Reviews for Wicked Garden
Saggit1 chapter 1 . 5/1/2002
I don't consider it as dark as you do; in fact, it's quite light compared to a number of very depressing Ranma fanfics which just put the little wind up characters through their paces, gleefully poking pins in the main figure and squealing with delight. Wicked Garden is about personal reclamation. It's about a soul finally breaking through some layer of its own illusions to suck in clean air, to trade dreams on several levels for reality. Dark? No; upbeat. The heroine comes away a complete victor, having lost no more than a few days in bed. Others have lost far worse for what she has achieved, but you made the state of her mind an entertaining and wonderful piece of exploratory fiction. The hints of unreality, long before it turns obvious, were handled deftly and caused a genuine sense of unease.

I still think I like your Slayers series, best. But this particular Ranma piece probably comes closest to nudging 'em out. Nice job.