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Fuinjutsu chapter 4 . 12/25/2011
Aw loved it. It was really sad, but grumpy old Madara made it funny at the same time.
melioko chapter 4 . 12/25/2011
Poor Madara! Why does his birthday have to be so sad?

As always, he's just trying to hide his pain behind a cold and intimidating mask. He just can't bare the idea to be left alone by the two people he loved the most.

Of course he also loves his sons and daughter, but now they have their own lives and families, while he just has the memories of a happier time left. He was so needy to feel the warmth of a family again that, in the end, he just couldn't keep the sorrow inside anymore.

Maybe he'll start spending more time with his grandchildren to find a new reason for living. Akira would be really happy...

It was so nice to see Katsuro's and Hikari's families! So in the end Hikari married Arata and they had twins!

And what about Ran? Is he going to appear in Sacrament?

Oh, I almost forgot... I'm a bit late, but... Happy Birthday Madara!
The Detective Prince chapter 4 . 12/25/2011
Spent ages trying to find this one and decided to check this. XD Madara is too sexy to be Scrooge. Even when he's old. Did I ever tell you I've performed in Scrooge before? XD Our Scrooge could DANCEEE.

I still love the twins. I'm proud my babies...(Yukiko: Erm. My children?) were able to inspire. :D I've never inspired anything before. (Yukiko: It was me who inspired her. I gave birth to them.)

I'm glad Madara cheered up A BIT at the end. :)
xmxoxoxnxy chapter 2 . 10/25/2011
I've been reading your stories for a while now, and i can't help but wonder... why do you keep deleting you madara oc stories, it was soooo good, you write so well, and the plots are great... so WHY?

I love your stuff

p;lease write again soon
ScarletCamellia chapter 3 . 9/19/2011

This made my (long) night so much better. Glad I took several minutes to read this...(now off to finish the French powerpoint :/)
bj21 chapter 3 . 9/19/2011
This is one of the sweetest things I've ever read.

I love that Madara's so curious to know what a Hanami is. XD

Katsuro is also a little sweetie and so is Hikari. They're seem to be toe to toe with each other, always competing for their parent's attention.

I also loved it how Yuzuki manipulated him to get him to agree to have a Hanami. It was just so sweet, and I could really feel her excitement once Madara agreed to have it.

But then I also felt slightly sad when I read the part about how Madara was going off to war on the day they were supposed to have the Hanami. But then it's good that they changed it to a day before so that they could still do it before Madara left.

The part about Yuzuki being sleepy because Madara 'wore her out last night' made me laugh. XD

Hikari is so adorable! I loved it when she asked if she could marry and still be a kunoichi. XD And Katsuro says he doesn't want to get married, well, he's young. I guess he'll start to notice girls soon. :3

The ending was really sweet. Just her and Madara together enjoying a moment of fleeting peace. It's just sad to think that Madara would be leaving for war soon...
melioko chapter 3 . 9/18/2011
Oh, this is so sweet!

Madara's and Yuzuki's relationship has changed so much through the years. They've come to the point they can understand each other even without talking... They also know what the other one needs and are willing to sacrifice a bit of their freedom and selfish desires to make the other one happy.

I'm sure that Madara would have rather spent his time training with Katsuro, but then he found out that the hanami was not that bad, even for a powerful shinobi. And as Yuzuki said more than once, she doesn't like it, when he has to go to war, but she doesn't put him under pressure, because she knows being a leader and a general is its duty. So she loves and respects not only the caring and loving side of her husband, but also his position in the clan.

Knowing how their marriage started, it's really nice to see how they grew up together, became great parents and came to the point they complete each other perfectly.

And Madara! He just needed a bit of love and appreciation from his wife to become such a romantic husband!

Katsuro is starting acting so much like his father, but in the end he could still leave his training behind and spend a bit of time playing with his sister. I'm sure he loves her very much, but he can't admit it, because he wants to appear strong in front of his father.

I can understand that Madara doesn't want Hikari to become a kunoichi, but shouldn't he give her at least some self-defense lesson? That would make her so happy, without putting her life in danger...

The family picture under the sakura tree was so perfect! And Madara was so sweet in the end, when he took Yuzuki out in the moonlight to spend some of peaceful time alone with her. His last moment in the warmth of his wife's love and company before leaving for the battlefield...

In the next one you should write about Yuzuki pregnant with Katsuro and Madara under pressure, because he has to deal with the fact he's going to become a father soon... Just a bit of drama...
melioko chapter 2 . 9/13/2011
Oh, this one is so sweet! You should write more stories about little Katsuro and Hikari interacting! Of course he's a bit jealous of his little sister, because he has to share his mother, but he's only four! And that doesn't stop him from being a good brother!

I'm sure that soon he'll feel the need to protect his sister from everything, without Madara asking for it... He inherited his father's protective attitude!

Itachi's necklace!

I'm really courious about that shuriken aimed for Yuzuki and Hikari... Maybe it was just the mistake of an unexperienced shinobi, but what if someone actually wanted to harm them and make it look an accident? I was really surprised, when Madara didn't give importance to it and just praised Katsuro's abilities...

Anyways I'm so happy that in the end Madara decided to teach his son how to throw shuriken! As you said Katsuro hero-worships Madara not only because he's a living legend, but most of all because he's his father. So, he needs to spend more time with Madara, especially now that Yuzuki is so busy with the little Hikari!

Did you use the bellybutton as a metaphor to remind that once everyone, even the powerful and feared Uchiha leader, was a fragile baby, that needed a connection with his mother to survive? It would be really sweet. And I'm not surprised that Yuzuki didn't search for Madara's bellybutton in the end... At this point of their marriage she must be sure he's not an untouchable monster, but just a man, that despite all his responsibilities towards the clan, still loves his family...

He was the one that searched for her bellybutton, but as you said he was just being a pervert... XD
melioko chapter 1 . 9/13/2011
The beginning is so sad, but I like the part, when Yuzuki and Nozomi talk about the gods and goddess. These kind of details about Japanese culture always give elegance and reliability to your stories. They're not just simple fanfics, but also an occasion to learn something new about a different culture!

I'm really interested in this particular phase of Madara's and Yuzuki's relationship... They're not in love yet, but they're beginning to interact a bit, giving the romance a chance to blossom... I'm sure that, after this night, she'll look at her husband under a different light...

Plus I love Madara's characterization! You did a great job with him! He craves to hold her in his arms at night and to receive a bit of her attention and appreciation, yet he's too proud to admit it. So, teasing Yuzuki and threatening her, it's his only opportunity to interact with her...

I'm sure he doesn't hate her, as he claims... Maybe her indifference and her cold attitude towards him and his clan make Madara suffer, yet he can't help, but desire to protect her. First because he considers his wife his property. Second because she's part of his family. But third, and not less important, because he wants to be loved, as every human being...

I think that the last part is really sweet! He found the right way to make her relax without becoming too lame... He chose to be just... Madara! Strong and possessive, yet gentle and reassuring. He's balanced just like only a real leader can be, but in the depth of his actions we can also see the loving husband he will become...

Even if this scene won't appear in SotM, I think you should develop in it Madara's doubt (and fear...) that Nozomi's killer was an Uchiha.. As you said that would add some more drama to their already complicated relationship ;)
ScarletCamellia chapter 2 . 9/11/2011
Ahahahahah awwww. Sweet. Fluffy fluffy fluffy...with a perverted twist at the end. Just the way I like it. :3

ScarletCamellia chapter 1 . 9/11/2011

It's sweet but it's not sweet it's awful but it's so cuuuute~

I like the rewrite, Nee-chan.3 I love it more than the original. I like how it starts in the middle and works through flashbacks!
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