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Guest chapter 61 . 9/5
ame cuando shifu jugo con sus alumnos con barro tierra mojada charco de lodo jaa no se por qe aquí dicelobo en vez de lodo jaja y mi ok favorito fue rui también me encanto cuando shifu fue a buscar a tigresa en el cap final y odie al hermano de shifu
Guest chapter 61 . 9/5
pués ame cuando shifu se puso a jugar con sus alumnos y el lodo y cuando fue a buscar a tigresa también cuando ella tigresa y po la hicieron de detectives jeje mi ok favorito fue rui lástima que no tuvo secuela en fin
3431jess chapter 61 . 7/12
This is such a great story, hope you'll finish it :-)
I understand some fanfic doesn't want to include any romance at all... but in my opinion, even just a hint would add the salt into the mix. I am not ti/po shipper 100% (although that probably the most likely, and I do feel DW did hint that a lot, although I think Tiger and Panda sounded atrocious... but it's not me who own KFP.)
I read 'A different lesson' by nievelion which support different pairing and his writing was Tai Lung/Po centric (more like friendship between Po and Tai Lung) how Tai Lung'd been forgiven, how Po helped him reconciled with Shifu and the five, how Tai Lung finally accept Po as Dragon Warrior, and what binds them as best friend even though they were previously adversaries, but he did side tracked and explain the love life of both character. And looking at number of favourite, it's giving a strong indication how people like to read that kind of story - it hit many emotional nerve (mine anyway). Anyway, that's just my opinion... obviously this is your story, and I had to say I love it!
Guest chapter 54 . 3/22
I refuse to believe shifu will die
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 54 . 2/24
meh. rui was a good character but as long as shifu lives i'm content.
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 53 . 2/24
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 32 . 2/24
i'm crying so hard right now!
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 25 . 2/24
i'd like to say i feel sorry for him...
but i'm too busy laughing!
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 21 . 2/24
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 13 . 2/24
oh god.
this shi xie is a dead man.
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 12 . 2/24
the next thing you know quiang will be evil and the whole thing was a setup.
rebellious dreamer dawning chapter 5 . 2/24
if she knows shifu than that must make her HOW OLD!?
i knew those rotten geese were smarter than they let on! they've made a youth potion!
beware the geese!
Atlog chapter 1 . 2/18
This is honestly the best fanfic I have ever read in my life. The characters were never OOC and it had a amazing plot and you added nice funny bits in to a generally darker story. This is such an amazing story and the OC's were so indepth(Unlike some other Fanfics I've read) I loved Cong and Rui moments*SQUEE* The emotional impact was great and I was actually expecting Shifu to die(I'm pretty sure people would murder you for that but I think it would have been a nice plot twist) All in all I just want to thank you for spending a year(HOLY SNICKERDOODLES) on this eloquently written piece of art. There is a reason this story is the best Kung Fu Panda Fanfic out there!
Royal Spartan chapter 61 . 12/21/2015
I had only recently become interested in Kung Fu Panda again after seeing the trailer for the third film and I felt compelled to come on here and see what good stories I could find. I found this one, Obsidian Blade, and it was absolutely incredible! I wish I could have read this at the time when you were still writing it so that I could have reviewed and watched it develop into its epic journey. Nevertheless, I figured this review, should you still see it, might be of some sort of enjoyment to you.

So lets see what I loved about this story. Well first of all, the story itself was amazingly well done and completely gripping. I wanted to read the entire thing in a day but of course that was not possible. Every chapter was unique and enjoyable. Not at one point did the story drift or become slow and boring. The twists and turns were done exceptionally well and the way you made everything link and not leave anything unquestioned is well done by your part. The story was balanced with the action and bonding, and was able to incorporate the Kung Fu Panda universe swimmingly. Quite literally, this is worthy of being cannon to the actual storyline of the Kung Fu Panda Universe.

The characters really did feel like themselves. You got their personalities spot on. When it came to making the characters act differently from their personalities, such as Tigress showing sadness and openness to Shifu, and vice-versa, you exceeded expectations. Given the fact these emotions are not primarily shown in their characters, having to improvise and write how they would feel and act must have been difficult, but you did it anyway. While I am sceptical of OC characters, yours by far have been an absolute pleasure to read about. Cong turned out to be my favourite. Got to love a bad character that turns good! Your OCs were well written, well described and actually likeable. In some stories, OCs tend to dominate the story and even overshadow the canon characters, but in yours, while they did appear frequently, they did not steal the spotlight constantly and were actually welcoming to the contribution of the story.

The writing was well done. It was not rushed in getting straight to the point. In some stories that I have read, there tends to be little to no description and the writing is just rushed to getting straight to the point without explaining or slowing down. However, Obsidian Blade was excellent in slowing down and going into detail with descriptions and making conversations actually last. They were meaningful too and not pointless.

Not that criticisms would do this story any good since it is a few years old but in general I found nothing wrong with the story. I did see its and it's being used wrong a couple of times but there's nothing to be done about that and it literally does not matter. It's hard to find some sort of criticism for this story but that's probably me being biased since I loved it!

Like I said, I wish I could've read this story sooner but sadly that's not the case. Either way, this was an definite pleasure to read in my spare time. I hope this review is helpful to you and I do hope that you find your inspiration to continue to write. It's hard to find a good author nowadays. I hope that you return to writing once again. I've yet to read this prequel that you've uploaded but I can't wait to get into it. I would absolutely love to read more stories from you, should you find anything to write about.

Once again, this a beautiful story and a definite read for any Kung Fu Panda fan to read!

Guest chapter 61 . 9/13/2015
buaaaa que triste todos tomaron su camino haaa y shifu asegurandose que tigresa no tomara las de villa diego jeje y pobre gato montes pero al menos encontro su familia
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