Reviews for Hareton and Catherine: a love story
xCharlie-Groupiex chapter 2 . 8/1/2013
Good start, I'm glad you've decided to tell Cathy and Hareton's versions of the story and I'm looking forward to reading more ! :)
xCharlie-Groupiex chapter 1 . 10/7/2012
I'm so happy to have found this! It's well written so far and I've been looking for an in depth CathyxHareton story for a while ! I'm looking forward to reading on, so I'll do just that :)
Sydney chapter 7 . 3/24/2012
This is really, really good! Hareton/Caterine is my favorite pairing on the book and I have had trouble finding stories about them. Please, please, please write more!
Naru Suzuki chapter 7 . 1/3/2012
Nicely written. Hope to see more chapters soon.
xCharlie-Groupiex chapter 7 . 11/16/2011
I've enjoyed this so far, and would love to read more of it ! There are so few HaretonxCathy Wuthering Heights fics out there, but even if there were many, I would consider this a treasure. I really like your style of writing :) No criticism, even constructive, of any kind needed. You obviously know the characters of Wuthering Heights and what you're doing !

It's great to read a take on the scenes of the book that were left out through the point of views of my favourite characters, so for that I thank you. This is a great read and so I urge you to please update soon !