Reviews for The Battle of Heart and Land
DeathAssassinFaerie chapter 46 . 11/24
This was amazing, even if my heart broke for kagome when everything happened with Sakura... like omigosh that was horrible... but this story was still amazing, so good job!
Kidnapped by a Demon chapter 46 . 11/5
You are a very talented writer i could picture everything as it happened i really love this story
Holyslayer chapter 46 . 10/7
Found this. Read it in 2 days. Loved it! The ups, the downs, the drama, everything! Even when I hated it, I loved it. Great job!
GoTherka chapter 7 . 9/19
Oh how I love Sesshomaru playing with Inuyasha like that xD but Kagome was very annoying in this chapter, what did she think the training for war will be like, drinking tea? I hope she will wake up soon. But I believe she will grow in character and I'm looking forward to it
Guest chapter 46 . 9/5
tu historia me gusto muchisimo
Typicalyssa chapter 46 . 8/10
Love this story very much! Great writing. Wish it didn't have to end.
Riddicks-gurl1988 chapter 46 . 8/9
Loved this story truly great writing and the comedy was spot on definitely a reread
jay90 chapter 46 . 8/9
Amazing story, so much trials, fights, misunderstandings and I got so sad and depressed when inuyasha died, I guess miroku and sango died along time ago, centuries to be exact! Beautiful story but sad that the characters faced death too soon! Amazing story I love it!
jay90 chapter 37 . 8/8
Poor kagomebstrippef from her position so harshly and I know someone will realize this is just a cruel set up! Please tell me these two won't suffer for much longer they deserve happiness!
jay90 chapter 36 . 8/8
Ooh, poor kagome, seshy has a pup, now what will be happening!
jay90 chapter 35 . 8/8
Wow, I hope kouga wins the east. Oh and at least kahome found a good you I. Friend a game!
jay90 chapter 34 . 8/8
Well now I can say kagome is a woman now!
jay90 chapter 32 . 8/8
Kagome is falling for seshy and inuyasha is forgiven. That's great but I guess inuytasha training will be hard be those generals
jay90 chapter 31 . 8/8
Amazing story, it was sad what kagome grandpa did to her, and at least she kicked her finance butt the one from her future and I am eager to know how seshomaru will deal with him when he actually sees him.
It was sad reading through what that bastard did or almost did to kagome he wanted to rape her. But at least she stand tall and did her best against him. And now kouga will be the new ruler for the new kingdom.
And finally inuyash decided to assist kagome once more, I want to know what his punishment will be in the west, I know kagome won't permit them to kill him, so does that mean he forgot about the imposter kikyou?
Amazing story I love it!
jay90 chapter 21 . 8/7
Wow kags family is getting crazy, poot souta, she has family troubles and the traitor is tune of all persons, she's so quite I never expected it to be her!
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