Reviews for Vacation from the Norm
ShadowDancer01 chapter 20 . 4/1/2014
One of my favorite stories. I think the character development is well done with any OOC-ness being well explained. You are one of the few people who use Rufus well. I think the detailed back-story for the characters explains their past actions and shows what motivates their current actions.
DarkBluePromises17 chapter 20 . 6/26/2012
i kinda didnt like this offense but kim seems too much like bella from twilight in this. I really dont think in reality Shego would have been fine with the whole sharing of kim with ron at all, ya know her pride and all that jazz, and ron sharin kim. Though i did like the whole comfort of their friendship and relationship,but i really hate kim in this story. She just seems completely selfish and oblivious to the reality of the i kinda think thats because you dont get much insight on what she is feel in the story its more of what everyone else thinks she is felling ya know what i mean? I did enjoy reading it though i thought it had a nice flow to it. Thank you for making this story.
CaptProd chapter 20 . 6/20/2012
Awesome story! Can't wait until the continuation of the story. I normally don't enjoy KiGo stories much but you handled everything perfectly especially with the inclusion of Ron being apart of it all. Booyah and Spankin as they would say. Keep up the great work. And if you ever need any help let me know
Jimmy1201 chapter 20 . 6/13/2012
Yeah, pushing the envelope on the action here a bit. Smoking hot. Shego's fears are nearly crippling, the bomb was a piece of cake by comparison. Between Kim, Ron and Rufus, I believe she has a chance to get the love and happiness her fears are trying to keep her from finding.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Pesterfield chapter 19 . 5/21/2012
ready with masculine version of Wade's lipstick laser P: with the masculine

blue beam having sprang out before P: having sprung out

there's not failsafes on inner the surface P: on the inner surface

the hottest flames ever had, P: flames she ever

it was rounded by the impact P: what do you mean rounded?

and she was surprised had enough wits P: surprised she had

tracks before deactivating grapnel. P: deactivating the grapnel.

They went about setting her arm as quickly as they could while a third ran an IV line into her arm. The other two set the arm with a sickening, wet crunch, then began to put it in a vacuum cast, while the first set up an IV stand that was attached to the backboard they had Shay on. P: This seems to be saying things twice, and wouldn't it be better to put the IV in her unbroken arm?

that he had gall to ask. P: had the gall

visited Vivian during not long after Harley P: Vivian not

It made sense to her father, since she was going to school with more than full time, twenty-two credit hours P: father.

or father, since she was taking twenty-two cred hours.

And the others that died are soldiers! P: died were soldiers!

have already had a well over a day's P: had well

couldn't speak once, but could hear. P: speak, but

bedside table, blancing down at her, P: table, glancing, down

that they put into medicinally inducted P: put her into a medicinally
Jimmy1201 chapter 19 . 5/21/2012
Happy that all three of our heroes lived to make book two and looking forward to book two. The brain thing with Kim and her dad seemed odd - was that due to an adventure I missed somewhere? And Dr. Director and Sheldon - whoa! I definitely was not paying attention to previous chapters, good thing this story is worth re-read. I appreciate the effort you have put into Rufus - Rufus and Shego smoking "medicinal" herbs on the roof was one of my favorite scenes.

Thank you for your work.
Jimmy1201 chapter 18 . 5/15/2012
Nice action chapter. And you still manage to keep up the evolving relationships and developing characters - especially Kim. Thanks.
Pesterfield chapter 18 . 5/14/2012
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was a M197 Mod II had been specially P: Mod II that had

to her, Just as she heard P: her, just as

sniper fire being unleashed was called in. P: unleashed.

explosions drown out her thoughts P: explosions drowned out

woman manning combat information center P: manning the combat

military precision on his troops. P: precision into his

By the third shot, one one of Commander Stacks P: shot, one of

destroy anything you can P: destroy everything you can't take..."

out to her, " And call the trucks P: her, "And

earliest possible convenience !" P: convenience!"

"Cowards! You promised your life to the P: your lives to

and soaked some of the P: soaked up some

JJ snapped as again the P: snapped, as

it was in Team Possible's own circuit. P: was on Team

we're just needing an Prof. K. lifted out!" P: needing what?

Thanks for bulling him over P: bulling?

Sheegs, how's things P: Sheegs, how're things

Then when an' where's the train headed? An' when's P: Then where's the train headed an' when's

once again in Team Possible's P: again on Team

'glasnost', he'd been allowed to study P: 'glasnost', to study

about her wealth, her position, P: her wealth or position,

secrets to the wealthy family P: secrets of the

hadn't informed them of all of it, but, he'd informed them enough. P: hadn't told them the whole plan, but he'd told them enough.

hour from that moment, death P: from now, death

out of the potential failure P: of potential

he had not a car in the world. P: a care in

he handed to his wife, P: handed what?

all if one of our opponents are lucky P: if our opponents

"Get Agent Du's permission if needs be." P: if need be."

her facemask covered by her mouth. P: facemask covering her mouth.

In assisting natural disasters P: assisting during natural

or drop below one hundred kilometers P: or dropped below

on everything but how close P: everything, but

when celebrities were on and wanted P: were aboard and

her eyes hoodding as if she P: eyes hooding as
Robert Teague chapter 18 . 5/14/2012
I've really been enjoying this story. Lots of action, character development, suspense, humor... in short, everything necessary for a great read!

Sorry to read it will be ending next chapter, but I'll be waiting for the next part.

Good work!
Jimmy1201 chapter 17 . 5/6/2012
Nice action writing. The part where Shego gets the henchmen to surrender and then join then against the terrorists was novel and made a lot of sense. Kim seems to have the jitters which is not good for her - she isn't used to it. Going into combat with your teammates has to be tough, do it with friends - maybe more than friends and you are trying to figure out what that means - seems a lot worse. And the three haven't had any real time to practice working together. You did well on introducing Shay's friends - didn't drag the chapter down with a lot of back story and still used them to illuminate Kim's state of mind and general feelings.
Pesterfield chapter 17 . 5/5/2012
it'd seem the man P: seem as if the

spectrum, that he was able P: spectrum, he

You do just that... P: do that...

was going interrupt his P: going to interrupt

to the obvious confusion, P: conclusion,

the cipher. What we've been P: cipher. From what

can get ahold military hardware P: ahold of military

design was was that it was a one

growl after each kiss, P: after the subsequent ones,

threw her hands around his neck P: her arms around

if I always this nervous P: always got this

while mostly integrated into the suit, P: were smoothly integrated into the suit.

that they were likely newest version of the Kimmunicator, with a more powerful grapnel, were fully integrated into the suit's wrist, as was a bulge at the neck. P: that the bulges at the suit's wrists were likely the newest version of the Kimmunicator, and a more powerful grapnel, both fully integrated. There was also a bulge at the neck.

design was was that it was a one P: design was that

offer better protection to projectiles. P: protection from projectiles.

"You two, Rufus!" P: "You too, Rufus!"

you could offer command and conquer P: offer to command

details about the craft. P: about it.

finally gasped as the two men stopped P: two soldiers stopped

her eyes dancing with emotions. P: with emotion.

barely touched by anu accent. P: by an accent

button on a portable holographic projector, and within P: on a remote, and within

This isn't good, either way. P: way."

both in the a dual warhead weapon." P: in a dual

newest official NBC cuits within P: NBC suits within

better insight at handling them without P: insight to handling

had returned it, as well. " P: returned, as

which a quick surveillance had revealed P: quick recon had or which surveillance had

out the two scouts on the roof P: two lookouts on

spare Kimmunicators which was about her wrist, P: was on her

"Yeah, no doubt," Mark and Reggie groused, but kept his voice low P: kept their voices or just have one of them say it

"But... These two're supposed P: Those two're or You two're
Zagreus555 chapter 14 . 5/4/2012
I just have to say, if this all does end up as a kim/shego/ron relationship, you may lose jen2006 as a reader, but I'm here for the duration. It seems like any combination of two of them has been done to death, but I haven't seen many good fics that end with a threesome. So far, this has been a good one, and I am sure I'll stick with it even if I don't get my wish fulfilled.

Plus, I really like Rufus's sad when you see a fic and you know they just don't know what to do with Rufus. Here, he's participating, and he's got something up his (non-existent) sleeve, and I love it.
Pesterfield chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
to his report to Betty and GJ's governing body. P: report from Betty

most secure and advanced communications P: most advanced and secure communications

some chemical hat leached P: chemical that leached

to a measure of respect with the agent, P: to have a measure of respect for the

was on screen and nodded at Will P: and nodding at

"I'm leaning towards Frankfurt..." Drew said P: I may not understand supervillains, but wouldn't hitting a place with historical significance be a bonus?

noted the worry on the GJ agent's, P: noted the GJ agent's look of worry,

and intensity of that and similarly paced songs. P: of it and

Nonetheless, her were moves so controlled P: her moves were so

the back of her's, P: hers

And she figured it was worth, P: was worth it, Or did you mean something else?

as the friction and tempt slammed P: tempt?

woman had heard heard or felt the first by P: heard, heard or felt, the

autographs to get form the band!" P: get from the

the supple, muscles of P: supple muscles

bra to cup her breast, P: cup a breast,

unexpectedly, that that same place P: unexpectedly, that same

water slowly coaking her shoulders P: slowly soaking her

entering the empty elevator call with P: elevator with

had been as more often P: been more

bathroom to reach in his ears. P: reach his

and whatever saw in the former thief's eyes P: whatever she saw

Shay's brow drew close P: brows

was witnessing was happened, P: witnessing would happen,

nipple and areola was as large P: areola were as

caressing Kim's taught rear with P: Kim's taut rear

busily rubbing sleepy gunk P: rubbing sleep gunk

he looked over at her, half wondering P: at Kim,

and murmured an barely recognizable agreement P: murmured a barely

whether she ends just being P: ends up just

but never gets with me P: but she never

speaking levels her, voice completely sober P: levels, her voice
Jimmy1201 chapter 16 . 4/23/2012
Whoa, kind of need a cold shower after that chapter. Six to eight hours for Wade to track something down - must really be serious. And disturbing news from Will, who seems to have gotten his act together.

And the relationship between our three heroes continues to get more and more interesting. I like your willing to sacrifice without getting all angsty about it version of Ron. Although, I'm personally hoping there is plenty of love to go around.
Jimmy1201 chapter 15 . 4/16/2012
"It will be your honor to walk" Ha! I suspected Yori was pulling Ron's leg those years ago. Or maybe she just didn't have a license yet. First Bonnie and now Yori are car enthusiasts and in love with reformed villains. And the call from .P. - Whoa - how much trouble do you have to be in to have Dr. D try to defend you? I did not see that dire a sitch coming. I guess I need to reread this from the beginning and see what I glossed over. I just noticed Wade mentioning that someone wants to set up a three person team in Europe and what luck! Our three favorite heroes are in Europe with Kim in apparently no hurry to go home and Ron' s parents could probably move to Norway to be closer. Are these real bands - maybe I should pop over to amazon or itunes and look. Polka infused punk ska - got to be some somewhere.
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