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Derpenkampfwagen chapter 39 . 2/27
Well, it was fun.

Thanks for the reads man.
Derpenkampfwagen chapter 2 . 2/25
i love dis
xeniph chapter 39 . 2/23
Ah, Jacob, you pragmatic matchmaker, you!

"No goddess will hear you" Nep, you're literally right there to hear it...

Between Gust's medicine and 5pb's heals, the "third healer" is in for some insecurities, and it's starting to show.

Nisa's barehanded blade block was awesome, and then Purple Heart and IF get to do a cool team up attack. Double Tech! X-Strike!

And, regarding the author's note, well... I knew this was coming and know your reasons, but... I guess I was secretly hoping you'd have a last-minute epiphany, and rise up with a renewed flame in your heart, like a writing-themed shonen hero. It feels like there's still so much of this story to be told, and this chapter was a slow burn, mostly focused on fighting.

But it looks like there's no helping it. Since you forcing yourself won't do anyone much good, it's time for us to look forward to the final chapter. I can't hope for a continuation, but I can at least hope that you'll make the ending a good one!

It's been fun.
And26169 chapter 39 . 2/14
Well, this was a great story! Thanks for writing such an amazing work, it had me on the floor laughing multiple times! I also liked the fast pace the writing had, even in the filler chapters. Something was happening at all times.

But, this leaves just one question: who will pick this story up after chapter 40? (In fact, what even are the rules for someone continuing someone else's fanfic?) It seems too good to be abandoned completely...
Server lock chapter 39 . 2/4
You hate the series huh, well it’s admirable that you came this far with it. I certainly had fun reading it but fics have been getting death sentences recently so I don’t blame you. Leave on a good note my man, and keep us up to date on your life.
godofmadness43 chapter 39 . 2/4
aw man, sorry to hear your giving up on the story
shuujin.takagi chapter 39 . 2/4
Es triste saber que vas a dejar el fic, fue muy divertido de leer ademas de que fue el primer fic que lei de Hyperdimension Neptunia. Esperoq que te vaya bien en tus otros proyectos
JDH1080 chapter 39 . 2/4
Man I have such bittersweet feelings right now. On one hand I'm sad to know that this story won't be getting properly finished and going all the way (though in all fairness self insert fics like this either get abanonded early or are complete crap.) I've been with this story since nearly the beginning and every time a new chapter was posted I had to read it. The fact that you kept at it for this long and this far shows dedication. And for that I thank you. I'm also happy to hear you're working on a novel, congratulations (be sure to let your fans on ffnet know when it's out. I'll want to check it out.) I can understand your position. A few months ago I started the first draft of an original work that I would like to one day publish. At first I was writing Fanfiction on the side, bit recently have decided to put Fanfiction on the back burner indefinitely. So while I am saddened to hear this story is being discontinued I am happy for you.

So thank you for all the enjoyment you brought with this story I look forward to seeing althe conclusion next chapter.
jordanlink7856 chapter 39 . 2/4
I wanna leave something more meaningful, but the sheer passion in the reviews left by people wishing you well is enough to make me leave a simple thanks and a good luck to all you do. Thanks for such a wonderful story.
The Final Faux chapter 39 . 2/4
Leaving unfinished stories behind has to be one of the greatest sins an author could ever commit barring purposefully butchering it. It's a travesty but in the ends it's entirely understandable. Writing a story and having to deal with so many expectations and criticisms could dampen most authors' spirits, to say nothing of how limiting writing some stories may feel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fic and am certain I will enjoy the next and final chapter. But in the hopes that you may pick up this fic again some time in the future, I'll end this review with a few words of encouragement: Enjoy what you do.
Meanjojo chapter 39 . 2/3
I see, it's such a shame to have a legend such as you step down and leave this story. Oh, well people change over time and interests shift.

Let me say this good sir. This is perhaps the best fanfiction I have ever read, period. Perhaps it's your writting style, the way you handle characters, or just personal preference. I just love how you handled this. Jacob is perhaps the best self insert- no- he IS the BEST self insert I have ever seen. I don't know how to explain it properly (As this is a very emotional driven review) but he just is. His personality, his reactions, his hopes and dreams, etc. You've made Jacob a very interesting character and I hope you are extremly proud of that.

This fic honestly inspired me to write my own fanfiction, hell maybe even got me into the groove of writing fanfiction seriously, that is how influential your story is to me. It truly is saddening to see it be done with, but that was something that was going to happen anyway be it full completion or abandonment. I do hope that others can say with a full heart that this fanfiction may have influenced them. This was just so good! Here's to hoping that you will be immortalized in this fanfiction community Mr. Tosser. You made one hell of a fanfic, despite you disliking the series and games. You honestly sought to make something worthwhile and memerable, instead of bashing it relentlessly.

I really wish I could've read and reviewed this fanfiction in its prime and watch it bud into this amazing thing. Here's to hoping you are successful in your endeavours, be it I never hear about you again or Iinexplicably do. You and this fanfiction will forever be immortalized in my heart. Here's to hoping your novel is successful and may you forever be remembered. I salute you Some Random Tosser. May you find eternal happiness throughout your life.
KadoyaOkami chapter 39 . 2/3
Damn, man. I hate to see this go, but if you really need space, then I can respect that.

At least you're giving us a warning and setting us up for a proper send-off, though!

And best of luck with your next adventure! I'm certainly waiting to see what they are!
KadoyaOkami chapter 39 . 2/3
Damn, man. I hate to see this go, but if you really need space, then I can respect that.

At least you're giving us a warning and setting us up for a proper send-off, though!

And best of luck with your next adventure! I'm certainly waiting to see what they are!
zjloco chapter 38 . 11/18/2017
Beatiful, I loved this chapter like you have no idea.
Hope you can continue this one day.
xeniph chapter 38 . 10/10/2017

It's a bit ironic how the one game where Red keeps going on about what will effectively become the Lily Rank system is also the only one that doesn't have them.

It was a long and grueling all-out fight. Maybe a bit *too* long - then again, it sheer length and detailedness hammers across just how arduous the fight was before our heroes finally manage to get the upper hand, and when things pick up midway, they REALLY pick up. (Be careful though, you're switching points of view a lot here!)

Yvoire finally does something useful, but will this be enough to make up for his past dickery? Probably (hopefully) not.


5pb being the MVP in those last chapters makes me very happy.

I can't believe that happened - it's the biggest gamechanger yet!


Poor Vert. So that's why she was acting so tired and out of it all this time. It makes all the jokes I've made about her characterization feel like a gut punch. And I love it.

And now, it's time for IF to finally tell her story...


You gave IF a backstory, one that gives a strong origin to her motivations, adds depth to her feelings of guilt, generally explains her choices and attitudes, and adds a new dimension to her character altogether. And now that she got all of this off her chest, the healing process can hopefully begin.


"The one I admired was the person that saved my life. What I dreamed of was to become strong like her. I had always admired her, dreamt about her, and aimed to be like her. However, that meeting after four years was too sudden; I still didn't know anything. But, something will definitely start from here on out."

...The quote from Nanoha fits this story remarkably well.

And now, we wait.
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