Reviews for Something That I Want
Me chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
It's not "mines well...", it is "might as well..."
Sakue Sayuri chapter 1 . 12/5/2011
i- I just love it- no words can explain how lovly this porn is XD
Lurking Silence chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
Awesome :P also i think you meant to write writhe not wither
Hetalianess chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
A flash (And a video camera) goes off some where in the distance as Hungary and a little red head are being their normal yaoi fangirls.

This is what happens when true genius happens. And you say this is the first time you wrote Austria? A-Maz-Ing!
Hetaliyx chapter 1 . 9/16/2011
yo hi.

i came here from tumblr. (stalking... its what i do best.)

but im also pretty good at reviews when i can be bothered. so yep, please accept this one.

Soo... your first characterization of austria? It was very good, i think. perfect level of indignancy and whoriness (can i use that word in a review? meh, fuq da police...) and i really am a sucker for him riding. prussia was good too. Although i was just curious, (as i am with all fics that use the 'five meters' joke) you were of course meaning it in a sarcastic sense? O.o Im genuinely not sure its physically possible to have a five mter dick. although i must say i will be somewhat entertained to see someone posessing one attempt to get it up/INSIDE anything. (like ohmahgawd, wouldnt you? i just... wow. the concept amuses me, is all. XD)

assuming you did, it was cute and perfectly Gilbert-esque. which is totally a word. the unsalted butter quote as well ('theres such a thing as unsulted butter?') struck me as really in-character too. it was charming and perfect.

yeap... good smut is good. i rather enjoyed it. you say you wrote this when you were tired? i noticed no patches that were beter or worse than the others as you implied in the authors notes, overall it was easy enough to follow and enjoyable. ALTHOUGH (and i know this is fucking hypocritical i mean look the shit at my badass lack of punchuation and spelling skills bruh,) i would really consider getting a beta if i were you. your writing could really benifit from it. i would be soooo fucked without mine (once again, see my horroshow lack of engluish skills contained herin) and getting one would ensure less occurances of somewhat humorous mistakes. such as quote 'since his awesome presence was there, he mines well help out'

that being said, it wasnt too bad in the editing department. and are you really going to take advice from a person who's too goddamned lazy to even capitalize their 'i's?

yeah nah... nevermind.

IN ANY CASE! i did enjoy this fic, and i just want to thank you for adding to the collection of writing about my OTP. write more, ja?

and that was my review. thank you for reading it. please excuse the inexcuseable length aND general poor quality. but i felt i owed you, after all, you took the time to write the fic and i appreciate that.
hiyonnn chapter 1 . 9/8/2011
You wrote this when you were half asleep?

That's...well. I wonder how you write when you're totally awake then.