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RealDove-Staar chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
I would like to put my OC In the story. Her name is Dove and she is Amy's BFF

Name: Dove Stargem

Age: One year older than Amy(But in fairy years, 180)

Birthday: April 21

Fur Color: Black

Skin Color: Tan

Eye Color: Midnight Purple

Favorite Color(s): Black, dark red, midnight purple, midnight blue and white

Least Fav Color(s): bright yellow, pale pink

Everyday Outfit:black sleeveless silk shirt with a black dahlia on the front. a black-red blazer, A dark red skirt that goes to her knees, and black high tops

Least Fav People:Scourge, Steel, Sanctum, Sally Acorn

Most Fav People: Amy, Sonic, Shadow, Cream, Rouge, Tails

Personality: calm, over protective of friends and family, Cheerful

Warning: Dangers if you upset, mess with, make her mad,or anything that is mean to herself,friends,family or that they are unwillingly to do: she will turn into the Black Dove. Black Dove has every power there is and tears off her necklace to get full power then blacks out, once finished or calmed down she returns to her normal self. BTW she is able to transforms into anything she wants

Other: She is a match maker, but she flirts with boys but they only want her body, so it usually goes bad...

Please PM me if I won :)
BlurredLines chapter 2 . 10/22/2011
I have another OC. It's a girl.

Name:Clayton T. Hedgehog


B-Day:October 31st

Fur Color:Black with golden stripes

Skin color:Peach

Eye Color:Neon Pink

Fav Color: Black, Red, Blue, Indigo

Least Fav Color: White, Yellow,Pink

OutFit:off the shoulder red shirt,mini skirt, velvet red thigh length converse, gucci shades

Least Fav Peeps:(She doesn't know anybody)

Fav people:Shadow

Personality: Clayton is a wierd person to communicate to. She talks french, english, spanish and more. No one talks to her but Shadow. He understands her more than anything. Sally, Fiona, and Mina try to split Shadow and Clayton up. Clayton was always taught to control her suicidal actions. Clayton doesn't know how to keep her hormones in her hands. Shadow falls for Clayton, but she doesn't know how to loves darkness, and loneliness. One day she hopes her dad burns in hell.

Secret Powers: She carries around her special red gem it holds all her powers: Invisibility, Speed, Bows and Arrows,Stopping Time, Turning into a vampire, shape shifter

Other:Clayton's life is nothing but sophisticated, suicidal love.

Peace, please make Shadow and Clayton together!
SilentAltair chapter 4 . 10/8/2011
If your still looking for characters, I'll send in mine.

Name: Amelia the Hedgehog

Age: 17

Birthday: March 14

Fur color: Sky Blue

Skin color: Peach

Eye Color: Light green

Favorite color: Red

Least Fav Color: Yellow

Least Fav People: Rouge, Knuckles, Mina

Most Fav People: Amy, Sonic, Silver, Blaze

Everyday Outfit: Wears Black Tights with red strips going down each leg, and a black leather tank top with an emerald gem at the chest and a small silver cross she wears arould her neck and long black fingerless gloves.

Personality: A beautiful female whos quills reach down to her lower back, a strange woman to meet at first, since she carries an urn and tarrot cards whereever she goes, her otimistic chacterter and the smile she always has on her face put others at ease. She belives you should always follow your dreams and act like yourself no matter what anyone thinks. She is as sharp as the quills down her back and her chacter and looks makes men fall for her but she isn't interested in any of them, always trying to find the right man for her.

Secret Power: Gifted mystic, she can see into the future with her tarrot cards, and her urn has powers of its own, able to summon sprits to fight for her.

Nice story can't wait to see the rest.
RacheltheHedgehog33 chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
I forgot!This is kinda how the relationship thing works!

Rachel likes Sonic and Scourge,Scourge likes Rachel,And Sonic likes Rachel

Shadowstarwolf chapter 2 . 10/7/2011
Name: Star

Age: 16 (immortal)

Birthday: November 5

Fur Color: light blue with black streaks on hair only

Skin Color: tan

Eye Color: hazel (turns red when Dark-Daemon mode)

Favorite Color(s): black, purple, blue, red

Least Fav Color(s): pink, yellow, any color too bright n girly

Everyday Outfit: dark low-cut top, skinny black jeans with a loose belt, purple chucks with black laces, purple and black striped fingerless gloves

Least Fav People: Big, Fiona, Scourge (at first but likes him after), Julie-Su

Most Fav People: Scourge, Shadow, Rouge, Amy, Blaze

Personality: Quiet, sacarstic, fiesty, sweet to her friends only

Secret Power (optional): Dark-Daemon power. She uses scythes, daggers, and guns. Dark blue flames she can created with her bare hands. Has black feathery wings when daemon form.

Other (optional): Star likes to read, draw, hear music on her IPod, play her guitar, and play video games when she has the time. She got her daemon powers from her father, who's enjoys killing ppl as a sport. Her mom disappeared when she turned 12. She has older brother who's a daemon dark as well but has his own fam.

Oh and she's a hedgehog.

Is it too late to place my OC? If it is then well ok...
FireLilli chapter 4 . 10/7/2011
And I almost forgot, Skye is very good with school work, and is probably anything but a slut. Do to the fact she is hiding her ingeries(That's how you spell it, right) from others. She has a burned back, a scar on her burn(If someone touches that area she'll scream so loud the China can literally hear it.) a briused(GOD I CAN'T SPELL!) ankle and a birthmark on her stomach area. I know the last one isn't a ingery but she still wants to hide it. And when she sees a spider, she gets nausea, sweating, and the urge to run. That's it, I have to go before Skye finds me. Bye! And update soon!
FireLilli chapter 4 . 10/7/2011
I'm STILL to lazy to log on. And I have new eye colors for Skye! Yellow Suprised, Pink*Laugh, her least favorite color* Embarassed Grey Scared. I wonder what would happen if someone caught her crying... she'd be very embarassed, I really hope that happens, or her phobia kicks in, also I have more of her history. When she was 9, one day when she was in the middle of the street and was nearly hit by a car, because she was half asleep. Then someone, she doesn't know who, pulled her onto the side walk right before it hit her, and when she was going to thank the person, he/she was gone(I did he/she because of not knowing of if the person was a boy or a girl).

Skye: I hate you, just wanted to let you know.

Me: Why?


Me&Skye:... Okay(When Linia's mad, something dies)

Renai: Thank you

Me: O yeah, the brightness of Skyes eyes depend on how strong the feelings are, if it's dull, not very strong, but bright, very strong.

Skye: Shut up or I'll make sure you won't see tommorrow.

Me: One more thing please, it's about the threats.

Skye: Fine

Me: Okay, when Skye threatens something, you better do it or it will come at least half way true.

Skye: No more! I only let you do little snipets

Me: I know, well anyways bye and update soon!

Skye: And remember, I can be nice if I want to.
BlurredLines chapter 4 . 10/7/2011
CharmGirlLove chapter 4 . 10/7/2011
XD thats definantley what Mystic would say "You cant be an idiot to act" update soon!
Jerry Lannigan chapter 4 . 10/7/2011
I have an OC. :)

My OC:

Name: Jerry the Alligator

Age: 16

Birhday: September 23

Skin Color: Mottled brown, with gold stripes along the tail

Eye Color: Ice blue

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Least Favorite Color: pale yellow

Everyday Outfit: A grey T-shirt, tan cargo shorts, blue sunglasses, dark green hiking shoes, a Halo UNSC Marine cap

Least Favorite People: Fiona, Charmy, Julie-Su, Rosy

Favorite People: Rouge, Sally, Shadow, Bunnie, Sonic, Amy

Abilities: Being an alligator, Jerry has a mouth packed with razor-sharp teeth, as well as a bite force strong enough to crush solid granite. He can also hold his breath underwater for up to two hours, and can swim as fast as Sonic can run! In addition to this, he also posesses incredible strength, able to carry up to twice his own weight for a peroid of time.

Personality: A quiet and amiable soul, Jerry prefers the company of books to people, but will not shy away from the possibility of making a new friend. When angered, he either bottles it up internally or lets it all loose at once, which combined with his massive size and strength, can make him seem like a wholly different person. He has Asperger's Syndrome, and so tends to be a bit more emotional than most neurotypical people. Though he is a Christian, he often struggles trying to maintain his walk with God. He is also clinically deprssed, so he takes antidepressants to combat it. Despite this, he often makes jokes and does impressions of people with great accuracy.
Lovely-Bunny chapter 4 . 10/7/2011
cool...i like this chapter! hehe...keep it up!
Spirit Person chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
Name: Johnathan R. Rose



Fur Color:Light Brown

Skin Color: (All fur except muzzle like other sonic char.)

Eye Color: Dark-Black

Favorite Color(s): Black, Red, & White

Least Fav Color(s): (Rainbow colors)

Everyday Outfit: Black jacket with a bleeding rose printed on the back, white undergarments and black jeans with a pair of black sneakers and white socks

Least Fav People:Enemies

Most Fav People:Brothers

Personality: A serious, intellectual reader who get emotional breakdowns from reading stories.( When serious, he is very very serious )

Secret Power (optional): Ancient Vampire Blood in him and his bros.

Other (optional): They're father is a ancient Vampire who married their mother. Gone missing after their birth. They used to live in a forest, but the military uses the fost every ten years for missile testing. Their mot er was killed by the missile testing. They were found unconscious on the ground by a scout. They were used for a project which requires three children. A training project. Eventually they grew and became trained teen-aged soldiers. They were given their rigths back at the age of 16. They were trained in a military system and not a school system.

How bout him? I don't have a girl OC. My OCs were supposed to be loners.
Lovely-Bunny chapter 3 . 10/7/2011
Ha! i dont like shadow...hehe. I forgot to mention this for her personality as well, she can make friends with anyone. And when i say anyone, I mean ANYONE. hehe
FireLilli chapter 2 . 10/6/2011
Awesomeness, Skye can be evil like that. Yes this is FireLilli the person who sent in Skye, I just didn't log on cause I'm lazy. I'm so glad Skye is in her first story with her history correct.


Me: Also, I didn't tell Skye I sent her. Just don't forget that Skye is nice, when she's in a good mood.

Renai: But why couldn't the boarding school take all three of us?

Linia: Yea.

Me: Cause they won't let a crazy killer in the school.

Linia: Oh yeah

Me: Well, hopefully someone will see the real Skye soon. And hopefully she'll get ticked off. That'll be a party pleaser.

Skye: *Gets out gun*

Me: Oh crap. *Runs away*

Skye: GET BACK HERE!*Runs after me*

Renai: *Sweatdrop* Okay well bye!

Linia: And update soon!

*Renai and Linia are her sisters* I own all charas used here. Cause it includes me, Skye, and her sisters, which were all created by me.
Omega chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
Are you still accepting OC's?

Name: Bliss

Species: Cat/Fox

Age: 16

Fur color: Pink

Eye color: Gold

Favorite color(s): Yellow, Cyan, Sapphire Blue, and Pink.

Least Favorite color: Green

Everyday Outfit: Red boots, black velvet daisy dukes, black and red corverse V cut shirt, pink fingerless gloves, and a gold necklace with Tails' insigna on it.

Least Favorite People: Anyone who's a pervert.

Most Fav Person: Tails (She has a crush on him!)

Personality: Usually cheerful and energetic. Manipulative at times. Very flirty towards Tails. Likes to be sexy at some points.

Can I give a physical description of her?

Description: Bliss is a gorgeous pink furred Cat/Fox with shoulder-length wavy hair, a white fuzzy muzzle, a smal triangle nose, a long elegant fox tail, long slender legs, a big butt, Triple D cup breasts, hourglass figure, (Sorry for the perviness. I did say she was gorgeous.) and fox ears.

I hope you can use Bliss! I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. I gave her a description to know what she looks like. See ya!
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