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lautaro94 chapter 87 . 10/19
I've been thinking does anyone else kind of ship the doctor and rei y know is weird but they have a lot of things in common and in a lot of chapters when they are together I start to ship them which y know is super impossible but y could work I anyone else ship them or is just me?
Kaworu Cristo chapter 4 . 10/19
This is one of the best fanfictions I've ever ever read, it's awesome, update please
Omegamorph chapter 115 . 10/15
Gah. Gendo, you a-hole. x.x
lautaro94 chapter 115 . 10/12
man poor Shinji, Gendo is really bad at you know you should really start addressing that the doctor is kinda becoming at least for Shinji and I hope that he will be too for Rei and Asuka into a father figure because, in all honesty, the three have daddy issues so for me y would make sense that they will start to see the doctor as the father they wish they had.
Hercules8 chapter 90 . 10/11
Huh, the Doctor managed to get Asuka to feel better and get back into the fight. I didn't see that coming.
Hercules8 chapter 63 . 10/11
Shinji is now on the road of becoming a hero. A crazy hero, but a hero none the less. ;)
Z-King chapter 115 . 10/11
I bet Shinji will tell off Gendo in the future and saying that The Doctor was more of a farther then he ever was.
Hercules8 chapter 49 . 10/11
Oh man, the Doctor is pissed! Those poor fools at SEELE and NERV have done it now. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
Isamu chapter 114 . 10/11
Yeah. I think someone could certainly use a house call...
Isamu chapter 113 . 10/11
Asuka saw the Oncoming Storm and had the appropriate reaction.

I like the Doctor giving Shinji advise on how to help Asuka. To give her space. Be ready for outbursts. That she has endured horrible trauma. Be there. And it's great to see Shinji still wanting to run, to not engage, to not involve himself. Afraid. But also the determination to not let the fear drive his life. On the flip side, Asuka's reaction to him felt really in line with how a person would react, especially one who's endured what she has. It's an odd sort of objectification that she's endured with her abuse, and being used the way she has been, and now forced to realize that (as well as the rest of the trauma). Accepting the blanket, accepting the offer of friendship also felt right. It was a really well done sequence.

I'm certainly in the camp that thinks you've been harsh on Asuka. Not out of all proportions, but certainly harsher than I like. At the same time, not (generally) out of character. I still think the Doctor might not have been quite so short with her, but she is such a soldier inside that he might not be as generous to her as others. But when it comes to it, she's still a child, and still is a person the Doctor will go to the wire to protect.

Some stuff on more nuts and bolts of Eva. I'm not sure if Asuka's personality is a comment on Western civilization, it's an interesting theory though. I always saw it as more of the larger commentary on giant robot with a teen pilot anime/manga and the tropes often associated, turned up to 11. The nuts and bolts though. All of the Children (the main ones at least) needed to be properly prepared to be pilots. To be able to open themselves up to the link with the soul inside their Eva. So they were all carefully and deliberately raised to be broken. To be hungry inside for any real link to others. To not have any strong links to other people, because they have been denied those bonds. You can see this in all three of the Children, in Rei's utter passivity and inability to engage with almost anyone; Asuka's caustic arrogance and bristly personality; and Shinji's inability to manage actual relationships and deep depression.

With this take on Asuka's father, he was just as guilty as Gendo in shaping Asuka to be what was needed to be a pilot. Abuse that makes forming bonds with others difficult while still desiring them. It might just be a "happy" coincidence that his abuse produced what was needed, or it might have been planned. I don't know what would be worse.

Anyway, this was another great chapter. Can't wait to see the next. Curious to see if there will be a regeneration. I mean, I don't think there will be, as that would buck Who cannon pretty hard, but I wouldn't say boo if there was either.
Hercules8 chapter 40 . 10/11
I like how the Doctor and Shinji team-up. I personally think the Doctor is really helping Shinji. Not just with the bad guys, but emotionally as well.

This really is an amazing story! Please keep up the good work! :3
Hercules8 chapter 37 . 10/11
Oh boy, Shinji can see the past incarnations of the Doctor?! That is so cool!
X59 chapter 115 . 10/11
An awesome way to explain that move in canon.
Hercules8 chapter 27 . 10/11
I am seriously liking this super-powered Rei. It just so cool and adds more mystery to your story.

Also the Doctor is awesome! :D
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 115 . 10/11
"Belay that. Solitary confinement, minimum four days."

Belay that belay!
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