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Guest chapter 5 . 4/6
good bye new chapter... wish we can see each other again someday...
Picas Lei-Fur chapter 5 . 3/15
Please review! This is my favorite Hikari no Go fanfic :)
R'khu chapter 5 . 3/12
wow I've just fallen in love with your stories of HNG and have not even seen HGN ... but seriously, are very good and the dark style that they surrounds fascinates me, it's the kind of story I love.
Well, this is another update that I will be waiting ansiamente from hereafter.

speaking of the chapter, I loved the outbreak of Akira, shaking his character like that was sublime, but it was thanks to the incredible last chapter! I dying to read more about their encounters.

and excuse me my sad English
aliya87 chapter 5 . 1/6
where are you the author?
LadyCapuccino chapter 5 . 11/26/2013
i started reading your fic a while ago and now that I'm up to date with the chapters I had the urge to drop by just to tell you that yours is the most interesting dark/crime story of HNG that I've ever read and that I am anxiously waiting for an update!
Please, continue!
Rxroulette chapter 5 . 10/7/2013
I just love your stories, really hoping that you don't drop this one. The rating for this story's kinda off though with all the dark themes you mentioned at the beginning of Ch.1 you might've thought to rate this at M.
RustedEagleWings chapter 5 . 10/3/2013
Amazing! Keep up the great writing and please update soon.
Sakura117 chapter 5 . 8/18/2013
I love your story, please continue soon :)
Grisia chapter 5 . 7/28/2013
Hikaru's really short tempered *stared...*. I wonder what happened with Akari/his mum to turn him to THAT. But... I still love his character development, though I do not mind a little bit of love for Sai. He's really pitiful to be ignored *frowns*. Maybe Hikaru could... Smile at him once in a while? A geniune smile and not a plotting one *sweatdrop*. I kinda wanna see more of Ying and Hikaru's interaction.. *smirks* Sai would be.. traumatize atleast and.. *shrugs* I like seeing Sai care bout Hikaru.

I look forward to the next chapter *grins*.. and maybe some love to Sai..? *puppy dog eyes*
Tuulikki chapter 5 . 7/20/2013
Just reread this fic, and boy, I'd forgotten how much I love it. Poor Hikaru. You can't fight destiny
Hikaru has so many great oneliners. Can't list them all here, because seriously, the list would include pretty much everything coming out of his mouth. (But it was so fun how you put that "Shu-san, I love you" into Hikaru's mouth. xD)
And go-sexuals? Oh yes. Sai if anyone is a go-sexual.
Love Hikaru's and Akira's first meeting. And the meeting between Hikaru & Mitani & Akira. And the way Hikaru was jealous of the attention Sai's giving to Akira. Oh, and, poor Akira. Got a peek into a world that could give him nightmares, I'm sure.
Scene with Tsutsui & Kaga was pure love too. (Heh, I can totally see Mitani as a lawyer...) I wonder what Kaga thinks of Hikaru. He's definetely not used to little kids behaving like that toward him - he may be some kind of a delinquent, but he's still totally different from the Hikaru in this story.
(And Akari! I'm so happy to see her too in this fic.)
"Ah, Ogata thinks. So it finally happened." Oh lord. That cracked me up. Almost like talking about Akira finding girlfriend. But for heaven's sake, Ogata, is being all bruised up a normal part about finding a rival to you?

...having said (loved) all that, I just gotta add that this fic is - also as a piece of writing - something that's far beyond the average. I was about to say that your writing is a joy to read, but of course, this fic isn't so very joyful all the time... You said it's hard to write characters like Ying, which I'm sure must be true, but you did it quite believably. He's just creepy. (Creepy in italics.) And the way you write Hikaru too is so heart-breakingly convincing. Poor kid... he has a long way in front of him, but I can only hope it'll in the end lead to a happier, "normal" life.

So... great work. I was going to add this to my favorites, but I seem to have done that already. Anyways, I hope your Life will some day think of your poor readers too, and give you a chance to do some writing. In the mean time, I might go to reread your other Hikago fic... But that's not happening today, though. Bedtime.
Infinitechange chapter 5 . 7/17/2013
Very interesting and awesome story so far. I really enjoyed reading it.
Lifespire chapter 2 . 7/10/2013
Hahaha! I want to read this to the end without stopping but then I won't be able to review. So yeah. Great fic, I'm drooling here, and now I'm stalking you. You must feel so happy.
Eclipse130 chapter 1 . 6/25/2013
Your version of Hikaru is an amazing character he's very crude, strong, in some way soft (for Sai and his friends). This story is very good, in fact i have re-read this story over five times, which i rarely do for any story/book, and i look forward in which you continue till then adios.
Kushina98 chapter 5 . 6/20/2013
Oh my gosh, this is so different from most Hikaru no Go stories we usually get! :) Hikaru tangled up with these horrible people and Sai just wanting toget him away... It makes me want to cry... :( Please update soon!
Binky chapter 5 . 6/19/2013
Wheres the update!? Ugh, need more badass Hikaru! I totally want to see how Akira reacts when he sees Hikaru at the tournament.
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