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Hickabickaboo chapter 22 . 4/2
Dave introspection is always amusing to see, especially when he has inadvertently ticked Mindy off.
skywiseskychan chapter 22 . 3/24
Ahh Dave the Wolverine... and I don't know why but for whatever reason I'm now imagining her in blue. Did you already put Angela in a blue formfitting outfit? If not well, huh, and if so then I must just have a bad memory.
Marx810 chapter 22 . 3/22
lol I'll totally admit, I was expecting this one to prove that more happened in PC 191 than Dave was letting on, but this was still a pretty cool read. More Joker Ninja is always a good thing. And it's cool to see that the situation's haunting Dave.

I'd say Angela got it much easier than Katie did, if Dave's the one doing her initiation 'ride along'. Not to say Mindy probably wouldn't have gone a little easier on Angela than she did with Katie, because...well...she doesn't hate Angela's guts. Curious what kind of costume Angela will be going for...I'm guessing a sluttyish one.
KrRcksMySx chapter 22 . 3/22
Agh, Angela going out makes me so nervous. I just have this horrible feeling something bad will happen to her... Or she'll try to go out w/o Mindy and Dave around...

Anyway, I liked the update, it felt like a long time since this story had an update (as opposed to PC anyway). I liked the two different stories going on and I'm curious to see where the sword guy thing leads :) Interesting he was almost entirely on the defensive (yet was so amazing at it)...

Welp, another great update, as always!
Mr. Atrocious chapter 22 . 3/22
It may sound a tad sadistic of me, but I'm kinda hoping to see Angela get the s*** kicked out of her. I don't want any extreme, lasting damage to befall her, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her get knocked the f*** out. She's just annoying as hell to me.

The rest of the chapter was okay, but it didn't tell us much new, alternate Dave's perspective didn't add a lot to things this time, and so much of it was about this obnoxious little s*** that it just didn't do much for me. The way Dave played Mindy at the end was kinda funny, though.
NJHarris chapter 22 . 3/21
The grinning man in black is possibly the most aggravating opponent for Dave and Mindy. He's certainly up there with D'Amico anyway, but this guy poses more of a threat because of is skill with the blade and acrobatics. If this guy can take on both Mindy and Dave, as well as Biker Knight (or Shred Ranger as Dave wishes to call him), he's got an incredible amount of skill to fend off three very capable costumed heroes.
"I'd think we were fighting a ghost." A much as I like Dave and Mindy coming out on top. You can't deny seeing them go against a much tougher opponent helps to show that even the best supers have an enemy they can't quite tackle. It keeps them on their toes throughout the entire fight, only to be left without the sweet taste of victory. The time will come where the "ghost" may slip up, giving one of them the opportunity to strike. But until then, it keeps them in the mindset that there's someone out there who could easily beat them, and so need to be prepared for when he comes at them. At the moment he's playing with them. Mindy just can't let that get to her.
Why does Angela keep pressing these two to train her? I mean this "Obviously she doesn't realize Mindy and I are insane." is a pretty accurate statement. For Dave and Mindy to be this devoted to going out, training, and putting themselves in danger every single night they patrol, while wearing a halloween costume. Means that they're not exactly right in the head at the best of times. I'm not saying that people who go out and help others are insane, like Police, Firemen, Soldiers etc. Its more the way these two have decided go about it.
Even though Angela does bring up some good reasons to join them, it's her safety that's of utmost importance to these two. the same goes for Marty, Todd etc. Dave and Mindy would have a constant voice in the back of their minds, a fear that at some point Angela could get seriously injured or worse. And then they'd only go and blame themselves for it. Dave has enough guilt resting on his shoulders.
As soon as Dave caves to Angela's pleas, I can imagine Mindy is imagining herself strangling him for making such a stupid suggestion. "You want to go out and be a hero? Put a costume together and I'll take you out-"
Now he's got Angela's hopes up, and Mindy managed to rope herself in by saying "I think you mean I'LL train her." Now he's gone and pissed Mindy off by allowing one of her best friends to join their superhero team.
With the recent encounter with the grinning "ghost" still in the back of his mind, and Mindy angry at him for somehow getting her to train Angela to become a super, things aren't looking good right about now. A very interesting chapter Mako!
The Darrker chapter 22 . 3/21
Nice chapter. I must applaud mindy's resolve to not smack angela, with how annoying she must be asking to join them so much. Also nice TMNT reference.
2wingo chapter 22 . 3/20
It's fun to see those rare moments when Dave is able to play Mindy like a fiddle.

A good way to test Angela's willingness to go through full combat would be to have her stand at the opposite side of a room (their training place, JF headquarters, etc.) and tell her to make it to the door. But to get there, she has to fend off attacks from every member of JF as she goes. This will test not only how she moves and fights without training (thus giving Mindy and Dave an idea of what styles of martial arts will suit her best), but her determination.
The Dark Eccentric chapter 22 . 3/20
I think I remember that scene a while back in PC. Never found out who that guy was though did we? Pretty awesome though.
As for the training thing, I believe that happened in PC but not quite the same way?
God I hate my poor memory. So much going through my mind all the time that so much just goes out as quick as it goes in.
carathay chapter 22 . 3/20
I like the description of the guy they can't hit. It would have been easy to make it sound a lot like Hit Girl's method of attach, but it stayed unique.
Also - good internal monologue and external arguments for Dave on why Angela shouldn't join them. the 'because we're insane' captures it pretty well.
Plus of course, the final manipulation of Mindy - knowing that there is no way she'll let Dave train Angela. Perfect.

The only thing negative I'd say is that I had a hard time following the Dave's x-rays line at first. My mind seemed to be on a track where the x-rays were some sort of power. Once I re-read it, it made sense, but just caught me on the initial read.

WhiteTigerLilly chapter 22 . 3/20
Still the old feud over Shred Ranger/biker knight. What do you prefer?

I guess someone knows how to maneuver Mindy into a tough spot. LOL.
erbkaiser chapter 22 . 3/20
Dave is spooked, more so than we've seen him before. And Angela is proving to be a dumb chit... yeah she doesn't realise just how bad the world of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl really is. Even though they lost most of the "heroes" in the massacre.

Kevlar down to my panties makes me smile, typical Mindy.
Solus Reborn chapter 14 . 1/2
Aww cute im happy for Mindy shes finding love ... aww young love. Awesome chapter.
Solus Reborn chapter 13 . 1/2
Another Great chapter, poor old Dave Haunted by Panties.. well creep or not hes Still Kick ass... In all terms!
NJHarris chapter 21 . 1/1
So there it is, Dave's actually offering to spend less time with Mindy to make Riley more comfortable. That is in fact a huge step to take, and would be a bigger change than it seems. But Riley doesn't want that, to be the girl who gets in the way, because she knows that's not what Dave really wants. It's what Mindy wouldn't want either.
I can understand Riley's "jealousy" of the close connection Dave and Mindy share. To have a friend you're very close with is something we all want, what we need in fact. It's just a shame that what Dave clearly wants, is eventually going to catch up with him, and potentially sabotage what they have.
Dammit Dave!
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