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Button Masher Pot Smasher chapter 121 . 8/9
Just got caught up on this story again after like a year and a half of not following it. Lovely work as always. I really appreciate all the small details you put in, in characterization, worldbuilding, and everything else you do.

I remember some number of updates back you said you weren't feeling well (one of the late 2016 ones...?). While I know that was years ago, I hope you're doing ok all the same, and thanks so much for writing. This fic has been a longtime favorite of mine after I found it through a recommendation page on tv tropes.

Best of luck to you! Remember to take care of yourself. These are difficult times we're living in, but stories like this really help me (and maybe some other people) keep going.
Richard Barrowman chapter 121 . 6/26
I want to know how this story ends. I like your version of Shinji.
Richard Barrowman chapter 121 . 6/26
I need more. Pls update soon.
Taranodongirl1 chapter 121 . 5/14
willcraftNEX chapter 93 . 5/1
oh shit... the doctor just got angry, no one likes the doctor when he's angry
willcraftNEX chapter 14 . 4/26
this the 11th? it sounds like him
GrumpyGrue chapter 50 . 3/25
Nope. Not feeling sorry for her in the least. If she hasn't learned from military training what is, and isn't acceptable, then she's just hopeless. So she can act out when her superiors aren't around eh? That's unbecoming conduct for someone of her station. If straits weren't so dire, someone like her would never be given this sort of power. Asuka is a fucking loser.
GrumpyGrue chapter 49 . 3/25
Dafuk? Look at all these Asuka apologists in the reviews. She strangles Shinji for a shitty reason, has the biggest stick up her ass 24/7, and more if you count time shennanigans. This is the sort of bitch you send to military school to either shape-up, or be court marshalled. For all her suppossed brains, she couldn't figure out how not to be a bitch, and get ahead in life. Now look at her, a disposable, somewhat replaceable soldier, who is a glory hound, and can't let others do their job. Where's her blanket party? FFS. Misato isn't harsh enough. Protect Shinji. You don't have to be Japanese to show some basic respect that even an elementary schooler can pull off.
GrumpyGrue chapter 48 . 3/25
Techno is generally repetitive instrumental music. Which means the music goes in the same patterns often. Shinji's assessment is very wrong when he makes the comparison to techno, implying there is no pattern in techno. If he was just impling it's really loud noise like techno, there exist quiet technos.

Of course Asuka would think that Shinji remarking on The Doctor's ranting during an emergency as "comforting" being gay. It tells what's on her deviant mind. She's projecting? It takes a special kind of stupid to bring that up when it's not really applicable. I mean, Kaworu and Shinji's relationship is the closest you get to it. This Doctor/Shinji friendship isn't even remotely resembling it! If it's used as a word to describe something as shitty, that's at least a better use of the word. Like "the teacher graded me harshly". And the sympathetic friend says "wow, that's gay." Or Christmas carolers being gay.

How does Shinji not waifu Wondergirl Rei already? Nevermind, they're closely related, and it's kinda oedipal. Don't want children with 6 toes on a foot. Misato then.

Good on Shinji. Shrugging off Asuka's bitchiness like water rolling off a feathered duck's back due to the oils. Ducks are notorius rapists. Shinji loves doing the raping. "And I'm a dirty no-good piece of deadwood, Haunting the hood, and I should kill myself. At least that's what people say, mmm mmm. At least the people that are gay, mmm mmm
But I keep on cruising on down, and I can't stop won't stop Moving all around, like I got this fucked up Music in my mind, and it's playing all the time Singing it's gonna be alright."

Asuka is a professional victim. So it's Shinji's fault that she decided to follow him because he reccommended it was safest, Rei followed as well, and so she strangled him for her choice to bandwagon? Since the Angels didn't go after her in canon for body, they probably mind-raped her because she was bitchy. If she had to lose an eye, hope it's cause Shinji carves it out in slow-motion. If Shinji sang Moonman's Professional Victim to Asuka, that would be glorious.
GrumpyGrue chapter 47 . 3/25
Rei is the superior girl compared to Ass-sucka. Rei the death-ray. Any poll comparing the good features of the two would be the death of Asuka.
GrumpyGrue chapter 43 . 3/25
Kicking out Shinji, how cringy. Asuka ages like milk, not wine. The fraulein is swine. Her shriek grates, it's not like silk. She says Shinji had a fluke, but she's the only one that did bilk.
GrumpyGrue chapter 39 . 3/25
As long as Asuka embarasses herself, or has the humble pie shoved into her piehole, it's all good.
GrumpyGrue chapter 38 . 3/25
Do something terrible? Like take 40 cakes that don't belong to him?
GrumpyGrue chapter 36 . 3/23
Speaking of astronauts, The Doctor is a space cowboy. Astronauts gotta wrangle, and make rovers get along, like little doggies.
GrumpyGrue chapter 35 . 3/23
Asuka can be the rugby/quidditch ball that gets tossed around by EVAs.
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