Reviews for The Untold Couple
Death101- Fox Version chapter 1 . 11/6/2011
What anime is this based off of? I'm just wondering because it doesn't really seem like it has anything to do with Anima AKA Plus Anima. And if it doesn't have to do with Anima the story can be reported and once it's reported you can be deleted from the site. So I would suggest either moving the story or making it clear that it's a Anima story by saying that. Anyways, if you need help moving your story below are instructions. If you need help finding your section or have questions about the site just let me know, okay? Cool.

Best of luck!


Instructions to move story:

All you have to do is go to your sign in screen which shows all your account setting and such (you do this just by clicking on the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the screen.)

Once there you want to click on the publish tab which will open into a small menu. From that menu you will want to click on "Manage Stories." A new page will load.

Then you want to click on the title of your story and a new page will load. On that page will be all your story information.

Now all you have to do is look for where it says "Category". Directly across from it is a button that says "Change Category." You'll want to click it and a new window will appear. It will have a small menu on it. You'll want to scroll down the menu until you reach the option that matches the section you want. You will then click it and save your story properties and there. Your story is moved and you can no longer be reported.