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Merthur Dreamer chapter 19 . 11/10/2011
GO BALINOR! YES! You kill that bitch! Thats made me happy ;p

The beginning was so tense all of this seemed like an emotional rush of events, my head was spinning. I loved your storytelling, how Lancelot got to Harlech *which I still picture by the sea* and rushed to see the royals. I thought Lancelot handled his role so well, how he waited outside the room... and it seemed as if he was remoreful in a way, how he thought that Balinor and Hunith must be so happy right now... and here he was, bringing such grave news. Their shock at seeing him was so dreadful, their sweet surprise to be soon destoryed. When Lancelot did eventually tell them... it seemed as if such a heavy weight had been suddenly sent to crush them. The way panic filled Hunith's eyes and Balinor's were filled with fury was just so brilliantly tension-building. Balinor's haste made my head so light-headed, needing to keep up with his sudden planning and desperate need to get to Merlin as soon as magically possible. Poor Lancelot, he hadn't slept... his loyalty and dedication to Merlin and Arthur is just so heartwarming, I think he truly did deserve that break, he does look like he needs a good night's sleep. And he even offered to bring their belongings as not to prolong their departure... *hands gold star*

Balinor and Hunith's gratitude was so sweet and when they got the stones... this magical bit I loved. AND I DID THINK OF HARRY POTTER AND DISAPPARATING! I also liked how we got Hunith's perspective on it: the sudden breeze of air and the whooshing sound. Then when they got to Merlin and Arthur's chambers... Gwaine and Percival's stunned faces were quite amusing, even more so, as Hunith told them to close their mouths... and when Gwaine smirked, thinking of Percival sucking something... it was hilarious. But humour and Gwaine's dirty mind aside... the atmosphere soon got thick and rushed with tension. This next part had my heart clenching... the way they found Merlin so tightly wrapped in Arthur's arms stole my breath with the serious expression of deep affection on Arthur's face. Then when Arthur woke up from Hunith's haste... the way he saw Merlin's whimpering and tightened his hold, his heart wrenching seeing Merlin so weak; the way he kissed his forehead so brokenly lovingly, telling Merlin that he was there... such love lacing his words and they couldn't be more movingly serious. I admit, the way Arthur acted, all shocked and surprised to see Balinor and Hunith here was quite amusing. These next few moments were amazing, how Uther and Ygraine came, Arthur told Balinor all that happened then he checked Merlin himself... everyone waiting while holding their breath... Arthur's heart racing.

It seemed like forever until Balinor finally turned around and informed them of the truth - The baby was safe *breaths sigh of relief* but Merlin was dreadfully weak and needed his magic to help fight off this invasion *holds breath again* Then when Hunith asked him about the magical signature... I KNEW IT WAS MORGAUSE! DIDN'T I SAY WHAT A HORRIBLE BITCH SHE WAS! But what caught my attention here was how Arthur seemed to be in a daze, the realisation of what had happened creeping into his eyes... and the way his heart choked... he blamed himself for this, didn't he? The deep love in his eyes... it was so intense and full of emotion. Then Balinor's eyes - what rage. His shouting voice of ice and sharpness sent shivers down my spine, how he explained the sleeper and how Morgause sighed her death warrant messing with his family. I admit, I did cheer then _

Lancelot was back! What a nice friend he is, he needs a medal, looking after Merlin when Arthur couldn't *I bet Arthur wanted the meeting in their chambers so he could still be with Merlin* The only thought that went through my mind was... and I quote myself 'YES BALINOR! YOU KILL THAT BITCH' The way he was so adamant that Morgause wouldn't get away with harming his son and grandchild and think she will get away with it all because she herself couldn't have her way. Uther's shock that he would kill her was funny... but Balinor was serious, and the way he explained that she either heal Merlin and live or die and heal Merlin... the venom in his voice was BRILLIANT! He spoke of her in pure disgust.

Thanks For Sharing x
Forever Cullen chapter 19 . 11/10/2011
oh damn. don't mess with Balinor. lol. looking forward to chapter 20.
Canadian-23 chapter 19 . 11/9/2011
Hey amazing!

Aswome chapter! I really like the Harry Potter reference, made me smile and Gwaine and Perceval reaction two! Hope Merlin will be fine and that Morgrause will pay! Can't wait to see the next chapter! You are amazing! :)
Cathcer1984 chapter 19 . 11/9/2011
Oh evil Morgause!
foxgodess07 chapter 19 . 11/9/2011
ohh do we get to read to the fight? update soon.
Grizzo chapter 19 . 11/9/2011
Go get her Balinor! Waiting for
Grizzo chapter 18 . 11/8/2011
More bad magic...what is going on. who?
foxgodess07 chapter 18 . 11/7/2011
i hope merlin and the baby will be ok. that stupid b*tch. update soon.
cag21 chapter 18 . 11/7/2011
Again AMAZING!, can't wait for next chapter. But take your time. Thank you for uploading this and the hard work.
Cathcer1984 chapter 18 . 11/7/2011
Fingers crossed Hunith and Balinor get there in time!
Merthur Dreamer chapter 18 . 11/7/2011
Thats actually... amazingly breathtaking. Wow...

The emotionally intensity that you used and filtered into this was just stunning. For the whole thing, I felt my blood run cold as Arthur so desperately raced to see Merlin, to save him from this nightmare that was slowly consuming them... they seemed so happy, DAMN YOU MORGAUSE! Seriously, *holds back whimper* if you harm Merlin I will hunt you down and punch you SO hard it will make your ancestors dizzy!

I'm still in a rush from the awe of this chapter *catches breath* It was heartbreaking, to say the least. The beginning just made my heart die, how Arthur wasn't hunting properly, his thoughts forever on Merlin, just always thinking about his health, hoping that he was alright, and his faith was so strong, needing Merlin to be okay, knowing that if anything did happen that not only would he never forgive himself, but he knew his heart would never beat again. As soon as Arthur cried out in pain, I actually felt shivers tense my spine. The way he knew what it meant, explaining to the others what the necklace expressed... and then his sudden eager... the way in a matter of moments his heart was able to beat such a cold adrenaline of panic that he practically ran to his horse... his demands were swift and clear... yet his heart couldn't be more scared. I thought you expressed his character so well, how he tried to stay calm for the others, not wanting them to see his true state of distress and worry. It made me smile with such a warmth, how Arthur ordered Lancelot to travel to Harlech to collect Balinor and Hunith, knowing they would be best to help Merlin. And I couldn't help but notice, how his panic was making him seem almost light-headed, his mind not being able to cope with reality he was in.

Instantly, you let the reader know how desperate Arthur is, how determined and ready he is for Merlin by the way he tells the others what to do in an authorive manner, hiding his heart's fear for the worst. The way he ran... it was so romanticly heartbreaking, how his love for Merlin was running cold within him from the petrified panic that was circulating. He seemed to shake and tremble then when he got to their chambers... the sight that awaited him broke my heart... so I couldn't begin to think about how much Arthur's heart froze in fear - the world stopping for just a moment. His eyes were instantly filled with such a trembling worry, as he saw Merlin crying in pain, looking helpless and broken. The tone in Arthur's voice made my eyes burn, how he looked up and down Merlin, constantly searching for a wound or something he could help with, and what made it hurt all the more... was how Merlin's voice was so broken and liquidised by his tears of agony. It was then here that I felt Arthur shake, as he panickedly told Merlin that help was on the way, trying to be strong for Merlin at the same time. I felt my heart run cold, as Arthur so carefully helped Merlin into his breeches, trying his best not to hurt him. Then when Merlin recalled the events... for a moment I thought that maybe this was Merlin giving birth, an early painful contraction, but that thought soon left my mind when he said he was scared. And in those few words... I saw how Arthur understood the seriousness of this all, how he suddenly felt reality's cold claws pierce his heart and split it open, how his fear burned his eyes, pulling Merlin close... not knowing what to do and seeing Merlin so helpless just making this whole thing so much more agonising, trying his best to squeeze the pain from Merlin and make it disappear, his heart making his shake with a dreadful tremour. I think they all helped so well, your language use perfect. The way Percival helped Merlin to bed, Arthur closely behind whispering words of comfort. The way Arthur's parents were close together, shock in their eyes just gave the scene that something more. Then when Gwaine entered with Gaius, the atmosphere suddenly got very thick and I held my breath. The silence was killing me, how Gaius was quickly whispering spells, how they all looked so worried... but nothing compared to the fear on Arthur's face, as he looked to Merlin feeling so painfully useless as Merlin cried out in his agony. Then the air got even more tense, as Gaius silence Merlin for his benefit... and checked him in the ghostly quiet. Then when Gaius looked up at Arthur... the way he felt his heart pang in his chest, refusing to think about the worst and just ask what was wrong. But... Gaius didn't know. The pain in his words, how he couldn't be sure, only knowing that a magic was fighting Merlin, trying to cause harm to him and the baby... the way he couldn't place the source, only knowing that it was powerful... this only fed Arthur's dread. Then when he finally told them that it was yes and no because although Merlin was fighting back, he was protecting the baby, not his own life... it was then that I saw Arthur's heart crumble in his very eyes. It was such a heartwrenching moment... how Arthur suddenly felt his heart split open and weep; the way he thought of a life without Merlin and knew he couldn't - how the fear of losing Merlin suddenly became so real, and too close for comfort. In that moment, I saw how Arthur yearned with such an ache for Merlin to stay with him, knowing life would be unbearable without him. He seemed so distant, just saying the facts about Lancelot, his eyes never leaving Merlin's, ignoring everyone else, too scared to look away as Merlin may vanish. Their consideration to Arthur's feelings were so heartfelt, leaving him and Merlin alone. It meant a lot when Uther patted him on the shoulder, a small gesture of affection, but a supportive one with much strength. Ygraine's words of warning... I don't think Arthur would take them, only wanting to see Merlin's eyes again... and what made it so much more depressing was how I then remembered how they parted - with Merlin saying he'd be fine, Arthur worried, both saying farewells with love vows.

Gwaine and Percival's thoughts of staying guard were so sweet actually, wanting to support their friends in anyway possible. But from the atmosphere outside Merlin and Arthur's chambers... there was a sudden thickness, a sadness so deep in the air on the bedroom. The way Arthur took his shirt off and slipped into bed next to Merlin so tenderly, with such a broken heart in his eyes. The way he cuddled to him, wanting to feel his warm skin against his, a sign and comfort that he was still alive, how he held Merlin tight, not wanting him to leave him in this world, knowing his heart would just shatter and crumble. The way he was shaking, his wounded love beating so slowly within him, as he looked upon the man who owned his heart and almost slipped into a depression about how he could lose him... and the fact that it was the first time that Arthur was cuddling up to Merlin... it brought a whole new sense of vulnerablity and tenderness to the situation... making Arthur's heartbreak even more painful as he clung to his heart's lifeline.

Thanks For Sharing x

P.S. Sorry if this reivew seems long and dull, I really tried but I've had such a S**T day - emotionally wise of course :')
Canadian-23 chapter 18 . 11/7/2011
Hey amazing! :)

Poor Merlin! :( I hope him and the baby will be okay! :) sensational chapter and I can't wait to see the next one! You are amazing! :)
Cathcer1984 chapter 17 . 11/6/2011
Oh no! I hope Merlin will be alright!
cag21 chapter 17 . 11/6/2011
Absolutely brilliant! Amazing! Please continue, I hope Arthur get to Merlin in time. Thank you for the hard work and uploading these chapters.
Merthur Dreamer chapter 17 . 11/6/2011




This chapter, however fluffy to begin with, held such an ominous atmosphere. But it was so romantic.

Arthur's protective nature was actually melting my heart, the way he would always be by Merlin's side, glued to the hip so he could tend to his every need. I loved your description of it like Arthur was Merlin's shadow, expressing how closely he always was to Merlin. He was such a gentleman too, how he would help Merlin walk even, and although Merlin felt sorry for him, wanting Arthur to enjoy himself and to stop worrying about him... I couldn't help but feel he did like it to a certain extent... at least it proved Arthur's loyalty and affections. Merlin idea of the leather straps with the stones to give Arthur some freedom was quite interesting actually, and when he commented on Percival's strength... was Percival thinking of Gwaine? He chuckled as if remembering something *giggles*

And... I just loved how when Percival sent word for Arthur, he came rushing in at record time, the way he was filled with adrenaline and panic, thinking Merlin was in some sort of danger. His paniced thoughts were so sweet, yet I did think that Merlin needed to give him some worry relief *wink wink* Then as Merlin explained the Arthur his plans of the stones, how he didn't want to start snapping at Arthur again... his sincere voice was so heartwarming, and my heart fluttered when Merlin brought them out, Merlin's being Pendragon Red! Amazing. I giggled for about a good five minutes. Then Arthur's face of concern was truly touching, how he still couldn't live with himself if anything happened to Merlin. I loved the idea and how it worked... I don't know why but I thought of Harry Potter for about a second. And still, Arthur was willing to tend to his every call, but Merlin's persistance was quite amusing, he being so touched by the idea that Arthur loved him so much and so wholly. Then Arthur's smile and the kiss he gave Merlin was so adorable, surrendering to his husband's wishes.

Then after the quite serious and loving ending... I burst out laughing with Arthur's fluffy concern as as soon as *thats a lot of as's XD* he saw Merlin he asked if he was alright. Just calm down Arthur... can't your husband just see you because he wants to? Merlin's knowing look said it all though and the fact that Arthur was staying behind so he could look after Merlin was just so thick with love. I felt as if Merlin didn't want to trap Arthur, to show him he could still care for him and have his normal freedoms... but what made it all the more romantic was how Arthur didn't see tending to Merlin as an obligation, but as a loving gesture to their marriage. The way Arthur needed to know what his love would be doing was just so romantic, how he wanted to know if there was any danger possible... and Uther's comment was quite amusing. Was Merlin smiling like a love struck fool? I think so. The way he looked into Arthur's eyes to see nothing but affection and concern as he asked if that was it for his day, Merlin feeling his heart leap in love. I loved it how he 'threatened' to go instead, Merlin doesn't even LIKE hunting XD Then when Arthur knew that he was being serious, the way he grabbed Merlin's hand to stop him, and so affectionately told Merlin to stay there... I was a melted puddle of fluff. Then Merlin's smile was so adorable, so lovingly touched that Arthur felt this strongly for him, and his kiss of affection, then how he told Arthur to enjoy himself and to stop worrying... it was such a tender moment. Then Merlin's final temptation was brilliant... Arthur suddenly NEEDING to go on this trip with the promise of sex following shortly. His eyes suddenly dilated and the way he asked 'As soon as I get back?' The eagerness in his tone was brilliant. Their farewell was so touchingly heartwarmingly amazingly romantic, how Arthur kissed him so softly, saying he loved him, Merlin feeling his breath falter for a moment, so tempted to melt in Arthur, as he vowed his feelings once more. Then Uther's curiousity would be stopped... THAT WAS HILARIOUS! How Merlin warned him off by saying did he really want to know what Merlin and Arthur got up to... I laughed at the 'up' XD The baby kicking was sweet, the grandparents getting a chance to feel it too.

Then... this ending had me pacing for a while, panicing. It all seemed quite nice and innocent, Merlin just casually walking around, about to dress himself... Then when he felt the stab of pain... I felt my breath leave me as he was suddenly hit with fear. His heart started racing and the way he was overcome with this sting of pain just made me want to cry out. The way he screamed in the ache, feeling it posion him... his panic and anxiety to have Arthur with him was heartwrenching, as he called for Arthur with the stone, his vision dulling with this strange jolt of pain. His eyes widening with tears, feeling the air leave him, as he yearned for the return of his prince.



Thanks For Sharing x ;)
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