Reviews for Shinji and the Doctor
Anon E. Moose chapter 65 . 10/17
Wow, someone taught little Miss Unstable how to kill at a young age.
And she still is, though probably even more unhinged now. Poor, poor Shinji, with nobody helping him and nobody EVER punishing crazy Asuka for her abuse. Things didn't really improve for Shinji we see.
Anon E. Moose chapter 63 . 10/17
Is the Number of languages Asuka, just to make sure, a 14-year-old, knows, going to increase?
Because, yanno, 10 (!) languages... sure, why not make it 42? About as credible as the rest before and makes a nicer number.

At least the fight scenes were nice.
Anon E. Moose chapter 62 . 10/17
Uh, what? Now you have Asuka able to prevent any interference from COMMAND? Lolwut?
That, that makes no sense. At all. That's just damn stupid.
Making Asuka out to be some unbelievable genius in everything AND everyone else fucking stupid? Why? Why have no way rein in a rogue EVA-unit? That's... just... argh!
Every military aircraft is better secured than but they hand an EVA, a WMD, to the known to be temperamental, immature Asuka?!
Anon E. Moose chapter 57 . 10/17
Okay, Asuka being crazy I buy. But a little 9-year-old girl training with Fallschirmjäger? Come on.
That does not even sound the least bit convincing as a lie. Intended as serious? Please, that makes Asuka really a, well, caricature of a human being, so unreal, not the littlest believable.
I don't think I can even think as Asuka as a person or character anymore.
Anon E. Moose chapter 50 . 10/17
Correction: The magazine is called 'Spiegel'.
'Speigel' would literally mean vomit-gel.
Anon E. Moose chapter 47 . 10/17
Well damn, just reading and imagining the scene... if Asuka was still allowed by Misato, for no good reason, especially after what she pulled, to take over Shinji's room... it would make me want to put everyone out of the misery of her presence, at least myself, maybe something in the food...

Really, any Asuka written like that just begs for horrible suffering as retribution with no one feeling sorry because of how she behaves. CONSTANTLY. Ugh.
Poor Shinji being on the receiving end here, and in such a visible manner.
Anon E. Moose chapter 35 . 10/17
I forgot: She's still a raging bitch with no provocation whatsoever.
Simply cannot imagine why anybody would feel sorry for her, sad backstory or not. Many people go through very bad things without being even half as annoying or toxic.
Makes one want to strangle her. Shinji has just the patience of a saint, that's why it took him so long to do it, heh.
Anon E. Moose chapter 35 . 10/17
Right, an at most 12-year-old Asuka finished a 5-year-degree in 2 years.
And still obviously never ever managed to learn to calm the fuck down. When everyone studying would by necessity have.
Sadly the story gets closer to making Asuka a non-character in my eyes with how she is just not the least believable as a human or person. Or may I'll stop reading. Shame that, story started out interesting.
Anon E. Moose chapter 34 . 10/17
Eh, this fic has the unfortunately "classic" bit of making Asuka flat out unreal to me.
In the deleted scene before she knows five languages here she has *built* her own interface for Unit-02. Let's see if you're gonna have her have the 3- or 5-year-degree, too.

She is at most ***14*** for fucks sake. There is a limit to how much she can cram in her AND THEN STILL RECALL. Even if she starts at four years old.
You might as well make her a human/Angel hybrid like Rei, at least it would be believable.
But for a normal human child? NO.

I'll see how that develops and whether she turns out to be too freakishly knowledgeable AND skilled (physical training and recuperation from it would take time from other things after all) to make a credible character.

After all, even if she only has what has been shown until now, what is her problem? Normal people with psychological trauma she supposedly has are hindered by it in some way. She apparently knows more and can do more than people twice her age, so no way is it believable that she has debilitating trauma, is that good AND is just a normal human.

Got a bit ranty there but having literally incredible Asuka always makes me dismiss her as a character.
Anon E. Moose chapter 32 . 10/17
I feel the need to be picky here. Instead of "Sprichst du Deutsch?", it should be "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?". She is talking to a teaacher after all so a polite form of address is a must.
Lord Razer chapter 108 . 9/28
dude I just read the whole story, and it is awesome. looking forward to the next update.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/19
why the fuck is kaworu evil
TTrunks chapter 3 . 8/27
Ok, wow. I actually teared up a bit during this scene. I'm one of those people who felt like SHinji was a bit of a whiny brat during the series. But I recently watched 1.11 and was sort of jonesing for a good story. I'm genuinely a bit surprised how well this chapter showed the Shinji is a 14 year old kid whose just gotten kicked in the nard/lungs over and over. Yeah Shinji is a bit whiny, but he's 14, and no one cares about him or talks to him. True you could argue Misato does, but you could also argue she's a soldier doing her job. I do think she got where she cared for him, but early on how much she does could be debated.

People who tend to rag on the series tend to forget Shinji is 14, probably mid-puberty or maybe just starting, kids that age could have emotional issues if they were grounded for a week. He's got so much on his plate... He actually handles most of it surprisingly well.
Naosj chapter 98 . 8/8
At least Shinji's girlfriend didn't suck 37 dicks.
Naosj chapter 83 . 8/8
This story is the perfect amalgam of Doctor Who at its peak and Evangelion with no dispute from anybody, but the updating schedule and barely-anything tidbits in between must have been hell on people who were actually reading this from the getgo.
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