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jeanette9a chapter 4 . 11/5/2011
giggle, this was fun and random!

VampireFrootloopsRule chapter 4 . 11/3/2011
Not a bad ending. If u need some inspiration or a cure for writers block, have some challenges under Frooty challenges if u want
SonOfLucifer chapter 2 . 10/31/2011
i am so expecting jazz to talk or whatever it is she does now...good thing alex doesnt hit people...unless in a fight and great chapter, cant wait for net chapter
jeanette9a chapter 2 . 10/31/2011
Evil laughter!

You’re gonna set Jazz on him!


Poor guy!

Atretroia chapter 1 . 10/13/2011
Would you like to include mine? She has no personality except for shes a tomboy. you could make her a personality, seeing as I havent decided one for her. But I dont want her to be mean or evil o.O
Kira Mao chapter 1 . 10/2/2011
My OC: Akira Mao

Gender: male

Body type: slim/like a model's body

Age: 16

Powers/Abilities: natural way of killing, loves weapons such as guns, daggers, swords, mostly to scythe, martial arts, close combat, good at hacking into data bases, athletic, knows who is telling the truth or lying, freeze anything, teleports

Weapon Talents: Scythe (sometimes)

Personality: Dark/cold hearted but only shows his true self to Kira, blackmailing people, sadistic, anti-social, hates people near him besides Kira, love the color red because it reminds him of blood, Sadistic, Loves to blackmail others, Cold hearted, not a morning person, loves to get into fights, hates weak people near him, hates everyone that’s near him, keeps himself separated from others, loner, laugh at those who are in pain, likes dark colors, cursing too much, doesn’t care about anyone but himself and Kira, Aggressive, insane/crazy sometimes, loves to see those who are in pain, non-sociable, violent to those who insults him(not afraid to hurt you), intelligent without showing it, he doesn’t open up to anyone besides Kira, always serious(even more serious when in a fight), lives with Kira Aku

Appearance: Blond hair that reaches at the nip of his neck, height 5'10, pale skin

Ghost/Outfit: [1] long overcoat (like Alaude but diff) has a hood that covers half his face from others, sometimes wears sunglasses, wears a cross necklace/sometimes chocker’s, knee length combat boots (leather n black), wears leather gloves, (he wears mostly leather clothing), ear ring that has a chain connected to the smaller hoop (connected to a long piece of steel that goes on his ear), hair turns jet black

2nd Outfit: wears reading glasses(like Hayatos), cross/dragger like ear rings, long black boots, wears one of the gloves on his left hand, bracelets, rings, tight shirt, black jeans with chains attached to each side

Eye color: Sky blue/ Dark crimson eyes when he uses his powers

Likes: Kira’s cooking, fighting, blackmailing, gruesome stuff, like' blood, guts, and other stuff like that

Dislikes: fan club (mostly fan girls/ fan boys), people who thinks that their all that, spoiled stuck up people, annoying brats, retards who thinks that they are stronger, stalkers, someone hitting on HIS Kira, spoiled ass kids/people

Doesn’t hurt those who do not bother him (not a bully even he does sound like one i think? But not really, a neutral), or to those who hurt Kira even he can take care of himself


My OC: Kira Aku

Gender: male

Age: 15

Body type: slim /feminine

Powers/Abilities: tae kwon do, martial arts, naturally good w/ guns, weapons, acrobatic attacks, hacking into data bases with no one knowing, erase peoples memory, reads peoples mind if he wants too or not, close combat, flying, control darkness/shadows

Weapon Talents: Sword/guns (which is more suitable for him)

Personality: loner, cold hearted to others, likes to blackmail people, hates people near him, and hates people insulting him, not hesitate to hurt someone, nonsocial, non-talkative, cold, likes blackmailing others, sadistic, laugh at those who are in pain, loves to get into fights, if someone insulted him he wouldn't hold back and attack them, likes to see the color red it reminds him of blood[all of it was true],a soft spot for small creatures/animal, keeps himself separated from the weak, loner, hates people near him, keeps things neat and tidy, loves to cook different dishes, hate people knowing who he is or near him, knows how to take care of himself and Akira

Appearance: feminine looking, long black silky hair waist length, pale skin, height 5'7

Outfit: tight black shirt, black jeans, a black/red choker, fingerless black leather gloves, black jack w/ the edge of the hoods jacket has fur, wears sunglasses [to hide his eyes from the sun],knee high combat boots, dagger & guns hidden w/him, hair tied into a high pony tail

Ghost/2nd Outfit: long black overcoat with the hood covering his face, red ribbon around his neck, and dagger like ear rings, black shirt, dark blue jeans, and his hair tied to the nip of his neck, hair turns into silver, eyes becomes blood red

Eye color: big wide amethyst eyes

Likes: Sweets, Chocolate, Pain (Instead of screaming in Pain, Kira will laugh and laugh at those who are in pain), blackmailing, small animals (sometimes big animals like tiger, lion, liger, panther, fox’s, etc.), playing the piano, flute, violin, singing (sometimes), simple things, gruesome stuff, like blood, guts, and other stuff like that

Dislikes: Rude, Mean People, Irresponsible people, Stuck-up Person, annoying kids/brats, people getting on his nerves, people hitting on him or flirting with him when he is already taken, stalkers, people who thinks that their all that, force to wear feminine clothes (Akira forcing Kira to wear feminine clothing sometimes against Kira's will)

(Not really a cold person he only softens up to those he know and to close friends, a neutral)

u don’t have to add that Kira and Akira are together
BadKat13 chapter 3 . 9/18/2011
when do you think you'll have the first chapter up?
Kyuubi No Tenshi chapter 1 . 9/15/2011
Name: Rosaline Thorn

Age: 16

Style: Sunny

Hair: Sun blond

Powers: Basic powers, ability to do some magic tricks worthy of Kaito Kid (Phantom Thief Kid fro Detective Conan)

Anything else i should know: She's got a habit to do magic tricks like making roses appear when in human form
CatchingWind chapter 2 . 9/14/2011
Alrightyo! Will this work out for you!

Name: Diana Carter

Age: 13

Status: Fully human. I want to be different XP Of course, haven't checked out all of the other applications...

Style: Likes black and white, but certainly isn't goth or emo. Just likes those two colors in particualr. She also tends to worry about comfort before she worries about what other people will think of her.

Hair: Mousy brown, a color she hates. She can't get it to not be frizzy, so she usually pulls it back into a ponytail or sticks a headband in it. It ends just below her shoulders.

Eyes: Gray-green. Sometimes more green or more gray depending on her mood.

Powers: NA

Personality: Dislikes partner assignments. She does have a few friends, but not many since she is a human. She does have a short temper to go along with it.

Birthday (deathday NA): September 20- my birthday! XP

Is this sufficient enough? PM me if you have any questions!

I can't wait to see where this goes!

LostInMyMind98 chapter 2 . 9/14/2011
Name: Farrah Juliana 'F.J.' Rodriguez

age: 14 (About to turn 15)

Status: Hero in training.

Style: Rock and roll. Her usual outfit is a black t-shirt with dark purple stars on it. She wears dark grey acid washed skinny jeans, black leather hi-tops that have buckles instead of shoelaces, and black leather bracelets with dark purple studs on them.

Hair: F.J. has fiery red hair that goes a little past her shoulders and side-bangs that cover her right eye (Her hair looks exactly like Haley Williams [from Paramore] in the That's What You Get video)

Eyes: Amber

Height: 5'6

Skin: Slightly tanned.

Powers: She can turn into a giant wolf that reaches Danny's shoulders (sitting down, she's five inches taller than Danny standing up) and is a red/brown color with bright amber eyes. In her Wolf Form F.J. has near superspeed, is very strong, has enhanced wolf senses, and can establish a mind link with other people her max is five, otherwise she'll get a really bad migraine).

Personality: F.J. is very mischievous and is known to play many pranks and is very sneaky. She's usually pretty optimistic unless asked about her past. F.J. hates being forced into anything and is a solid believer that everyone has a choice. She's loud and always expresses her opinion-whether you want her to or not. F.J. is easy going and it often gets on her friends nerves since she doesn't take a lot of things seriously. Since she has ADD she has trouble concentrating and often 's very loyal to her friends and will stick up for them no matter what.

History: Her mom (Anne) had the same powers as F.J. except she turned into a leopard, she taught F.J. about her powers when she was six and taught her how to use (most of) them. She died when she was driving home from work and got hit by a drunk driver and was killed instantly, F.J. was nine when this happened. Her dad (Kyle) didn't take it well and started drinking it wasn't long until he started to beat her. F.J. was eleven when she finally got tired of it and ran away and lived on the streets for a while. One of the nights she was on the streets she stole money from a store (for food) and the alarms went off. Knowing the police weren't far away she ran. As she ran through alleys she could hear Police sirens coming towards her, she looked back once and didn't see a natural ghost portal had opened and fell through it into the ghost zone. She wandered around for a while before Walker and his men found her. Walker of course made up some rule and tried to make her go to jail, F.J. turned into her Wolf Form and attacked, but without proper training lost. Instead of taking F.J. to jail he took her to the school and she's been there ever since.

Likes: Pranking, listening to music, relaxing, hanging out with her friends, animals, training, and daydreaming.

Dislikes: Alcohol, snobs, bullies, pop music, negative people, overly hyper/happy people, and being yelled at.

Birthday- October 5.
sword of time chapter 2 . 9/13/2011
lol forgot somethings

name: Joseph Lyons

moral alignment: hero


dob:dec 8

race:white halfa

style: casual outfits

i.Q: 197

personality: caring, protective,loyal would fight to protect anyone who needed it

looks:medium built black hair with blue and gold eyes

powers: all basic powers element power of nature and life carries a scythe with the power to send ghosts to heaven or hell

background: son of a human and death himself being normal wasn't for Joseph he was always the one who stood out and never try to hurt his friends or you will pay

dating Eleanore

Name:Eleanor Jennings




Hair:white medium always down


Powers:all basic powers has power over water

Personality:sweet caring little hyper active

Xtra info:dating joseph

Birth/ death day- june 6
pws chapter 1 . 9/13/2011
Name: Eidos

Gender: Male

Appearence: he looks like a male version of spectra's shadow form but wheres a white trench coat and black pants with combat boots and has completely blue eyes instead of red

Powers: has powers over fire and can blow things up with it

Family: spectra is his aunt

Age: 16

Personality: Angry and quiet but has a golden heart and will help when he can more of a troubled soul

Species: Full Ghost
VampireFrootloopsRule chapter 2 . 9/13/2011
I will send u all the info u need tomorrow since i cant rellu type on this thing. HOLD A SPOT FOR ME! I have a few ocs that will knock ur. Ks off! Anyway, i hope to see this story soon. Ill send u a pm when i can about the ocs
Maheli Phantom chapter 1 . 9/13/2011

Name: Athena


Power: same as Dannys but I can shape into any animal instead of the ice core


Looks: black curly hair with bangs, up in a half pony tale

Jeans with black boots and a dark blue tanktop with a black belt over it. Smokey dark blue eye shadow. Eye color black. Rings In thumbs and middle fingers. Thick black braclet

Personality: goth. Nice to her friends but mean to people that insult her friends. Very smart with common sence and book to earth. Sarcastic.

-Shayna ( athena's friend) ;) ur welcome Athena!
fighterofflames chapter 2 . 9/13/2011
name: Time stopper/ David Tom Smarts

age: 17

style: human form wears blue shorts with red stripes on the sides and orange shirt with a pocket watch in the front pocket. He has a black and yellow sneikers. (no idea if that is right.) Also wears a neckkace with a rainbow hanging around in both forms. (ghost) It is a secret right now. If you want to know. PM me.

powers: controls the elements and time and has the basic powers

extra: loves music, emotionless because of his powers, helps others except for pranks, loves animals, and is a dare devil.
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