Reviews for Shinji and the Doctor
Timmog98 chapter 79 . 6/21
you had to throw in that reference near the end didn't you?
Guest chapter 50 . 6/14
MythsJourney chapter 1 . 6/7
I'm very interested in where this story is going. And will gladly join the ride through all the chapters.
Yikari chapter 111 . 6/5
Thank you for the update!

My goodness, I know this is EVA, but this is already building up to something nasty right out of the gate. (Unless, of course, the next chapter is gonna start with something comical instead and shoot the horror atmosphere right in the foot.)

I can't even imagine how exhausting it is to make this; it is certainly an emotionally exhausting read. That perhaps means it is doing a good job, but, damn, EVA is... 'heavy' I guess is the word I wanna use. Most of the time, at least.
RealRemainder chapter 111 . 6/4


-I got nothing. Small chapter anyways.

Huh... I could have sworn the next troubles would begin with Shinji getting strange visitors in his cell, not with an early release and strange spiders not from canon. Wonder what these drone spiders did to Asuka. Maybe it has something to do with the, ahem, 'mind rapist'? Asuka screaming like that kind of haunts me.

Also, very nice shot with the cone of silence. Let's see how this turns out.
AARGH's the name chapter 111 . 6/4
Never pegged Asuka as a Get Smart fan!
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 111 . 6/4
If your problems aren't solved with just need to use more fire.
Asuka did not use enough fire. Just be thankful you're in Japan instead of (what's left of) Australia Asuka.
Lightsbane1905 chapter 111 . 6/4
oh NOW what?
X59 chapter 111 . 6/4
Nicely done.
Antipodea chapter 111 . 6/4
Well, it's not an Eva story if things don't get worse before they...

*glances at 3.0*


(Get Smart doesn't really seem like the kind of thing Asuka would this more 'impenetrable Wall Of Jericho' mixed messaging?)
lautaro94 chapter 111 . 6/4
i hope arael attacks the doctor's mind y wanna see how that would end up.
Thomas Drovin chapter 111 . 6/4
Welcome back! Thanks to the short but exciting chapter to your lovely story! Just WHAT is the deal with those Spiders I wonder? I have no doubt one of them got INTO Asuka's Eva Unit or something sinister that has to do with them...I DREAD to think what's this will lead to...Asuka screaming is NOT a good sign! So see you next update whenever you can manage it so I can see what happens next! Later!
NET chapter 111 . 6/3
Hmm...I think I know what is happenning here.

The remnent of Matarael is working with Arael!

The angel in this fic can come back to life (barely) when they've gather enough energy and materials and now Matarael is making the spider drone to use as distraction then Arael's strike when the time is right!

Wow, just as the Doctor has said. These guys are clever team's player. To the point of terrifying!

Great work!
Lexarius chapter 111 . 6/3
Oh, man! It's getting worse! (for the characters, I mean)

More, please!
Z-King chapter 111 . 6/3
I wonder what the mighty Asuka is screaming about?
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