Reviews for Roses in December
Adriana chapter 30 . 3/3
Hi! So i read it and yes, i still think you are the best and i still love this story so much. Hiatus or not you are great! Exiting for what is coming next :))
Good luck! :*
Adriana chapter 30 . 3/3
I didnt read it yet but i'm just happy that you post it! i cant wait to read, i'm sure it's great like everthing you write! :)
SpaghettiTacos chapter 30 . 3/2
Oh sweet and loving nectar of delicious. It's been so long. I've suffered greatly. Don't ever leave me again!
Josy Hummel chapter 20 . 2/28
Long cylindrical objects *giggle* xD
... I just started reading this Story and realized, it's not finished yet, and I have a question - Do you plan on Blaine remembering the year in the end of the Story? 'Cause at this Point (Chapter 20) I'm not sure, if I'd be happy or sad about that... :(
Love and Kisses,
followtheyellowbrickroad23 chapter 30 . 2/27
I really love the...skillful way. You... write this story.
Hummels and financial struggles, I like this part, not cause I'm cruel, but cause it's very believable and makes this story even more real. I fear what that will mean for our boys, college plans and all..
mostlikelyklaine chapter 30 . 2/27
Awesome update! Sorry ppl are so cruel in demanding updates. Life happens. You owe us nothing Thanks for sharing your work with us.
R.Harper chapter 30 . 2/27
Oh man, this was an intense chapter. I'm so glad Blaine's okay; the attack made me feel sick when I re-read it the other day!

Sebastian, though...not looking good, is it? And I do NOT like the sound of Henry Adams. I know parents have never-ending love for their children, but I don't know that trying to sweep their highly illegal, murderous actions under the rug counts as love.

These two have been through so much; I just want them to be okay.
Cecili chapter 30 . 2/26
Thank you so much for updating! I don't even care that it came so late. I checked as often as I could and I'm just so glad it hasn't been abandoned thank you so much! I love this story!
IAmKlainer chapter 30 . 2/26
I am overjoyed for this update. I've never reviewed this story before, my apologizes. I really should have reviewed it before, because you deserve endless praise for this story. The plot is so interesting, and right when you think it could end, something happens that keeps you hooked on this story. Amazing work xx
Guest chapter 30 . 2/25
Thank you so much for coming back to this fic. I'm so shocked that you had awful messages from people and suffered panic attacks. You're such an amazing writer and I think maybe you have to try and take their comments as back-handed compliments, you write so well that people become so into your stories but then don't behave as they should when you don't update do often. Shame on them.
Personally I re-read your other fics all the time and let out a squeal of excitement when I saw you'd updated this one. This story has fantastic characterisations and raw emotional content, it's just brilliant and thank you again for continuing it, Nic x
Shining.Sunflower chapter 30 . 2/25
The most important thing is you coming out stronger and feeling better now :)
I can't possibly understand why anyone would say mean things about this story (cause it's perfect :]) or about you, they don't even know you... well, people on the internet can be quite bored. It's a shame that's what they do with their boredom.

About the actual chapter-
Your writing is so good. It makes my heart ache that Blaine and Kurt continue to suffer, that their lives haven't gotten better now that they know who did it and why :(
I hope eventually things will get better for them. They deserve a happy ending!

Hope you update soon and feel well! :)
Miss Carmilla chapter 30 . 2/24
From one slow updater to another, I'm glad to see this story is back. :)
MrsMusicAddict chapter 30 . 2/24
Just read all of it, so I missed the long hiatus, hahaha. Also red the KURT POV one, just like you recommended :)
I really love this story! I honestly do! But I am kind of scared of what Blaine will do now.. I have this feeling he is going to squeeze a lot of money from Henry just to get the Hummels back on their feet..
MrsMusicAddict chapter 3 . 2/24
I'm gonna read on real quick in a moment, but I just have to say my heart is breaking for them.. Honestly..! Great job!
Emrisah chapter 30 . 2/23
Hmmmmmm. Twisty turny things. Interesting, that's how I like it. *nods* I'm so glad to see you back writing again. And I sincerely apologise for anyone who has ever made you feel unworthy. Seriously. I can't believe that some people, and I use the term loosely, would go to such depths. Ugh. *hugs* You're awesome. Never forget that.
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