Reviews for Shinji and the Doctor
harryfrentz chapter 25 . 3/22
It's "Once more UNTO the breach"
taffingbum chapter 80 . 3/20
Just wanted to thank you for an excellent and enjoyable story. I feel like you have used the correct formula for a good crossover. A) Make everyone awesome, including the enemies. B) Make sure everyone has challenge to overcome. C) Make me, the reader, cheer for each victory. No matter how small or who it comes from
I hope you have enjoyed writing this as much as I enjoyed reading it.
Flameoflegend chapter 49 . 3/12
...Is that a Scott Pilgrim reference? The part about the vegans and superpowers, I mean.
Chiusa123 chapter 79 . 3/4
think the doctor might join shinji in the zero room this time. i expect the doc to be out within a few hours, shin-chan might a year or two.
moot chapter 79 . 2/23
Prisoner zero... Bit early for the doc to deal with this?
Gundam Emperor00 chapter 77 . 2/16
So Angel Bob appears now, uhn? Who'll be the next, The Master, Daleks, Cybermen, The Silence, or completely new enemy?
Yikari chapter 79 . 2/11
'A little dark', pfft. Ah, it's EVA fanfiction, what did anyone expect, really? Fluffy waffles or something? :V

Containment breach scene was a bit painful to read (and probably even more painful to write), but if I disregard my knee-jerk reaction, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been. There was no mention of something going out of control even. XD

(I do question why they felt the need to combine observation deck with the control center in one place and why either of those had to be directly adjacent to the testing chamber, divided only by some transparent material, especially when they've already had precedents with this exact EVA, but I'm probably overthinking things.)

Dream sequence distinctly reminded me of good ol' Quake complete with absolutely black wall textures in lieu of shadows and extremely audiable water drip. XP

(Speaking of games and dreams, I once had a recurring stream of nightmares that always ended up with me blindly falling backwards. It only stopped after one time I thought to myself 'wait, I can mash spacebar to remain airborne, right?' I've had no trouble with dreams that tried to throw perilous landscape at me ever since - unlimited double jump even made it kinda fun.)
RealRemainder chapter 80 . 2/10
What the... You sneaky bastard! you updated after I read chapter 10 part 1 and at the same day of chapter 10 part 1 so I didn't se this little extert until now lol


That's a nice call out to the other doctors inside one of the many inner monologues of Rei. I googled doctor who(saw images of each one) thanks to this fic. I love this take of existential crisis of Rei.
UruExplorer DTC chapter 79 . 2/10
P...Prisoner Zero!? 0_0

*whispers to self* Please let that just be a coincidence, pleaseletthatjustbeacoincidence.

It's probably not a coincidence, though, given Bob.
WildCard-Yes Man chapter 80 . 2/10
I love this fic.
Duder Skanks chapter 80 . 2/10
oh boy...
Also just realized that we don't know if the Rei line goes by its canon numbering system, or the one used by the Evas.
Antipodea chapter 80 . 2/9
That was an almost River-like reaction to Fourth's hair. Really, she should be more concerned about those enormous eyes of his. And the teeth!
Thomas Drovin chapter 80 . 2/9
My word that was a quick update! That written report of Rei's was very enlightening, she saw the Doctor AND his past incarnations unlike Shinji she doesn't realise that those men she saw WERE the Doctor. WHO are they indeed? *Chuckles* Anyway thanks for the quick but brief update see you next update whenever you can manage it! Later!
kyugan chapter 80 . 2/9
Yes Ayanami, gaze in wonder at the marvel that is...Tom Baker.
Seriously, every actor who played the Doctor should be considered a National Treasure.
Satire Swift chapter 80 . 2/9
I have to wonder if at this point you're going through all the canon Eva events and saying to yourself "Hmm, how can I make this worse?" Not that I'm complaining mind you, you're getting some great stuff out of it.
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