responses to Rapunzel in his head. I appreciated how it both hurt him to hear how scared she was and how him being mad at her was making it worse, but also how he was still pissed enough to ignore that feeling.

It tugs at my heart that she snuggled up to him while he was sleeping. Poor kid.

That was a tense moment, with the possibility of a chameleon in the water barrel.

I guess they're lucky that Gothel designed the place to be ready for a siege. Those windows with their crazy locks and the insane amounts of food storage.

I love how she develops this plan and then tells him nothing. It's brilliant, really, destroying all those chameleons with boiling oil. Almost makes you feel bad for the little guys, though.
rational chapter 10 . 2/8/2016
"She was looking pale." Chills.

It broke my heart a little when Flynn decided to treat her cut like any injury and wrap it up like she wrapped his. It was so sweet, and her reacting like she'd never had anyone take care of her didn't help. And then that kiss, where he just wanted to give her what comfort he could, not interested in taking anything for himself.

Rapunzel's distress when she discovered her goggles were broken was palpable. But then she flipped when Flynn mentioned it cut her hair and I knew her secret was coming out. She certainly didn't disappoint!

It made me sad for Flynn when she revealed that he really didn't need to bandage her hand, since she could heal it. But I understand why she wanted to let him. She doesn't get much of that kind of tender worry and attention. Ooh, but I knew the shit would hit the fan when she started talking about what she could do. "Wait. Other people?"

The fight that followed that was so good, in that painful way. Especially ending as it did, with him saying he would leave (because who cares about his life anyway?) and her begging him not to, and him realizing he couldn't leave her, no matter how angry he was.

It's interesting, they were both keeping secrets about themselves that they were afraid would make the other person stop liking them.
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