Reviews for A Little Thing Called Love
inlovewithshizaya chapter 30 . 10/1
Oh, gosh! I love those stories. The story of Delic & Hibiya was my absolute favorite. It made my heart go all squeeze and doki doki and aww. Oh and thanks to you a new band joined my list of favourites. I knew and liked Skillet before but I never came across Poets of the Fall. They are great. Thank you
Nesrine Tamano chapter 30 . 9/5
Author-san, can you make a sequel for this?!
Brassica chapter 30 . 4/10
I loved the story of Delic Hibiya. It made my heart hurts like hell. Best stories ever, all of them were pure magnificence. THANK YOU!
random girl chapter 18 . 3/8
Feed me more jealously shizuo! More! I Swear i have no idea why i want shizuo chan to be jealous ! It's just ...cute! I can see that he loves izaya when he is jealous, it's Crystal clear! Can't wait for next chap!
random girl chapter 17 . 3/8
I am crying pool of tears! Izaya kun i am so sorry for u! Vivux you bydhvhc(crying) but this was an amazing chapter!
random girl chapter 14 . 3/8
Omg! I was waiting for this! Even tho the other stories was amazing, i am a shizaya an for life!udofienidneicheosnwocjehwow (Fangirling)audience neudhwiw bb du!
random girl chapter 11 . 3/7
Omg! Erika and walker are here! Ahhhhasgxucj uahagb cuff jjxisnsurbisbdicjeidh (Fangirling)
random girl chapter 9 . 3/7
Amazing! But I'm not surr about dotachin in the ending... i felt bad for him. But i hope he found love with that announcer! The ending was so perfect that i cried my eyes out! can't wait for the next chap and pairing!
random girl chapter 7 . 3/7
O...M...G! THIS WAS THE BEST CHAP EVER! P.S idk why but i loved the cliffhanger you left! Why hibiya r u going to die?! And delic u $$ look wat u did! But it was cute how he got mad. In the back my head i first wanted hibiya to be together with dotachan
but i knew deep in my heart that hibiya and delic were going to be together! Omg can't wait for the next chap!
random girl chapter 6 . 3/7
Omg! Great fanfic! (Fangirling) but i totally hate it when delic acts like an $$ in front of your writing wasn't bad or anything! It was so amazing! I loved the part when delic gets jealous and hibiya not knowing! This is so cute! Anyway can't wait for the next chap
random girl chapter 5 . 3/7
Ummm... so...this is a delic and hibiya fic...I'm so sorry! It's just that i hoped that it would be a shizuo and izaya fic! I mean like it would have fitted perfectly since they do hate each other and would only have sex to please themselves,but it was an amazing fanfic! I wonder if the person hibiya ran into was psyche being rejected by delic? I really hoped it was, since i ship psyche and tusgaru! (Sorry psyche!) Anyway great fic!
random girl chapter 1 . 3/7
Omg! The most amazing fanfic evs! My emotions are leaking everywhere! But i am so sorry for reading this so late!plz forgive me! My fav part was roppi's past memories, i cried so hard when he found out ren was just uing him. Can't wait for the 2 chap!
Letty-Chan19 chapter 29 . 6/25/2014
Awwwwww.. How wish that I want to see they make love.. :3 Can u make another Tsuki x Roppi..? :3 I really like ur story.. :3

left account chapter 30 . 6/2/2014
All of this was amazing.
Seriously, I loved the way you interweaved pain and happiness, pleasure and angst. It was beautiful and the way you portrayed Tsukushima and Roppi was adorable- Delic and Hibiya was the type of angst that twists my heart and gets me addicted even though I cry- Psyche and Tsugaru, I squealed more times than I probably should have considered I stayed up until three in the morning to finish this- Izaya and Shizuo was gorgeous.. The originals always have a special place in my heart, and Shitsuo and Sakuraya (whom I didn't really know) your characterization was enough to make me fall in love with the characters.
This review is really all over the place, but what I'm trying to say is this was just beautiful. I'm just another reviewer showering you with praises and asking you to write more, but I hope you take my suggestions to heart! It would be a shame if you didn't write more. This was one of the fanfictions that made me cry while smiling at the same time.
Amazing job, and keep writing!
Moonlit Petals chapter 30 . 5/14/2014
My favorite story was the original version of Shizaya, but I love all the alternates as well. Specially Delic/Hibiya. And Tsuki/Roppi. And I loved your story for Shitsuo/Sakuraya. This was the first fic I read with them as pairing, so I didn't really know how they were, but you made me fall in love with them as well. And I admit I didn't like much Tsugaru/Psyche, mostly because I don't like the character of Psyche most of the time; to me, he always seems so childish and baka, but you made me like him in this fic. I liked the way you wrote their story and it worked out really well.
I wanted to kill Namie after finding out she was the one to blame for Shizuo and Izaya being separated for so many years. And while reading depressive!Izaya, my heart broke again and again in each line I read. It was so much angst and I loved it so much. When I started reading fics, I didn't think I'd be fond to angst fics, but now, as long as they have romance as well I love them so much.
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