Reviews for Bones
Atiama Amisl chapter 1 . 9/6
S.A.B.A.O.D.Y! Get it! it's SABAODY Archipelago!
ceceliacc chapter 39 . 7/23
This is the ultimate cock block lol
sarge1130 chapter 131 . 2/8
Wow, this is one of the greatest story I had read and I am so thankful that you made Law (my favorite character) to become one of the protagonist in this story. I love all the characters in this story. I am so excited for your next work.
sarge1130 chapter 125 . 2/8
Ohh, poor Law, he's still not recovered after his girlfriend's father's failed assassination attempt. Hehehe the cruel Surgeon of Death is literally afraid of the world's best assassin.
sarge1130 chapter 122 . 2/8
Seriously, Law having his upper body exposed while having his tattoo done is a major turn on LOL
sarge1130 chapter 121 . 2/8
This is an exciting ghost hunt ever and I really love Sachi and Penguin here. LOL what a bunch of scaredy cats.
sarge1130 chapter 119 . 2/7
LOL Nigel always give the best remarks ever :)
sarge1130 chapter 117 . 2/7
Men don't like shopping so imagining Law accompanying Ameria is so freaking adorable. Or Law might have hidden agenda which is clearly seen in the above scenario. LOL Law is such a pervert :)
sarge1130 chapter 109 . 2/4
LOL Law's moan :D...Also that heart shaped carrot kind of reminds me in Skypeia arc. Sanji made two heart shaped carrots for the girls (he also kissed it to show his love for them) but one of them ended in Usopp's bowl. Wow, Law you're such a meanie.

Hooray for Garp. At first I don't like Justice when he was first introduced but after reading all of the chapters, I kind of like his character. I do hope the Admiral's ass will rot in hell.

Also that mini again...ARRGGH, onions onions onions everywhere? Why to my dear Law why? T_T
sarge1130 chapter 108 . 2/4
You managed to give us a thrilling fight scenes with your magic touch of humor...I really like it how Law became the battle planner of the group, along with Ameria of course. The best fight scenes I have read. :)
sarge1130 chapter 104 . 2/3
Again, who chopped onions here? T_T...I've never expected that...Oh my poor Law T_T...Good thing Tanner is with him.
sarge1130 chapter 97 . 2/2
LOL Law and Ameria were so drunk that they don't even remember anything. That husband and wife dialogue is so priceless...I so adore Tanker in the end.
sarge1130 chapter 96 . 2/2
Finally, after so many futile attempts, the deed was done. It was cold, breezy evening, but after reading this, it suddenly became hot...Woohooh!
sarge1130 chapter 90 . 2/1
Oh men, who the hell chopped onions here? T_T
sarge1130 chapter 78 . 1/30
Poor Law :(
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