Reviews for One Sweet Moment Set Aside
Uppgreyedd to 2018 chapter 1 . 1/6/2012
I should have given feedback the first time I read this, but for some reason I keep finding it easier, much easier, to favorite something, whether it's a fanfic here or a video on Youtube or a piece of art on deviantART than it is to comment on them. I'm really not sure why I do this.

Hell it wasn't until I found myself listening to Queen on Youtube the past hour (with Radio Ga Ga on repeat as I type this) did stray thoughts lead to Guilty Gear, which led to Sol, which led to this fic. Curiously, I came to this fic on another tab and found myself angry and disappointed at this site and myself when I saw that the best Sol Badguy fanfic on this site only had one review. So here I am now, *smiles sheepishly*

You are one of the best Guilty Gear writers on this site. Authors like you on I admire and envy for the quality of writing and their story output. Covalent Bonds is my favorite story of yours yet this is the one I found myself time and time again wanting to give you feedback on. That's probably because I RP as Sol in a couple of forums and found and continue to find myself trying to get into his state of mind. The topic you wrote about here was one I continually mused on, and I just want to say you did it beautifully (it's weird to describe something concerning Sol beautiful). That last bit especially with Sol and Ky listening to deterioted Queen records convinced me that at least something like that happened while they were in the war together, canon be damned.

I suppose all these words amount to, "You deserve a round of applause." *claps*
terracannon876 chapter 1 . 9/9/2011
That was both a sad and beautiful fic (complete with swearing and cynical statements up the hoozah). You never really get to see Sol in nostalgia mode, and having him actually hit it ... well, it's quite a contrast to his usual personality, and one would call it OOC (because it's never observed) until you realize ... shit, it's been 200 years since he's heard music and knew "normality". Wow.

It probably feels like a nightmare gone real to him. Fall asleep/go unconscious one moment, wake up the next and there's an apocalypse.

One thing about your style of writing is that it makes me read every word, so that my reading speed is much slower than it usually is. I like the semi-rambling style of it a lot )

Thanks for the one-shot? Happy birthday to whichever GG chara's B-day is the closest?