Reviews for Acceptable Risk
meridian-rose chapter 1 . 9/11/2011
I was really sad that Tony had to die - though the show couldn't have survived if he had, though this was of course the last episode anyway. I'd never thought it might be Norah to do the deed, but you make a persuasive argument here. It's not just that Edward is the best agent, nor that the chip breaking has led to a unique situation to be studied, but that she loves Edward.

'She had begun to think that if Henry were part of Edward and Henry was capable of that kind of love, didn't it stand to reason that Edward was as well?' She so desperately wants that to be true. Yet there's Henry's family to consider too. It's a complicated situation.

'Henry, it seemed was becoming more like Edward.' Out of necessity at first, but yes, absolutely he is. And even beginning to enjoy it sometimes.

'a sort of hybrid Henry/Edward' The possibilities here are fascinating :D

Strong ending, chilling in the nonchalance with which Norah acknowledges she might be targeted next.