Reviews for Shinji and the Doctor
Guest chapter 124 . 6/9
This story is 120% pure grade awesomeness! I hope you haven't abandoned it.
yomunot chapter 124 . 5/12
Oh wait it's been more than a decade now, sweet jesus
yomunot chapter 124 . 5/12
Bingeread this story over the last three days and it absolutely fucked with my sleeping schedule. Worth it though.

Glad to see you're still around and writing this fic. Love the characterization, very much throws me back to the Tenth Doctor era to the point where I wanna rewatch the series up to The end of Matt Smith's run lol (For me the writing of this fic is for more enjoyable than what's been going on after Matt Smith series')

Thanks for the dedication to this fic. Writing one for almost a decade with consistent quality is no small feat. I look forward to reading the rest of it!
yomunot chapter 103 . 5/12
To that AN: yes
yomunot chapter 95 . 5/10
Hah love that il cameo
yomunot chapter 73 . 5/10
Glad he got his happy ending, love that irony type of shit that he was a part in what he loved and didnt even know
yomunot chapter 72 . 5/10
yomunot chapter 66 . 5/10
yomunot chapter 26 . 5/9
Hahaha that's heartbreaking wtf
Dalke320 chapter 18 . 5/5
I think as I’m reading this the thing I like most is that the whole of the evangelion mess is something bad and could end horribly. But for the doctor it’s nothing truly unusual. Whether the doctor succeeds or fails here he will pick up and move on to the prophecy (the one where 4 taps means his end, a representation of the heart beat of a time lord) then to Christmas and then everything that comes after. This story could have conceivably occurred in doctor who canon and I love that.
Rose rich 2002 chapter 124 . 5/5
Hope your doing well don’t know how often you get your date take you time we can wait and remember to have fun writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4
Can someone make one with a classic Doctor (Doctors 1-8) please?
Alpheus the First chapter 122 . 4/13
Okay, so I was avoiding this fic for a while because I said to myself “how can Doctor Who meld with Evangelion.” Turns out, after reading your piece very well! It’s been years since I watched Doctor Who but reading your piece reminded me of how fun and compassionate Ten can be. Eva hardly seems like the place for that kind of fun, but reading this piece makes me realize that that’s only because the people in charge don’t usually allow for it The Children are forced to indulge suffering for the sake of adults who hold the world in their grip, but seeing the Doctor threaten that has been really fun to witness. The recent chapters have done really well to bring new characters into the fold. I especially enjoyed your handling of Mari, her dealing with her own struggles while demonstrating Shinji’s growth by having him be bold enough to reach out to him. Eager to see the next installment, but otherwise hope that you’re well!
Son Joe chapter 124 . 3/19
If you get to the part where the Doctor is about to regenerate, you should have him see (At least) Shinji one last time.
Toondogjoe chapter 124 . 3/15
Please don't let this die. Your writing style alone is an inspiration.
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