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Guest chapter 16 . 5/13/2015
Fine story.
This really made my day.
Thank you and God Bless you !
Guest chapter 11 . 5/13/2015
When I was in college, many, many years ago, there were a few discussions about the limits of "superheroes".
Although I was a fan of many of the legends and myths since childhood, I never thought is was important that the villains survived.
My view is even more hard-hearted today. I have seen real villains and real evil. The many poor victims deserve justice.
What makes a person cross any line, is what is in their heart and soul .
pat weakley chapter 2 . 2/18/2015
interesting opening scene...
IcyWaters chapter 16 . 10/6/2011
What’s that? A loony dressed in purple? That had better not be a tease. You really are setting up a crossover with Batman! I say this as a fan of both the Hornet and the Dark Knight – Kato would kick the bat’s butt all the way to Metropolis. :-)

Hmm, so you wiggled your way out of that triangle sans any romance blooming, sans broken hearts and without long simmering questions being answered. Yet it was still satisfying. Drat! Wait, I take that back. I’m very disappointed (that way you’ll have to write a sequel to make me happy, hehe).

Now we come to my favorite part…Mike knocking the Hornet’s mask off. :-) Man, what a tease! I’m really surprised no one has written a story where Mike does figure it out. There’s not even a single one-shot exploring this tantalizing thought.

The only thing that doesn’t sit well with me is the other two doctors discovering the Hornet's identity as well. There comes a point where too many people know turning it into a liability. Makes me nervous…

Thank you for a wonderful and thoroughly entertaining story. Now, where’s the sequel? :-)
IcyWaters chapter 15 . 10/6/2011
The Green Hornet and Manuel fighting mano-a-mano. What’s not to like? I can just smell the testosterone in the air. I really liked how the fight sequence played out. Two opponents, each with strengths and weaknesses, while overall being equally matched…hard jabs, quick kicks…and the Hornet and Kato using Manuel’s ego against him.


The scene with Donnie and Casey in the tombs was eerie and suspenseful. Donnie’s flashbacks reared their ugly head at the wrong time, but we knew she couldn’t bury those fears forever. One part I’m not entirely clear on – the ‘bangs’.

Did O’Connor have a gun or not? Donnie did say “I head the gun go off,” but she’s also coping with her own trauma. At first, I though he was firing at the girls, but neither seemed all that concerned about being shot at. And how could he miss Casey when she ran at him? If O’Connor is willing to die (taking Mike and Donnie with him), shooing Casey seems a given. Yet he just slaps her hard?

It’s one small nitpick in an otherwise stellar chapter! :-)
IcyWaters chapter 14 . 10/5/2011
I just knew Mike would pop up at the exchange in the Sentinel parking lot. Heck, I would have been disappointed if he didn’t. :-) You’ve got to love that fiery Irish temper of his!

Speaking of Irish tempers, Donnie has to have some Irish blood in her. She can give as good as she can take with Mike. Now, Anders can be either a Scottish or Scandinavian surname, so she must be Irish on her mother’s side, hehe.

This is quite a triangle you’ve got going on. Britt honestly loves both Casey and Donnie, and each woman reciprocates that feeling. So, do they all remain friends or is a romance in the cards? I freely admit it – I’m still not quite sure where you are heading with this aspect!

Oh, before I forget... I just love how Frank dons the overcoat, mask and fedora. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see a scene like that on the show.
IcyWaters chapter 13 . 10/5/2011
Ha! What a way to make the revelation. I like how it played out in a rather understated fashion. No arguments, no questions, no shouting…just simple acceptance. They have business to care of and that comes first. Nice. :-)

But what is with the sudden theme of Britt getting slapped? You and EV are being awfully mean to him lately. Hey, it’s not like he knew Donnie was allergic to the Hornet gas. :-)
IcyWaters chapter 12 . 10/5/2011
The Green Hornet is ever the gentleman, isn’t he? :-) Sure, he’s the ruthless crime boss hunted by the law who everyone fears, but there’s so much more to him than that. The Hornet has his own code of conduct that he abides by which makes him unique amongst the other criminals that he’s secretly working to take down. They recongize this trait in him – and (amazingly) it truly works to his advantage.

Fantastic! I just adore when authors explore all the facets of his personality we saw on the series and you are doing a marvelous job with it.

I let out a small gasp when Donnie noticed the bruising under the Hornet’s mask. Thank you for not letting her discover his identity…well, at least not yet, anyway. :-) She’s in shock, so making that connection right now would be too convenient. But I do suspect the pieces of the puzzle are staring to fall together for her.

Ooh, it seems Kato has created a new toy! Very nice! Not to mention very handy. :-)
Saphura chapter 16 . 10/3/2011
A very enjoyable story. I wish there were more here, the Green Hornet was an awesome series, and your story fits right in. I always wondered what the reaction would be if Mike ever found out, I guess this doesn't count.

Good job, and I look forward to future works!
Frog1 chapter 16 . 10/3/2011
Good ending, but I do feel a bit sorry for Mike!
IcyWaters chapter 11 . 10/3/2011
I understand why you might have some concerns regarding this chapter. It veers into territory not covered in the series or the radio shows (at least not the ones I’ve listened to). Territory that is definitely dark per your author’s warning.

Now, before I give you my opinion, you should probably know a few things about me. First, I don’t condone murder. That’s not to say that killing a person is never justified. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right, does it?

To put it bluntly, if I were serving on a jury, I would never convict a parent who sought revenge on a monster who harmed/murdered their child. I would not convict a woman who killed her brutal rapist. Then there are cases of self-defense, where a person has to kill lest they be killed themselves. Essentially, I’m taking the long way of telling you that while I deplore cold-blooded murder, there are always exceptions to every rule (in my eyes anyway).

Donnie was hog-tied, blindfolded, repeatedly burned by blanks, and under the threat of further torture that would ultimately lead to her death. I found her reaction to be very fitting. Her survival instincts kicked in and she did what she had to do.

Could she have stopped after the first blow? Possibly. But adrenaline was flowing and she was under extreme duress. Bravo for presenting this difficult situation with intelligence and class. You don’t glorify her actions; you present them just as they are – and Donnie’s going to have to live with that for the rest of her life.

This reviewer thinks you did a superb job with the subject matter. :-)
IcyWaters chapter 10 . 10/3/2011
Yikes, what an incredibly taut chapter! It was nice seeing the group work together to plot their next logical move. There was even a tender moment between Britt and Donnie that was much deserved. But then the doorbell rang…

The action was brutal and realistic. One hard blow after another, no time to analyze, just instinctively strike back. Superb! I can even picture Britt, who was wounded and a bit dazed from the bombing, to be overtaken despite his abilities. And Donnie’s tenacity to fight back with the fireplace poker was a given. :-)

As much as I enjoyed that scene, I do have a question regarding it. You wrote there were four goons. Perhaps it’s the late hour, but it seems like five to me. Here’s my thinking:

Goon 1) “He [Britt?] kicked one in the gut and slammed him cold into the ground.” – By cold into the ground’, I took this as being knocked out.

Goon 2) She ran forward, yielding a heavy fireplace poker. "Get away from him!" Swinging it like a baseball bat, Donnie swung at a goon, hitting him hard in the head. – A fireplace poker to the head equals knocked out to me, too.

Goon 3) She ran forward, yielding a heavy fireplace poker. "Get away from him!" Swinging it like a baseball bat, Donnie swung at a goon, hitting him hard in the head. – This one should be close to being out of the action, but the next part reads: “Now there were only 2 left.” (The timing of this remark also signifies to me that the man with the aching shins is out of the brawl.)

Have I misinterpreted something in the late hour? Sorry if it’s my mistake, but I’d just like to be clear on the sequence of events.

Now to my huge ACK! Manuel had Donnie and it doesn’t look good!
IcyWaters chapter 9 . 10/2/2011
The fluffy nature to the start of this chapter threw me for a loop at first. Considering this story is still in progress and there are more chapters already posted waiting for me, I couldn’t figure out where it was leading. But then you ended it with a bang – literally! Wow!

I loved the scene that opened with Hazel cornering Britt for a dance. The humor that followed was terrific, particularly the banter between the publisher and valet. Kato’s wry remarks were hilarious. He has a wonderful sense of humor (and I’m glad you are exploring that part of his personality). “Got away from the spider, huh?” and “We can always take her for a spin in the Black Beauty” – too funny! :-)

Speaking of Hazel that brings me to an aspect of the party I disliked. She may be the typical snooty society lady and interrupted Donnie’s conversation with Britt, but that doesn’t excuse Donnie’s behavior. This is a social gathering where people naturally dip into and out of conversations. Donnie overreacted, which is fine as that is a character trait and she’s apparently not well acquainted with such gatherings, but no one called her on it. Casey’s “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” seemed way out of character to me, too.

Back to the main action – I’m eager to find out what happens next with Manuel and Jones!
IcyWaters chapter 8 . 10/2/2011
Ooh, the scene in the hospital was terrific; taut and suspenseful. I kept waiting for someone to make their rounds on the third floor and raise the alarm. Donnie sure is one smart cookie. She was fantastic when O’Connor appeared!

There were more signs of an emotional connection between Britt and Donnie. I’m still not sure what to make of it. :-) I was a bit surprised Katy didn’t fight back more when she learned who Donnie’s ‘friend’ was, but as I continued reading, I grew to like her somewhat subdued reaction. It shows the bond they share.

Perhaps the best part is the closing snippet. Mike’s enthusiasm is always contagious. But things can’t be that easy…what’s going to happen next? I know, I know…read to find out. :-) Oh, I forgot to mention in my previous review that I loved the nod to the Lone Ranger you included. :-)
IcyWaters chapter 7 . 10/2/2011
"Hell hath no fury like a disobeyed Casey."

I love that line! So very true! :-) This was definitely an interesting – and rather unique, I might add – chapter. It was strange, almost surreal, having Britt questioning Donnie about his alter-ego. When he got to the subject of the Hornet’s physical description, voice and demeanor, I inhaled sharply. He’s really playing fire, isn’t he?

That leads me to another topic. Donnie is too adamant when it comes to just being friends with Britt. Has she ever read Shakespeare? The lady doth protest too much, methinks… And what’s with Britt? It’s almost as if he wants Donnie to figure out who is beneath the green mask. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that possibility. I’m a Britt and Casey gal. :-)

Regarding your author’s note, I can’t comment too much on that scene right now. Its necessity to the overall plot depends entirely on where you head with Donnie and Britt…and right now, I’m not sure where that is. So, I’m off to the next chapters to find out. :-)
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