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Canadian-23 chapter 22 . 11/13/2011
Hey amazing!

That was an aswome ending chapter to a fantastic story! I really like the name you give to Merlin and Arthur daughter! :) great choice and a nice way back to kingdom united! Really like the link! I can't wait to see your next story! Harry Potter/Merlin crossover that will be really interesting! Can't wait to read it! Wonderful work and you are amazing! :) :) :)
DisneyPrncess1986 chapter 22 . 11/13/2011
As your first Merlin Mpreg this turned out fab as do all your stories. Loo

king forward to the new story tomorrow. Best of luck and happy writting.
Merthur Dreamer chapter 21 . 11/12/2011
WHAT AN AWESOME ACTION SCENE! IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! YOU HEAR ME! AWESOME! It was actually amazing, your description was phenomenal. It was so incredible, Arthur's movements powered by his love for Merlin.

The beginning was actually perfect. I imagined drum beats and urgency music with the fact 'Accidentally In Love' was in my head at the time *and still is now* it was a strange but WONDERFUL combination of background in my head music XD

Arthur seemed to desperate to fix things, it was so upsetting to see him like this, but there was an amazing surge of determination within him that I completely melted for. The way he caught up to Balinor, wanting to know the times of their departure and saying that when all was said and done, the fact of Morgause hurting Merlin and the baby was for a stab at Arthur's heart, how Arthur now took the moment and wanted Morgause to heal what she had done. Balinor couldn't agrue with a broken prince in love now could he? *Shakes head* I thought so, therefore, Arthur would settle things with Morgause, and it was nice to know that they would have the extra company of Lancelot in the background. And even after all this, Arthur still asks if Merlin will be alright, and the intense affection that flashed through his eyes... I don't think Balinor could ever truly know how much Arthur loves Merlin. So as it comfort his son-in-law, the way Balinor told Arthur that Hunith would be watching over him, plus the fact that he would know if anything was wrong with him through the new bracelet *ANOTHER GENIUS IDEA* With Arthur fully reassured, the way they set out for dawn was brilliant, I suddenly had a rush of excitement. The fact he went back to be with Merlin, to cherish every moment... *melts*

*melts more* The way Arthur felt nervous for the day, knowing that today would either be Merlin's death or his freedom from this curse... the way he held Merlin tight and kissed him so desperately... needing him to feel that he was there... how this could be the last time he could kiss Merlin and after all they've been through... the intensity in Arthur's lips and the way he felt a burn of tears in his eyes from the overwhelming love for Merlin... it was stunningly amazing. And what made the moment all the more special and heartbreakingly touching - was how Arthur so tenderly brushed Merlin's hair from his forehead, letting himself feel the moment as it might be his last with Merlin... then the unbearable ache in his heart, how he told Merlin he loved him... the atmosphere was so thick with love and you were able to describe such a yearnful heartbreak in a paragraph *hands medal of awesomeness* Arthur looked almost lost without Merlin by his side... his heart pulsing cold fear through him - but he would not let that get to him, but I dare say he let it show when he asked Gwaine and Percival to watch over him, a tear breaking his forces to prevent them.

I felt such a beat in my heart as they rode as fast as they could, knowing this journey held everything that was Arthur's heart, Arthur knowing that if they failed he would unravel and drown in sorrow. The forcefulness in Arthur's voice when he addressed the guards/knights was amazing - his look meaning *IF YOU MESS WITH ME I WILL RIP YOU APART AND ENJOY IT* Was it just me or was the fact Lancelot and Balinor looked particularly nervous scare anyone else? But Arthur was far gone in his rage and determination to save his heart's desire *sighs* The way Morgause was totally milking the situation I actually wanted to punch her for it *GLARES AT HER TO BURN HOLES IN HER HEAD* Arthur... he looked as if he truly did want to tear her apart. Yet he was able to keep his temper to its lower levels as he told her that they were here because she had hurt Merlin and his child. I felt his voice break at that point, remembering Merlin's state and how despite his wishes... there was still that horrible chance he may lose him. I loved it when Arthur said he wasn't that heartless to kill Morgause in cold blood, suggesting that SHE herself probably would. When he challenged her... if looks would kill and kill again, rip people apart and burn their remains... I dare say Morgause would be less than ash right now XD I thought Arthur addressed his terms perfectly, saying that if he won she would heal Merlin and his child... but her reward would be a mystery. Her sneeky look suggested something horrible and when she asked about their magic, the way Balinor interrupted with a denial... he was planning something too *BRILLIANT* Arthur's hesistance to accept as Morgause would get his... his child... the way the world crumbled for a bit was heartbreaking as Arthur could bear that thought. But Balinor was there for support and when Arthur accepted... the way he did it slowly as if unsure to Balinor's intentions was hilarious.

Now... the final battle, oh my... I've got shivers again. Balinor was planning something! Just brilliant. It was quite a nice scene actually, how Balinor reassured Arthur of their advantage and how he would keep him safe. And the way this did in fact relax Arthur's racing heart even for awhile was really sweet. And of course, when they went out onto the field Morgause has to be as bitchy as ever. *Slaps her round the face* I thought Emily handled the beginning well and the way Arthur's heart was pounding really made mine clench, but these feelings of fear were soon replaced with strength and determination as the battle began. I loved it, the description, how Arthur was just that much quicker than her... but than she used her fact of being a woman to her advantage, punching and dazing Arthur... Then I thought it was all lost for a moment, my heart hammering... but the way Lancelot reminded Arthur why he was here... the way he was fighting for Merlin... my heart actually flutter and started jumping in my chest as Arthur was energised by his love for Merlin. It was such a feel good moment, when he finally countered and took her sword.

Then the way Arthur's first words were for how to heal Merlin, his voice in haste and urgency... the next few minutes of affection that floated across Arthur's eyes was stunning. Then Arthur rant at Morgause was hilarious! The way he totally scolded her and beated her with words, saying how she was such a pitiful and vile person. Then the ending was just perfect, Emily in the background nodding and smiling, then Arthur wanting to get to Merlin as quick as possible.

Thanks For Sharing x

P.S. Not the last chapter next :(
foxgodess07 chapter 21 . 11/12/2011
awwee she didn't die? update soon.
Cathcer1984 chapter 21 . 11/12/2011
Canadian-23 chapter 21 . 11/12/2011
Hey amazing!

Love the fight of Arthur do for Merlin! I really enjoy this chapter! I can't wait to see the next one and wonderful work and you are amazing! :)
Corey YoungBlood chapter 21 . 11/12/2011
Last chapter up tomorrow? Oooooooh i hope its going to be longer and conclusive. great chapter, i cant help but think that morgause wont give up easily :)
Grizzo chapter 21 . 11/12/2011
Glad nothing bad
Secretdork chapter 20 . 11/12/2011
Heheheheheeee. This story is so good :') I'll never get bored of the fluff between Merlin and Arthur :} xxxx
Merthur Dreamer chapter 20 . 11/12/2011
I think this chapter actually made me physically melt, it was so AMAZING! You had everything in this chapter: fluff, romance, bit of tension and may I say such hot sex! It was perfect in every way.

We're first hit with the mystery of what happened on Arthur's trip - that shall certainly be an interesting story. The way Arthur practically leapt off his horse to get to Merlin was so touching, how he couldn't bear to be apart from his other half any longer, how the cold nights of the forest had made his heart yearn so sorely. The way he did everything in a flash made me giggle too, how everyone was so confused, his parents surprised by his speed. When Arthur did reach their chambers, it was like his heart was actually trying to pump itself out of his chest - then when he saw Merlin... the way his heart froze in love and he breathed a sigh of relief was actually beautiful. Then I thought this was a really nice moment for the reader, as Merlin turned around and you let us see his entire face just light up at seeing his knight in shining armour, his heart melting. The way his spoke his name... it was as if he were still daydreaming. And Arthur's relief was just amazing, the way he rushed to Merlin and passionately caught him for a kiss, needing to know that he was still here, his heart bruised and weeping from their seperation and tha fact Merlin could have so easily slipped away. The way he held him, the reader was able to see that under all Merlin's prattful prince... Arthur was just as vulnerable as him. The way he breathed out he was so happy to see Merlin on his feet again, his whispered tension certainly expressed his heart's aching. It made me giggle, how Merlin 'waddled over' _ But then Merlin's sudden fear was quite astonishing, scared that Arthur had gone. But for Arthur, it was the easiest question in the world, he had gone to battle Morgause because she had hurt Merlin, put his and their babies life at risk. But Merlin was still broken, his eyes protraying the fright of losing Arthur, how he would have been killed and Merlin would have just then slipped away - the process sped by his broken heart. And that moment was so tender, how Arthur tried to cheer him up but Merlin was still in his state... still paniced that Arthur could have been wounded. Then my heart melted and broke at the same time in Arthur's intense gaze... how he tried to desperately to reassure Merlin. Then when he asked Merlin why he used his magic for the baby... the way Arthur wanted for Merlin to use at least some to keep himself alive, how if it wasn't for Balinor than Merlin would have faded away... and the split in Arthur's heart and voice - it was just so heartwarmingly heartbreakingly moving... Arthur's emotions overwhelming at the fact of he almost lost his heart. Then the scene got so intimate and my heart yet again melted. The way Merlin saw this, saw how wrecked and worried Arthur was... the way he slowly sat down in his lap, bringing Arthur closed and wrapping his arms around him burying his head in his neck, suddenly a pang in his heart of guilt and broken love... how he was sorry for putting Arthur in that position. But Arthur was content to have him now... and the intensity of their love when they spoke it again made even my ears tense from the level... both just so happy to finally have the other safe and close. Arthur's kiss to Merlin was breathtaking, sealing their promises and their affections. And to top it all off... the fact Arthur just wanted to rest with Merlin by his side for the day... it was so romantic... WAY TO KILL THE MOOD PEOPLE! Seriously, why must they run in on them?

I just love your way of storytelling - how Merlin and Arthur were shirtless in bed together, just gently caressing the other in their intimatcy of the moment. Beautiful. Then the bath scene... Oh my lord! Talk about smoke on the water! This day was just a day of sweet tenderness, both Merlin and Arthur just allowing their hearts to steady in the other loving hold. The way Merlin started washing Arthur was so gentle, but he had other intentions in mind and I have to say my mind exploded as Arthur's curiousity made him shiver. When Merlin wrapped his hand around him... it was as if he was apologising to Arthur again, so happy to be with him now. And the way Arthur moaned and relaxed in Merlin's touch... all his tension leaving him as he came - the process of Merlin's speed - it was a PERFECT moment. Then as they said they missed each other... there was so much love in their words.

Then it was Merlin's turn *chuckles*

Arthur's curiousity as to why the bed was moving was hilarious... and the fact it was Merlin trying to get out of bed, that made me laugh... it was such a fluffy moment, how Arthur scooted over, comforting Merlin, asking how he wanted him to help - unbeknownst to him though, Merlin was hardening in Arthur's heated touch. It was such a tender moment, Arthur helping Merlin and caring in such a deep way, I thought you handled it perfectly, a true insight for the reader. Then, it made me laugh as the smuggest grin blessed Arthur's face at seeing his husband hard... new intentions in his mind, and the way he 'smiled and let go' made the heat all the more suddenly intense. The reader would have such a laugh... Merlin, not knowing why Arthur had suddenly let go of his trousers... the blush he felt as he tried to see Arthur was hilariously fluffy sexy. Then his interrupted words as Arthur's mouth suddenly engulfed him was so amazing, Arthur's lust burning ripples in Merlin. The fact it had been a while making this moment all the more arousing, especially as Arthur hummed his agreement, making Merlin feel quivers of delight escape his nerves. Then when Arthur started bobbing and sucking... the way Merlin lost himself in Arthur's warmth, so happy that he was safe, and to have this pleasure was more than enough. Then when Arthur started to fondle Merlin's balls... the shivers of excited elation that split Merlin's mind was amazing. Even more so, as Merlin felt Arthur's lose, sad for a moment, but the feeling of Arthur's hand gather precum - he totally knew what was coming *no pun intended XD* next. Merlin's moans of thunder were extraordinary... then the way he was just so overstimulated, three points of pleasure making him relish in rapture... and the way he came and saw stars it was so intense... Merlin's heated breath from Arthur's love, I thought he'd pass out. Arthur's smuggness was brilliant, swallowing and standing, telling him they should probably go for breakfast... Merlin too zoned out to say anything XD

Everyone was there... it was quite exciting actually. Hunith and Balinor had stayed, all his knights *well the ones involved* were present and so was Morgana *of course his parents were there* The way he guided Merlin into his seat was so adorable. Then as Uther asked for him to tell them everything, the atmosphere suddenly got very thick.

Thanks For Sharing x
Cathcer1984 chapter 20 . 11/12/2011
Ooo I wonder what happened! At least we know he won :)
foxgodess07 chapter 20 . 11/11/2011
well that was interesting. can't wait for the fight. update soon.
cag21 chapter 20 . 11/11/2011
Grizzo chapter 20 . 11/11/2011
A little morning sex while pregnant is always good.. :-)..
Canadian-23 chapter 20 . 11/11/2011
Hey amazing! :)

Great chapter! That was sooo sweet! God Merlin and Arthur are really perfect for each other! :) I can't wait to see the next chapter and you are amazing! :) :)
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