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totheunkown chapter 17 . 11/5/2011
oh no! please don't let anything happen to the baby!
foxgodess07 chapter 17 . 11/5/2011
oh! the baby is coming. yay. update soon.
Canadian-23 chapter 17 . 11/5/2011
Hey amazing!
Corey YoungBlood chapter 17 . 11/5/2011
Oooooh no not a cliffie! i hope merlin's baby's not havin a problem! please update soon! i bet since everyones saying it'll be a boy it'll be ironic to turn out a girl, or TWINS! I would like it to be a boy though :) and have like a proper medieval sounding name like the ones that are considered to be arthur's sons in the legends like Amhar or Llecheu :) great chapter.
Merthur Dreamer chapter 16 . 11/5/2011


This was so sweet, so fluffy and had the perfect balance of lustful love in it. I totally LOVED this, seriously, there is something special about your fics.

It did make me kind of sad though that Balinor and Hunith had to leave as well, but they have their own kingdom to run. Then I suppose it was all okay, since they would be here in time for the birth of their grandson... it feels so good to say that. Then I snarled at my laptop... Morgause. I don't know why but I pictured Elena when you spoke of Emily. It was nice that she was so kind-hearted compared to her cow of a mother. I think Merlin and Arthur have got a fangirl on their hands XD Morgause though had another presence entirely, one of evil and sinister looks. Then when Arthur held Merlin even closer, his protective reflexes over Merlin were just breathtaking, so much love in the gesture and yet daggers being sent at Morgause. Shaking hands is meant to show no weapons... yet she looked still as evil as ever *glares* When she stroked Merlin's stomach... IF SHE'S CURSED THE BABY SOMEHOW I WILL KILL HER! The way Merlin flinched in fear and cuddled closer to Arthur was so heartrending sweet. Her words of encouragement held such a deadly life, the way she told Merlin to rest since male pregnancies were dangerous. Then Arthur's rescue was quite touching, how he so bluntly told Morgause that they were aware of this and for her to basically leave now or he'd kill her there and then. Her leave wasn't gracious in the slightest *glares* This next bit was so fluffingly touching. The way Merlin rested his head on Arthur's shoulder was so romantic, cringing at the fact she'd touched him. And Arthur's tightened hold around Merlin just took my breath away, wanting to comfort and forever protect his Merlin. Then his sudden panic when Merlin uttered 'Oh' was so sweet, such deep fearful concern raditating in his eyes. But it was only the message stone, and Arthur's heart relaxed. Gwaine's little comment was quite funny though, noticing how worried Arthur had been. Then I swear Merlin melted, how he looked in Arthur's eyes blushing, saying that it was just his Father. And as he placed his hand on Arthur's cheek, his eyes were giggling and relishing for his knight in shining armour... it was just so perfect.

Later in the day, the sun's setting, people are sweating... what does Arthur find as his reward for an afternoon of training, why Merlin naked in a steamy bath of course XD Arthur's smile was hilariously seductive, blood rushing to his own certain areas. The way he took a moment to look at Merlin, noticing his bump... if possible, I believe he fell EVEN MORE in love with Merlin, his heart rippling in the fact that he was having a baby with the man he loved. His cheeky comment was amusing, Merlin just simply smiling in his happiness. It was so tender, how Arthur helped Merlin dry himself, of course, he took the lower half. And seeing the lustful yearning in Arthur's eyes, the way Merlin said he should repay Arthur... I think there were actual fireworks in Arthur's eyes, his groin perking up to the new idea. Then, as Arthur thinks of the amazing sex they'd have... the way Merlin turned round and said that Arthur needed a bath... it was such an 'aww' moment, Arthur bewildered, and quite sad now. His mock-stroppy groan was quite cute actually. Then at Merlin's words... the promise of blissful sex if he had a bath... I have never seen Arthur move so fast, his heart racing in the anticipation. It made me smile.

Then giggle so hard at the fact he broke his record. When he locked his chambers... his pulse was rising, having waited so long for this chance. When he got to the bed... it was so heartwarming intimate, how he started with gentle kisses to the back of Merlin's neck, his love so warm. But then his disappointment and confusion as to why he got no response was so cute... when he noticed Merlin was sleeping... he looked like a wounded puppy. His sighs of fire... trying to calm his arousal and the temptation to wake Merlin was so sweetly funny.

GWAINE! You little stirrer, I swear he was planning their trip before he even met Arthur that morning. When he told Merlin that Arthur looked really disheartened, how he looked like a promise wasn't fulfilled... Merlin's realisation that he must have fell asleep was such an 'aww' bit. Merlin looked so suddenly paniced, like he had betrayed Arthur somehow, the way he spoke with haste was actually quite touching, needing to make it up to Arthur, hurt by the pain he caused. When Merlin suggested the lake... I knew where this was going, it was so funny, how Gwaine said Arthur would have protested, but Merlin's adamant reply that he tell Arthur he used his magic... Merlin had a plan or two for Mr. Pendragon. But what I thought was quite touching about this scene, was how Gwaine said that Arthur wanted to keep Merlin safe, Arthur obviously telling all his knights to protect Merlin with their lives. Gwaine knew what Merlin was planning, and the way he asked should he pack food for him was hilarious, Merlin's blush deepening.

Gwaine could have just been welcoming Arthur back, but the way he instantly thought something was wrong truly touched me, how Merlin was always on his mind and whenever a threat came close, his heart would start to pulse. Arthur's angry paniced tone to Gwaine about why didn't he stop Merlin... the fearful worry in his eyes was breathtaking. Then when Arthur dropped the rabbits at hearing Gwaine say they had no choice, how he thought something could have happened to him, his speed was like nothing I've seen, Arthur just praying that Merlin was alright.

And Merlin was okay, of course he was, he knew Arthur would come for him *no pun intended* When he saw Merlin, the way his heart finally slowed down, relaxing from the hype of Merlin in possible peril. Then when Merlin asked Arthur if he was joining him, the amount of lust and love that exploded in Arthur, making him strip and practically run to Merlin's side was phenomenal. When Merlin placed his hands of Arthur's chest, the pleasure that went through them both was amazing. Then when Merlin reached Arthur's cock and he started to caress him... Arthur was lost in the elation Merlin's touch brought - the squeeze and gentle movements making him even more hard. Then Merlin's apology was so sweet, sincere remorse in his eyes. Then when Arthur opened his eyes... the emotion that went through him, so touched that Merlin was trying to make up for the lost promise... it was so romantic. Then Merlin seemed almost close to crying... but Arthur's comfort was so tender, saying that he something else was on his mind, and how Merlin was tired anyway and it wasn't his fault... his soft words were incredible. Merlin's smile was breathtaking, now knowing he hadn't disappointed his love. And Arthur's smile back and 'That's better'... I melted in their love, such deep and strong affection shining from their hearts. His kiss... I just love it when they kiss, the world seemed to stop and stare. The way they got dressed was so intimate, Arthur stroking and helping Merlin. Then their ride back home... It was just amazing to say the least.

Thanks For Sharing x
Merthur Dreamer chapter 15 . 11/5/2011
Awwwwwwwwwwww I loved this chapter! It was so cute and fluffy and sweet and fluffy and fluffy and fluffy :D It was so adorable, I think I'm a puddle of goo now... my heart melted at the first sentence. Their was just such a romantic atmosphere.

What I truly love about your stories is that they are so unique and no-one else has done this sort of idea. It was amazing. You have really grasped their relationship and the way they look into each other's eyes... its just magical, always saying that they love the other with all the affection in the world. It made me smile that Uther and Ygraine decided to have a feast for Merlin and Arthur, I like a celebration with Merthur fluff anyday. What also made me smile was how everyone else was so happy that Arthur had finally found someone. Then by the second paragraph I was gone. They truly looked so happy and in love together. The way Merlin kept giggling at what Arthur was saying, how he would then blush when Arthur whispered promises into his ears, how his heart would race and beat at miles a minute. It was truly heartwarming, how Arthur would lean down and talk to Merlin's bump... talk to their baby... their faces were just so brilliant with affection, nothing else in the world mattering except them and their child. When Merlin would then take Arthur's hands and place them on the bump so he could feel the baby kicking... I couldn't help but see the overwhelming happiness that flooded their smiles. WHY DID SOMEONE HAVE TO RUIN IT!

Again, the first sentence had me squealing... XD The fact that they are being so intimate with each other: holding hands and whispering... it just proves all the more how in love they really are and how they are not ashamed to show it. The Gwaine and Percival part was pretty sweet, how they were cuddling, so happy for someone special to melt away their loneliness. There was just something about this chapter, Merlin and Arthur seemed to be just totally lost in each other's eyes. The way Merlin said that he couldn't believe they wanted to marry only after two months... the way Arthur was just staring at Merlin with affection-glazed eyes and whispered how long were they together when they got married... the memory making Merlin's heart relish in rapture. Their kiss... the world just seems complete when they share such love and exchange their vows. Arthur's then comment about how he thought it was a boy... and how he's thought of a name for him already... Merlin's curiousity was so sweet, and the way Arthur whispered it to him was truly touching... WAIT, WHAT? WHATS THE NAME OF THE BABY? PLEASE SAY ITS MERTHUR, THAT WOULD JUST BE AMAZING... OR RAVEN FOR MERLIN'S BROTHER... HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL US NOW... THAT MEAN :( Anyway *sniffles* Merlin's then 'Really Arthur?' was so cute and it made me giggle so much. Then Arthur counter of smugness was just so ARTHUR! It was so magical, as the room around them seemed to dim again, as they only have eyes for the other. The way Arthur leaned down and started talking to his son... it filled me with such a warmth, how not only did some women think this totally adorable... but the pride and affection that was in Arthur's eyes as his whispered such words. And the fact the baby kicked at his voice proves how much the baby knows him, then Merlin eagerness for Arthur to feel it was so amazing, the movements making them both fall even more in love with the other. And I couldn't help but notice, how Merlin had such a tender moment whilst looking at Arthur whisper to their son, justing admiring his features and letting his heart dance. From their bubble of love, the way Ygraine made quick haste to make sure people knew that Morgause was here was quite the stirring... IF SHE SPOILS ANYTHING I WILL PERSONAL BECOME HER POLTERGEIST!

Then I smiled again, as when Percival went to be Merlin and Arthur's bodyguard, Arthur had his arms around Merlin, his public display of affection had so much meaning and emotion behind it, how he never wanted this moment to end, how he could be happy to have nothing if he had Merlin. Merlin's panic to all the sudden movement in the room was so heartrending, not knowing what was going on, his heart pounding. Then when Arthur explained, his dark tone of hatred was quite intimidating, how he said she was probably angry that not only had he turned down her daughter, but then married a man. The way he then tightened his hold around Merlin... there was so much emotion in it - how it meant that Arthur would never let Merlin go, no matter what anyone said, how he wanted to protect Merlin from her games and how he so desperately wanted to keep him safe. It was actually quite moving, how his heart poured out his love, as he said with such stern eyes that he wouldn't let Merlin out his sight. His protection was so touching, as the way Merlin looked to Arthur and it pained him to see Arthur so angry, the way he took his cheek with his hand was so romantic, Merlin wanting to comfort Arthur, the gesture sending warmth to Arthur's heart. The way he so gently told Arthur to not let her get to him... it was so heartwarming. Then when they hugged, their embrace was so tender, Merlin needing Arthur to be okay, Arthur needing to protect his Merlin.

The excuse of being tired... classic XD

Then when they went to dance, their slow loving movements and closeness was so romantic... how they just sighed in contentment, only having eyes for the other, and the way they looked at each other... it was so mesmerising. Arthur's concern when Merlin slowed down was so heartwarming, but Merlin simply saying that he was tired put him to ease. THEN THAT BITCH WAS HERE AGAIN! Seriously, if looks could kill Morgause would have gone to hell about a thousand times already and still counting. It was a comfort to me though how they put a spell on their chambers so no-one could hurt them. Silent alarm... GENIUS! Then it was such a romantic moment, as after Merlin had said good night to everyone, Arthur took him away, leading him to the tranquility of their chambers.

Thanks For Sharing x

Grizzo chapter 16 . 11/4/2011
Love it
Canadian-23 chapter 16 . 11/3/2011
Hey amazing!

That was aswome Merlin falling asleep! Great idea! Love your work and I can't wait to see the next chapter! You are amazing! :) :)
Anakaraya Slytherin chapter 16 . 11/3/2011
awesome ;D
Cathcer1984 chapter 16 . 11/3/2011
I love the image of these knights getting buffeted off their horses *giggles*
Grizzo chapter 15 . 11/1/2011
Life is never a bowl of cherries. Has to be a rotton one around. Ready for the
cag21 chapter 15 . 11/1/2011
Amazing! Thank you for the hard work. Can't wait for the next chapter and for the baby to arrive.
TidusGT chapter 15 . 10/31/2011
awesome! love this chapter
totheunkown chapter 15 . 10/31/2011
Oh dear god no, don't let anything happen to the baby! Very curious as to what Arthur wants to name it. :D
Cathcer1984 chapter 15 . 10/31/2011
:) what a peaceful chapter!
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