Reviews for The Test of Life
William Banner chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
I must say, Bravo Zulu, StarNight! I wasn't quite familiar with the song, but I am quite familiar with the Honor Harrington series. The song lyrics, once I looked the song up, complement Matthews' narration perfectly-as a Grayson, he takes both faith and his duties seriously, and for him, there never will be a final Test, not really-there is always one more task to shoulder, one more duty to perform. As both an officer candidate and a man of faith myself, I understand this view, and even empathize with it to a degree. The message of hope and, perhaps, love that you express here fits with both the character of Matthews and the character of Grayson. In short, I expect to see such work in the future.


William Banner
Celestia's Paladin chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
Nice... nicely done Milady. It is rare to come across a story that can bring tears to my eyes, and your has done that. This is one of the best Honorverse tales I have read, and one that quite frankly should be included in the many short-story anthologies that Baen publishes. You have captured the spirit of the High Admiral, and of of Grayson. May Mesa shudder once Grayson strikes back. ~GraysonPaladin, For Her Eternal Majesty Hikari III, Queen of Kyuuhoshi, Empress of Japan, and for Fleet Admiral Umi Ailin-Aoyama, Kyuuhoshi Royal Navy 2nd Fleet Kyuuhoshi's Sword