Reviews for When Did I Become A Parent?
Demonwolf chapter 10 . 1/12/2013
Oh boy, Timon's in for it now. That was cute; I liked that ending. I also liked how you left the fate of Kondo's pride open-ended; maybe we'll see them again. Again, great story!
Zero Unit RGB chapter 10 . 1/12/2013
I was completely caught by surprise when I saw that this story had been updated. The epilogue isn't bad, it'd pretty good and makes me anxious to see if there will be a sequel. I'll be keeping an eye out for it! Love your work! :D
weirdgirl332 chapter 9 . 11/2/2012
I loved this story, it was really amazing. I forget that Timon and Pumbaa really did raise Simba. The movie did tend to skim over that part, even though the 1 1/2 one focused a little more on it. But I could really see this happening in canon, you kept everybody in character which makes the story seem very believable. I really enjoyed this, and the only thing that upset me is the fact that it ended. Although it would have been nice to see what came after, this was not an all that bad place to stop. It gives the story an ending that seems to give it a sense of hope, now that Timon survived. You are a really good writer, and I cant wait to read more of your stories.
Maran Zelde chapter 9 . 10/23/2012
I expected a bit more resolution, like scenes of Timon recovering and reuniting with Pumbaa. Still, overall it's a satisfying ending. I enjoyed this exploration of Timon's character.
Maran Zelde chapter 8 . 10/19/2012
The conversation between Mufasa and Timon is well-written. I've never even tried to write Mufasa, and I can see how he would present a challenge, but I think you pulled it off. I never thought about how Mufasa would feel watching EVERYTHING Simba went through, including his suffering.

Mufasa's explanation of the "dead guys in the sky" made sense.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 9 . 10/17/2012
I felt that this story is completely different from others but it was a good different. I really enjoyed this story and found the ending to be satisfying. Not perfect, but definitely satisfying. Also, with the whole Great Kings of the Past, I take it literally for one reason and one reason only...It's a fictional story! All the movies were based on fiction so you can't expect anything to be true. But you are right...I love this story...Period...
Maran Zelde chapter 7 . 10/16/2012
I really enjoyed this chapter: the danger and excitement, Timon's heroic sacrifice, and even his death. I should feel sad that he died, but I can't, because he gets to meet Mufasa! And anyway, maybe he's only near death and can recover. BTW, I'm glad Timon figured out who Mufasa was. Many writers would be tempted to keep him in the dark in a contrived attempt to draw out the suspense and drama.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 8 . 10/15/2012
I think you did a pretty good job on Mufasa. Actually I think all of this is nicely done. All the characters seem almost perfectly in character (Difficult for most writers here) especially Timon. I love everything about this story, from the way it was written to the dialogue to the snippets of the past. In my opinion, all of your stories that I have read are practically perfect.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 7 . 10/13/2012
No...I was totally not expecting that. You have some real writing talent. I wish I could write lke that but I like to think my skills are around average at most. Anyway, this was a fantastic chapter...I feel bad about Timon though...
Zero Unit RGB chapter 6 . 10/13/2012
Nice job...And yes, you are very evil. JK, I'm sure that alot of writers on this site are evil. Trust me, killing off characters just captures the audience's attention and make them think why. It hurts sometimes, usually, but you know, it has a great effect on people. Oh and finally, it's nice that even though Max is a bit paranoid, he is still able to see the true relationship between them. It's nice and it totally works.
Maran Zelde chapter 6 . 10/11/2012
I'm so glad Kiara and Kovu went to the Oasis! I wish Nala and Sarabi could have gone too, but I guess someone had to stay and lead the pride.

It makes perfect sense that the meerkats would dig tunnels in their new home. Even though there are no predators in their new habitat, they still feel safe and secure underground.

I love the discussion of the stars and the great kings of the past. I had given the topic some thought, but Timon brought up some points even I hadn't thought of, like how he thought of the kings looking down on Pumbaa and himself in judgment.

My headcanon is that the other species simply believe that their loved ones' spirits live on in the hearts and minds of the living.

No, poor Sarabi! I know it's part of the circle of life, but what a horrible way to end your vacation.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 4 . 10/10/2012
Yup, that's pretty much true. I've only heard of Kopa from videos on youtube withhis name on it. Afterwards, I did some research and figured out who he was. So I thought, that explains Zira's exile. So what the heck, I totally agree with your point of view. Now that I've gotten the logic and sanity out of my head...*Cries like a madman* POOR KOPA! And I'm back. Excellent chapter as always.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 3 . 10/9/2012
Aw, that was so sweet, and Ma is so right.
Zero Unit RGB chapter 2 . 10/8/2012
You know, I've seen this story around but I never bothered looking into it because I'm not so big on TLK stories centered around Timon and Pumbaa. I like it when they play big roles in a story but aren't the main character. But I really like this story so far. And I'm not sure but I think that I may or may not have reviewed your Digimon stories; Destiny and Fate. I shoud've those are two of my faves. Anyway, back to this story...I love it!
Maran Zelde chapter 4 . 9/29/2012
This is a good transition between the first and second movies. The fanon explanation of Zira killing Kopa does fill some plot holes in canon: why Simba banished Zira and her followers, and why both Simba and Timon were so overprotective of Kiara (at first I thought Simba was overprotective because his father was murdered, but that alone doesn't explain why Timon is also overprotective).

I loved when Timon tried to comfort Nala. He at least reminded her that she has a cub who still needs her.
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